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How To Wear Jackets With Dresses and Look Good!

Dresses form the wardrobe basics for any woman across the world. While it’s quite easy to pull of dresses during summers and spring, most of us are quite stumped when it comes to dressing up for winters. What jacket to wear with what dress? This is one question that confounds most women who want to find women jacket online. Most women think a simple overcoat will suffice for all dresses, but this is not necessarily true, especially if you are trying to look trendy and glamorous. Here is a guide that will help you with your jacket woes.


The first step in finding the best jacket option for your dress is to determine the silhouette of the outfit that you want to wear, and what length of the jacket will complement this silhouette. While these tips are not necessarily going to be useful for every woman, it will work for most. You must be able to figure out what dress complements your body and then enhance it with the jacket that suits the form of the dress. Balance and proportion are the two keywords that you must keep in mind while shopping for the perfect jacket for your evening dress.

Cropped jackets: These are tailored for short dresses and look extremely well if cropped right above or at the waist. You can go for a variety of cropped jackets like, biker jackets, leather jackets, Chanel and bolero jackets, provided they all end above the waist. You can pick the fabric of the jacket depending upon the weather. The purpose of wearing these cropped jackets is to create a slim silhouette and enhance the natural waistline. Wear these jackets with A-line dresses or body hugging LBDs for a slim and sleek look. Actress Emma Watson pulled off a gorgeous winter look this year with an A-line red checkered dress and a short cropped leather jacket.

Denim jackets: These are very well suited for casual occasions. Though it is true that you cannot wear a denim jacket to your spring formals or a wedding party during winter, it looks very edgy with summery looking floral printed and paisley dresses. With denim, you must remember to dress up with chunky accessories and killer heels for a well balanced fashion statement.


Leather jackets: Short cropped leather jackets in dark shades go with most short and long dresses. Leather jackets bring a very stark contrast between the feminine and form fitting dresses and the masculine silhouette of leather. They make very edgy outfits that can be easily accessorized with long strings of beads and pencil heel boots.

Blazer jackets: Though largely reserved for formal occasions, blazer jackets can also be worn to fun parties. You have to know what length of jacket to wear over the dress. For sheath dresses that end at the knees, you can wear a well tailored blazer jacket. This is an excellent combination for formal occasions. You can pair up a hip length blazer jacket or a boyfriend jacket with a short dress to work meetings for an understated chic look.

Finding women jackets online is easy and fun. You can find all the above mentioned options at an authentic online store. They really have a sensible and stylish collection for a ravishing selection.

Akshi is a fashion blogger at online shopping portal Rajrang. She loves to write about latest fashion trends, ladies apparel, accessories and home decor products.


Fashion Tips And Tricks For Women with Big Breasteses

Men find heavy breasts sexy while women with small chests go to the extreme of surgery in a bid to get bigger breasts. While heavy busts look good and make women feel more confident, it can be very difficult to dress them. Most women with big busts try to wear clothing that hides that area. However, this is counterproductive as it usually makes breast look bigger thus making a person look heavier than they actually are. On the other hand, there are fewer women who consider themselves lucky to have heavy breasts and therefore wear very low cut dresses and tops in a bid to show off. This can sometimes make one look vulgar. Dressing a heavy bust can be challenging, however knowing what to and what not to wear makes a huge difference. Here are some tips and tricks to help busty girls to look and feel good.


Wear The Right Bra

For a good outfit to look great it has to have a good foundation, therefore, wearing the right bra is vital for all women. Wearing the right fitted bra will make a busty woman look gorgeous as well as give off the impression of being slimmer.

A good bra option for girls with a heavy bust is one that lifts the breasts and gives them a sexy shape. For busty women it is important to ensure that the straps of the bra are wide and firm. This gives good support as well as prevents the straps from cutting into the flesh thus ensuring optimum comfort. With the option of strapless bras, busty women should buy ones that fits firmly in place to avoid the embarrassing situation where they fall off.

Get The Neckline Correct

Choosing the correct neckline for busty girls is very important as it can flatter the figure and make them look stunning. One of the best necklines that work for busty girls is asymmetric such as one shouldered dresses and tops. They draw attention from the busts and on to the shoulders. Decent V- Neck dresses and tops also work well as they separate the breasts and elongate the body thus making heavy busted girls look stunning. High necklines should be avoided as they make the breasts look larger and lower.

Draw Attention Away From Your Bust

The secret to looking good for all busty women is to try to draw attention away from the breasts and onto other areas of the body. One way of doing this is to wear large and beautiful necklaces. Jackets and cardigans are a good option as they downplay the bust. If you are a busty woman with a slim waist, wearing a belt will highlight the waist and draw attention away from the bust area.

It is clear that dressing right for a busty girl is all about picking what best works for you. Therefore, the next time you go shopping for clothes, try to follow these guidelines. The results will amaze you and you will enjoy wearing these dresses!

Rachael Douglas a freelance writer who likes writing about fashion. One of Rachael’s favorite website is plussizepleasures.com and she often writes for them too.


The Most Fashion-Forward Ways To Wear A Tee

T-shirts seem like such an obvious type of wear – we are so used to the simple shape of a tee that it feels so difficult to come up with an innovative way of wearing it. But when you think about it – a skirt or a pair of jeans are equally popular and worn in all possible combinations, and yet every season we are welcoming new trends, which are based on the well known pieces and cuts, but reinvented in a way that makes us go wow! It is all about being creative in the way you match things together and explore the ways you can wear your T-shirts. Let’s take a look at the most fashionable ways to wear a T-shirt this season.


1. Cropped or tied up

Looking at the runways and the resort collections of the major fashion houses one thing is apparent: in the upcoming season you can expect to see a lot of cropped T-shirts. There is of course one “minor” problem with that trend – you really need to have that flat stomach to pull it off. Cropped oversize tees might not be for everyone, but to stay on trend you can use the oversize T-shirt and tie it up in a way that shortens the length of the tee, but does not show off your belly. Tie the t-shirt low on the waist and match it with a high rise pants to cover the parts you do not want to expose too much.

2. Paired with leggings

If you have no idea how to wear an oversize T-shirt here is a great example to follow – match it with a pair of leggings. All the flaws of an oversize tee suddenly become its main advantages: long t-shirt helps you cover your hips and butt, which usually seem larger when you put on a pair of tight leggings. Loose shirt as a top helps you balance the fitted shape of tight leggings, creating a nice shape for your body and accentuating your long legs. Oversize t-shirt with an oversize blouse and leggings is the hottest trend in street fashion this cold season.

3. Tucked in or belted

By simply tucking your oversize t-shirt in pants or skirt you can completely change its shape, highlighting your beautiful shapes. To add more sophistication to your outfit tuck it unevenly: leave a portion of the T-shirt hanging in the back or tuck only small part in the front. In a similar way you can use a belt to add more shape to your oversize tee – use the belt to accentuate the waist or keep it low and loose to allow more relaxed shape of the T-shirt.

4. Worn off the shoulder

If your outfits are often inspired by the 80s here is a simple trick you can use: choose an oversize T-shirt with a low neckline and a slogan or a print in the front and wear it off the shoulder. You can also cut out the neckline to adjust it, so it is easier to wear it off one shoulder.

5. Paired with a vest

Vest seems to be such an underrated garment, while there are so many ways to use it in your outfits and make them so much more unique. Denim vest paired with a tee makes the whole outfit look young and fresh. Leather vest adds sophistication and creates unexpected, rock music inspired look.

6. Styled like menswear

This season androgynous style is totally in vogue, so why not follow the trend and complete your outfit with elements of menswear? You can even try a men’s T-shirt, paired with a jacket and a pair of jeans. Boyfriend shoes so popular this season provide the perfect finish to your androgynous look.

7. Used to style down the outfit

Plain T-shirt is like white canvas. It brings back balance to the most over the top glamour outfits. If you are planning to wear a glitzy jacket or pants paired with statement jewelry you need that one piece, which will create a harmonious look and enhance the quality of your clothes without too much exaggeration. Try a white tee to see how great it looks in such a refined company.

These seven tips for styling do not embrace all options you have and sometimes it is all about the accessories you use to finish the outfit that suddenly make your T-shirt look so much more interesting. If you are looking for a designer T-shirt with unique prints check a designer online store. You can also choose few from the myriads of accessories offered by the stores to find the ones, which go well with your tee. Experiment and innovate, after all you can’t go wrong with something so simple as a T-shirt!

The article was written by Irina Kovalyova – fashion blogger, social media expert and marketer of the Elitecouturier project.

5 Fashion Tips For Not So Tall Women

ANTM shorties

Though I am still studying women’s fashion designing, I get a lot of friends everyday who want me to help them with dressing up for parties, the disco or for some other occasion. With time I have learned quite a few things that make me a favorite among my friends, as far as women’s fashion dresses up goes.

To begin with, there are various ways to ensure that you wear exactly what suits you the best, be it a fashionable party wear or a formal suit to go to work. Today, I would like to share my knowledge on what I think makes shorter women look good with what they wear.

Here are top 5 tips to help you out for the weekend or the occasion you plan to attend!

Avoid loosely fitted trousers

Always remember that a shorter height can very easily be mistaken with being plump if you choose the incorrect type of clothes, unless you are really skinny as well. I strongly feel that loosely fitted clothes, be it jeans, casuals or formals, add an unwanted width in your appearance.

At the same time, try to have a crease in the women’s fashionable slim-fit trousers you wear. Flat fronted trousers can be a very good choice and a darker tone can make it even better!

Monochrome dresses

If you like wearing dresses, there are a few things that can make you look really cool. First of all, choose monochrome dresses for the best appearance. A dress that wears the same color from your shoulders to your knee gives you a much more streamlined look than the other options. This in turn makes you look taller than you would normally look.

If you are fond of a darker color, you have even better chances of turning heads.

Tops and bottoms

When you are going for tops and skirts or trousers, always aim for colors that blend in well. At the same time, shirts and tops with a V neck design is always going to prove better for a petite frame.

If you need to wear jackets, don’t go for a long coat. Try to restrict the height of the jacket up to your knees. Wear ones that come with slim sleeves to add to your looks.

For your feet

When you choose the shoes that you plan to wear, go for ones that easily blend with the slim trousers or jeans you wear. If you are wearing tights, the best way to get a taller appearance would be by wearing shoes of the same color as your tights.

Avoid boots wedge heels or ankle straps. These tend to cut your height further and make you look even shorter.

How comfortable are you?

Finally, no matter what you choose to wear, make sure you are absolutely comfortable in them. Unless you feel good about the clothes you are wearing, you will not really be able to enjoy your time. So get yourself the fabulous women’s fashion clothes you want to wear and head out for the party!

Apart from studying fashion designing, Annie works at a store selling clothes and accessories for women. She has written several blogs on how to dress up to look good.


Super Cool Ways To Style Your Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are a perennial staple in every women closet. These pieces of fabric are flattering to all body shapes and sizes. Additionally, they are comfortable, stylish and very versatile. A maxi dress will cover up any lumps and bumps so that you can achieve that stunning, splendid look.


You can easily add layers over a maxi dress and hide layers under as well depending on your desired look. These make the dresses prefect pieces for different seasons. They are a fantastic way to spice up your closet during both summer and fall. It is worth mentioning that for you to achieve a killer look like most of the celebrities in red carpet events; you must master the art of wearing the maxi dress to look all elegant and glamorous.

Find the Appropriate Balance

Maxi dresses are a good fit for women with all shapes and sizes. However, you need to choose a dress that will make your body look absolutely amazing. If you are a plus size lady, avoid a maxi dress that is tight since it will not complement your body shape accordingly. You can also opt to accessorize your dress in order to achieve the right balance.

Wear Flats for a Casual Look

If you want to give your maxi dress a casual vibe then flat cute and stylish sandals will be a perfect choice. When you are wearing your dress with flat shoes, you should ensure that it does not drag the floor. However, a wedge sandal will serve if you need boosting of your height. You can also try embellished sandals to add a classy twist to your outfit.

Be Super Creative

When wearing your maxi dress, it plays loads if you are super creative. For instance, you can transform your dress into a skirt by layering a classy blouse on top. An off-the-shoulder top for instance can be a superb selection for this task. Ensure you get a fitting and flattering top so that your ensemble doesn’t look too sloppy or baggy.

Don’t Wear Clunky Boots

Though you can carry your maxi outfit all year round for different seasons, wearing clucky boots with your cute dress will not go well. Even if you are a brave fashionista, bit is good to stick to wedges and pumps to ensure a complete glamorous and amazing look.

Be Adventurous

To get the fun out of fashion, it is good that you bend the rules slightly; go out of the ordinary and explore the various combinations. Conventionally, you are supposed to achieve a balanced shape by wearing something tight on top. One of the ways through which you can step out of the ordinary is to wear a shirt which is a bit loose and long. Then get accessories such as a coral red necklace. Choosing to clash colors can give a nice finish to a Maxi dress.

 People fear strong colors but when combined well, they can yield a perfect outfit. Go for it girl, you have what it takes. Do you already have a maxi dress in your wardrobe? If no, it’s the high time you grabbed several pieces to spice up your closet. On the other hand, if you already have I believe you have learnt how to wear your dress to get a classic and stylish look.

Rose is a fashion enthusiast and loves to make fashion contributions in blogs and forums. She loves to research fashion market in Europe just to find that elegant breath-taking style that will catch the attention of the world.

5 Ways Men Can Add Glamour To Their Look


Men’s fashion is really exciting these days and there are a lot of glamorous innovations going on in the field. Here are five simple ways men can add a bit of glamour to their look and make heads turn when they enter the room.

1. Wearing A Blazer

A blazer can really sizzle up your style and make even jeans look glamorous. Wearing a blazer when you are out and about will surely make your look much more elegant and gives you a bit of that old-fashioned style.

The current trends in blazers are really playful and there are a lot of great options out there. Tartan has been a big trendy pattern this season and will continue to do so. You should also start buying some darker colors since the autumn is getting closer.

2. Topping Your Head With A Hat

If you want to add a bit of that Mad Men flair to your look you should get yourself a hat. Hats make men look really glamorous and it brings a little bit of mischievous sexiness to your look. Men like Johnny Depp and Justin Timberlake are the masters of using hats to add glamour.

The traditional hats are the best if you want to look glamorous. Go for neutral colors and wear it casually with your outfit. Getting used to a hat might take some time but practice wearing it at home and you will soon think your hat is an essential part of your style.

3. Walking Around in Brogues

The most glamorous footwear at the moment for men is the brogues. These great shoes come in many shapes and colors and you should definitely invest into a good quality pair. You can wear brogues with casual and smarter clothes and they will transform your look to an old-fashioned gentleman’s style.

There is a great guide on the Fashion Beans website about buying and wearing brogues and you should check it out.

4. Accessorizing With Jewelry

You can also add glamour to your look by wearing some jewelry. There are now a lot of options for men and it can really nicely finish off your look. The key pieces are a good quality watch, some great tungsten rings for men and cufflinks for more formal outfits. Check out Men’s Tungsten Online for great products.

Use jewelry according to the situation. Add more if the occasion is an official one and tone down a bit if you are going for the local pub for a pint or two. It is a good idea to really get into wearing jewelry as it is a good glamorous option to any style.

5. Tucking That Shirt In

The last way is not really about adding anything to your style but making sure you wear it the right way. If you want to look glamorous and trendy then tuck that shirt in! There is nothing more unfashionable then a man wearing a collar shirt outside their pants.

Even if you are just hanging out with mater it’s important to keep in mind that if you wear a shirt then you must wear it inside your pants.

Jerome is a fashion fanatic who lives and breathes fashion. He loves to stay on top of the newest trends at all times. He is also a big fan of photography and loves to take pictures of different styles when he is out and about.


Suitable Fashion Advice For Every Age

Every little girl would like to be a princess one day. Playful dresses with many intricate, colorful details and every little girl can feel like a king’s daughter. Most of them will insist on the dress being some kind of pink as it’s many girls’ favorite color. But the pink craze does not stop at the color of the dress. Often it will have to be pink lipstick and nail varnish as well. Growing up and dressing slightly more tastefully comes at a later point in life. It just goes to show that we cannot always wear the same kind of style throughout our lives. What we wear should change with age but what exactly are the differences?

Fashion Advice: Teens

Youth is very forgiving when it comes to fashion. Even a really bad fashion slip-up will be quickly forgotten about during this period in your life. Unless of course photographic evidence of this time exists in which case a fashion error can provide entertainment for decades to come. But you should use this time to experiment and find your style. Be brave and daring and make the experiences you need to truly find yourself.

Fashion Advice: The 20s


Between 20 and 30 you are still very free to choose what you want to wear: sporty, elegant or girly are all perfectly acceptable styles. And at that age many women find it very important to have their clothes reflect their kind of mood so they tend to considerably add to their clothing collection. If you like it playful yet elegant then Frank Lyman or Oui clothing are excellent choices. A more playful fashion statement can be made with Kate Cooper dresses. This time of experimentation should be enjoyed so wear what takes your fancy.

Fashion Advice: The 30s


Once you have crossed the 30 threshold, things are getting a little bit quieter in your wardrobe. You have developed a more solid sense of fashion identity. Your body’s strengths and weaknesses can be skillfully highlighted or concealed. The mispurchases get less and less and a certain wisdom has set in. We now know that no amount of dieting will make us fit into the too small jeans so you don’t buy it in the first place.

Fashion Advice: The 40s


Once you hit 40 it is always a good idea to embrace the classic fashion look. Your wardrobe should highlight your personality and not hide it. Large gold watches might look elegant on nobility but the average 40 year old will only optically age a few years. A classic fashion style does not have to be boring as brands such as Frank Lyman, Oui, Kate Cooper, Mado et Les Autres, Sandwich and NYDJ prove. All these brands and other women’s designer clothes are available on www.elise-of-york.co.uk.

Fashion Advice: The 50s


Elegant and beautiful cuts look fabulous on women beyond 50. An attractive alternative to the classic look is the sporty one as long as you focus on quality material. Society dictates what is socially acceptable for women over 50. See-through material, mini skirts or showing parts of your belly are all taboos. But experienced women can wear more than just linen trousers. NYDJ stands for Not Your Daughters Jeans and they offer a flattering fit. Combined with a flower print tunic by Sandwich or a Oui sparkle pullover you will be an elegant eye-catcher while staying true to your age.

Kelly Anderson has worked in fashion retail for over a decade. She likes to share her knowledge of advising customers from a huge range of backgrounds on all things fashion.


Top Story – 3 Closet Cleaning Tips For Women With Too Many Clothes

Most women say that you can never have too many clothes, shoes, bags, or accessories. That is a big fat lie. If you are living in a small apartment unit with limited space, you will have a relatively small closet which will fit a number of clothes, shoes, and purses. If you keep on buying clothes, you will end up with so many that you won’t be able to access or wear them. In fact, you won’t be able to move them freely on the rail; thus, you won’t be able to put together the best outfit.

If you are like most women with too many clothes in their closet, it is time to purge and declutter. There is a huge chance that your wardrobe contains clothes which you haven’t worn for at least a year. You might even have clothes that still have the price tag on. If so, it is time to consider these closet clean-up tips to get rid of some of the unnecessary clothes that you don’t want to use anymore.

Set Your Goals And Follow Your Rules

The first thing you need to do is set a goal. For instance, you can set your goal into giving away at least half of the clothes in your closet at the end of the year. Setting a goal will help you stay on track. In addition, it will remind you of what needs to be done. It is also a good idea to make your own rules and follow them. Here are a few rules:

  • Donate, store, or throw out the clothes you haven’t worn for a year
  • Donate or store the clothes that don’t fit you.
  • Donate the clothes which you are not excited to wear within the year.

It is also a good idea to make rules for different pieces or styles of clothing such as rules for the collectibles or vintage clothes, shoes, and coats. To that end, the basic rule of thumb is to get rid of what you don’t wear and let your closet and drawers close easily. Keep in mind though that setting your goals and rules are very helpful, but they can’t magically declutter and clean-up your closet.

Give Yourself Enough Time

You need to understand that cleaning out some of the clothes in your closet won’t happen overnight. It took years for you to accumulate all the clothes you have; thus, it is only practical that it’ll take you some time to clean and de-clutter them. Don’t expect to finish cleaning your wardrobe in one weekend. The best thing you can do is try to allocate at least two days in a month to sort out your clothes. You will need to determine which items you want to throw out, donate, or store.

Find Creative Ways To Get Rid Of Clothes

Sell Your Clothes: One of the best things you can do when getting rid of clothes is to sell them. You can sell them through a garage sale or you can sell them online. In doing so, you will be able to get a few bucks for the clothes you are trying to get rid of. As a tip, if you are selling them at a garage sale, you need to properly hang them. Most people have no patience to dig through piles of clothes. If you hang them, potential buyers will be able to see them properly; thus, there is a higher chance of getting a sale.

Donate The Items To A Thrift Store: When you consider this option, your clothes will be displayed well and will sell for a reasonable price. In addition it will go to someone who will definitely wear them.

Store Clothes In Another Location: You can also store your clothes in another location, such as in a storage unit. This is not advisable, except if you are trying to store seasonal clothes. These storage units can also store other items, such as furniture pieces and appliances which you rarely use.

Give To Friends And Relatives: Another option is to give your clothes to your friends or relatives who is about your size and have similar tastes.

These are just a few closet clean-up tips to help you enjoy enough closet space in your small apartment unit. Keep in mind though that cleaning out the clothes you don’t wear is only half the battle. You also need to properly store and organize the pieces which you chose to keep.


The author, Kris Bennette, is a professional home organizer who offers closet clean-up tips for women with too many clothes. She advises her readers to visit usstoragecenters.com/self-storage/california/torrance/zip-90502 if they are in need of another storage space for their valuables.


How To Pull Off Wearing A Scarf In The Summer


With so many beautiful, colored and simply lovely scarves in stores this season, how could one resist not buying a few and wondering how to pull off a great look in summer? Scarves are wonderful accessories, probably the world’s favorite.

They also come in a wide array of very light, often transparent fabrics, which are obviously not design for the chilly winter weather, however certain sub-cultures have given them a bad name. The question most people ask is can you wear one in summer without looking like a hipster?

How To Pick Your Style Carefully

Scarves don’t exist for the sole purpose of covering the neck area and protecting it from exposure to cold or wind. Therefore, if you want to accessorize your warm day outfits with one, know that you have great freedom in choosing such item. The most important aspect is matching it to your summer wardrobe and you may want to browse through wholesale scarves stores online. These sites typically stock a wide array of scarves, from the classic types that have passed the test of time to the latest and hottest trends.

A good tip from a fashionista: pick one in a complimentary color for summer or, if your outfits are usually in neutral colors, go for a splash of brightness. For example, if you tend to wear ivory frequently, pick a bright red scarf. Bold and bright colors are absolutely recommended for the hot season, as long as the fabric is light enough.

The Breezy Effect

An alluring woman knows that a scarf worn in summer is excellent for enhancing her femininity but you have to look for that breezy effect. You can easily wear a scarf that is sheer and that would easily float in the wind. It would work well especially when your summer clothes are not that breezy – for example if you wear tight skinny jeans and blouses. Look for the silky types: transparent and lightweight scarves to wrap lightly around your neck or shoulders, or simply let loose on your chest.

Cotton is ideal, because it can keep you cool. In addition, linen is another excellent fabric that lets the skin breathe. These are cheap to buy, but if you are looking for a luxury item, choose silk or organic hemp, which is one popular green alternative.

No Restrictions On Color Or Style

Although summer colors like red, hot pink, orange and yellow are the ones to go for usually, you have many more choices for summer scarves than you imagine. Emerald green, teal and bright blue are hot picks for this season. If you can’t decide for one solid color, you may purchase a patterned scarf to contain a nice assortment of shades or hues.

If you don’t have the time to look for tutorials, you can just take a look at how these items are presented in the wholesale scarves stores you visit and these will often give you great ideas. Tie a small scarf in a knot like a sailor does, and leave a big long one hang loose around your neck. You may even let a loop reach your chest or just put the scarf around the back of your neck without folding it, leaving its two sides fall in front. How about simply folding it once over a shoulder or tying it around your head? Since there are no restrictions imposed by the cold weather, you can try many styles – there are more creative ways to wear a scarf in summer than in winter.

Lauren Michaels is dedicated to helping women show off their favorite scarf fashion during the summer months.

Top Story – 5 Denim Pieces Every Woman Must Own

Denim is the staple of many women’s casual wardrobes and, for some of us, serves as our office wear. It’s safe to say that our love of denim is here to stay. The only question remaining is what type of denim should every woman own? If I had to pack in a hurry and could only take five denim items, I know exactly which ones I’d choose.


First up would be my boyfriend jeans. Sometimes a girl just wants a loose, comfortable fit that is still stylish and flatters her curves. They should be faded and broken in, but even then, they can be dressed up with a nice top and blazer. Add some heels, and you could wear them anywhere. You can also laze around the house in them with a t-shirt and sneakers.

Another must have pair of jeans is a simple, straight-legged pair. Some of you may prefer skinny jeans, and they are still a hot look, but these are a classic design that is always in style. A pair in a dark wash will be appropriate for work or play, and go nicely with a silky blouse or leather jacket. I wear mine out to the movies or to dinner, and they never let me down.

We should all own a classic denim skirt, preferably one that hits right above the knee. That length works for most of us and creates an easy-to-wear look that is good for casual Fridays at work or running errands on the weekend. This skirt pairs well with a cardigan or jacket and is something that can be worn for years. As a bonus, it looks good on every body type, even mine.

A good pair of denim shorts can take you through many seasons of hot weather. A loose fit will keep you cool and allow for a little weight fluctuation each summer. These shorts should be as faded and broken in as possible. They are the go-to pair for any hot weather activity, such as hiking, camping, and boating. I wear mine all the time.

The last denim piece I’d be sure to grab is my denim jacket. I’ve had it for years, and it still looks great. It’s perfect as outerwear for spring and fall weather, and also works as a separate during the winter. To be in style, avoid pairing your jacket with denim jeans. That matchy matchy look went out several decades ago. Use it with your dress pants or a slim skirt. The mix of casual and professional wear looks smart and goes about anywhere.

We all have our favorite denim items, but these are my classic five. With a few blouses and blazers, I can make a full wardrobe out of these pieces. Denim is already the foundation of many of our closets, so we need to figure out ways to dress it up, tone it down, and make it even more versatile. In case of possible sudden trips or natural disasters, keep your five important denim items close.

Author Bio:

Michelle is a writer for Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle shopping blog, delivering daily fashion and beauty online shopping tips since 2006.


Top Story – Why Some Women Prefer To Stay Covered


People dress differently all throughout the world, but the most noticeable difference on a global scale is in how the women dress in different countries and through different cultures.  While some women prefer to dress in a revealing fashion, there are others who feel it is more appropriate to wear clothing that is covering.

There are different reasons why people feel strongly about covering up more of the female form. Getting to know these ideas will help you to determine how you feel about the subject.

You may find that you are on one side of the argument or the other after giving it a full consideration.

For some women, it is about modesty that they are trying to wear clothing that covers. In some cultures, it is considered offensive to the woman to be exposed for men to see their body, so they wear a jilbab along with a hijab. Of course, in other parts of the world, it is simply a comfort to be covered at all times because of the kind of climate that they are exposed to.

This will allow you to see the different thoughts about wearing more clothing for some women. You can decide for yourself what you feel is right.

Covering Up To Honor Modesty

Many women simply feel that they do not want to show off what they have. They feel it is better for men to have to get to know them in order to gain the right to see their body. This is a mindset that is becoming less common in Western civilizations in which spandex has become a regular type of clothing for women to wear on a regular basis.

Keeping in mind the kind of clothing that you feel comfortable in is important as you are selecting your clothing.

Covering Up with a Jilbab and Hijab to Keep Men At Bay

Of course, for some, it is less about personal feelings and more about cultural beliefs. In many Muslim cultures, it is believed that men are unable to control their desires. In this case, clothing like a jilbab or hijab is worn by women. It covers the female form so that the men in the culture will not be tempted with a wandering eye towards the women.

It is about respecting the females in the culture so that they will be able to remain in high regards for the men.

Wearing Extra Clothing Against The Cold

Climate may also play a factor in a woman’s decision about the kinds of clothing that she wants to wear. This is because when it is cold outside, you will not want to wear a lot of skimpy clothing. Heavy clothing that will keep you warm will allow you to feel your best at all times. This is why when living in Alaska or any of the northern extremes, it is a good idea to have some seriously warm clothing.

With the different thoughts on wearing a lot of clothing to cover up, you might want to think about how you feel about it. This will allow you to make your own decisions about the subject.

Aisha Malik is the content writer that developed this particular article. As a woman, she has always respected the clothing restrictions of the Muslim faith, such as wearing a hijab and jilbab. However, she also respects and appreciates learning about the clothing of other cultures as well.

How To Dress Like A Boss


Does what you wear really determine your success? The simple answer is, yes. If you look like you’re worth a promotion, you will be. People don’t have a lot of time to get to know you on a deeper level, so they rely on preceptors. Whether you know it or not, your look is constantly giving off cues about who you are.

Have you ever wondered how that woman who was less qualified and less skilled than you, worked her way to the top? She may even be your manager. Chances are, she dresses for the part, and did so before obtaining her current position. Not only does she look good in what she wears, but she feels good (maybe even too good). She was recognized by co-workers and managers as a successful, strong, and confident women. And she held on to that position by continually believing she was worth it.

The truth is, the more we believe our worth, the more others will recognize it too. In her case, she may not be the most worthy of her position, but she sure does look like it. And the great news is you don’t have to fork out thousands for the best look, designer clothes sales are readily available on the internet, you just need to know where to look.

How to make it on first impressions:

Being the most educated or the most skilled won’t cut it unless your employer takes the time to get to know who you are inside. Don’t expect them to go to that effort. Be ready for the promotion by establishing your presence physically first. Use these 6 tips to land the position you deserve:

  1. Signal your worth without opening your mouth by dressing your best- always.
  2. Don’t be flashy, and don’t be frumpy. Dress for the part. If you work in a professional setting, look like a professional!
  3. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look like a boss. Successful women wear flattering clothing-period. You don’t need to shop high-end to look like it. Dress for your body type and wear seasonally-appropriate fashion. A curvy woman wouldn’t be doing herself justice in a tall and slim-tailored pant, a bright floral print will look silly when it’s raining outside, and a 5 year old fashion statement won’t make you look bright and innovative- it will make you look behind in times and out-of-date.
  4. Attract the right attention with the right amount of skin. Don’t be the office vixen; you won’t be taken seriously. On the other hand, don’t look like a total prude. Enhance your femininity with form-fitting clothing.
  5. Dress for the position you want, not for the position you have. If you don’t look like a boss, you will never be one. Don’t let your clothing be a detriment to your success. If colleagues and superior’s dismiss your success based on your appearance, you will be doing yourself a great disservice.
  6. And last but most importantly, believe you deserve every bit of how that perfect outfit enhances your figure and remember to “walk the walk”.


Believe it to be it:

Someone who dresses her best knows she is worth it, and others will too. Humans are becoming increasingly sensitive to physical cues, so learn how to use this to your advantage. We often detect a person’s character based on physical characteristics; and that’s nothing new. What is relatively new however, is the proliferation of women in the workplace. And the women who dress the best, are often the women who are treated with the most professionalism. But don’t think about this negatively. What you wear is not only for the way it looks, it’s also for the way you will feel- and that looks good! When you wear your favorite outfit you feel amazing, and others will quickly pick up on this. The better you look, the more confident you will be in yourself, and the more confidence your co-workers, employers, and clients will have in you.

Put simply: Talk the talk, walk the walk, look like a boss, become a boss.

Sophie Pincton writes regularly on the fashion industry and loves helping others find their best look.


Top Story – Going Beyond Your Sexual Comfort Zone


The popular book “50 Shades of Grey” may have you interested in pushing the limits of your sexual boundaries, but adding a new level of kink into your sex life doesn’t require whips, chains and a complete fall to the freak side of sex. There are many easy and comfortable changes that can create a big impact on a special evening with your partner.

You can have an arousing sex life with your partner, no matter how long the relationship has been around. As long as you communicate well, you can add some fire to the bedroom. It’s never too late to start and there’s no end to the new things you can try. You just need to learn to think a little kinky.

What is Kinky?

Everyone has their own definition of “kinky.” This is where good communication with your lover is needed. In this context, kinky means trying something that steps beyond your comfort zone, just enough so that it feels different, not embarrassing. Kinky can go to extremes so talk with your partner about the limits. Set the boundaries beyond which you will not go, and have fun getting right up to that line.

You First

Speaking of communication, Men’s Health online reminds us that the man may not make the first kinky suggestion. He may need to hear that you are thinking of it first. Then he’ll be an eager participant. Don’t be afraid to take the first step.

Wear Lingerie

Silky lingerie is always included as a way to spice up things. If you feel uncomfortable making a purchase at a store, you can buy it online. Everything from bras to sexy panties from YumDrop. Have fun and don’t feel obligated to “set the mood” with candlelight or music, the lingerie and visual stimulation might be enough.

Put on a New Look

Declare your date night a theme night. Have a Hawaiian night at a local tiki-themed restaurant with Hawaiian music and drinks served out of pineapple or coconut halves. Head to a local western-inspired event decked out in cowboy boots and short shorts. Or, have a formal night, dress up in your most elegant outfit and see a play or the symphony. Keep the theme alive when the two of you get home with a sexy festive outfit.

Bring out Your Inner Actress

If you are comfortable looking the part, the next step is acting the part. Role playing is where you and your partner really need to communicate. Be selective and safe with any new activity. Make sure you and your partner are both into the activity and again, set the boundaries. Give each other feedback.

In the beginning, keep the act simple. She suggests choosing a character you feel comfortable with and have your man dress up too so you’re both “creating an act together.”

Kristen CruzA former back-up dancer for a few notable pop stars, Kristen still keeps up with the latest in gossip and celebrity news. She lives and writes in L.A.

Can’t Walk In Heels? Try These Top Tips!

high heels

Ever since Christian Louboutin skyscraper platform heels became popular with celebrities, worn by everyone from Victoria Beckham to Kim Kardashian and every supermodel in between, it seems like heels have been getting higher and higher.

Toweringly high heels may give the petite a height boost and make legs look longer and leaner, but they are terrible for those of us that simply can’t walk in them. Thousands of women all over the world who find it painful and even dangerous to wear high heels, but they do it anyway simply because they want to be tall, long-legged and most importantly – fashionable. Not only does it hurt to wear heels when you aren’t used to them, but you can also end up looking ridiculous as you totter and limp around in expensive designer shoes that are killing you.

If you can’t walk in heels but you’d still like the benefits that go with stilettos and platform heels, you will need to learn how to wear them. Remember these tips:

  • Go for good quality heels. Cheap and poorly constructed heels will not give you the support you need to walk in them comfortably and safely. After all, making super-high heels that you can walk in without falling over is a science, and some would say an art form. If you want heels you can walk in, steer clear of the dirt cheap ones.
  • Avoid wearing heels when you have far to walk. Even those who have been wearing heels for years will end up sore and hobbling if they have to walk very far in their heels. So, before throwing on a pair, think about where you’ll be going and what you’ll be doing.
  • Walk heel to toe. You might think that you should be on your tip toes when walking in heels, but it can be far more comfortable to walk heel to toe just like you would in flat shoes.
  • Practice. Practicing walking in heels not only makes you more confident and comfortable in them, but it can also break in a new pair so that they fit better.
  • Put gel pads inside your shoes – these pads are specially designed to cushion the balls of your feet so that your high heels don’t hurt, meaning you can wear them for longer.

Wedges – the best alternative to heels

If you’ve tried these tips and still find heels a nightmare, there is an ideal alternative that can give you the height boost you’re after. The number one alternative to heels is ladies wedges, which are significantly more comfortable to wear, easier to walk in and are also very fashionable right now.

Christine Felton is a writer at Fashion Union provider of on trend women’s clothing in the UK.


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