Top Story: Plus Size Ladies – How To Look Smoking Hot In And Out of Your Clothes


Plus-size women often can feel like because they don’t look like the skinny models in the magazines, that they are incapable of feeling and looking good. If this sounds like you, read on for  lots of tips on how to … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Look Slimmer By Dressing Better

horizontal stripes

Many of us are carrying a few extra pounds that we just can’t shift, try as we might, and it’s normal to feel self-conscious about this extra weight. Although people attempt to hide problem areas on their body, they often … Continue reading

How a Belt Enhances Your Style


Fashions come and go so rapidly these days. The influence of the Internet and social media has resulted in relative uniformity between countries, separated only by the seasonal divide between the two hemispheres. The use of the waist belt has … Continue reading