Women’s History Month Spotlight: Cindy Clemens

Name and occupation:

My name is Cindy Clemens and I am an Entrepreneur/Co-Owner of a Marketing Education Company.

What do you love most about being a woman?

I love being a mother, a girlfriend/partner, and all that those things entail. I love that because I am a women, people I meet are usually instantly more relaxed around me. I am way more likely to get a hug from someone I just met at a networking event than my male business partner/boyfriend (even though he would be just fine with hugs).

Have you had to deal with much sexism in your industry?

Not really. Sometimes male customers feel more comfortable talking to my partner, but generally it doesn’t mean they won’t talk with me. My industry tends to me more male dominated (at least where speaking is concerned) but that is okay with me since I am not sure I want to step into that role 🙂 . I can’t really think of any time there was something I couldn’t do or that I was held back from simply because I am a woman.

Do you belong to any organizations catered to women business owners?

I don’t belong to any organizations that are specifically for women. I used to belong to a local networking group that was exclusively for women and I found that as far as business went it was really no different than coed groups. I tend to not really be pro-women, Girl Power, etc. I believe that we should forget about gender, color, and even age and just look at the person for what they have to offer regardless to those other things. So I guess because of this I guess I have never been drawn to groups that cater exclusively to women. Some of the best business things I have been involved in have included men, and on those organizations I would never have met them so…. 🙂

Who or what inspires you most?

My daughter. I know it might sound a bit cliché but since the day she was born I have done everything I could to be the best mom I can be. Almost every single thing I do or say or participate in has her in the back of my head. I aspire to have her be proud of her mom every single day. I don’t think I always accomplish it, but I think I am successful most of the time.

Something about you that would surprise us:

I am not sure. I try to be myself as much as possible most of the time so most people I know are seeing the real me. But for people who don’t know me yet…maybe that sometimes my friends call me the anti-girl? Meaning I am not a “typical” woman, whatever that means. I could care less about clothes. I NEVER wear makeup and really never have. I went through a phase in high school but it didn’t last. Oh, and I absolutely hate shoes! All kinds of shoes. If society would let me go barefoot I would. My ultimate goal in life is to be so famous or rich that I can go barefoot and instead of being called crazy, people would just say I was a bit eccentric. 

Advice for women entrepreneurs:

Just be you. Don’t worry about being a woman or about being one of the guys. Follow your heart and do what comes naturally. You are a woman. If you want to look pretty, then look pretty. If you want to hug people, then hug people. Focus on being the best you you can be and being the best at what you do and the rest will take care of itself.

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