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Infographic: Fifty Shades of Grammar

I read the first book and thought it was badly written like so many other people. The Grammarly team reviewed the book and came up with this infographic! I wonder if the “bad grammar” made it into the film?

If That’s What It Takes,

Originally posted on Dana Ellington Myles, MAPW:
then I’m fairly confident I will never be a commercial success. So What Would It Take to Get You to Buy My Books?   A recent trip to the bookstore had me browsing titles in my favorite genres and I noted how all the covers began to blend together. I…

Whom is a dirty word.

Over the last 200 years, the pronoun whom has been on a steady decline. Despite its waning use in speech and ongoing speculation about its imminent extinction, whom still holds a spot in the English language, particularly in formal writing. Understanding when and how to use this embattled pronoun can set your writing apart. Whom … Continue reading

Blogging 101: Introducing Myself

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes, 36 seconds. Contains 920 words I have been a website owner and blogger for years, but I didn’t bother to educate myself before I began. I jumped right in head first and done my own thing. So, I said – what the heck – let me dial it back and … Continue reading

Coming Soon: “Love no haha” – A Short Story

Memoirs: Why You Need To Write One

Image by Antonio Litterio   Sue William Silverman led a double life. Although she appeared to have a normal life, she was actually suffering from sexual addiction. It wasn’t until she began to write down her thoughts that she realised how writing a memoir could change her life… for the better. She saw how jotting … Continue reading

Writers Needed: How to Successfully Guest Blog (FREE eBook)

Every blogger wishes for a bigger audience; often the roadblock to achieving it is simply a matter of lack of know-how. When your passion lies in writing and not marketing, it’s necessary to think outside of the box when gauging how best to increase your readership. Enter guest blogging. Free of charge and potentially highly … Continue reading

National Poetry Month Spotlight: Dawn Colclasure – Small Dog, Big Heart

Small Dog, Big Heart I may be a small, little dog, But don’t judge me by my size. I can turn into a huge fighter Right before your eyes! My strength can be ginormous! My courage bigger than I’ll ever be. And even bigger than all of that Is my loyalty. My bark is bigger … Continue reading

National Poetry Month Spotlight: Indi Wright – Infinite Hope

Infinite Hope For once in a lifetime I have great expectation Along with confidence No more false hopes Nor empty promises This hope is a trust Transferred the stock From man’s investment Granting sole custody In God I now trust This hope is endless Immeasurable It never runs dry All encompassing A wellspring of joy … Continue reading

Top Story – Why Being A Self-Published Author Is Similar To Being A Bar Owner

It’s odd at first to liken an author to a bar owner; the former tends to be more introverted, working alone, while the latter is usually extroverted and operating among chaos. But when you look at the blood, sweat and tears that go into each profession, the similarities are striking. When you have your finished … Continue reading

6 Books Every Writer Should Have On Their Bookshelf

Every writer knows that reading is essential to good writing. Here are six books that all writers should have on their bookshelves for reference. If you don’t have them all, get them today. The Writer’s Market For every freelance writer or write who dreams of getting published one day, The Writer’s Market is an invaluable … Continue reading

Top Story – Ways To Improve Your Creativity

Certain companies drive on creativity and inherently, that is the main element that makes them successful such as advertising agencies. With this said however, there are many other companies that should incorporate a certain amount of creativity into their business, their product and offering. Creativity can be as tiring as any other element in a … Continue reading

The Power of the Written Word

The impact of an expertly crafted piece of writing should not be underestimated. History has shown that opinion, motivation and learning has been moulded by a series of great pieces of writing throughout the ages. The impact of writing an idea, thought or opinion is often far greater than vocalising those same issues. The written … Continue reading

Pursuing a Career as a Writer? Here Are 5 Ways to Sharpen Your Writing Skills

For some, choosing a college major can be daunting. After all, you have a wide range of majors available, and the one you choose will help you start planning your future career. Many choose a major based upon their talent and personal interests. If you have a love of the English language and love to … Continue reading


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