Popular Inspirational Sayings That Are Dead Wrong


– Dreams don’t have an expiration date.

They don’t? I’d say they definitely do get rotten, tho. If you don’t work towards your dream, it dies, and so does a little part of you!

– Good things come to those who wait.

Really? I don’t thinks so. No one ever had good things come to them by just sitting on their ass and waiting. If that were true, a bunch of lazy ass people would be experiencing good things right now.

– It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

Is it? As if finding love again after you’ve lost it is an easy task. What’s so good about having found love, then losing it? I’ll wait. No, I won’t…losing love leaves a huge hole in your heart and you go on trying to fill that void, but never find anyone or anything to fill it. I’d rather never have been in love. You can’t miss what you’ve never had!

– You can’t have good without evil.

This one really pisses me off. I think we are more than capable of having most of our days filled with good without  evil ever coming into the equation. What are we, stupid? Of course there can be good without evil. It’s silly ass sayings like this one that has most of us brainwashed that we have to accept the bad things in our life on a daily basis because one of these days good is gonna sneak in on us. How long have you been waiting?

– It’s always darkest before dawn.

Well…duh! Yes, I know this one really means that you have to go through hell to get to the good hings in life; much like the saying before this one, it’s also FOS (full of shit). It’s another saying that wants to make us feel comfy in our own personal hell and encourage us to come out of it. Whatever, spare me! Too bad there are no inspirational says about when dawn arrives.

Though I have just ripped these inspirational sayings apart, I do understand their purpose and in one way or another I have agreed with them at some point in my life to help me put a positive spin on negativity in my life. Can you think of any other inspirational sayings that are dead wrong?


5 Replies to “Popular Inspirational Sayings That Are Dead Wrong”

  1. i loved this very much ..

    you are very right and i wish you could have added more to the list .

    the thing about it is that who ever came up with this sayings , they were simply defining life basing on ones observation and experiences as they go around leaving their lives . but to assume and take to heart that it applies to all human kind is down right ambitions……and wrong…..

    good comes to those that wait, well well….. time will pass them by then…….
    also i think the mistake that we are making is really not understanding the meaning behind…this well manicured proverbs..

    you have to do your part , be patient and persistence always trying to do better and acquiring wisdom .. this is what it simply means , but to just wait and hope for apples to fall from heaven……. well …haha…..

  2. I absolutely hate, “Money can’t buy you happiness.” This refrain was obviously made up by someone who had never missed a meal, or worked a hideous dehumanizing job that doesn’t even cover the bills. Or, perhaps it was made up by the “massa” while trying to keep the slaves under control. Money doesn’t guarantee happiness, but it sure helps.

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