A List of The Hottest Girl Gamers


Some people believe it’s a myth, but those people are wrong. There are indeed hot girl gamers to be found everywhere. These are ladies who just happen to be beautiful while kicking your butt at Call of Duty, Tekken x … Continue reading

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6 Must Have Holiday Indie Music Albums


Looking to throw a holiday party but dreading that clichéd, cheesy, same-old Christmas music? You’re in luck. There’s a whole host of awesome indie holiday music out there, sure to give your party the festive yet hip vibe you’re looking … Continue reading

Movie Review: Our Idiot Brother

Not funny or worth seeing at all. The casting sucked, the plot sucked, I didn’t laugh once, though I may have smiled a teeny bit. I couldn’t wait for it to be over. The only mildly likable thing about this film is a dog named Willie Nelson that connects with a dog named Dolly Parton. Spare yourself the agony of this one. Avoid it!

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars