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The Ladies Who Shaped the Pop Music Charts of the 80s – The Genesis of Girl Power

By Julian Beams The 80’s was an important decade for female artists. Not only for lead singers, but also for solo artists and all women bands. Some of the icons of pop music like Madonna and Janet Jackson got their start in the 80’s. These pioneering female artists are at least partly to blame for … Continue reading

Beyonce Lip Synched, So What!

Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, Twitter, Facebook, THE WHOLE WORLD is going on and on and on about Beyonce singing along to a pre-recorded track of her singing the Star Spangled Banner at the presidential inauguration and all I can think is, so damn what! This news dropped like Beyonce was caught stealing from the White … Continue reading

Flint Positive Spotlight: Artist – Percy

Painting and creating art is a way I can express myself; express what I see and feel in the world around me, in an almost universal language. What’s important about my art is not that I express exactly my thoughts to the ‘T’. Sometimes I start out with an idea, and it turns out totally … Continue reading

The Official Sparkle Movie Trailer is Released

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Claudia A. Hoexter

Name and occupation: Claudia A. Hoexter, Founder and CEO of Alexa Brands, LLC Inventor of the Beauty Spoon®, the innovative new beauty tool that helps you spoon out all the remaining liquids located in your product bottles and containers. What do you love most about being a woman? Everything! I love fashion, beauty, and design. … Continue reading


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