How YouTube Can Make Your Music Popular


YouTube is a huge database for artists in the music industry to upload the music for people to listen to. A lot of artists have gone platinum on YouTube because of the large numbers of people that visit the website. … Continue reading

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Turning Home Videos Into Your Favorite Movies


Remember those stacks of home videos you have lying somewhere in your basement or storage? They may be on VHS, Betamax, MiniDV, Video8 or one of several other video formats. Perhaps you haven’t thought about them since your last move. … Continue reading

Flint Positive Spotlight: Tunde Olaniran is a Brown Boy


Are YOU Flint Positive? Related articles Flint Positive Spotlight: Flint Liquor Store Sells $10,000 Powerball Winner ( Flint Positive Music Spotlight: Alisha LaShawn – Reflections ( Flint Positive Spotlight: Author Rajah E. Smart Releases “Black Rain” ( Tunde Olaniran: Is … Continue reading