Dangerous Lipstick Picks For Dark-Skinned Girls

When I transitioned from the shimmery lip-gloss (back when lip gloss was poppin’) to picking out a lipstick color—the transition was a bit of a challenge.  I wasn’t sure if I should go matte or glossy, dark or light blah blah blah.  As a black girl with a darker complexion,  I knew the Barbie pink lipstick that worked…

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The Right Way To Order Wine With Dinner

Some things just seem to go together in perfect harmony and a prime example is a fine wine with equally high-quality cuisine. Many would tend to argue that there is an air of class that comes with sampling a glass of wine with a sumptuous meal right beside it and for a lot of people…


Dangerous Skin For Every Season

It’s no secret that as the weather changes, your wardrobe changes. Your skin needs change too.  Some people even find that they have a completely different skin type from season to season.  The winter and colder months bring with them dry and flaky tendencies, while summer is the bearer of oiliness that can wreak havoc…