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Romantic Gestures You Can Make Online

The internet is often accused of ruining relationships or of making us less sociable. While it helps to connect us with more people, many believe that it has replaced quality relationships with a quantity of more shallow acquaintances. If you’re the kind of person who now sits up in bed next to their partner tapping away on Facebook, then you might be guilty of just that.

But in fact it’s not the fault of the internet at all. Just as guns don’t kill people, nor does the internet ruin relationships – it’s all in the way you use it.

And actually, the web can be a rather romantic tool when used correctly. There are plenty of amazing gestures you can make online using the tools provided by the web, so read on to see some of the most romantic.

1. Buy Something on Fiverr

Fiverr is a website where you can pay for a huge range of services and products for five dollars. That might not sound like very much to spend on a big romantic gesture but as you should know by now it isn’t about how much you spend as much as what you spend it on. There are countless romantic gifts on Fiverr, particularly in the lead-up to Valentine’s day, so if you want to get someone to sing ‘I love you’ to your partner in Italian, or to write your names in the sand on some remote beach, then Fiverr can help you to do just that.

2. Create a Ring

Jewelry has long been associated with romance, but often it’s not all that personal and doesn’t take all that much effort. The web can change all that though, by allowing you to create your own jewelry and personalize it in a number of ways. One of the best and most romantic options here is to create a ring using 3D printing technology – in other words you create a 3D model and then have it printed out in gold or silver. Then mount a diamond or another piece of jewelry into it, and you can end up creating a ring that’s completely unique and that you put a lot of effort into. Not quite up to that challenge? Then you could always just find a website where you can get rings engraved and have a nice message put onto it to add a more personal touch.

3. Name a Star

Another thing you can do to make a big impression on your loved one is to name a star. This is something you can do pretty easily on eBay and it doesn’t cost that much. The official-ness of this process is debatable, but either way the gesture is incredibly romantic and a sure way to get some brownie points.

4. Public Displays

Public displays have always been one of the ultimate ways to be romantic and demonstrate your love for your partner, but if you’re shy of proposing in a restaurant then you could always decide to propose on Facebook instead. Or if you aren’t quite there yet then you could always demonstrate your love and devotion online in another way – that might mean just writing a heart-felt message on Facebook about how much you love your partner, or it might just mean changing your status to ‘in a relationship’. Note that some people will hate you making too much of a scene in front of friends and strangers – the trick is gauging it right and knowing what your partner would like.

5. Create a Website

Another traditional way to show your love for someone is to create a work of art or write a song about them. The web though creates a number of other ways to capture your partner’s likeness: why not create a personal website for them to show your dedication? Or alternatively why not create a website for their business or their passion to help them make their dreams come true? That’s the sort of support that can really build your relationship and it’s a great way to put your web-skills to romantic use.

This article is contributed by Ryan Hall, an employee at Lior Diamonds, online providers of double halo diamond engagement rings in Chicago. A culinary enthusiast, Ryan loves to cook for his friends and family whenever he gets the time.

Be My Valentine – But First You Need To Pass A Background Check!


Love makes people do crazy things. February 14th is an emotionally charged day. The combination of high expectations, intense feelings flying around, and excessive amounts of wine can make people act a little coo coo. While it’s perfectly natural to get excited about the big day, it’s always a good idea to exercise a little caution before things get too cray.

Having said that, here are 5 reasons why you should background check your Valentine this year.

1) Detect Possible Alcoholism

Alcoholics do not fare well in situations where it’s socially acceptable to drink on a weekday. Before you end up out on a date with someone that will get plastered and embarrass you at your favorite restaurant, pull their public record first.

You may be thinking, how could a background check reveal whether or not someone has a problem with alcohol (or other substances)? Well, every alcoholic I’ve ever dated had definitely been arrested for some alcohol-related bad decision. If your date has several arrests on his/her record for things like “driving under the influence” and “public drunkenness” you may want to consider going to a restaurant that doesn’t serve booze on your big day.

2) See If Someone Is Dangerous

One of the dirty little secrets about Valentine’s Day, is that there are actually a lot of violent incidents between intimate partners that take place on this day. Men have murdered their girlfriends, wives have stabbed husbands, and newly dating couples have turned deadly.

It’s always a good idea to run a criminal background check on the person you’re dating. If your Valentine has been arrested for things like “assault and battery”, “stalking”, or “harassment” take these offenses as serious red flags and call the date off once and for all. It’s better to be single on Valentine’s Day than in the hospital. Stay safe out there lovebirds!

3) Find Out If Your Date Is Married

Bigamous relationships happen more often than you might think. Some studies even claim that between 20-40 percent of men on online dating sites are married. To make matters worse, it’s not just the guys who get down on being deceitful, women do it to.

Fortunately, there is a way to find out if someone is still secretly married before let yourself fall head over heels in love with them. Only a background check can give you instant access to a person’s public records such as marriage and divorce licenses. All you have to do is type in their first and last name and you will be able to see if the person was ever married, and when (or even if) they got divorced. This is a great way to protect your heart from getting broken by a potential cheater.

4) Find Out About Your Date’s Neighborhood

Even if you’ve already been to the person’s house, a background check is still a great way to learn more about the neighborhood they live in. A background check report will compile valuable demographic and census data about an area and reveal information about crime trends. You can also see how much their home is worth, and possibly find out if other people live there.

5) See If You’re Dating a Sex Offender

It’s not something anyone ever wants to discover about their date, but it’s certainly important information to know, nevertheless. Finding out that your Valentine has been convicted of a sex crime is certainly a deal breaker for most reasonable folks.

Besides, it’s not like this is something that a person would reveal over the course of a romantic dinner. “Hey by the way, I’m a sex offender.” How else would you be able to find something like that out, without performing a background check?

Running a background check on the person you’re dating isn’t always pretty. You may not get the answers you want, but at least you’ll know the truth about who you’re with.


Jessica Ruane blogs for Instant Checkmate, a company that provides premium criminal background checks to individuals.


Anti Valentine’s Date Ideas


Valentine’s Day is losing touch. It’s losing its appeal to a generation disillusioned with the traditional exchanging of cards and trinkets. Modern couples want something a little different from this day of the year, and many of them are now going out and getting it. The movement of the ‘anti-Valentine’s Day’ is starting to gain ground; with many people throwing the usual date rule book out the window in favor of something more exciting. If this sounds like your kind of thing then read on for some anti-Valentine’s Day suggestions.

One of the best things about having someone to share your life with is taking the chance to do something a little different with them. A great anti-Valentine’s date might be to go out and take a class in something you’ve never tried before. This can be particularly good if it’s something you know your partner has always wanted to try. Whether it’s martial arts, pottery classes, or even amateur photography – taking a class in something new gives you a chance to bond over something neither of you are good at, to fool around and have fun doing something different. Who knows, you might even be good at it.

If you’d rather change speeds to something a little slower, why not try having a quiet evening in. If you both have busy jobs and active lives, anti-Valentine’s Day could be the chance for you both to take a day’s break and just spend time with each other. Whether it’s ordering in a Chinese, watching that film you’ve always said you wanted to see, or even just taking a long walk together followed by high tea at a nice café – make it a day for spending time with each other.

Another good date idea might be to take a chance on a theatre production. If you’ve never been, this could be a great chance to get into something new and to spend time with your loved one. There are some incredible plays that could easily pass you by if you don’t take the time out, every so often, to go out and see them. Anti-Valentine’s Day could be your chance.

This Valentine’s day, drop the flowers and throw away the chocolates. Think about how to woo your date by thinking outside the box. Whether you are 16 or 60, do something different; get a ticket to the Lion King, go snowboarding or take a guided tour of something you know nothing about. Think of it as your chance to do something wildly different with your partner, an active experience day, not just another ‘Hallmark Holiday’. Expressing your individuality is the best way to have a memorable Valentine’s Day.

Catherine Halsey writes for a digital marketing agency on a range of subjects. This article was written on behalf of lastminute.com

Top 5 Five Romantic Gestures For Him and Her


In a relationship? Every now and then, all you need are sweet romantic gestures to let your partner know there’s still a lot of love floating in the air. After all, a successful relationship doesn’t need expensive shows of affection all the time. In my opinion, all that matters are sweet romantic gestures that make your lover go “aaawwww”. Whether you’re the wife, hubby or even boyfriend or girlfriend, often a sweet gesture can make your lover’s day, even if it’s in the smallest way. What matters is that you care enough to remind your other half you’re still madly in love with them. So, without further ado, here are a few sweet romantic gestures to keep the flame burning every day – not just on February 14th:

Swanky Meal

For Her: Have the two of you been talking about going to that fancy restaurant for ages? Make that reservation and doll yourself up for dinner, linger over dessert and give each other sultry, seductive looks across the table.

For Him: Whip up a yummy, sophisticated breakfast complete with his favorite foods, like freshly squeezed orange juice, scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, French toast and so on. Then, to make him feel like a king, serve them while he’s still in bed.

A Film Night

For Her: Women are quite partial to tear-jerking movies, so indulge her on Valentine’s night – turn down the lights, make some popcorn (don’t forget the extra butter!), and snuggle up with your lovely lady on the sofa. Pssst! You might not even have to watch the whole film. Grin.

For Him: Let’s be honest, guys enjoy a good old action movie, correct? Granted, it might not be your first choice, but chances are you’ll make him one very happy man, especially if you add a gigantic bag of crisps or humungous box of donuts into the mix.

A Mini Break

For Her: Woo your beloved lady with a surprise weekend away at a flash hotel or, if you’re really feelin’ the love, swan off on a short trip somewhere exotic.

For Him: Why should he and his guy mates have all the good weekends away together? Grab your guy and head somewhere fun. Or, how about Paris? Prague? Or Rome? Go on; you know you want to.

A Soppy Gift

For Her: Okay, guys. While flowers might be cliché, sending a bouquet to her work is a tried-and-tested favorite, and will make her one smitten kitten. She’ll think of you whenever she looks at them.

For Him: Why not bestow him with tickets to his favorite team’s next game? Or, opt for a soppy Valentine’s gifts for him.

A Massage

For Her: How about indulging her with a pamper day at a local spa? For good measure, throw in a manicure and pedicure. Better still, take the role of ‘masseur’ yourself. Light some candles, get out the oils… oh, and don’t forget a bottle of red wine! Do this, and you’ll make her swoon over your thoughtfulness.

For Him: What man worth his salt would readily pass the chance of a sensual, full-body massage from his significant other? Your props: candles, massage oil, sexy lingerie and a bottle of beer. Job done.

Seeking romantic gifts for your partner? Whether for Valentine’s Day or just because, leading personalized gifts company, GoneDigging, is your one-stop shop for loving, affectionate gifts of the personalized variety.

Infographic: The Differences Between Men and Women on Valentine’s Day

Do men care about Valentine’s Day as much as women? This infographic explores a typical Valentine’s Day scenario, in which the woman’s expectations are higher than the man’s and demonstrates their differing views of romance. Of course, not all men are thoughtless and disappointing on Valentine’s Day, in fact quite the opposite. There are plenty that out do their female counterparts on the romance scale every time, producing romantic holidays, jewellery, chocolates, champagne and other gifts – not just wilted flowers from the petrol station! We have covered one of the most common stereotypical Valentines situation in this infographic, brought to you by Love My Vouchers. This will hopefully serve as a prompt for men and women everywhere to get their gifts sorted early, rather than opt for the last minute effort – which always shows! Do men care about Valentine’s Day as much as women then – we think they do and would be equally disappointed if they were not provided some sort of treat on this special romantic day.

Linda Firth produces infographics for lovemyvouchers.co.uk based on her observations and research of shopping habits at various times throughout the year.


Great Ways of Enhancing Your Style on Valentine’s Day


You may be dating, having a long-term relation or have been married for a few years, irrespective of what the circumstance is, you certainly want to be treated as the most loved individual on Valentine’s Day. You certainly want your man to pamper you on this special day. As it is a day dedicated to love, you will always want your man to treat you like a princess and both of you will be looking forward to sharing some of the best moments of your life. It is known to all of us that a man has to take care of many things in order to impress a girl on a date. But the same goes for women too. A woman should make sure of certain things for impressing her man on a romantic date. You have to ensure that you turn on his fantasy once you are out on a date on Valentine’s Day. This article provides you with some useful fashion tips that will help you to enhance your style quotient.

Valentine’s Day Fashion Tips

  • Avoid Wearing Pants- When it comes to dressing up for a romantic date, it is always advisable to go for a skirt or dress instead of pants. A dress or a skirt always makes a woman feel more coquettish and feminine irrespective of the type of her body. Skirts will always do a lot of good to your Valentine’s Day look, no matter whether you are curvy and short, or slim and tall. Even if some fashion gurus advise you differently, it is better not to listen to them. One thing you must keep in mind is that you will always look taller in a skirt that is on the shorter side. But in case you are not comfortable in showing your legs, then it is better to go for a skirt that ends just above the knees.
  • Choose the Prints and Colors Wisely- When we think of a color for love, it is red that comes to our mind, but that does not mean it has to be the color of your dress. Not many women on this planet can carry off red in style. Even if they do, there are only some specific shades of red that look good. If you have a short and curvy body, it is wise to go for solid and dark colors. Patterns will always make you appear boxier. In case of prints, it is good to go for the smaller ones because bigger prints will make you look shorter. It is never fashionable to combine prints with solid colors.
  • Shoes are Very Important- You must avoid wearing ballerina flats on a Valentine’s Day date. Only if you are looking to hide the fact that your man is shorter than you, ballerina flats can be your choice. In such a situation, you can opt for sandals or ballerinas with feminine patterns, straps or enhance the look with bling. Ankle straps will always help you to get a sexy look. Modern fashion offers you numerous footwear options and you can choose the one that you think will suit you the best.
  • Wear Playful Accessories- Keeping in mind that Valentine’s Day is all about love, the fun element should also not be forgotten. Playful accessories will always make you look great. You can carry a clutch handbag having a little mirror inside it. You can also flaunt a tattoo dedicated to your beloved.

The tips mentioned above will help you a lot in dressing up stylishly on your Valentine’s Day date. Follow the tips and be sure of impressing your valentine.

Author’s bio - Mary James is a professional writer for Wedding Jewelry and Clip Fascinators. She has a vast experience in writing articles on fashion and beauty and related topics. In this article she writes about the new fashion trends for men and women.


Valentine’s Day: Do’s and Dont’s

Christmas has cleared, so it’s naturally the time for couples – and let’s not forget, businesses – to think of what needs to be done to make the next big holiday a success. Decried as a hallmark holiday, Valentine’s Day is probably the next big thing to worry about if you own a stationery shop, a florist or a restaurant. For everyone else? Well…

Lest we forget the true meaning of this most lover-ly of lovely days: performing illegal marriages, then being beaten with clubs, stoned and (when that all fails to kill you) taking a trip to the executioner’s block. Like a 3rd Century Rasputin (but with less debauchery and more matchmaking). Is it a commercial ploy to squeeze more money out of you? Probably. But if I were to guess, I’d say at least 50% of people in a couple care about Valentine’s Day, so the odds aren’t good that you’re going to be able to shrug it off as the nonsense it probably is.

But there’s a problem – even those who like Valentine’s Day can only take so much of its cliché. If you’re planning on sprinkling rose petals on anything, or planning on only giving a bunch of flowers this year, you’re probably not trying hard enough. Here are some ideas for making Valentine’s Day that little more special this year:

Do Not

  • Buy a shop brought teddy bear with a Valentine’s day message. No matter how cute the design, these mass produced monsters are the height of the impersonal and they instantly become clutter once Valentine’s day is over;
  • Buy roses. The price inflates for Valentine’s day, and there are equally (perhaps even more) stunning flowers out there. That said, surprise your love with a rose some other time to pick up serious brownie points;
  • Fall back on ‘classic’ love songs to accompany your time together. Nothing lets an occasion spiral into mediocrity quite like a ‘Greatest Love Songs’ compilation CD. It’s cheesy and chances are, you wouldn’t listen to it in any other situation;
  • Propose. Even if it goes just fine, you’ve just chosen the least romantic signpost day of the year and you’ll have to share that for the rest of your life.


  • Buy more presents that don’t wilt and die, and more that aren’t consumed quickly (or at all). How strange it is that we celebrate ‘undying’ love with perishables;
  • Think laterally – spend less on the flowers, and buy fantastic crystal vases that will there for the two of you to enjoy next year. Accompany a wine fuelled dinner for two with a pair of luxury wine glasses;
  • Cook a special meal at home, dress the table appropriately – the Restaurants are going to be packed and too expensive anyway;
  • Go to a restaurant if you don’t have the time to train yourself up for a romantic meal – but consider finding the time for next year…;
  • Find an activity: it’s impossible to be romantic every waking hour, but something that lets you spend quality time together is more important than all the little gestures combined. The best activities are those which you can learn together (or share and teach) – arts and crafts maybe, or sports such a skiing that are great for couples;
  • Consider agreeing a date nearby to February 14th, one that can become special to you whilst being a little cheaper (so the weekend after is perhaps the better bet). Aside from a questionable basis for tradition, Valentine’s Day is meaningless to you. But the love you share isn’t!

Steph Wood is a copywriter and blogger who writes content for Forever Crystal, who sell glassware such as wine glasses and luxury tumblers.


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