Top Story: 7 Deadly Lingerie Sins


The Lingerie Addict has a sermon for you today and we’re talking about the 7 Deadly Sins of Lingerie.  Don’t worry about it if you see yourself in one or two of these; I’ve done all of them at one … Continue reading

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How to Rock Underwear as Outerwear


The underwear-as-outerwear trend has been kicking around for a while – but for most of us, it seems to be far beyond the realms of possibility to pull off. However, while you might think you’ve got to have the perfect … Continue reading

5 Things That Are Making You An Annoying Girlfriend


Image by: S. Diddy We all like to think we’re awesome girlfriends. We pride ourselves on never taking a peep at our partner’s phone, for allowing him to spend an evening down the pub, and for not complaining about the … Continue reading

Top Story – What Your Lingerie Color Choice Says About You


The lingerie you wear says a lot about you, but did you know that the colors you choose say just as much? The same bra in white can make a totally different statement in black, red or pink! You probably … Continue reading

Why Men Should Own 14 Pairs of Underwear


Out With The Old Before I go anywhere in regards to the 14 pairs of underwear, let us first recognize that all of this old nonsense regarding turning pants inside out is exactly that: nonsense. Urban legends made up by … Continue reading