Top Story: Plus Size Ladies – How To Look Smoking Hot In And Out of Your Clothes

Top Story: Plus Size Ladies – How To Look Smoking Hot In And Out of Your Clothes


Plus-size women often can feel like because they don’t look like the skinny models in the magazines, that they are incapable of feeling and looking good. If this sounds like you, read on for  lots of tips on how to make the most of your voluptuous body, and throw away that self-conscious, self-hating attitude!

Dressing For Your Figure

The key to looking good is wearing clothes that flatter your body shape. There is no use drowning yourself in a smock if you are a larger lady, as none of your curves will be accentuated and you will look shapeless.So here is a short guide on how to make the most of what you’ve got!


If you’re an apple shape, the aim is to create shape in the waist. Wearing a pencil skirt and pulling a belt around the waist to suck it in, creates an intersection between the upper and lower body and will make your curves stand out and your waist look smaller.


If you are lucky enough to already be naturally pear shaped, the best way to go is a knee length dress. This should be tight, but by no means body con, we want to hide those lumps and bumps! Wearing a smoothing pair of knickers will also help to enhance the beautiful curves of a pear-shaped lady.


If you are a straight up and down lady, a cropped blazer jacket, teamed with a top and jeans combo will create an optical illusion of shape by cutting the body into two sections, and make the body appear curvaceous rather than shapeless.

Feeling Good Out of Clothes

Every plus-size women will never feel like their body is a thing to be looked out, but really, anyone can look great naked, regardless of their size. Looking good is not about size, but about making the most of the shape you have been blessed with. And there are many ways to do this!

Sexy lingerie is not just for the size zero models you see in Ann Summers shop windows, but for every woman. No matter your shape or size, attractive lace underwear can make any woman feel sexy, seductive and powerful.

Shopping for the correct size of bra is a very important thing if you want to look good, so getting measured is a good idea! Combining together the right bra and pants is essential. This means matching sets in lace and silk – you will look effortlessly beautiful!

Firming lotions are also a great way to feel sexy. Big or small, no lady has the perfect skin. These lotions can banish cellulite, scars and stretch marks, whilst making the body appear toned and supple. I recommend Soap and Glory’s ‘The Firminator’ or ‘Sit Tight Intense XS’. Your body will look smooth, shiny and firm and so no matter what your size, your body will look a great shape! Size is not what is important when considering the body; it’s all about shape.

Self-Esteem Boosting Activities

Sure, you can use materialistic things to make yourself look good, but you also need to feel good. The mind is the most important part of you to keep healthy and happy and so if you feel good inside, it will radiate out of you and instantly make you look good too!

Keeping up a positive mental attitude about the way you look is crucial. You also need to remember that what is most important is what YOU think of yourself, and not what others think. Make a list of all the things you like about yourself, and make these the points that you enhance and appreciate. It is a mindless habit of women with low self-esteem to make lists of all of the things they dislike about themselves, so reverse this and stay positive!

Spend time with your friends. Friends are always great at finding the good in you and making you feel appreciated. Whenever you go shopping, ask a friend along to give you honest opinions and help you to pick out clothes that will suit your body shape. Spending time with loved ones naturally makes you happy, and a happy mind reflects a happy looking body.

Looking and feeling great is a power only you hold within yourself. Let it out and appreciate the beautiful assets you have been blessed to behold!

If you have any tips on how to dress for your shape or boost your self-esteem please leave a comment below.

Authir Bio: Danielle Sephton is an online blogger who enjoys expressing her own opinions and she recommends Taking Shape in order to feel good.