Chewing Gum: Surprising Pros And Cons


Chewing gum is a controversial habit that has both proponents and detractors. Understanding its benefits and disadvantages can help you decide whether you should keep up this habit or put it aside. Pro: Gum Chewing Can Help You Lose Weight … Continue reading

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The Big Breakfast Diet


The book “The Big Breakfast Diet” was released in 2009 by Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz a clinical professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in Venezuela. The book made the top ten most notable new diet books in 2010 by Time and the … Continue reading

Do’s and Dont’s of Getting Six-Pack Abs


Getting that six-pack ab look that you see in magazines is a tough hill to climb.  Temptation is everywhere to break from your diet and workout.  Let’s face it: all the best food is terrible for us.  If you’re committed … Continue reading