The Most Influential Ad Slots On TV


When it comes to advertising, it is not just about the content of your advert but also about when and where it will be seen. The aim is to place your media in front of as many members of your … Continue reading

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Women Cup Mens Balls For Cancer Research


You’ve probably heard of the video in which a couple of guys motorboat girls (with their consent) for breast cancer awareness. Now, a French company has switched the roles of the sexes in its viral video: women cupping guys’ balls … Continue reading

4 of The Best Organizations That Offer Open Courseware


Often times, college students enroll in courses and take out sizable student loans for one reason alone: to get a diploma. But what if you’re more interested in receiving an education than you are in getting certification? If that’s the … Continue reading

6 Reasons Gardening Is Cooler Than Michael Jordan


Michael Jordan is the be-all end-all inspiration for generations of basketball players and fans. For those of you out there who love you basketball, is there a better moment in NBA history than Jordan in Game 6 of the 1998 … Continue reading

Top Story: 11 Famous Overbites


Overbites occur when the upper teeth stick out further than lower teeth. Considered by many teeth perfectionists to be a flaw, overbites are the most common type of malocclusion, a condition that occurs when the upper and lower jaw do … Continue reading