Dangerous Lipstick Picks For Dark-Skinned Girls


When I transitioned from the shimmery lip-gloss (back when lip gloss was poppin’) to picking out a lipstick color—the transition was a bit of a challenge.  I wasn’t sure if I should go matte or glossy, dark or light blah blah … Continue reading

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Top Story: 6 Confidence Building Exercises You Must Do Before A Date


So you’ve just landed yourself a hot date with someone you’ve had your eye on for a while! Cue the celebration music and the victory dance! When you’re done celebrating, let it sink in. You’re going on a date. With … Continue reading

Healthy Snacks That You Will Actually Enjoy


Eating healthy isn’t exactly the most enjoyable thing in the world. Really, it’s OK to admit it. No one really enjoys choking down a spinach, raspberry, flax seed, dandelion shake with some raw eggs for breakfast, yet people will go … Continue reading

Tips For A Dangerous Afternoon Energy Booster


Many people encounter a mid-day slump during their day, and this is especially true when they have office jobs. Usually after lunchtime is when the eyes get heavy and the brain feels fuzzy. Instead of downing coffee or other energy … Continue reading