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Phil Robertson and The Duck He Rode in on Can Kiss My Black Ass!

So can anyone else that has issues with Black people or women. Ya’ll ain’t gon’ worry me! Can we stop paying so much attention to and giving so much power to racist, sexist, bible thumping, homophobic bigots in 2014? Read – Duck Dynasty Distracts from Civil Rights Work

Why Every Woman Should Learn to Cook

I’m not talking about microwaving food either. That’s not cooking. I mean cooking from scratch and cooking on a stove top or oven. My dad and mom both taught me how to cook since I was in high school. A few months ago, I prepared a simple but delicious meal for the whole family. I’m … Continue reading

Evaluate the Good, Bad and Useless in Your Life

By Katie O’Brien If you’ve heard the saying ‘clean house’ you know it doesn’t necessarily imply using any harsh cleaning supplies. Cleaning house can also be referred to your ‘internal house.’ Just as we would go through our rooms in our homes, dust, polish, declutter and rid of old useless items… we find it helpful … Continue reading

How Martial Arts Can Help Lower Your Stress Levels

We live in a stressful world these days, and it is getting more stressful by the minute. Between the increasing costs of living, meaning that we work harder to make less money, to longer commutes, to the way that smartphones have made us having to be accessible 24/7, to the other big and little annoyances … Continue reading

Get Your Copy of “How To Deal With White People” at The Dangerous Lee Mall!!!

At last! An honest, straightforward and unapologetic guide to help reduce culture shock between the races. Using the methods and tips within, you can ease the confusion of interacting with white people, establishing a more direct approach, ensuring your own sense of peace. Learn How to Communicate With Whites. Identify which whites wear “The Mask”. … Continue reading

Top Story: Dangerous Black Woman: Abimbola “Bim” Fernandez

It’s disappointing to see how often black women are misrepresented in the media. It makes me cringe to see the cat fights and negative energy on screen. Especially when that energy can be utilized to make the world a better, more equal place to live. As an adolescent, I was very sheltered. I attended highly … Continue reading

The Way Not To Run A Business

There are just so many poorly ran businesses out there and it is really sad to see. Running a business for many is their dream and to see people struggling is not at all nice. There are some fundamental points that these people need to bear in mind and if they do then the chance … Continue reading

Martin Luther King Jr’s Greatest Leadership Moments

Martin Luther King Jr. was a leader, activist and intelligent man, and although his death came much too soon, he is still remembered by many for all of his valiant efforts and achievements. Martin Luther King Jr. Day occurs on a Monday every mid-January, and instead of looking at this day as a day to … Continue reading

The Fine Line Between Belief and Bigotry : (My 2 cents on the Duck Dynasty Fiasco)

Written by: Montre Bible So today in the news, it seems that everyone online is talking about  Phil Robertson (ya know the backwoods guy who looks like a red neck Osama Bin Laden) and his comments about homosexuals (and might I add) African American people (since they both involve me and these comments are coming from … Continue reading

Top Story: Throwing Up Sobers You Up and Other Myths About Alcohol

Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths. – Joseph Campbell There are plenty of fictional tales and myths to go around without having to believe the hype of those surrounding alcohol. Not to mention, many of the often believed myths can actually be harmful. Such as believing alcohol makes you warmer or that you … Continue reading

Hula: Breaking New Ground in Sexual Health Testing

New technologies have made our lives easier in so many respects. Thanks to everything from Smartphones to iPods, BlueTooth devices to GPS, life is easier, more practical, safer. Yet technology is not just about music and visuals; lately, it is also about preserving our sexual health, with groundbreaking new Apps like Hula changing the way we receive and … Continue reading

How Breaking Bad Lied To Us (And Was Right) About Meth

Breaking Bad was the show that changed everything about how we saw television. The show has become so popular, and many have touted both its authenticity and criticized its glorification of meth. Fans have dissected all the different layers and elements to this show, and produced a lot of questions about the meth industry, prompting … Continue reading

Ask Dangerous Lee: How Risky Are Blow Jobs?

Q: How risky are BJs (blowjobs) ? Like if I were to do it, how can I make sure I don’t catch anything? – Anonymous A: Unprotected BJs are very risky. It’s best to use a flavored condom for protection. If you have unprotected oral sex, don’t swallow. Be sure to check the goods before … Continue reading

Dangerous Lee Responds To: R. Kelly – Shut Up!

▶ R. Kelly – Shut Up! [NEW] – YouTube. No, You Shut Up! Be thankful that you have fans and stop playing the victim. Stop focusing on people who don’t like or respect you because of your illegal and sick ass sexual behavior that you weren’t properly punished for. You’re one Black man that got … Continue reading


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