How To Wear Jackets With Dresses and Look Good!

How To Wear Jackets With Dresses and Look Good!

Dresses form the wardrobe basics for any woman across the world. While it’s quite easy to pull of dresses during summers and spring, most of us are quite stumped when it comes to dressing up for winters. What jacket to wear with what dress? This is one question that confounds most women who want to find women jacket online. Most women think a simple overcoat will suffice for all dresses, but this is not necessarily true, especially if you are trying to look trendy and glamorous. Here is a guide that will help you with your jacket woes.


The first step in finding the best jacket option for your dress is to determine the silhouette of the outfit that you want to wear, and what length of the jacket will complement this silhouette. While these tips are not necessarily going to be useful for every woman, it will work for most. You must be able to figure out what dress complements your body and then enhance it with the jacket that suits the form of the dress. Balance and proportion are the two keywords that you must keep in mind while shopping for the perfect jacket for your evening dress.

Cropped jackets: These are tailored for short dresses and look extremely well if cropped right above or at the waist. You can go for a variety of cropped jackets like, biker jackets, leather jackets, Chanel and bolero jackets, provided they all end above the waist. You can pick the fabric of the jacket depending upon the weather. The purpose of wearing these cropped jackets is to create a slim silhouette and enhance the natural waistline. Wear these jackets with A-line dresses or body hugging LBDs for a slim and sleek look. Actress Emma Watson pulled off a gorgeous winter look this year with an A-line red checkered dress and a short cropped leather jacket.

Denim jackets: These are very well suited for casual occasions. Though it is true that you cannot wear a denim jacket to your spring formals or a wedding party during winter, it looks very edgy with summery looking floral printed and paisley dresses. With denim, you must remember to dress up with chunky accessories and killer heels for a well balanced fashion statement.


Leather jackets: Short cropped leather jackets in dark shades go with most short and long dresses. Leather jackets bring a very stark contrast between the feminine and form fitting dresses and the masculine silhouette of leather. They make very edgy outfits that can be easily accessorized with long strings of beads and pencil heel boots.

Blazer jackets: Though largely reserved for formal occasions, blazer jackets can also be worn to fun parties. You have to know what length of jacket to wear over the dress. For sheath dresses that end at the knees, you can wear a well tailored blazer jacket. This is an excellent combination for formal occasions. You can pair up a hip length blazer jacket or a boyfriend jacket with a short dress to work meetings for an understated chic look.

Finding women jackets online is easy and fun. You can find all the above mentioned options at an authentic online store. They really have a sensible and stylish collection for a ravishing selection.

Akshi is a fashion blogger at online shopping portal Rajrang. She loves to write about latest fashion trends, ladies apparel, accessories and home decor products.


Fashion Tips And Tricks For Women with Big Breasteses

Fashion Tips And Tricks For Women with Big Breasteses

Men find heavy breasts sexy while women with small chests go to the extreme of surgery in a bid to get bigger breasts. While heavy busts look good and make women feel more confident, it can be very difficult to dress them. Most women with big busts try to wear clothing that hides that area. However, this is counterproductive as it usually makes breast look bigger thus making a person look heavier than they actually are. On the other hand, there are fewer women who consider themselves lucky to have heavy breasts and therefore wear very low cut dresses and tops in a bid to show off. This can sometimes make one look vulgar. Dressing a heavy bust can be challenging, however knowing what to and what not to wear makes a huge difference. Here are some tips and tricks to help busty girls to look and feel good.


Wear The Right Bra

For a good outfit to look great it has to have a good foundation, therefore, wearing the right bra is vital for all women. Wearing the right fitted bra will make a busty woman look gorgeous as well as give off the impression of being slimmer.

A good bra option for girls with a heavy bust is one that lifts the breasts and gives them a sexy shape. For busty women it is important to ensure that the straps of the bra are wide and firm. This gives good support as well as prevents the straps from cutting into the flesh thus ensuring optimum comfort. With the option of strapless bras, busty women should buy ones that fits firmly in place to avoid the embarrassing situation where they fall off.

Get The Neckline Correct

Choosing the correct neckline for busty girls is very important as it can flatter the figure and make them look stunning. One of the best necklines that work for busty girls is asymmetric such as one shouldered dresses and tops. They draw attention from the busts and on to the shoulders. Decent V- Neck dresses and tops also work well as they separate the breasts and elongate the body thus making heavy busted girls look stunning. High necklines should be avoided as they make the breasts look larger and lower.

Draw Attention Away From Your Bust

The secret to looking good for all busty women is to try to draw attention away from the breasts and onto other areas of the body. One way of doing this is to wear large and beautiful necklaces. Jackets and cardigans are a good option as they downplay the bust. If you are a busty woman with a slim waist, wearing a belt will highlight the waist and draw attention away from the bust area.

It is clear that dressing right for a busty girl is all about picking what best works for you. Therefore, the next time you go shopping for clothes, try to follow these guidelines. The results will amaze you and you will enjoy wearing these dresses!

Rachael Douglas a freelance writer who likes writing about fashion. One of Rachael’s favorite website is and she often writes for them too.


The Most Fashion-Forward Ways To Wear A Tee

The Most Fashion-Forward Ways To Wear A Tee

T-shirts seem like such an obvious type of wear – we are so used to the simple shape of a tee that it feels so difficult to come up with an innovative way of wearing it. But when you think about it – a skirt or a pair of jeans are equally popular and worn in all possible combinations, and yet every season we are welcoming new trends, which are based on the well known pieces and cuts, but reinvented in a way that makes us go wow! It is all about being creative in the way you match things together and explore the ways you can wear your T-shirts. Let’s take a look at the most fashionable ways to wear a T-shirt this season.


1. Cropped or tied up

Looking at the runways and the resort collections of the major fashion houses one thing is apparent: in the upcoming season you can expect to see a lot of cropped T-shirts. There is of course one “minor” problem with that trend – you really need to have that flat stomach to pull it off. Cropped oversize tees might not be for everyone, but to stay on trend you can use the oversize T-shirt and tie it up in a way that shortens the length of the tee, but does not show off your belly. Tie the t-shirt low on the waist and match it with a high rise pants to cover the parts you do not want to expose too much.

2. Paired with leggings

If you have no idea how to wear an oversize T-shirt here is a great example to follow – match it with a pair of leggings. All the flaws of an oversize tee suddenly become its main advantages: long t-shirt helps you cover your hips and butt, which usually seem larger when you put on a pair of tight leggings. Loose shirt as a top helps you balance the fitted shape of tight leggings, creating a nice shape for your body and accentuating your long legs. Oversize t-shirt with an oversize blouse and leggings is the hottest trend in street fashion this cold season.

3. Tucked in or belted

By simply tucking your oversize t-shirt in pants or skirt you can completely change its shape, highlighting your beautiful shapes. To add more sophistication to your outfit tuck it unevenly: leave a portion of the T-shirt hanging in the back or tuck only small part in the front. In a similar way you can use a belt to add more shape to your oversize tee – use the belt to accentuate the waist or keep it low and loose to allow more relaxed shape of the T-shirt.

4. Worn off the shoulder

If your outfits are often inspired by the 80s here is a simple trick you can use: choose an oversize T-shirt with a low neckline and a slogan or a print in the front and wear it off the shoulder. You can also cut out the neckline to adjust it, so it is easier to wear it off one shoulder.

5. Paired with a vest

Vest seems to be such an underrated garment, while there are so many ways to use it in your outfits and make them so much more unique. Denim vest paired with a tee makes the whole outfit look young and fresh. Leather vest adds sophistication and creates unexpected, rock music inspired look.

6. Styled like menswear

This season androgynous style is totally in vogue, so why not follow the trend and complete your outfit with elements of menswear? You can even try a men’s T-shirt, paired with a jacket and a pair of jeans. Boyfriend shoes so popular this season provide the perfect finish to your androgynous look.

7. Used to style down the outfit

Plain T-shirt is like white canvas. It brings back balance to the most over the top glamour outfits. If you are planning to wear a glitzy jacket or pants paired with statement jewelry you need that one piece, which will create a harmonious look and enhance the quality of your clothes without too much exaggeration. Try a white tee to see how great it looks in such a refined company.

These seven tips for styling do not embrace all options you have and sometimes it is all about the accessories you use to finish the outfit that suddenly make your T-shirt look so much more interesting. If you are looking for a designer T-shirt with unique prints check a designer online store. You can also choose few from the myriads of accessories offered by the stores to find the ones, which go well with your tee. Experiment and innovate, after all you can’t go wrong with something so simple as a T-shirt!

The article was written by Irina Kovalyova – fashion blogger, social media expert and marketer of the Elitecouturier project.

5 Fashion Tips For Not So Tall Women

5 Fashion Tips For Not So Tall Women

ANTM shorties

Though I am still studying women’s fashion designing, I get a lot of friends everyday who want me to help them with dressing up for parties, the disco or for some other occasion. With time I have learned quite a few things that make me a favorite among my friends, as far as women’s fashion dresses up goes.

To begin with, there are various ways to ensure that you wear exactly what suits you the best, be it a fashionable party wear or a formal suit to go to work. Today, I would like to share my knowledge on what I think makes shorter women look good with what they wear.

Here are top 5 tips to help you out for the weekend or the occasion you plan to attend!

Avoid loosely fitted trousers

Always remember that a shorter height can very easily be mistaken with being plump if you choose the incorrect type of clothes, unless you are really skinny as well. I strongly feel that loosely fitted clothes, be it jeans, casuals or formals, add an unwanted width in your appearance.

At the same time, try to have a crease in the women’s fashionable slim-fit trousers you wear. Flat fronted trousers can be a very good choice and a darker tone can make it even better!

Monochrome dresses

If you like wearing dresses, there are a few things that can make you look really cool. First of all, choose monochrome dresses for the best appearance. A dress that wears the same color from your shoulders to your knee gives you a much more streamlined look than the other options. This in turn makes you look taller than you would normally look.

If you are fond of a darker color, you have even better chances of turning heads.

Tops and bottoms

When you are going for tops and skirts or trousers, always aim for colors that blend in well. At the same time, shirts and tops with a V neck design is always going to prove better for a petite frame.

If you need to wear jackets, don’t go for a long coat. Try to restrict the height of the jacket up to your knees. Wear ones that come with slim sleeves to add to your looks.

For your feet

When you choose the shoes that you plan to wear, go for ones that easily blend with the slim trousers or jeans you wear. If you are wearing tights, the best way to get a taller appearance would be by wearing shoes of the same color as your tights.

Avoid boots wedge heels or ankle straps. These tend to cut your height further and make you look even shorter.

How comfortable are you?

Finally, no matter what you choose to wear, make sure you are absolutely comfortable in them. Unless you feel good about the clothes you are wearing, you will not really be able to enjoy your time. So get yourself the fabulous women’s fashion clothes you want to wear and head out for the party!

Apart from studying fashion designing, Annie works at a store selling clothes and accessories for women. She has written several blogs on how to dress up to look good.


Super Cool Ways To Style Your Maxi Dress

Super Cool Ways To Style Your Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are a perennial staple in every women closet. These pieces of fabric are flattering to all body shapes and sizes. Additionally, they are comfortable, stylish and very versatile. A maxi dress will cover up any lumps and bumps so that you can achieve that stunning, splendid look.


You can easily add layers over a maxi dress and hide layers under as well depending on your desired look. These make the dresses prefect pieces for different seasons. They are a fantastic way to spice up your closet during both summer and fall. It is worth mentioning that for you to achieve a killer look like most of the celebrities in red carpet events; you must master the art of wearing the maxi dress to look all elegant and glamorous.

Find the Appropriate Balance

Maxi dresses are a good fit for women with all shapes and sizes. However, you need to choose a dress that will make your body look absolutely amazing. If you are a plus size lady, avoid a maxi dress that is tight since it will not complement your body shape accordingly. You can also opt to accessorize your dress in order to achieve the right balance.

Wear Flats for a Casual Look

If you want to give your maxi dress a casual vibe then flat cute and stylish sandals will be a perfect choice. When you are wearing your dress with flat shoes, you should ensure that it does not drag the floor. However, a wedge sandal will serve if you need boosting of your height. You can also try embellished sandals to add a classy twist to your outfit.

Be Super Creative

When wearing your maxi dress, it plays loads if you are super creative. For instance, you can transform your dress into a skirt by layering a classy blouse on top. An off-the-shoulder top for instance can be a superb selection for this task. Ensure you get a fitting and flattering top so that your ensemble doesn’t look too sloppy or baggy.

Don’t Wear Clunky Boots

Though you can carry your maxi outfit all year round for different seasons, wearing clucky boots with your cute dress will not go well. Even if you are a brave fashionista, bit is good to stick to wedges and pumps to ensure a complete glamorous and amazing look.

Be Adventurous

To get the fun out of fashion, it is good that you bend the rules slightly; go out of the ordinary and explore the various combinations. Conventionally, you are supposed to achieve a balanced shape by wearing something tight on top. One of the ways through which you can step out of the ordinary is to wear a shirt which is a bit loose and long. Then get accessories such as a coral red necklace. Choosing to clash colors can give a nice finish to a Maxi dress.

 People fear strong colors but when combined well, they can yield a perfect outfit. Go for it girl, you have what it takes. Do you already have a maxi dress in your wardrobe? If no, it’s the high time you grabbed several pieces to spice up your closet. On the other hand, if you already have I believe you have learnt how to wear your dress to get a classic and stylish look.

Rose is a fashion enthusiast and loves to make fashion contributions in blogs and forums. She loves to research fashion market in Europe just to find that elegant breath-taking style that will catch the attention of the world.