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Can Crying Help You Lose Weight?

Theoretically speaking, it may be possible for a human to lose weight by crying. However, the loss is likely to be infinitesimal that it would hardly matter. You would literally have to cry buckets of tears before your crying bout can have even a slightly noticeable effect on your weight.

Lose Weight by Making Your Body “Cry”

The link between crying and weight loss is theoretically possible because sweat to your body is like tears to your eyes’ tear ducts. However, whereas you often need an emotional or psychological stimulus to cry, sweating can easily be accomplished with physical stimuli like exercising or just about any activity that requires moderate to heavy exertion of your body.

Instead of relying on fairly ineffective means like crying to lose weight, you are better off spending your time more productively with proven methods for weight loss. If you are not keen on the usual exercises and workouts, then there are other ways for you to lose weight.

  • Walking – Instead of driving your car, why not “drive” your feet instead? The more time you spend walking, the more weight you get to lose. It does not matter whether you are doing this indoors or outdoors. Also, instead of taking an elevator or escalator, you can take the stairs and lose weight at the same time. You can use a calorie-counting pedometer if you want to have a good idea of how much calories you have burned just by walking each day.
  • Sports – One of the most fun ways to lose weight is to play sports. This is especially effective if you happen to have a very competitive spirit. You’ll likely want to push yourself harder in order to be the best in the game. Most sports – such as swimming and tennis – are good enough to give your entire body a total workout. Indoor sports like gymnastics or even mixed martial arts can also help you lose weight just as effectively as outdoor sports. The point here is to find something you love that you can do regularly and have fun exerting yourself with.
  • Dancing – What genre of dance you are interested in does not matter. All forms of dance can provide a comprehensive workout for your body. More importantly, dancing can also make you more graceful, limber, and more confident in expressing yourself.
  • Chores – Simply put, you can lose weight just by doing something instead of relying on machines or human assistance. Clean your own house and wash your own car instead of paying someone to do this for you or switching your automatic vacuum cleaner on.  

More tips for losing weight can be found online. You can also enjoy getting to know other people who share your goals and motivate each other for support. However, you should take the time to check with your service provider about the latest Internet options available in your area. A speedy connection will ensure that you get to enjoy the best services and features that the World Wide Web has to offer for weight loss help.

Author’s Bio:

Krystine Joy Sitjar is a freelance writer who loves to write about fitness and beauty. She also loves to sing and dance.

How The Internet Is A Force For Good In The World

In the last twenty years, the proliferation of the worldwide web has profoundly changed the way many of us live our lives. Few could dispute a suggestion that the internet has been the most significant technological advancement in living memory: both on a social level and in our understanding of our place in the world.

The Internet: A Quiet Revolution in Talking

From commerce to communication; business to social networking, the internet plays an increasingly important role in our lives. As Bill Gates once described it, the worldwide web has become “the town square” in our own global village. Certainly, this sentiment rings true when we look at our own daily browsing habits. Social media is ubiquitous: we plan an increasing amount of our own lives through these various platforms and portals. We live in a world where we can buy, sell, make friends, fall in love and play games with people from all across the world, and in real time.

This potent and – crucially – democratic medium for global communication has some significant consequences for societies in the future. We can already witness the vast and seismic shifts occurring in business and politics thanks at least in part to the equalizing effects of the internet. Of all these developments, perhaps the most exciting are those taking place in the spheres of e-commerce, and the democratization of knowledge.

The Age of e-Commerce

Of course, there will always be certain voices which focus on the negative effects of progress: news reports which blame online retail giants for the decline of bricks-and-mortar businesses in our town centers, for example. But the simple fact of the matter is this: if the internet was not a beneficial tool for businesses, they would not use it. The internet is the perfect commercial platform for small, independent and specialized businesses in the manufacturing and services sector. Nowadays, even the smallest company can achieve international status in the marketplace through nothing more than a single, well-designed website.

Democratization of Knowledge

From its earliest incarnation on college campuses of the 1960s, the internet has been founded on the principle that knowledge should be free for all to access. This bold – some would call it idealistic – aim of disintermediation of information, has resulted in some of the most substantial social changes of the internet age.

We no longer rely on global news corporations to provide us with information in the same way our parents’ generation had to. We look to video streaming sites, micro-blogging services and social networks to speak directly with those involved. Perhaps the most illustrative example of this phenomenon took place during the Jasmine Revolution of 2011. Popular uprisings utilized social media to plan and organize pro-democracy demonstrations across the Mediterranean and the Middle East. It is not surprising that many have compared the significance of the internet to the important role of the printing press during the reformation of the 16th century.

The Internet: A Human Right?

Online technology has only just begun to shape our lives and our futures. It’s greatest strengths are its equality, efficiency, and its democratic ideals. It is a potent tool for freedom of speech, for businesses to find equal footing with their larger competitors in the market place, and for distribution networks to be managed effectively; ensuring that in the future no-one must go without. It should be no surprise that recent studies show eighty per cent of people from across the world believe that access to the internet – like water, roads and sanitation – should be recognized as a basic human right of the modern age.

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