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Chewing Gum: Surprising Pros And Cons

Chewing gum is a controversial habit that has both proponents and detractors. Understanding its benefits and disadvantages can help you decide whether you should keep up this habit or put it aside. Pro: Gum Chewing Can Help You Lose Weight There are many studies that promote the efficacy of gum chewing for weight loss. Gum … Continue reading

Sometimes Cheaters Do Win: How Cheating On Your Diet Can Produce Better Results

Losing weight and getting in shape is always harder than putting the weight on and letting yourself get out of the shape you once were in. One of the most difficult parts of shedding excess pounds is of course sticking to a diet that allows you to get in all of your nutritional needs but … Continue reading

How You Can Lose Fat Without Giving Up Your Favorite Foods

That title sounds like the beginning of a long marketing pitch about a new wonder drug that burns fat without you having to do anything. It’s not. Let’s get one thing straight. You can’t binge on junk food all day without putting on fat. This simply isn’t possible. Nature doesn’t allow this sort of thing. … Continue reading

5 Sneaky Ways To Burn Calories Without Trying

The New Year is almost among us and the #1 New Years Resolution that people make is to lose weight. However, only 8% of those who make a resolution will actually keep it throughout the year. While there are obvious tips to lose weight like hitting up the gym, counting calories, etc., there are also … Continue reading

6 Ways To Lose 10 Pounds

There are many ways on how you can lose weight, but most often it’s the last 10 pounds that’s the most difficult to lose. Although the most effective way to lose weight differs per person, there are simple changes in our habits that can actually help us lose up to 10 pounds or more. Here … Continue reading

5 Myths That Could Be Stopping You From Losing Weight

It’s not easy trying to lose weight because there are so many people going around trying to sell you magic beans. No matter what you do it’s impossible to see any results. It definitely shouldn’t be this way although I think deep down you already know that. How about we look at some of the … Continue reading

The Big Breakfast Diet

The book “The Big Breakfast Diet” was released in 2009 by Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz a clinical professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in Venezuela. The book made the top ten most notable new diet books in 2010 by Time and the medical community received the diet and with mixed reviews. The diet plan itself was based … Continue reading

How To Make Losing Weight Fun

With the holidays here, many people are beginning to get paranoid about their weight. People in Western climes are also bundling up for the winter and eating more hearty foods intended to warm them to the cockles of their hearts. Unfortunately, the weight gain that comes with hibernating instincts is hard to battle, especially when … Continue reading

Do’s and Dont’s of Getting Six-Pack Abs

Getting that six-pack ab look that you see in magazines is a tough hill to climb.  Temptation is everywhere to break from your diet and workout.  Let’s face it: all the best food is terrible for us.  If you’re committed to your goal, however, there are some general dos and dont’s you should follow if … Continue reading

Top Story: Ways To Burn That Extra Fat On Your Thighs And Waist

Many questions linger whether there are ways one can burn extra fat on the waist and thighs. While this can be done, it is worth noting the body does not spread its fat from one region to the other in what is called spot reduction; research is yet to conclude this can happen. The body … Continue reading

5 Exercises That Burn The Most Calories

There are a lot of workouts you can do to burn calories, but did you know that some of them burn more than others? If you’re looking to change things up with a new workout routine, then the five exercises below are worth trying out. They burn a whole lot of calories and can help … Continue reading

Best Ways To Follow Dr. Oz’s Advice

Dr. Oz is one of the leaders in holistic medicine. He has encouraged many people to try to use a variety of alternatives to traditional medicine without telling them to give up using medication when needed. However, some experts believe that some people have taken Dr. Oz’s advice further than he intended. Here are some … Continue reading

7 Bizarre Weight Loss Methods To Avoid

Society puts a tremendous amount of pressure on people to fit into a certain beauty standard. At the same time all efforts to reach this standard are counteracted by the average diet and lifestyle. People are choosing to eat unhealthy for the sake of convenience and cost while exercise is being left in the shadows … Continue reading

Top Story: 4 Weight Loss Tips Tailored For Women

If you are a woman who’s trying to lose weight, you must first realize that your body chemistry is different than a mans. It’s no secret that women tend to store excess fat in the thighs, hips and chest, while men primarily store it in their stomachs. Studies have shown that women also have a … Continue reading


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