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Celebrities With The Most Natural Looking Plastic Surgery


Actually one can hardly find a purely natural face or body on the red carpet. Almost every Hollywood celebrity seems to have had “a little work done”. But the result of plastic surgery is rather controversial. It is a common practice to discuss celebrities’ photos before and after unhappy plastic surgery. But an excellent plastic surgery is a true way to a swift career, violent popularity, world-wide fame, as well as exorbitant honoraria. Today LifeToStar.com suggests you have a glance at the best plastic surgeries (before-and-after photos) of the beautiful, glorious, and wealthy Hollywood celebrities.

A plastic surgery is considered best when it results in little altering of the “natural beauty”.

Megan Fox

A modern American actress MEGAN FOX gives the example of a miraculous transformation of a plain pretty girl into a languishing, charming lady. Thus many people consider her beauty artificial completely, but if you have a close look at the star’s photos, you’ll find a minute difference between those of today and those of the past. Most likely Megan resorted to lip correction and nose job. Plastic surgery at breast augmentation gives no rise to doubt. But a rare celebrity can resist the temptation!

Jennifer Aniston

The “Friends” star JENNIFER ANISTON when a youngster was a real “ugly duck”. Even now she hardly keeps in touch with her mother who thought of her daughter’s Hollywood career an utter folly “with such appearance”.

But by the “Friends” shooting Jennifer had lost weight. By the end of the TV project she had got rid of her peculiar Greek nose (her father was a Greek). In 2008 the actress resorted to the second rhinoplastics. Allegedly she had to correct her nasal septum because of labored breathing. Under the surgeon’s knife Jennifer’s nose gained a slimmer shape and now it looks quite natural.

Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt’s wife ANGELINA JOLIE used to lie on a patient plate. Sure, the celebrity is reluctant to discuss this topic with journalists and she usually denies any plastic surgery. But nevertheless Angelina once underwent rhinoplasty at narrowing her nose. After the excellent surgery she spared much time for fitness. The result surpassed all expectations as the actress’s beauty, charm, and sex appeal leaves no man indifferent!

Demi Moore

Another Hollywood celebrity DEMI MOORE persuades that she has resorted to the help of plastic surgeons, but it had nothing to do with her face. At the same time experts catch her in archness. They say, the movie star HAS undergone rhinoplasty and corrected her squint. In addition, she’s enlarged her breast and made liposuction of belly, buttocks, and thighs. As a result, today Demi Moore looks admirable at her age!

Victoria Beckham

An outstanding singer and a prosperous business lady VICTORIA BECKHAM must have corrected her appearance for several times. The recognized woman of fashion can obviously boast of nose job, change of eyebrow shape and lip contour. Besides Victoria enhanced her body by means of liposuction and breast augmentation.

You see, almost every Hollywood celebrity is the result of plastic surgeons’ job. You are not supposed to notice it. And that is the key to a GOOD plastic surgery.

This article is written by Alex. He’s a marketer, movie and technology addict. He enjoys sharing all kinds of news. Feel free to contact him via Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlexseyDonets.

Versatile Summer Fashion


Let’s face it, although most of us admire the style of people like Victoria Beckham and the Duchess of Cambridge, few of us have their budgets for clothes shopping. It would be lovely to have the money to splash out on a new outfit for every occasion during the summer months, but this just isn’t practical. It is possible though to have a versatile wardrobe which will suit most occasions if you put a little time into planning and thinking about what you already have before hitting the shops.

Capsule Wardrobe

The fashion magazines have been writing about capsule wardrobes for years, but there are still lots of us who don’t follow their advice. In essence, creating a capsule wardrobe is about making sure that everything you have goes with everything else. For example, you might invest in a plain navy blue dress because it can be worn on its own, with a jacket you already have, dressed up with a bright scarf, worn with a blouse over the top to give the appearance of a skirt, worn over leggings for a more casual look and so on. Creating a capsule wardrobe is a sensible move, but does require a clear idea of what suits you and an ability to stick to one color palette to make sure that everything can be worn in a variety of different ways.

Summer Basics

There are a few basic items we all need every summer, such as shorts, light weight trousers and a variety of tops. It is worth spending a bit more on some good quality items like linen trousers or a well-tailored pair of shorts which will last through several seasons. Choose colors like black, beige or navy which never go out of fashion rather than whatever shade is hot that year as that emerald green pair of shorts might look great in 2013, but come summer 2014 they will just look old fashioned. If you want to reflect the latest trends, accessorize with jewelry, or get a value for money top or t-shirt from one of the fast fashion stores to team with your basic shorts or trousers.


Summer dresses are really back in fashion this year and a flowery, floaty dress should be a staple of anyone’s wardrobe. Brands like Uttam clothing have a good range to choose from, and all of their dresses are smart enough to be worn for work or a wedding with a jacket, and casual enough to be dressed down with leggings for an afternoon at the beach. Maxi dresses are still very popular this summer, although they don’t suit everyone. If you are petite, the risk is that you will feel swamped in fabric, so look for a nicely cut dress which will suit you better. Uttam London clothing is again a good choice for maxi dresses, whatever your shape and size. Once the summer is over, you should still be able to wear your flowery dress with a cardigan and thick tights or leggings, to remind you of the warm summer afternoons even in the depths of winter.


Can’t Walk In Heels? Try These Top Tips!

high heels

Ever since Christian Louboutin skyscraper platform heels became popular with celebrities, worn by everyone from Victoria Beckham to Kim Kardashian and every supermodel in between, it seems like heels have been getting higher and higher.

Toweringly high heels may give the petite a height boost and make legs look longer and leaner, but they are terrible for those of us that simply can’t walk in them. Thousands of women all over the world who find it painful and even dangerous to wear high heels, but they do it anyway simply because they want to be tall, long-legged and most importantly – fashionable. Not only does it hurt to wear heels when you aren’t used to them, but you can also end up looking ridiculous as you totter and limp around in expensive designer shoes that are killing you.

If you can’t walk in heels but you’d still like the benefits that go with stilettos and platform heels, you will need to learn how to wear them. Remember these tips:

  • Go for good quality heels. Cheap and poorly constructed heels will not give you the support you need to walk in them comfortably and safely. After all, making super-high heels that you can walk in without falling over is a science, and some would say an art form. If you want heels you can walk in, steer clear of the dirt cheap ones.
  • Avoid wearing heels when you have far to walk. Even those who have been wearing heels for years will end up sore and hobbling if they have to walk very far in their heels. So, before throwing on a pair, think about where you’ll be going and what you’ll be doing.
  • Walk heel to toe. You might think that you should be on your tip toes when walking in heels, but it can be far more comfortable to walk heel to toe just like you would in flat shoes.
  • Practice. Practicing walking in heels not only makes you more confident and comfortable in them, but it can also break in a new pair so that they fit better.
  • Put gel pads inside your shoes – these pads are specially designed to cushion the balls of your feet so that your high heels don’t hurt, meaning you can wear them for longer.

Wedges – the best alternative to heels

If you’ve tried these tips and still find heels a nightmare, there is an ideal alternative that can give you the height boost you’re after. The number one alternative to heels is ladies wedges, which are significantly more comfortable to wear, easier to walk in and are also very fashionable right now.

Christine Felton is a writer at Fashion Union provider of on trend women’s clothing in the UK.

4 Dangerous Ways To Wear Sunglasses

Check out these new sunglasses trends inspired by hot celebrity looks.

Animal print cat-eye


As seen on models-of-the-moment Kate Moss and Miranda Kerr, cat-eye shaped animal print sunglasses are a big hit this season. Kate and Miranda have both been spotted in leopard-print frames with narrow arms and a dark lens tint. For this look, the key is to keep hair and makeup minimal to avoid looking overdone. Kate wears hers with her hair pulled back in a neat bun with bare skin and makeup. Miranda wears hers with hair loose and unstyled with a center parting to keep all the attention on her daring eye wear.

Round and colored


A whole host of celebrities have been seen wearing a pair of bold round acetate sunglasses, with brightly colored frames ruling the trend. Cara Delivigne wears over sized yellow sunglasses with a thin metal bar across the bridge. These are certainly not for the the faint hearted as yellow frames can be a tricky style to pull off. Gwen Stefani favors electric blue round sunglasses with a dark tint. For this look, she keeps her clothes simple with a black t-shirt and blazer to focus the attention on her eye wear. As for hair and makeup, keep hair simple and make up to a minimum. However, these are fun frames, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t play with bright colored lipstick like Gwen’s dark red.

For a subtler take on this style, try choosing a pair of round sunglasses in a transparent bright color. Salma Hayek has been spotted in over sized, transparent lilac frames with a pretty rose tint.These are a great way to make a slow transition into the over sized, round frame trend.



Browline sunglasses are a great unisex trend popular among celebrities such as Robert Pattinson and Justin Bieber. This is a retro style with acetate browline in classic shades of tortoiseshell or black. Unlike the round or cat-eye sunglasses, this is an easy style to pull off and can add a cool retro twist to any outfit. For a fun version of this style, try choosing a pair with a colored browline, such as these Romeo and Juliet RJ56 frames with purple leopard-print frames. Add a dark tint for your perfect pair of prescription sunglasses.



Popular among top celebrities such as Britney Spears and Victoria Beckham, butterfly sunglasses feature a symmetrical shape with over sized lenses and cross-over bridge. This style is set to become a new classic and offers an elegant, minimal design ideal for everyday wear. These Podium ‘Zachary’ glasses would be a great way to follow the trend. Wear as prescription glasses or add a dark tint for subtle, stylish metal sunglasses. This style can be worn with any outfit and hair and makeup because the narrow metal frame is more subtle than some acetate designs.

Use this simple guide to choose your next pair of stylish sunglasses. Take inspiration from celebrity favorites to ensure your sunglasses are on-trend and suit your individual style.

Victoria blogs about fashion trends for a glasses retailer, DirectSight.co.uk

5 Flat Soled Alternatives to Heels

wedge sneaker

Despite the protestations of the editorial team at Vogue, gone are the days in which sacrificing comfort for the style of a pair of vertiginously high heels is the only way a lady can dress in an acceptable manner. Stiletto heels are no longer the only choice of shoe a fashion conscious lady can wear and not only are flats considered an acceptable alternative, many brands are considered equally as elegant, chic or on trend in their own right. For those looking for flat shoe choice for their feet, here are a number of options to consider:

The High-Top

Trainers are becoming more and more in vogue for fashionistas across the globe. As well as slowly being incorporated as part of high end designers latest inventions (ranging from heeled to wedged sneakers), retro trainers are experiencing something of a renaissance with High-Tops being chief amongst these. Classic Nikes have never been more popular and, in continuing with the latest trend in androgynous footwear, the footwear has crossed over from being sported primarily by male sports stars to female trend-setters.


Whilst brogues are most synonymous with sharp male dressers, such as George Clooney who is rarely seen in public without sporting a classic pair, the brogue, and the monk strap variation, have been embraced by those looking to exploit the more female side of androgynous chic.  The style has it’s most famous wearers in the likes of Alexa Chung and have been incorporated into collections by everyone from Victoria Beckham through to Alexander Wang. Sophisticated, simple and a perfect style of shoe for those looking to add a touch of debonair chic to any of their ensembles.


Previously the footwear of choice for farmers exclusively, this all changed when Kate Moss popularised the item on her yearly sojourns across the festival circuit. No longer the cumbersome green footwear of old, many high street brands have begun appropriate the styles of the season to pattern wellies and, as such, recent years have seen wellies become incorporated in colour blocked ensembles, adorned with animal print, floral print and retro swirls and patterns. A must have both for the muddy summer and the snow-filled winter.

The Ballet Pump

Ballet flats are one example of a shoe which never has, not is unlikely ever to in the future, go out of style. Boasting comfort in spades, the shoes are a perfect alternative to heels when the wearer is looking at giving their feet a rest from the pain associated with the vertiginous base and precarious balancing associated with many modern high heels. On top of this, ballet pumps are often cute and dainty and can be incorporated into many feminine-style ensembles and, as such, provide an alternative too to the many more androgynous styles on this list.

The Lounge Slipper

As indoor wear, such as onesies, have begun to gain a reputation for acceptable clothes to sport away from the comfort of one’s own house, Lounge Slippers have found an appreciative audience for the ultimate in comfortable footwear.  Whilst far from ideal for extreme weather, a velveteen pair of Lounge Slipper shoes are not only comfortable but add a dash of dandy-ish elegance to an ensemble.

Author Byline: Kieron Casey is a fashion writer who blogs regularly on all the latest developments in the world of style. He suggests Barratts wellies as a perfect alternative to heels in the winter months.


5 Men You Think Are Hot, But I Say Not!

All of the men below are attractive and have taken a hot pic or two over the years, but uh, I don’t get why most women (and men) think these men are gorgeous, especially Bradley, or that they are what is considered “The Sexiest Men Alive”.

What do you think?

Bradley Cooper

Denzel Washington

Channing Tatum

David Beckham

George Clooney


- Men: Get it up with libido max!


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