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Top Story: 10 Gifts for the Female Fitness Nut in Your Life


Maybe it’s your sister, best friend, coworker, or daughter, but chances are, you have a female fitness nut in your life. So what do you get for the girl who has everything (even those 6-pack abs)? Here are 10 ideas to get your mind running after the perfect gift for the girl that always seems to be running ahead of you.

1.     Monogrammed Yoga Mat

Anything monogrammed is pretty hot right now, so why not throw some letters on a yoga mat? Your friend will never have to deal with mat-stealers at the yoga studio ever again. This gift is perfect for a yogi looking for more ways to show her personality (or one who just needs a new mat). Plus, a personalized touch like a monogram makes it look like you put in a little more effort in the gift-giving process.

2.     Gym Bag or Mat Carrier

Make sure your health nut is going to the gym in style with a new bag! The perfect gym bag is roomy enough for a pair of tennis shoes and workout gear, has lots of pockets, and has a separate compartment for dirty clothes and shoes. If your friend is more of a yogi than a gym rat, look for a stylish mat carrier (for that new monogrammed yoga mat) to get her to the studio with ease.

3.     Rain Shell

A dedicated athlete doesn’t care if it’s rain or shine—she’s going to run anyways! Make sure she’s protected from the elements with a lightweight rain shell. A jacket like this will keep your friend dry without weighing her down. This is a perfect gift for those nuts living in wet climates like Seattle!

4.     Workout Undies

You probably should save this gift for a friend you know very well! And include a gift receipt. Whether you get some moisture-wicking panties or an extra-supportive sports bra, your exercise-obsessed friend will thank you. It really does make a difference when you do Zumba in a pair of slimming, stretchy, and breathable underwear. So take her workout gear up a level with some unmentionables worth mentioning.

5.     Running Headphones

Nothing is more annoying than ear buds falling out when you finally reach your stride. Keep your girl running to the beat of her iPod with some specialized running headphones. There are some pretty crazy designs on the market, but most will feature a type of ear bud with a hook to go around the ear, keeping it in place. There are also new models that are wireless and have a built-in running coach! Oh the possibilities.

6.     Workout Watch

We’re not just talking about a cheap digital one from Wal-Mart, here. Sport watches have come a long way, and your heath nut deserves the best. Here are just a few features to consider—a GPS for distance tracking; a pedometer; a calorie counter; or ever an exercise tracker that can then transfer data to your computer to analyze. This is the perfect gift for runner who wants to know every in and out of her workout (and it helps to be tech savvy, too).

7.     Water Bottle

Okay, we know—she probably already has tons of water bottles. But does she have one that can infuse flavors into the water from real fruit?! Didn’t think so. Or what about a bottle holder that she can strap on during a long run to stay hydrated? Your health nut knows how important her liquids are during a workout, so give her something that will motivate her to stay on top of her hydration.

8.     New Tunes

We all have that perfect workout jam, that playlist that sets our running pace and gets us pumped up. But sometimes, that same playlist gets a little old. Give your friend an iTunes gift card or new CD so she can reinvigorate her workout playlist with some new energy.

9.     Well-Deserved Pampering

After all the hard work at the gym and restrain in the kitchen, your friend could probably go for some well-deserved pampering. Get her a certificate for a massage at a wellness spa, or even for a teeth whitening session at her dentist’s office. Maybe you make the stipulation that she can redeem the gift after her next big race or meeting a certain goal. Now you’ve given her the gift of a massage and some motivation.

10.    Fitness Journal

There are apps upon apps to help you keep track of your workouts and fitness goals, but it’s time to take it back to the old-school way—paper and pen. Pick up a cool, organized fitness journal for your friend to record her daily efforts in being healthy. You could even write some secret messages of encouragement on pages throughout to keep her going! What a good friend.

These gifts are sure to please even the most discerning gym rat. You could maybe even give her the gift of a workout buddy—you!

Author Byline:

Candice Harding enjoys writing about the great products and technology she finds online. When she’s away from the computer, she loves staying healthy by riding her bike, exploring the outdoors, and visiting quality healthcare providers like Saddleback Dental Care. She scours the Internet for quality deals to publish on her website, myredbicycle.com.

Spring & Summer Accessory: Pastel Nails


Now that spring has finally arrived after winter dragged on seemingly forever, you may be ready to ditch all of your winter accessories for some fun, spring ones. This also means that you will want to get rid of those dark, drab nail colors and swap them out for something pastel and bright for the spring. There are many great nail polishes available in many different colors, but not all look as good as others, Here are a few of the best colors you can wear on your nails this spring.

Essie Strawberry Daiquiri

Essie’s Strawberry Daiquiri is a fun color for spring. If you are someone that loves pink more than any other color, this will be a great color for you. It is a true and very vivid shade of pink, This nail polish is great because you will only need one coat of it and it will not chip quickly. You can easily purchase this nail polish at your local Wal-Mart store or in a drug store as well.

Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in Moon Rendezvous

While Spring is usually a season of pastel colors and muted tones, there is a trend this year for bold metallic colors like Moon Rendezvous by Deborah Lippmann. This color is a moody blue and would look great with any blue ensemble you choose to wear. It could also add a sophisticated splash of color to an otherwise boring business suit that we sometimes have to wear for work. If you choose a dark ensemble with this shade of nail, it also allows you to accessorize with blue tones with pins, necklaces or belts.

China Glaze For Audrey

If you are someone that prefers blue over pink and you love Audrey Hepburn, this would be a perfect nail polish for you. For Audrey is the closest thing to the Tiffany blue color. This nail polish may require two coats but won’t chip quickly and will go with just about anything. You can purchase this color in a salon or a store like Sally Beauty Supply.

China Glaze Lemon Fizz

If you are looking for a nice yellow color for spring, Lemon Fizz is it. This color is creamy and is an opaque yellow. You will only need to use two coats of this polish to call it good. This color is fun and will make you feel happy. You can also purchase this in stores, such as Sally Beauty Supply or CosmoProf.

The truth of the matter is that there are so many great nail polish colors available, especially in pastels that are perfect for spring time, that it would take forever to talk about all of them. Head out to your local Wal-Mart or Sally Beauty Supply and check out some of the new spring colors that are available. You may find some unique colors that you absolutely cannot live without and some old favorites, like the above mentioned as well.  Nail polish is a great accessory, so have fun with it!

About the Author: Lisa VanWaggoner has been a licensed esthetician for several years, and she loves to blog about fashion, beauty, health and makeup. She loves getting her hair done at the Mandalyn Academy.

How To Get Dark and Sultry Smoky Eyes

smokey eye

Many women feel that they cannot go out in public without wearing makeup and for many of these women, dark eye makeup is the look of choice. If you have always liked the way that smoky eyes look for quite some time, you may be wondering how you can get the look. Dark and sultry smoky eyes look sexy and give your eyes definition, no matter what color they are. Creating a perfect smoky eye is not as hard as it may seem. It can be done easily with just a few, simple products.

Getting Started

If you are planning on creating a smoky eye look, the first thing you will want to do is to  be sure you have the products you will need. You won’t need many, just a few. The first thing you will need to create a smoky eye look is some eye shadow in dark colors. You can usually get a quad of dark eye shadows that will all blend together in stores like Wal-Mart. Black eye shadow is important as is grey. You will also want to have some eye makeup primer to be sure that the eye makeup sticks to your eyes. Additionally, you will want to have some eye liner and mascara. Fake eyelashes are optional for this look. If you have all of these things, you will be ready to start doing your makeup.


Doing Your Makeup

When you are doing your makeup, the first thing you will want to do is be sure that you have your foundation all done. You can use Revlon Photo Ready foundation to give your face a nice, airbrushed finish. Next, you will want to apply a bit of blush to the apples of your cheeks and some bronzer to give your face definition. You can now work on those eyes. Apply the eye makeup primer to the entire eyelid. You will then want to take some black eye shadow and apply it to your eyelid. Blend it with some grey eye shadow and use a nice, white shimmery eye shadow on the brow bone. You can also apply the white shimmer in the corners of your eyes. Next, take your eye liner and use it to line your eyes on both the top and the bottom. Finally, use either mascara or apply fake eye lashes to your top eyelid and you will be ready to rock and roll.

Creating a dark and sultry smoky eye look is not nearly as hard as many people make it seem. You will just need to have the right products on hand and know how to blend them together to create the look you want. It’s easy to do and won’t take much time at all. Give it a try today and see how easy it truly is!

About the Author: Pat Froeman is a college graduate pursuing a career in photo journalism. She loves to write about make up tips and ideas she learns from the professionals. She also recommends Microdermabrasion from Riiviva.

Top Story: Sex Sells – True or False?

Cinema executives once lived by the old saying “sex sells”, which made nudity a key feature in any film. Such a key feature that even the makers of religious films pushed to have at least one bathing scene in their movies. Eventually however, the big six learned that the less graphic sex the better. Why? Because sex in cinema means no children, and the loss of an inclusive atmosphere means maximum seats aren’t being filled.

While directors may want to push a sex scene, feeling it holds weight in the artistic value of the movie, studios have a say as well. To the studios there’s more than artistic value to consider. They want movies available to as many people as possible, and if cutting a scene means more sales then so be it. There are typically three things studio executives consider.

Foremost there’s the theater. The rating system (G to NC-17) sets the age restrictions for movies. Every rating except NC-17 permits underage entrance when accompanied by an adult. This window of hope for ticket sales is enough to keep theaters on board with ratings up to R, but NC-17 movies damage sales in a major way by completely prohibiting viewing by children under the age of 18. Theaters wont even consider showing them, so studios wont consider making them.

Secondly studio executives must consider television. One rule governing what is shown is that of public decency. Held to standard by the Federal Communications Commission, the rule is practically law of TV, and studio executives aren’t quick to ignore rules that affect profit.   

Thirdly, Wal-Mart is such a top-selling corporation that there’s no use in ignoring it. Wal-Mart cares about being all-inclusive, instead of exclusive.  Instead of risking turning a customer in another direction because of offensive merchandise, it houses only friendly merchandise, including movies of appropriate ratings and censored CDs.           

Wal-Mart is such an integral part of DVD sales that studios have no choice but to ensure their movies abide by the standards the multibillion-dollar corporation sets for movie merchandise.           

Because of these three major liabilities of graphic nudity in studio-made movies, NC-17 no longer exists in cinema, major television or major retail corporations. “Sex-sells” was once a major motto of entertainment, but has long since failed to prove valid.

Guest Blogger bio: Serge is a seasoned producer and technology career professional. Currently, he is working for Edictive who are the leader in online film, TV production management cloud solution.

Woman Beats Up Elderly Walmart Greeter When Asked for Receipt!

Jacquetta Simmons

When leaving stores like Toys ‘R Us, Target or Walmart, especially during the holidays, your bags may be checked to make sure you’re not stealing. Well Jacquetta Simmons’s ignorant ass was not having it. She knocked a 70-year-old Walmart greeter to the floor in western New York when she was asked for her receipt. The elderly woman, Grace Suozzi, suffered fractures to the side of her face. Jacquetta then tried to flee, but was detained by Walmart employees and customers. She was later released on $40,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on January 23rd.

Hmmm, I wonder what Ms. Simmons’s motivation was for beating up an elderly Walmart greeter? I’m sure theft is the easy answer. Looks like Walmart and other stores with greeters are going to have to start some combat training!

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