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Dangerous Lipstick Picks For Dark-Skinned Girls

Woman with black lipstick

When I transitioned from the shimmery lip-gloss (back when lip gloss was poppin’) to picking out a lipstick color—the transition was a bit of a challenge.  I wasn’t sure if I should go matte or glossy, dark or light blah blah blah.  As a black girl with a darker complexion,  I knew the Barbie pink lipstick that worked for Nicki Minaj would most definitely NEVER work for me. Black girls needs to understand the science behind what looks good and what does not. DO NOT wear bright pink lipstick or massive amounts of it when you have a darker complexion—that doesn’t make your face pop.  Lipstick in a sense adds certain flair and pop to an outfit and to yourself. Define your face with a color that matches.  For darker complexions, darker colors seem to work well—even for those of a lighter complexion, you can never go wrong with a dark lip.

Read full article - Echoes of Noise: Lipstick Picks for Darkskinned Ladies – AFROPUNK.

Cunniling-What? Tips And Tricks To Change Your Sex Life!


Have you ever wanted an intimate understanding of perhaps the greatest way to blow a woman’s mind? ‘Cunnilingus’ might not roll off your tongue, but she certainly will if you follow my well-practiced advice! Read on for the most useful tricks you’ll ever need…

Start slowly: really slowly. Slower than ever

The woman in front of you has a beautiful body. Admire it, caress it. Tell her how attractive she is, how aroused you are. This step should be easy! Too many men dive straight between their partner’s legs, ignoring their pert breasts, sensitive nipples and the pleasure to be found kissing her neck.

Tease, tease and tease again

Teasing is underrated! You don’t need to force your tongue between her labia and attach your mouth straight onto the most sensitive bundle of nerves in her body! Stroke the skin of her legs. When she is aroused, she will want to spread her legs to you and draw you to where she wants it most. Tease a little more: run a finger along the seam of her underwear, kiss the patch of dampness forming there. And tease a bit more on top of that. And maybe some more besides. Trust me on this one.

Diving in… Face and fingers first

When you decide she is aching enough, slide her underwear off over her hips and part her soft lips gently. Apply slight pressure with your tongue and use smooth up and down strokes initially, flicking lightly over her clit to make her wriggle and moan. Her responses to all your ministrations should guide your next move. If I am ‘going down’ on a woman, I am totally focused on her pleasure   each gasp for breath is a sign I’m doing something right, her hands gripping the sheets mean she’s enjoying herself as much as me. Vary your pressure and see what she seems to like best. If something doesn’t seem to be working, try something else   be that something firmer, quicker, slower or lighter. One caution, though: don’t change your pattern too often! It can be infuriating to be in the middle of some top-quality oral ministrations only to have him (or her) stop what they’re doing and change to something else. It really does center around reading the responses of your partner, whether they’re your sexy friend, lover, partner, wife, or escorts in Kent, whether you’ve known them a day or a lifetime.

The sweet taste of success!

In all likelihood, you will know with some certainly when you’ve done your job well. When she’s close, she’s grind herself against your mouth   let her take the lead and enjoy the ride! Hands in your hair are a good sign   make the most of the slickness on your tongue and enjoy every drop. Some women squirt their pleasure across your face: revel in it. I have no doubt that with a willing partner and making the most of my advice, you’ll soon be reaping the rewards of your efforts a hundred times over. Good luck!


Jennifer writes regularly on satisfaction in all its forms for a variety of websites and blogs including katieslovelyescorts.com . She likes to boast that she’s had no complaints about her methods to date, from neither men nor women!

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The Right Way To Order Wine With Dinner


Some things just seem to go together in perfect harmony and a prime example is a fine wine with equally high-quality cuisine. Many would tend to argue that there is an air of class that comes with sampling a glass of wine with a sumptuous meal right beside it and for a lot of people this is a vital part of any meal they may have at a restaurant. Taking in the surroundings or enjoying the company you are in while you eat out is highly enjoyable but some relish the challenge that comes with preparing their own meal from scratch. In this particular scenario a wine enthusiast will seek out the ideal bottle to pour from when the food is served and the aim is to find the combination that creates a memorable and irresistible meal. Here are some examples of different wine varieties and the foods that should be enjoyed alongside them.

Cabernet Sauvignon

This red grape wine is sampled by so many people across the world and Cabernet Sauvignon is perhaps one of the most instantly recognizable varieties there is to choose from. Characterized by its fruity flavor, this wine is ideal the whole year round but it is certainly found to be best consumed during the evenings. Cabernet Sauvignon is high in acidity and is the ideal accompaniment for red meat.


There are numerous different kinds of rosé wine available and it is definitely one that enjoys favor in a vast array of nations. Dry rosé is suitable with the types of food that you would find on the starter menu, as well as pizza and Italian meat-based dishes. Regardless of the type of rosé, cheese is highly recommended to be tried alongside it. Seafood dishes such as lobster and tuna work very well with rosé and it is a wine that is ideal for summer time.

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is another variety that goes hand in hand with the warmer months of the year and this white wine can be great at a barbecue as you sample the likes of chicken kebabs. This is a wine of particular delicacy and it is best matched with food that shares this quality. It is found to be ideal alongside fish because of the flavor that it manages to give to the food and vice versa. Also known as Pinot Gris, other examples of dishes that are terrific with this wine are soups, pasta and tortellini.

Olivia Hart enjoys preparing her own cuisine as well as producing her own wine using the equipment from Hop and Grape.

How Much Is Too Much PDA?


When you’re out with a hot guy, it doesn’t take much to make you want to put your hand on his behind and give it a squeeze. Maybe you’ll even whisper in his ear a dirty word or two, then impishly nibble on his ear while you’re at it. Your man responds by pulling you close and planting a big wet one.

Ah, heaven! That’s exactly how it feels to be next to your dream date.

Until your eyes meet the horrid look from the sweet little old lady across from you who was walking with her 4-year-old granddaughter. Oh horrors! You’ve completely forgotten that it’s Sunday afternoon and you’re in a park filled with families on a picnic! Now it feels like you’ve stepped out of line.

Yes, you have. While showing some public affection is healthy for a relationship, too much of it is never OK.

But how do you gauge when you’ve crossed the line that separates what society generally deems acceptable and what people will find gross?

Like anything, it all depends on the context.

What exactly are you displaying?

For most couples, holding hands and linking arms are two of the most natural and casual ways of showing affection. No one will begrudge you for doing so. Just don’t overdo it by giving your man an “arm job”—i.e. the excessive arm caressing that resembles a you-know-what.

A hug and a quick kiss in public shouldn’t hurt, just try not to linger too long especially if there’s a crowd or a lot of children nearby. And leave anything that even remotely resembles foreplay—too much tongue, the lingering caress, the butt squeeze (you know what I mean!) within private confines.

PDA also involves how you talk to each other. Calling each other by your pet names in public, such as “babe,” “boo,” “honey,” or anything within those bounds is considered acceptable, too. Keep it sweet and respectable. You want to let the world know that your current squeeze is a keeper, and not just the man of the hour.

And please do keep the baby talk between the two of you. Do you really think it’s adorable to watch you asking your smoochypoo in public to “puh-puh-please give a kissy kissy” because he’s “such a huggable bunny boo boo!”?

Where are you?

When it comes to PDA, the saying there’s a place and time for everything is a good one to remember. There are places and occasions where PDA is deemed unacceptable, such as religious services, family gatherings and work functions. Don’t ruin your relationship with your grandma or your reputation at work just for a smooch.

Showing your affection isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s healthy in any relationship. But you’ve got to learn to keep it under control when it makes others around you uncomfortable. Besides, you’ve always got the bedroom to really show your man how much you appreciate him!

This article was written by Alice at Kissy Bang Bang, a sexual health brand.


Tips For A Dangerous Afternoon Energy Booster


Many people encounter a mid-day slump during their day, and this is especially true when they have office jobs. Usually after lunchtime is when the eyes get heavy and the brain feels fuzzy. Instead of downing coffee or other energy drinks, why not try some natural energy boosters? They can make a big difference in productivity and mood.

Take a walk. If it is a nice day outside, there is nothing more invigorating than a brisk walk around the building. It increases the heart rate and creates a great energy boost. Or, sprint up and down a few flights of stairs if the weather is inclement.

Eat some chocolate. A small serving of dark chocolate can boost mood and energy. Plus, dark chocolate contains powerful antioxidants and can be enjoyed in moderation.

Grab a healthy midday snack. Try to stay away from sugar and coffee. Instead, reach for a snack that is high in protein and fiber. Good midday meals include an apple and peanut butter; a smoothie, some cheese or yogurt; fresh berries; or some trail mix.

Use water to revitalize. Eight glasses is a minimum, for one can never drink too much water. Sipping ice cold water also raises the metabolism. Splashing cold water on the face in the middle of the day is a great way to wake up and feel energized during the afternoon slump.

Avoid big lunches. A heavy, carbohydrate-packed lunch will only instigate a nap during the afternoon. In order to be productive after the noon hour, be sure to eat smaller meals throughout the day. Be sure to include adequate amounts of protein and grains in order to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Do some stretching. Some simple stretches at the desk can energize and create alertness. Stretching also relieves muscle tension in the neck and back, as well as improves circulation and posture. Just five minutes of gentle stretching can wake up the entire body and revitalize the brain to tackle the rest of the day.

Get in a quick workout.  If the office has a gym in the building, work out for fifteen minutes or so during lunch. This will give an immediate natural energy rush. Or, try exercising at the desk. There are many simple routines that can be done in a matter of minutes that really make a difference. Try keeping a set of five-pound weights at the desk to do some reps in the afternoon.

Jennifer I. wrote this article for people who are looking for a natural energy boost.

Dangerous Skin For Every Season


It’s no secret that as the weather changes, your wardrobe changes. Your skin needs change too.  Some people even find that they have a completely different skin type from season to season.  The winter and colder months bring with them dry and flaky tendencies, while summer is the bearer of oiliness that can wreak havoc in the way of breakouts. Fear not because the changing weather does not need to be the end for great skin. By employing the proper care regimen at the right time, you can boast healthy, smooth and enviable skin all year round.

In the warmer months…

As was mentioned, the warm weather brings oily skin. Combat this and other summer problems by:

  • Opting for lotions and moisturizers that are free from oils–Adding more grease on already greasy skin will only exacerbate the problem.
  • Avoid creamy cleansers, instead choose astringents or tonics that have natural ingredients–These options will leave you feeling clean and refreshed without introducing substances that could harm your skin.
  • Get some blotting papers. These handy little packs of oil-thirsty paper can help you dry up problem areas when your on the move or at the beach–which everyone knows is the best place to spend the scorching days of summer.
  • Forego the oily makeup in favor of drier powders, better yet forget the makeup and let your skin breathe.
  • When you are showering use light and fresh gels as opposed to creamy body cleansers. As a bonus, the summery scents will give you instant energy and a mood boost.

In the colder months…

As opposed to the oily skin of summer, the winter brings dry, cracking, flaky and itchy skin. Beat the winter skin blahs by:

  • Choosing heavier moisturizing lotions. Now is the time to pull out the body butters. If you want to stay natural with your choice, opt for an organic coconut oil or olive oil.
  • Change your facial moisturizer back to a heavier cream that can shield your skin from the harsh winter elements.
  • Promote kissable lips by shielding them with a hydrating balm.
  • Keep a heavy-duty hand cream with you and apply as needed. All the use and washing that hands go through can really stress out your skin. Moreover, do not forget cuticle oil to sooth dry and cracking cuticles.


Some skincare tips are timeless and need to be observed year round to ensure beautiful skin.

  • Exfoliate. Both your face and body can end up flaky if you don’t scrub off lingering dead skin cells. The best way to achieve this is by using a loofah or similar item, exfoliating facial scrub, and sugar scrubs. Sugar scrubs are particularly good for the winter due to their oils.
  • Show your feet some love. Use a file or pumice stone to keep feet free of excess skin and calluses. These build ups can crack and cause pain. Keep a foot lotion on hand to moisturize them, or treat yourself to a pedicure every now and again.
  • Protect your skin from the sun. Although people primarily think about sunscreens in the summer, UV rays can damage skin at any time of the year. Always have a daytime cream that contains SPF protection.
  • Eat healthily. Your skin is your largest organ and it will reflect the quality of nourishment that you provide. You have heard it before but you are about to hear it again…eat your fruits and veggies.

As you can plainly see, anyone can have beautiful skin that is not seasonal. If you plan a regimen, it is more likely that you will stick to it. Pencil in to your schedule days to exfoliate or hydrate so that you are sure that your skin receives the regular attention it deserves.

This is a Guest Post by Victoria Abrams an occasional guest poster on women’s health and full time fashionista. Vic currently represents superfooddiet.com, the best place to find diet tips and tricks online. Besides blogging, Vic likes to do extreme sports, her favorite one is wakeboarding.

Practical Ways To Make Your Fake Tan Last

fake tan

Apart from the money you spend on creams, lotions and gels, fake tan consumes plenty of time and energy to apply on your body. You also have to spend a good amount of time without clothes just to ensure that the tan has enough time to react with the amino acids on your skin so it can stick. After all this trouble, you’re faced with the problem of fake tan fading away quickly. Want your tan to last? Here are some useful tips to help you out.

Skincare Is Key

Properly exfoliating your skin to remove dead cells remains one of the best ways to get the fake tan to stick to your skin. This should be done just before you apply the tan, and once in a while every other day, after the initial tan to ensure that your tan stays even. But after the tan you need to be very gentle with your skin so as not to eliminate the tan. Instant bronze body sprays are the secret to the glow and lasting fake tans of celebrities. But you should be careful not to bring the spray too close to your skin. Hold it about three to five inches from your skin and spray in a circular motion.

Look After Your Tan Right Away

Most people lose the battle a few hours after application. So, make sure you avoid anything like swimming, showering or heavy sweating several hours after you’ve applied the fake tan. Once you’re sure that the fake tan is good on your skin, you can then revert to your former lifestyle but not without a little care. When taking your morning shower apply some body oil that will protect your skin by creating a barrier so that the tan will last. Instead of rubbing your skin after a shower, it is better to pat dry it so your tan won’t be affected. Another effective method to prevent your skin from drying out is to always use moisturisers. In addition to keeping your skin moist, this will also prevent it from getting flaky, and prevents you from having splotchy color or faded tan.

Things To Avoid

Another common enemy of fake tan is shaving. Completely avoid shaving your skin since this can remove the top layer easily. This is why it’s important for you to do some waxing a few days before your self tanning. Also, before you tan make use of a pumice stone to wipe your ankle and feet clean. You should avoid pools and hot tubs for a while after your tan since they usually involves chlorine.  One very good tip is to check the alcohol ingredient before applying it on your skin. If alcohol is listed as either the second or third ingredient on the label then it is best you avoid the tan lotion and get another one with little or no alcohol. High levels of alcohol in your tan lotion or cream will cause excessive dryness so that your skin will crack a few days after applying the tan.

Emma Robinson runs a blog that offers people practical tanning tips and advice. She also performs fake tan reviews.


5 Ways To Unwind After Work

Egg Box with Stressed FacesWork nowadays is more stressful than ever as budgets are squeezed, deadlines are made more stringent and targets more difficult to reach. The work day is presently longer than it has ever been and stress and stress-related sickness is at an all time high, and rising rapidly. Unwinding and de-stressing as a consequence of this is now big business…attending a yoga class or getting a massage costs money though. So if you’re on a budget or want some techniques you can employ daily to help you relax without lightening your pockets, read on now!

Leave your work at the office
This one is hard for homeworkers but if you work in an office at another physical location, when you leave so should all your work-related thoughts and stresses. The world won’t stop turning because you leave to go home and recharge your batteries for the evening, so don’t only avoid taking physical work home with you, but be aware of clearing your mind of work too. Too much unwelcome work can lead to resentment and unhappiness, so leave it behind in order to come back fresh and perform better the next day.

Play music
Music has a phenomenal amount of power over all humanity. Dependent on the era and location you grew up in, the music that surrounds you has a massive degree of influence that’s undeniable and generally undervalued. It is has the unique ability to change or enhance a person’s mood so when you return home from a day at work, put some upbeat tunes on to lift your emotions and keep yourself cheerful. Work is a serious place – add some fun and joy to your day, music has the power to do this, use it!

Put pen to paper
More powerful perhaps than music is the mind. It can create scenarios so convincing that we believe wholeheartedly for them to be true when in reality, nothing of the sort has taken place. The mind blows situations out of all proportion, perhaps innately and so, as a control mechanism and to avoid unnecessary stress and worry if you’ve come up against a tough or delicate situation at work put pen to paper and write down the problem, what you head is telling you, what is actually real, what the facts are and the proactive steps you can take to deal with it – trust me, it helps!

Knit/sew or another hobby
By this we preferably mean something vaguely repetitive and therapeutic such as knitting/cross stitch or sewing. The reason being is that this will serve to a) calm you down, b) activate different areas of the brain and c) in doing so focus your attention away from work healthily and swiftly. A glass of wine may also serve this purpose but we prefer the t-total option on occasion too!

Give yourself five minutes
Just five minutes – you can always spare five minutes. Such a short amount of time, just one sixth of an episode of EastEnders even! Yet it’s substantial enough to just let you stop, to let the incessant noise and thrum of life fade into the background enough for you to breathe, re-centre, re-focus and come back into reality with a balanced outlook. Just five minutes – entirely plausible, entirely practical.


Lucy works with a number of companies, promoting them and their consumer benefits online. She gets stressed…so stressed! And as a consequence the above are all tried and tested methods, even cross stitch for which she uses pre-made kits bought online.

How To Properly Care For Your Makeup

If you’re a girl who loves her makeup, there’s nothing more important than making it last. But unfortunately makeup doesn’t last forever. Do you know how to properly care for your makeup? Or do you know when it’s time to let go of your makeup? Well here are a few tips to help make the most of your cosmetics.

Store it Properly

Most cosmetic products don’t fair well in hot or moist conditions. Be sure to keep your makeup in cool dry places. Avoid storing them in the bathroom. All that warm moist air can ruin its texture or consistency. Moisture and heat can also promote the growth of bacteria and the last thing you want to do is put bacteria ridden makeup on your face. Too much heat can also cause your pallets to melt ruining the smooth consistency of your products.

Clean Your Tools

After extensive use, your make up tools will eventually build up make up and get dirty. Be sure to clean off your tools frequently. Synthetic brushes should be cleaned with warm water and mild soaps or with special makeup brush cleaners every couple of days. You can also substitute a gentle eye-makeup remover as a cleaner. Apply a cleaner of your choice to the bristles of your brush, run them through warm water, and wipe them dry on a paper towel. Then reshape your brush’s bristles as they dry.

Natural bristle brushes need to be cleaned differently. They only need to be cleaned about once a month with a small amount of shampoo and warm water. Pour a small amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand. Next, gently swirl the brush into the shampoo. Rinse the bristles under warm water, dry with a paper towel and reshape the bristles as they dry.

Throw it Away

As much as we hate it, even makeup has a shelf life, and you really should follow it. If your makeup takes on odd smells, it’s probably best to throw it away. If your mascara, lipstick or any other creamy products have lost the consistency, or are separating; throw them out. Mascara needs to be replaced every three months.

This is the biggest problem for me. I tend to hang on to mascara tubes far longer than I really should. Hi, my name is Elle, and I may or may not be a mascara tube hoarder. Hi, Elle. Alright, now that we’re past that. Let’s talk about why you have to chuck that old makeup.

Old makeup eventually is exposed to everything, bacteria, sweat, dirt, and a million other things. Mascara tubes eventually fill with air and can dry out. Not to mention, mascara tubes are also susceptible to bacterial growth. Now let’s be honest, what’s more terrifying than putting bacteria on your face or near your eyes. Bacteria in and on your makeup is bad news and can lead to clogged pores, break outs, or eye infections. All that sounds like pretty bad news to me and that’s really more than enough for me to let go of all those mascara tubes.

Keeping proper care for your makeup will certainly extend its life span. Hopefully these tips and tricks help you make the most of your make up while you’ve got it. But remember, even you will have to let go of your makeup at some point.


By Elliot Woods

Elliot Woods loves writing for the health and beauty industry. She greatly enjoys sharing her knowledge of make up with readers and currently writes for various makeup artist schools in Utah.

Top Story: Why Are Skater Dresses Such A Big Fashion Phenomenon?


There’s nothing especially new about the so-called skater dress. The design harks back to the 1980s, when the dress with a gathered-in waist which flared out into a full, circle skirt first became hugely popular.

Give Us A Twirl!

The origin of the name is pretty obvious – the dresses are designed to emphasize the top half of the body, yet to finish with a flourish in the shape of those wide skirts, which just beg for you to do a twirl in. And if you can’t remember Bruce Forsyth and Anthea Redfern, not to mention a host of glamorous assistants who followed her on The Generation Game, then it’s probably just as well.

Indeed, if you don’t remember Brucie imploring Anthea et al to “give us a twirl” every Saturday night on our TV screens then it’s probably just as well, because it means you’re likely to be just the right age group for whom the latest generation of skater dresses is intended.

High Necklines

What also makes a skater dress distinctive from other styles is the high neck, which is usually rounded and plain. However, as the dress style has evolved, a number of other necklines have come into play, including the cut-out, which really emphasizes your arms if they’re tanned and toned enough to show off.

Flattering Your Figure

And that’s great news if you’ve got the figure to be able to carry off a skater dress properly. It means the attention is well and truly focused on the flowing hem of the skirt, and your legs underneath. The skirt hem is definitely what provides the glamour to every piece, the thigh-skimming length of the most popular designs making it ideal for creating a stylish yet sexy look, yet one which doesn’t scream “I’m available!” to all and sundry.

Longer Winter Skirts

But the skater dress doesn’t just come in shorter lengths, and as 2012 went on, we saw increasing numbers of styles which took the hem down to the knee to offer a midi style which has been THE skirt length to go for over the past year or so.

The expected arrival of colder weather no doubt played a part in the arrival of a growing choice of longer-hemmed skater dresses, but the bright colors were still to the fore, with blacks, blues, reds and yellows all being heavily featured on the high street and online. In addition, a growing number of long-sleeved styles were to be found as the mercury dropped in the thermometer.

Back to Basics

Skater dresses have played a central role in the revival of ‘back to basics’ thinking in women’s fashion, as all most styles need is a pair of tights – sheer or opaque – and a pair of sensible, practical flats. That’s despite the fact that lots of skater dresses will look just as good set off by a pair of killer heels.

Midi-length dresses, in particular, have found a ready market among older women, not to mention anyone who has a great collection of trendy, chunky jewelry to wear in conjunction with them, because again, the simple designs and colors help emphasize such accessories perfectly.

Classic Styling

Often, the simplest, easiest to wear styles are the ones which best stand the test of time. As things stand, the skater dress looks set to join that select group, and hang around for a long time to come.

This guest blog was contributed by Ann Jacobs, a blogger who works hard to keep up to date on the latest trends in Midi Dresses and Skater styles.

Getting Rid of That New Sex Toy Smell


Author: Jennifer Amato

Latex, Silicone, Plastic, and Rubber, have their own distinctive odor. Manufactures today try very hard to mask these odors by giving many of the products an odor masking spray over. Unfortunately, it normally does not do much to hide the smell. This problem effects the “Jelly” Like toys. Plastic, metal, glass and silicone toys normally do not have any odor. We especially like the Fun Factory Toys which for a softer feeling toy, have no odor.

So the bottom line is that as annoying as the smell is, there’s no danger of it being toxic, and there is no defect with your toy.

Here are some tips to reduce the “New Toy Smell”

Air it Out

When you take your toy out of the box for the very first time let it breathe. Place your toy where it’s going to get fresh airflow across it. The fresh flowing air will definitely help to take away these odors.

So don’t stuff your new toys away in a place that doesn’t have any airflow, also depending on where it’s placed; it may give its neighbor a similar odor.

Wash It Off

Just as important as letting your new toy breath, it’s important that you wash your new toy. The best way to accomplish this is by using one of our new toy cleaners. Before & After Toy Cleaner is great for cleaning and it will help add to life and, more importantly, it will give it a nice fresh scent and keep it looking new.

There are some sex toys that come out of the box with a powdery residue, these include, NeoSkin or CyberSkin.

It’s important to clean these products when you take them out of the box with your adult toy cleaner and as soon as your done cleaning it, you need to replace the powder by applying just a light coating of Corn Starch to it. This will help from breaking down the elements in the toy itself, and keep it fresh.

Although I do not recommend it, you can clean your toy with a mild anti-bacterial soap. Make sure the soap is mild. Detergents used in some soaps can cause damage to the toy and you. If you have any type of irritation after washing it may be because of the soap.

Mask The Smell

Your new toy smell will eventually dissipate over time. If you want the quick fix. Follow these simple instructions:

a.) Clean your new toy with an Adult Toy Cleaner

b.) Rinse your toy in cold water (be careful you do not get any of the circuitry wet) and let it air dry.

c.) Use a Flavored Lubricant to mask the scent. We were told of this a few years ago and it works great! Flavored Lube Change its odor and give it a new one like the flavor of the lube you are using.

For more information on this article and other articles please visit spicygear.com and click on link for Sex Ed.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/advice-articles/getting-rid-of-that-new-sex-toy-smell-163466.html


How to Fight Winter Depression


After the holidays are over, many people start to feel the winter blues. This feeling of lethargy and lack of focus is due to a variety of factors, including a reduced amount of sunlight and warmth in the air. Winter blues are actually a mild form of depression, and if left untreated, could spiral into more severe depressive symptoms that could cause harm to yourself or others. Try these simple steps to avoid feeling depressed and blue for the remainder of this winter.


Exercise is a great way to avoid feeling glum in the winter. Outdoor exercise will provide the highest level of benefits, but if it is too cold to exercise outdoors where you live, a simple run on the treadmill or swim in a warm pool can help get your blood pumping and improve your overall mood.

Take vitamins

Some signs of depression in the winter are due to a lack of nutrients in the body. People become especially lacking in vitamin D during the winter, due to the reduced presence of the sun and fewer outdoor activities. Taking a daily multivitamin combined with mood-boosting vitamins and vitamin D can go a long way toward reducing the signs of winter blues.

Get some sun

One of the easiest ways to reduce winter depression is to get out in the sun when it does shine. Try taking a walk or simply stepping out into the sun for a few minutes on every sunshiny day. Surprisingly enough, this is often enough sun exposure to reduce the signs of winter depression. If you live in a low-sun area, try using a light box to expose your body to artificial sunlight and vitamins.

Eat the right food

Food can be a big influence on how you feel. If you eat food rich in fat and processed ingredients, you will feel tired and more likely to feel depressed. Changing your diet to healthier food full of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains will improve the function of your brain and body and help prevent depression from starting. Getting plenty of protein and vitamin D-rich foods, like fish, eggs, and mushrooms will also help blast the winter blues.

Stay active and social

The worst thing to do if you are feeling the winter blues is to stay in and feel miserable. You can help prevent depression from forming by getting out and staying active with friends and family. Try to engage in one fun activity a week to give yourself something to look forward to each week. The benefits of the activities more than double if you engage in an outdoor or physical activity.

Although winter depression can be dangerous, if you watch out for the signs and prepare your body for the onslaught, you will be able to remain healthy and keep positive until the sun shines once more in the spring. If you follow these tips, you may be surprised at how much better you feel throughout the dark, winter days.

Author Byline: Kate Simmons is a diet and nutrition advisor currently working for a company offering high quality proteinex protein supplements.


Red Lipstick Tips For Every Woman


Red lipstick is that classic color that never goes out of style.  It’s the color of all the women we admire in the movies and is a display of confidence and beauty.  Red lipstick is the symbol of the confident, graceful, powerful, bold, feminine, sexy, can do anything woman.  It’s the one color that most women envy and wish they could wear.

Well the truth is any woman can wear red lipstick.  It comes down to the shade, tint, and the personal features of the woman as to what and how much red she should wear but it is wearable by all.  The question lies as to deciding if you have enough confidence and boldness to allow yourself to try.

Pay Attention to the Details

Your skin color and tones have a lot to do with the shade or brightness of red that you can wear.  Your hair color will also play its part, so don’t ignore that when picking out your color.  The paler the skin, the brighter the pop of color will be.  If you have skin tones that lean more towards the pink side then you want to try out the reds containing plum shades.  For those with yellow tones, look for warm reds with brown undertones.

Show Some Makeup Restraint

One main rule to remember when wearing red lipstick is to tone down your other makeups.  No one wants to run the risk of looking like a girl from the local “escort” service or that you belong to the theater (it’s beautiful on stage or for Halloween but too much for the rest of the year).  Don’t wear eyeliner when wearing red lipstick but do use mascara and a soft blush because heavy makeup paired with red lipstick ages you.

Stopping the Bleeding

A big problem with red lipstick is the bleeding.  We’ve all seen the little lady sitting down to lunch with her lipstick melting off her lips (we won’t mention the teeth).  To solve this issue, fill your lips with a lip liner before applying the lipstick.

Pick the Perfect Shade

Red lipstick is beautiful on anyone when it’s the “right” shade.  Finding the “right” shade can be the issue because no two red shades are the same and there are so many options.  Try applying to your wrist for checking and then on the lips if you like what you see on your wrist.  You can also make the “perfect” shade by combining several lipsticks to get the color you want.  Just don’t give up because there is a color out there for you.

Tone It Down with Age

Unfortunately, bright red lipstick is the color for the younger ladies.  The lips thin as we age and it’s time to switch to the lighter more rosy shades or neutrals for those who are getting older.  While wearing the bright popping Marilyn Monroe shade might be out, you can still find reds that look great on you or switch to playing up those gorgeous eyes instead.

Learn on to Put It On

If you’re new to the world of red lipstick, take the time to learn to apply it correctly.  Start by applying with a lip brush or your finger and building up the color until you get the right saturation.  You want your lipstick to make you look fresh, bright and happy, not washed out or like you slapped on paint that morning.  The saying “practice makes perfect” does apply here.

While red lipstick is certainly not the color for shy or timid women, you can make yourself feel bold and powerful by applying the perfect shade of red (call it the confidence makeover).  Let your inner woman out and take a chance by finding your “perfect” shade of red.

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Top Story: 6 Sexy Surprises to Bring to Bed


Is your sex life slowly going down the drain? In desperate need of something to spice up your nights and have you and your partner eagerly anticipating jumping into bed again? When you’ve gotten down and dirty almost every night, sex can get monotonous after a while. What you need is a curve ball – a totally surprising twist to your sex life to get the ball rolling again.

Read on to discover six of these sexy surprises to get your libido soaring sky-high.

Naughty Nurse or Sexy Schoolteacher

Is your sex life feeling a little sick? Then it’s time to bring in the nurse. And no, we’re not talking about a real one, we’re talking about the one you’ll be once you wear that sexy nurse outfit! Role playing in bed is one of the oldest and sexiest ways to bring the excitement back into your sex life, as it creates that fantasy of being someone else and getting it on with a complete stranger. And it’s done best when you wear the right costumes and bring in the right props. Whether your partner is into naughty nurses, dirty doctors, sexy schoolgirls or bad teachers, donning sexy costumes for these roles is sure to surprise and seduce your partner the moment he enters the room.

Sex Toys

Sex should be fun, and what’s fun without a few toys to play with? You can make your nights more playful, pleasurable, not to mention surprising with a few kinky sex toys. You can buy sex toys from your nearest adult shop online and they can come in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes. You and your partner can have a lot of fun exploring with vibrators, bullet vibrators, anal toys, balls and beads, and cock rings, and they are sure to keep both of you experiencing new, exciting and satisfying sensations every night.

Adult Board Games

When you and your lover need some time to build up some steam, try an adult board game! These games are definitely not your grandparents’ boring old board games. These games involve an exciting array of titillating foreplay techniques down to riveting, raunchy lovemaking moves that you and your partner must perform. Bring these games to your bedroom and have hours of giggle-worthy game time that are sure to end in hot and heavy love making.

Erotic Edibles

After a romantic candle-lit dinner, why not bring dessert to bed? This will not only bring a sweet end to your meal but also bring sultry sweetness into your love life. Dab some whipped cream onto your delicate parts, or spread some smooth, sweet chocolate all over your bodies for a mouth-watering start to a steamy night. You could also try edible paints for a game of twister that’s out of this world.


Don’t you dare shake your head and say no way, because you know you want to. Contrary to common belief, porn gives pleasure to both men and women and can add some real spice into your love life. Watching another couple get hot and heavy can get you and your partner turned on and echoing the same action that’s on TV in no time.

Bondage baby!

Want to surprise your lover to the extreme? Try a little S&M action with a bondage kit complete with blindfolds, gags, whips and more! You’ll definitely have one thrilling night ahead of you, and your lover will definitely not see it coming!

Bringing these six steamy surprises to bed are sure to set your sex life aflame once more, but remember, they won’t work unless you bring your confidence and sex appeal into it, so make sure to bring those as well!

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