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Simple Ideas For Pairing Ankle Boots With Your Outfits

Ankle boots will make a great addition to your collection of shoes. It is regrettable that a lot of women can’t decide what clothing to wear with their ankle boots. Ankle boots can look really fashionable if you wear them with suitable attire. There are many different ankle boot designs nowadays and locating a suitable pair is fairly easy with the wide variety of colors and materials they are offered in. You can find them in leather, suede and other materials and get lace-up or vintage looking boots; you have a lot of styles and materials from which to choose.

Ankle Boots

Lace Up Boot Styles

Many younger women like to wear lace-up ankle boots, since they look good with short skirts and shorts. Flat lace-up boots look great with pants. You will find they fit in well with just about any type of pants. They provide good coverage that does not require the use of longer boots. Tight and narrow jeans also look very good when they are paired with ankle boots, it gives your look and extra edge. They are also appropriate to wear with long skirts. In order to get the full benefit of wearing ankle boots, there are several things you need to consider when deciding on an outfit to wear with them.

Pairing Ankle Boots with Your Outfit

You should remember that it is probably not a good idea to wear ankle boots to accompany cropped leggings. They will tend to make your legs appear shorter by visually cropping your legs at your ankles. Experiment with wearing your ankle boots with longer tights, and you will notice the difference. You might want to try wearing ankle boots that have metal studs or maybe even wedge boots with the cropped leggings. You will be able to locate ankle boots that have synthetic fur edges. You can pull these edges straight up to provide some warmth. The vast majority of designers have ankle boots in their repertoire. So, it should not be a problem to find one that goes well with your clothing. Women with long legs will find that a military type of ankle boot will look particularly stunning on them. You can purchase the boots that fit your body type and find the colors that appeal to you.


By and large, ankle boots have enjoyed a long progression over the years and their designers have added numerous embellishments and details to them over time. There are even many types of heals available for ankle boots including stiletto and wedges. For people who enjoy prints, ankle boots can be purchased with a variety of differing prints on then. You can buy them in just about any imaginable color ranging from common colors such as white, black, green, blue, and red to pastel shades like soft pink, yellow, cream colors, and turquoise. For your initial purchase, it might best to get a black pair in suede or leather. If you buy a well-made pair, they will last for quite some time and they will fit well with a large number of different outfits. Just make sure before you buy a pair, you are aware of the style of clothes you will be wearing with them.


is a fashion and technology blogger. She writes for several fashion blogs. She is currently living in West Covina and working closely with Meritline to help them grow the fashion and apparel department.

To Wedge Or Not To Wedge, That Is The Question

wonderful wedges

Forget what Shakespeare said, the most important thing on my mind right now is whether or not to invest in a brand new pair of wedged heels. Of course, I already own several pairs of these beauties but a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes and as styles regularly come in and out of fashion, it’s essential to keep on top of the latest footwear trends.

With that in mind I’ve decide to draw up a list of pros and cons when it comes to wedge heels. Hopefully this will help me make up my mind …


  • They’re super stylish – wedges are a timeless classic.
  • Wedged heels are really versatile – team them with skinny jeans, a knee length dress or even a sharp skirt for a smart look to the office.
  • They’re easy to walk in – especially if you usually struggle to walk in heels.
  • They’re really comfortable – so much so, that you can dance the night away in a pair and your feet won’t hurt a bit.
  • They make you taller – which is great for me as I’m a short one.
  • They elongate your legs and make them appear slimmer – find me a girl who doesn’t want that?
  • Wedged heels are chunkier which helps to slim larger ankles.


  • They can make your feet look a bit clumsy – especially when teamed with tight fitting clothes.
  • Wooden or cork wedges are low maintenance – but really don’t work with that little black dress.
  • Wedges are not as dressy as other heels – so teaming them with party outfits may be difficult.
New shoes! Ya like?

My favorite wedges.

If I’m being totally honest, it was really difficult to think of any cons, and it’s clear from the two lists that wedge heels come out on top with obvious success, so it’s definitely thumbs up to wedge heels.

Okay, so now I’ve managed to convince myself, and hopefully you too, that wedge heels are a worthwhile investment, it’s time to consider potential outfits to pair them with.

Cork wedges look fantastic on a summer’s day, teamed with a casual floaty sundress and a big pair of sunglasses. They’re also great for garden parties as you won’t find yourself sinking in to the muddy grass because the weight of your foot is more evenly distributed.

However, wedges also look great with both skinny and flared jeans. Choose flared jeans for a 70s vibe and balance out your proportions by pairing your wedge heels with a pair of your skinniest jeans. Brighten up a pair of dark washed jeans with some red wedges for a more glamorous evening look.

When the weather starts to get warmer, team your wedges with a pair of shorts or an A-line skirt for a cool and casual daytime look that errs just on the right side of dressed up without looking too much.

If you haven’t already got a pair of wedge heels, what are you waiting for? Ensure you look right on trend this season with a pair of stylish wedge heels.


Guest blog contributed by Lauren Jones, a shoe-a-holic with an obsession for soyoushoes ladies shoes.

5 Truly Walkable and Comfy High Heels

Nothing is worse than wearing a really cute pair of pumps and feeling pain from the balls of your feet to, well, everywhere else. Sigh. Scientifically, women were just not designed to wear high heels. I know—I can already hear the gasps from women reading this whose favorite accessory is their Louboutin stilettos. But be warned, high heels are proven to cause long-term back, ankle and knee damage. What’s more is that women who wear high heels every day can have shortened calf muscles by up to 13 percent—which kind of diminishes the “mile-long leg” theory, if you ask me.

So, for those of you who cannot part with your high heels, here is a list of the five most walkable and comfortable high heels in stores today. But keep in mind, regardless of heel size or comfort, it’s best to wear them sparingly since there is long-term damage associated with repetitively wearing high heels.

The Ankle Strap

One of the most uncomfortable things about wearing a pair of pumps is having to dig in with your toes in order to keep the shoes on your feet. An ankle strap will ensure that the shoe stays exactly where it’s supposed to be—on your foot! This strap will also allow you to move more freely and enjoy the stability of a nice pair of high heels.

The Thick Heel

It’s a no-brainer that thin heels are much less stable than a chunky one. From substantially thick heels to near-wedges, these shoes will give you that height you desire without making you look like a weeble-wobble (you know, Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down). The thick heel will allow you to walk like a model all day long.

The Bootie

It goes without saying that a bootie uses your entire foot as an anchor, rather than relying solely on your toes and your ankles for support. However, with more stability comes stiffer leather, which can be a bit uncomfortable. Therefore, it’s important to find a bootie that gives your toes room to breathe. Trust me, your feet (and toes) will thank you later!

The Wedge

A solid wedge not only provides stability, but it also gives your arches a little bit of extra support too. And ladies, wedges are back in style. Unlike the traditional stiletto, wedges are comfortable and easy to walk in. Even four-inch tall wedges are no problem for long days on your feet—safer too.

The Hidden Platform

A hidden platform means that the pitch doesn’t have to be as steep. Plus, a little toe boost will give you a wee bit of support. Look for shoes that have a hidden platform already built in. This support, in the front of the shoe, will help you last longer throughout the workday or those late nights out with the girls.


Author Byline: Liz Granger is a freelance writer with a passion for designer shoes. As a fashionistas in the making, Liz enjoys writing about great looking and comfortable shoes. She believes nothing is more flattering on a woman than a nice pair of shoes.


Top Story: A Quick Style Guide For Wearing Wedges


Wedge shoes are notoriously comfortable to wear and a lot easier to walk in than high heels or stilettos will ever be, which should make them the perfect choice of shoes if you are like me and still feel just a little bit uneasy and precariously balanced wearing sky-high heels.

Apart from the fact that they are easy to walk in, I still struggle occasionally with the logic of wearing shoes that make it difficult to perform a simple body motion like walking, wedges do an absolutely fantastic job of making your legs appear longer and more lithe.

What more reason do you need to show off some leg than footwear that can make your legs as sexy as high heels do without the discomfort?

Wedges are the perfect excuse to flash those legs in a dress or short skirt. In the Summer you can wear wedge sandals for a casual but sexy look accentuating those calves. Wedge boots and sandals are great for the Summer. I personally like the cut out style wedge boots, all the benefits of a sandal minimizing sweaty feet in the Summer but with no compromise on style or looks. For a really sexy look try wearing them in combination with a cute pair of shorts, if you have the figure go for a pair of cut off denim Daisy Dukes. Think Jessica Simpson but without the cowboy boots. Anyone old enough to remember the original Dukes of Hazard?


Going Retro

Wedges are pretty versatile and can be mixed and matched a lot more than say a pair of high heels ever should be. The Retro look is a true fashion statement that never seems to go out of fashion so try combining wedge heeled shoes, boots or sandals with some flared retro style jeans for a cool and casual look. If you get it just right the jeans will be just long enough to cover up most of your gorgeous shoes( I know !) but will create a really good illusion that you are actually taller than you really are and that is combined with the small lift from the wedge heel too. Try not to cover the whole of the shoe though, ideally you want some or all of the heel showing to really create that visual trickery of increased height. If you are already tall would you like to be even taller?

Staying on the subject of denim and wedge shoes, if you wear a pair of wedges with skinny jeans they can really create that sculpted look for your legs I mentioned earlier. Important to get a pair of skinny jeans that fit well not just because if they are too tight you may lose all movement in your legs but because if they bunch at the bottom of your leg it does not look as clean as when they fall perfectly at your ankle. If you wear wedge boots with skinny jeans this bunching will be hard to prevent and can look a bit messy as they have a habit of not staying in your boots.

Wedge shoes can help give you height and help make your legs look longer so next time you are shoe shopping consider living on the wedge or getting a wedgucation.

Article Provided By: Barratts.co.uk stock a great range of womens wedge shoes.  A real versatile must have for any womens shoes collection.


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