Ask A Black Girl: Is it normal for White men to be super attracted to Black women?

White man attracted to Black women

I’m a White man attracted to Black women. Help!

Q: Out of all ethnic ties, Black women turn me on the most. I don’t know why. I told my peers and they gave somewhat disgusting looks and replies. I like Black women because of their beauty: physical features like bigger lips, hips, buttocks and legs. Also their nicer skin. Is it normal I’m super attracted to Black women?

Why is this even a question that you would ask yourself?

It’s like he’s saying: I’m a perfectly normal red-blooded White man. Why am I attracted to Black women more than White women? What’s wrong with me?

Nothing is wrong with you. Of course being attracted to attractive women is normal. You have impeccable taste! Black women are beautiful.

However, your attraction does seem very fetishist and superficial. That IS a problem.


The same goes for Black people who find themselves attracted to White people or people in other ethnic groups.

Sure, there are Black men and women who date other ethnic groups because they want “pretty babies” and are clearly dealing with self hate issues but that’s not the case across the board.

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When I was younger, naive, and less experienced I thought that anyone Black who dated or married outside their race was dealing with self hate issues but that’s not always the case.

I’ve dated and had sex with White men in the past and I assure you that I have no issues with my Blackness.

Attraction does not always remain within your own ethnic group. Now granted for some it may and many people choose to not date outside their race, but suppressing your attraction for the sake of being woke or loyal to your people can do more emotional and mental harm than good.

  • Where is the rule that as a White person that you should only be attracted to White people?
  • Where is the rule that as a Black person that you should only be attracted to Black people?
  • Who says as a man that you should only be attracted to women?
  • Who says as a woman that you should only be attracted to men?


White man attracted to Black womenThe looks of disgust on the face of your peers probably indicates that they think you’re turning your back on all the good White women in the world who in their minds are the most beautiful creatures on earth.

Some of them probably think Black women are beautiful too, but as a White man you’re supposed to keep that a secret. In their minds you should never admit out loud or in public that you find Black women more attractive than White women. So, to them you aren’t normal. You may even be a traitor. No race mixing allowed is their mantra.

But, screw them! Clearly your peers are racist. And you have some racist views as well or you wouldn’t be asking this silly ass question.

I do encourage you to look beyond the surface. Yes, our skin, lips, hips, legs, and ass are fabulous and should be adored but we are more than our physical traits. All women are.

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