Unusual Ways To Reduce Stress

Stress finds a way to creep up on all of us, whether it is the looming exams or projects or the combination of finagling a tightly woven schedule of activities for everyone in your family. While taking a hot bath, drinking a nice glass of wine and even a massage can help relieve tension, you […]

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Top Male Sex Toys

Male sex toys have developed a lot over the past decade as manufacturers within the sex industry have capitalized on the growth of interest in male sex toys and sex aids. Previous generations did not and would not be open about their sexual preferences, needs and wants whereas in the present day men are much more […]

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365 Days of Dangermas: Day 45

Day 45 – February 14, 2013: It’s Valentine’s Day and besides getting some special lovin’ from my daughter and my mother, I also received this cute lil’ heart booty bear from a sweet young lady (who turned 22 today!) I have had the pleasure of getting to know while working at the Safe Space. I […]

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