Dangerous Lee Responds To: R. Kelly – Shut Up!


▶ R. Kelly – Shut Up! [NEW] – YouTube. No, You Shut Up! Be thankful that you have fans and stop playing the victim. Stop focusing on people who don’t like or respect you because of your illegal and sick … Continue reading

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Women Cup Mens Balls For Cancer Research


You’ve probably heard of the video in which a couple of guys motorboat girls (with their consent) for breast cancer awareness. Now, a French company has switched the roles of the sexes in its viral video: women cupping guys’ balls … Continue reading

6 Reasons Gardening Is Cooler Than Michael Jordan


Michael Jordan is the be-all end-all inspiration for generations of basketball players and fans. For those of you out there who love you basketball, is there a better moment in NBA history than Jordan in Game 6 of the 1998 … Continue reading

Top Story: 11 Badass Overbites


Estimated reading time: 3 minutes, 16 seconds. Contains 656 words Overbites occur when the upper teeth stick out further than lower teeth. Considered by many teeth perfectionists to be a flaw, overbites are the most common type of malocclusion, a … Continue reading

Do You ‘Cee’ What I See?: An Ahistorical Collision Between Hip-Hop,”Manhood,” Silence and Sexuality


  By Cleo Manago, CEO and founder of the Black Men’s Xchange (BMX)  By now you may have heard about the recent scandal surrounding Mister Cee, a well-known hip-hop DJ in New York City. Mister Cee was “caught” on tape soliciting a … Continue reading

Top Story: Shocking WorldStarHipHop Videos


WorldStarHipHop, affectionately named the CNN of the Ghetto, keeps its viewers up to date with the latest shock videos and entertainment in the world of Black pop culture. Here are 5 of the most shocking videos from WorldStarHipHop. Angry Grandpa … Continue reading

5 Most Powerful Celebrities In The World


The Ability to Influence Distinguishes the Celebrities Who Have Power, the 5 most powerful celebrities in the world can influence their admirers and other business partners in a manner that cannot be duplicated by other celebrities. The daily actions of … Continue reading

Top Story: Flint Positive Spotlight – Jon Connor Makes Billboard Charts Debut


After tours, magazine features and meeting his idols, Flint rapper Jon Connor has made his mark in one of the areas that really counts: the charts. Connor’s new album, “Unconscious State,” is on two of this week’s Billboard charts: no. … Continue reading

Top Story – How To Make Your Own Super-Sized 3 Course Meal!


Image by verygreen Ever wanted to super-size delicious foods in the comfort of your own kitchen? Making good food should be a rewarding and fun experience for everyone, after all we have to keep our hungry bellies full! Here is … Continue reading