Top Story: 7 Deadly Lingerie Sins

Top Story: 7 Deadly Lingerie Sins

I would look a hot mess in this, but she’s sexay!

The Lingerie Addict has a sermon for you today and we’re talking about the 7 Deadly Sins of Lingerie.  Don’t worry about it if you see yourself in one or two of these; I’ve done all of them at one time or another. But if you feel the need to make a confession (or just want moral support), you can always drop me a line at

Drooling over something just because you saw a model wearing it in a magazine ad and then buying that something because your subconscious whispered that it’ll make you look like the model.  No, sweetie, it won’t.  If you have larger boobs, you’re gonna need a supportive bra…not a bralette.

Buying lingerie in the size you used to be.  Here’s the deal–if you lose weight, gain weight, get pregnant, have a baby, stop breastfeeding, or do anything else that changes the way your boobies fit in your bras then you need to have a professional refitting.  The same rule applies to panties.  Don’t buy knickers in the size you wish you were; buy them in the size you actually are.  Your bum (and the rest of your bits) will thank you.

Not taking care of your lingerie.  How often have we heard the handwashing rule?  The no dryer rule?  The no wringing rule?  Plain and simple–your lingerie will look better and last longer if you take care of it.  That means your knickers should never touch the inside of a machine washer and/or dryer.  And if you really want to get hardcore about lingerie care, then invest in quality products like specialty washes and cotton hosiery gloves. I promise you’ll notice the difference.

Being jealous of someone else’s lingerie (this also includes being jealous of their figure).  Let me tell you, there is no better time to be a lingerie addict than right now.  The 21st century has a bigger variety of sizes, a wider range of colors, and better quality fabrics than any other time in the past 100 years.  There is no reason whatsoever to wear lingerie that doesn’t make you look and feel like a goddess.

Buying anything and everything…especially if it’s on sale.  All together now…it’s not a deal if you never wear it.  I don’t care if you retrieved that bra out of the $5 bin at Ross.  If it tears up after 2 hours and leaves bruises on your ribcage, then you wasted your money.  There are plenty of good, inexpensive bras out there that will amortize to pennies per wear if taken care of properly.

Hating on other people’s lingerie.  Yes, I know g-strings aren’t your thing.  Yes, I know you prefer stockings over pantyhose.  But there is no reason to call people who wear those items by bad names or to create entire web forums, discussion boards, and blogs dedicated to badmouthing those people.  And for all the folks who think they’re getting away with something because they’re “anonymous”…an anonymous asshole is still an asshole.

Buying lingerie out of your price range, even if you have to use a credit card to get it.  My fellow La Perla, Wolford, and Agent Provocateur addicts know what I’m talking about.  Yes, I too can be seduced by the beauty of a perfect pair of high waist, chantilly lace, hand embroidered panties…but that doesn’t mean they’re worth a month of ramen dinners, much less going into debt over.  If the Kiki de Montparnasse keeps calling your name, set up a separate bank account, and then treat yourself after you sock away enough money to pay for it in cash.

How have you sinned lately?   Why don’t you share it in the comments?

Article by The Lingerie Addict.

How to Rock Underwear as Outerwear

How to Rock Underwear as Outerwear

The underwear-as-outerwear trend has been kicking around for a while – but for most of us, it seems to be far beyond the realms of possibility to pull off. However, while you might think you’ve got to have the perfect lithe figure and self-confidence to work this look, it’s actually a perfect way to build in subtle and sexy elements to your day-to-day wardrobe.

Subtle peeks of lace, structured straps and light-as-air breaths of chiffon add contrast to tougher, harder textures and are a great way to add some femininity to this season’s military and sportswear trends.


Layer it up

Layering is always a firm fashion favorite, no matter what the season. This winter, with extravagantly baroque influences hitting the runway, it’s the perfect time to show off some of your more luxurious lingerie as outwear. Go with opulent materials and rich jewel tones to keep with the baroque look – think rich velvets, satin and silk, trimmed with gold and lustrous black.

Big knickers or frilly bloomers look seductive when teamed with opaque tights, or if that feels too brazen, layer a camisole with soft cashmere knits or a smart shirt to add a playful touch. Sheer fabrics are another great way to layer lingerie – mix up sheer gauzy confections as outer layers over blouses, or add a classic corset to give shape and structure over a loose knit dress for instant impact.

Earn your stripes

With military looks and sportswear having a big influence on cold-weather trends, lingerie can add some much-needed femininity to prevent the look getting too costumey. Sports bra styles look austere and PE-hall-practical, but wearing one over a smart khaki shirt raises the style stakes by a mile.

Fetishistic elements like harnesses and frame bras are definitely too racy for day for most of us, but are perfect to add structure and packed with layering potential. Elastic or even leather straps add contrast and are a great way to add a tougher touch over soft feminine dresses.


Subtle sex-appeal

Underwear as outwear is undeniably a sexy look – work it to its full potential by making sure you’re wearing the right size as there’s nothing less sexy than an ill-fitting bra. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes both to your body and your confidence.

Keep the look subtle and refined. Treat yourself to indulgent fabrics and decadent confections brimming with lace, ribbons and jewels to give a sexy little peek from blouses and knitwear – luxury lingerie is made to be seen, boring lingerie is not! Chemises, layered with vest tops underneath, also look fantastic as tops over skinny jeans.

Do you have any more underwear as outerwear tips to add? I’d love to hear them!

Author Byline: Michelle Star is a fashion blogger with a massive lingerie addiction. She blogs for Esty Lingerie who sell gorgeous lingerie that simply deserves to be seen, not hidden under clothing!

5 Things That Are Making You An Annoying Girlfriend

5 Things That Are Making You An Annoying Girlfriend

Image by: S. Diddy

We all like to think we’re awesome girlfriends.

We pride ourselves on never taking a peep at our partner’s phone, for allowing him to spend an evening down the pub, and for not complaining about the latest gadget he just had to have.

But no matter how hard we try, sometimes we don’t realize the very simple things we’re doing wrong.

These are the 5 things that put you at risk of being ‘The Bad Girlfriend’.

The Bad Girlfriend

1.    You metaphorically pee all over his Facebook page. You mark your territory by tagging him in about 20 photos per week, comment on all his statuses with xx and ❤. You check him in to all the places you go together (Odeon cinema, your mother’s, Pets at Home…) and you tag him in annoyingly soppy statuses that no one wants to read.

2.    You plan everything around him. You turn down an evening with your friends because you know that’s the only night he has free from football practice. This makes you dependent and also puts a lot of pressure on him. He will feel like he HAS to spend that evening with you.

3.    You fish for compliments. We all do it. The trick is to trick him into complimenting you, without it seeming to him like you’re looking for a compliment. If you’re fishing for compliments, he will be less likely to want to give them. 

Image by: Tanya Little

4.      You mock him a lot. This one may come as a surprise. If your relationship has a good level of banter, be warned that you can go a little too far. Mocking him incessantly will make him feel humiliated and he will start to feel like you don’t respect him.

5.      When he doesn’t text back straight away, you text again. This is a common mistake many women make. Maybe he didn’t get the text, maybe my question wasn’t clear enough, maybe… STOP!

He will text back in time, just be patient. Never send him two consecutive texts, unless the second is a crucial update to the first.

These may all seem like small annoyances, but frequently repeated they can make your relationship seem like a chore rather than a pleasure.

The Good Girlfriend

There are many ways to be a bad girlfriend, but there are also lots of ways to be a good one!

  • It’s important to give him space, and give yourself space at the same time. Make sure he knows you enjoy his company, but that it’s not all that you have.
  • Be body confident and keep things exciting. Turn up for bedtime in a sexy silk negligee and never utter the words, ‘Is she prettier than me?’
  • Remember to be sensitive. Don’t make comments about what he’s eating, or make any weight related reproach (‘a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips’ is an absolute no-no). If he did that to you, you’d pull both his arms out of their sockets and you know it.
  • Don’t record over Top Gear. Just don’t.

These little things make for a much more pleasant relationship, forge a better understanding, and generally make him feel like he’s lucky to have you.

Can you think of more? If so, please share!

Author Bio: Susannah Perez writes blogs about fashion, lingerie and lifestyle. She is passionate about relationships and romance, and writes for Heavenly Lingerie to feed her lingerie addiction!

Top Story – What Your Lingerie Color Choice Says About You

Top Story – What Your Lingerie Color Choice Says About You

The lingerie you wear says a lot about you, but did you know that the colors you choose say just as much? The same bra in white can make a totally different statement in black, red or pink!

You probably choose the color of your lingerie subconsciously. You spot a gorgeous bra set or basque in the shop window and you like it for the ‘style’ – but your mind is also drawn to the color too!

It’s this less thought-about choice that makes what your color choices even more revealing than the style itself. Here’s what your lingerie colors say about you as a person…

Image by Esty Lingerie


Do you always head for the black, whether it’s silk, satin, lace or just plain cotton? As everyone knows, black is a classic colour. It’s timeless, stylish and the epitome of elegance and good taste! Oh, and it’s also very sexy.

Like your lingerie, you’re a stylish woman – but you like expensive, well-cut pieces that will stand the test of time rather than following each and every fashion fad that’s ‘in’ this season.

In life you’re no different – you’re looking for a long-term partner to grow old with, but that doesn’t mean you want to miss out on all the fun. You’re a very sexy and seductive lady after all!


Another classic color, white is pretty but simple, black’s plainer sister. If you like your lingerie white you’re probably quite a traditional and no-nonsense person, quite practical but not afraid to show off your natural beauty when the time is right.

You’re not bothered about fussy frills and trims on your lingerie, or in your life – you focus on what’s important, whether that’s your career, your family or your hobbies, and everything else can take second place.


The boldest color there is, red is fiery and passionate – just like you! You can get very angry when someone does something to annoy you, but when you’re in love there’s no one more loving than you are!

Fans of red lingerie love to stand out in a crowd. You love having all eyes on you and can be a bit of an attention seeker, but when people get to know you there’s a real sweetie hiding inside!


It’s a lie that a white bra is the best choice to wear under a white t-shirt – nude is far less visible! You take practicality to a whole new level. For you, lingerie is not designed to be seen, it’s designed to make your clothes look better on top of it.

You have a no fuss, no frills attitude to life, with a penchant for comfortable and classic clothing over the latest trends. You like looking great, but not if it means going out of your way to do so – you’d rather spend a lazy Sunday in your comfy PJs than tottering around the shops in high-heels anyway!


This wonderfully girly color shows off an equally girly personality. If your friends had to describe you in three words it would probably be something along the lines of “sweet, cute and adorable”. You’ve always been the baby of the group and you like a man that looks after you and treats you like the princess you know you are.

Miss Pink is also all about finding the fun in life. You love pillow fights, nights in with the girls and when it comes to fashion, well it’s all about experimenting and having fun – who cares if you make a fashion faux pas? You’ll be laughing about those photos for years to come!

What personality do you think fits with other lingerie colors, such as blue and green?

About The Author: Michelle Star is a lingerie lover who blogs for Esty Lingerie, a great boutique where you can buy lingerie online by plenty of independent designer brands you’ve probably never heard of!