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Video: Elders React To Twerking

Breaking News: The Most Dangerous Shoe of The Year!

I totally see Lady Gaga rockin’ these!

Black Music Month Feature: Usher – Caught Up

Black Music Month Feature: Patti LaBelle – If You Asked Me To

365 Days of Dangermas: Day 74

Day 74 – March 15, 2013: I finally got a copy of Michael Jackson’s BAD concert at Wembly and let me just say after watching it my Michael mojo is up and running! The DVD is in the Dangermas tree, but I’m sure it won’t be in there for long! If you’d like to donate … Continue reading

Flint Positive Spotlight: Tunde Olaniran is a Brown Boy

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Brian McKnight Wants to Show You How Your Pu$$y Works!

Do any of you ladies need Brian’s help?

Dangerous Lee TV – Dangerous Lee Shops at Meijer

Being Dangerous Lee – Episode 12 “Hanging with Mr. Wright”

Senia Reacts to Dr. Murray Verdict!

Related articles Conrad Murray found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson’s death – CBS News (cbsnews.com)

Being Dangerous Lee – Episode 6

Senia Responds to Bullying

Are You On Nigga Time?

Simply Senia: The Goofy Free Time Edition

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