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High Heels, Clothes And Accessories That Make You Look Thinner

If you’re not a natural born model the world of fashion might seem distant and not for you, with all these clothes designed for women with perfect figure. But fashion isn’t your enemy and clothes are not your foes, as long as you know how to make the best use of them. Every shape and every type of woman’s figure can be accentuated and balanced out with the right set of garments and accessories. Here’s our recommendations for women, who want to hide few extra pounds:


1. The perfect undergarment

Think of the underwear as the foundations for your garment – few smart decisions will help to accentuate your figure and solve common problems of curvaceous women. Choose underwear, which provides the right hold in the right places. Avoid any loose or too tightly fitting underwear. You can also try the body slimming undergarments, which will make your stomach, hips or thighs appear visibly slimmer.

2. Clothes that fit

Women pay too much attention to the size of their clothes – going one size down is the dream of many of us, but that does not mean that you should try your best to put these super slim and super skimpy clothes on, hoping that they will magically make you look slimmer. Remember that only you know what size you are wearing, others can only judge what they see. If you wear size 12, but always buy clothes 2 size smaller you can be sure that people see you as bigger than you really are, because these clothes only accentuate all your imperfections. Choose clothes in your size, but look for garments, which are structured to provide nice support and create attractive shapes on your body instead of highlighting the problematic areas.

3. If over sized – only with a belt

Over sized clothes are very popular modern fashion trends, but if you want to wear them you have to always pair them up with a belt, which worn on your waist will give you the hourglass shape, so essential when you are trying to look slimmer. Otherwise – avoid baggy clothes with no structure at all. At some of modern online shops you can find many excellent accessories, which will help you create that hourglass silhouette.

4. Boot cut jeans or dark simple pants

If you are a fan of denim look for straight jeans or bootleg jeans with slightly flared lower leg. Avoid skinny jeans, classic flared jeans and no-structure wide-in-the-legs jeans – they look good only on skinny people with long legs. If you prefer to wear pants choose dark palazzo pants with the right length. Dark color will mask the imperfect shape of your thighs or calves, while the simple cut will make your legs look longer.

5. A pair of high heel pumps

Anything that makes you look taller is a yes. A pair of shoes that will give you few inches extra is an excellent way to balance out those curves.

6. A long necklace

The general rule for any heavily built woman is to draw the attention away from the figure and focus it on the face/décolletage area. A long, statement necklace does just that, while chokers and other closely fitted jewelry will only make you look wider.

This fashion guide was written and offered for this site by Irina Kovalyova – fashion blogger and expert from EliteCouturier Designer Bags. Irina is always happy to give some fashion advice.

Top Story: 7 Deadly Lingerie Sins


I would look a hot mess in this, but she’s sexay!

The Lingerie Addict has a sermon for you today and we’re talking about the 7 Deadly Sins of Lingerie.  Don’t worry about it if you see yourself in one or two of these; I’ve done all of them at one time or another. But if you feel the need to make a confession (or just want moral support), you can always drop me a line at thelingerieaddict@gmail.com.

Drooling over something just because you saw a model wearing it in a magazine ad and then buying that something because your subconscious whispered that it’ll make you look like the model.  No, sweetie, it won’t.  If you have larger boobs, you’re gonna need a supportive bra…not a bralette.

Buying lingerie in the size you used to be.  Here’s the deal–if you lose weight, gain weight, get pregnant, have a baby, stop breastfeeding, or do anything else that changes the way your boobies fit in your bras then you need to have a professional refitting.  The same rule applies to panties.  Don’t buy knickers in the size you wish you were; buy them in the size you actually are.  Your bum (and the rest of your bits) will thank you.

Not taking care of your lingerie.  How often have we heard the handwashing rule?  The no dryer rule?  The no wringing rule?  Plain and simple–your lingerie will look better and last longer if you take care of it.  That means your knickers should never touch the inside of a machine washer and/or dryer.  And if you really want to get hardcore about lingerie care, then invest in quality products like specialty washes and cotton hosiery gloves. I promise you’ll notice the difference.

Being jealous of someone else’s lingerie (this also includes being jealous of their figure).  Let me tell you, there is no better time to be a lingerie addict than right now.  The 21st century has a bigger variety of sizes, a wider range of colors, and better quality fabrics than any other time in the past 100 years.  There is no reason whatsoever to wear lingerie that doesn’t make you look and feel like a goddess.

Buying anything and everything…especially if it’s on sale.  All together now…it’s not a deal if you never wear it.  I don’t care if you retrieved that bra out of the $5 bin at Ross.  If it tears up after 2 hours and leaves bruises on your ribcage, then you wasted your money.  There are plenty of good, inexpensive bras out there that will amortize to pennies per wear if taken care of properly.

Hating on other people’s lingerie.  Yes, I know g-strings aren’t your thing.  Yes, I know you prefer stockings over pantyhose.  But there is no reason to call people who wear those items by bad names or to create entire web forums, discussion boards, and blogs dedicated to badmouthing those people.  And for all the folks who think they’re getting away with something because they’re “anonymous”…an anonymous asshole is still an asshole.

Buying lingerie out of your price range, even if you have to use a credit card to get it.  My fellow La Perla, Wolford, and Agent Provocateur addicts know what I’m talking about.  Yes, I too can be seduced by the beauty of a perfect pair of high waist, chantilly lace, hand embroidered panties…but that doesn’t mean they’re worth a month of ramen dinners, much less going into debt over.  If the Kiki de Montparnasse keeps calling your name, set up a separate bank account, and then treat yourself after you sock away enough money to pay for it in cash.

How have you sinned lately?   Why don’t you share it in the comments?

Article by The Lingerie Addict.

Victoria’s Actual Secret: 3 Mistakes Women Make With Their Bras


There are some universal items people think all women need to own.  A little black dress, a comfortable pair of heels, and a shade of lipstick you can put on without a mirror all come to mind, but there’s one thing that every woman truly can’t do without: a good fitting and dependable bra.  It doesn’t matter if you have a small bust or an ample bosom; women everywhere need to find comfortable bras to wear.

You’d think that women would be natural experts at finding the perfect bra for their body, but a lot of women are buying one of their most essential clothing items all wrong.  The clothing industry is the main culprit behind ill-fitting and uncomfortable bras.  Have you ever heard of the industry practice of vanity sizing?  It’s the reason why you’re a size 8 in one store, and a size 10 in another.  Essentially some brands choose to alter their clothing sizes so that the people buying them get a self-esteem boost. Don’t think that vanity sizing is only used by companies that make everyday clothing; bra manufacturers have been doing it for years.  You may have thought you’ve been a 34 C for years, but a 36 B bra may be better for your bust.  Bra sizes aren’t the only thing a lot of women get wrong about their underwear, there are other bad bra buying practices women do.

Depending on straps for support

Some women adjust their shoulder straps on their bra because they think it’ll help give them a little more support.  If you’re concerned about not getting enough support, you should be getting another bra instead of adjusting your straps.  The support your bra provides comes from the bra band and the underwire, not from straps.  The straps are there to make the bra a bit more comfortable for the wearer, not to give them a boost in support.

Thinking your bra size is set in stone

“I’ve been wearing _____ size since I was _________, I know my size”

This sentence has been uttered by millions of women, but repetition doesn’t make it true.  Since breast growth starts during puberty, most people mistakenly believe that their breasts stop growing once they end their teenage years.  Your height is pretty much set after puberty, but your breasts still have the opportunity to grow as we age.  Weight gain, hormone balances, childbirth, and nursing can all drastically alter your bra size.  It’s a good rule of thumb to have a fitting at least once a year to ensure that you’re wearing the right size.

 Fastening your bra on the tightest hooks

When most women put on their bra they immediately fasten it on the innermost hooks, but if you want your bras to last you should avoid the tightest setting.  It doesn’t matter what size you wear, if you always wear your bras on the tightest setting you’re putting way too much stress on them.  Bras are naturally going to stretch overtime, and when it does you’re going to want to use the use the inner hooks so that the bra still fits well.  If you’re wearing them on the closest setting, your bras are way too tight on your body.  Tight bras aren’t just uncomfortable, they’re a major fashion don’t.  Make sure to keep that in mind when you go out bra shopping, only buy bras that fit well when they’re fastened on the outermost hooks.  Your body, fashion sense, and bras will all thank you for it.

Hazel is blogger from Philadelphia that loves all things related to fashion.  She enjoys writing about her favorite fashion trends, ethical shopping, and sharing her fashion sense with others.


Infographic – From 18-80: The Perfect Bra For Every Stage Of Life

Bras come in all shapes and sizes, finding the right one for you may be easier than you think. Tricatol’s Bra Guide will talk you through the different styles that will help you with whatever suits you best at that moment in time. At the very beginning an introduction to the training bra is important. It provides some support as you begin your journey into womanhood. As you continue to grow and go through the various stages in your life like pregnancy and the aftermath of giving birth, you will need to change your bra to support your body’s changes.

You will require a different style of bra for each stage and The Bra Guide is the perfect solution to any questions you may have. Giving you a selection of 10 different styles of bras the guide will make sure you find the perfect style to give you the most comfort and support.

Written By Alexandra Bacon



Top Story – Going Beyond Your Sexual Comfort Zone


The popular book “50 Shades of Grey” may have you interested in pushing the limits of your sexual boundaries, but adding a new level of kink into your sex life doesn’t require whips, chains and a complete fall to the freak side of sex. There are many easy and comfortable changes that can create a big impact on a special evening with your partner.

You can have an arousing sex life with your partner, no matter how long the relationship has been around. As long as you communicate well, you can add some fire to the bedroom. It’s never too late to start and there’s no end to the new things you can try. You just need to learn to think a little kinky.

What is Kinky?

Everyone has their own definition of “kinky.” This is where good communication with your lover is needed. In this context, kinky means trying something that steps beyond your comfort zone, just enough so that it feels different, not embarrassing. Kinky can go to extremes so talk with your partner about the limits. Set the boundaries beyond which you will not go, and have fun getting right up to that line.

You First

Speaking of communication, Men’s Health online reminds us that the man may not make the first kinky suggestion. He may need to hear that you are thinking of it first. Then he’ll be an eager participant. Don’t be afraid to take the first step.

Wear Lingerie

Silky lingerie is always included as a way to spice up things. If you feel uncomfortable making a purchase at a store, you can buy it online. Everything from bras to sexy panties from YumDrop. Have fun and don’t feel obligated to “set the mood” with candlelight or music, the lingerie and visual stimulation might be enough.

Put on a New Look

Declare your date night a theme night. Have a Hawaiian night at a local tiki-themed restaurant with Hawaiian music and drinks served out of pineapple or coconut halves. Head to a local western-inspired event decked out in cowboy boots and short shorts. Or, have a formal night, dress up in your most elegant outfit and see a play or the symphony. Keep the theme alive when the two of you get home with a sexy festive outfit.

Bring out Your Inner Actress

If you are comfortable looking the part, the next step is acting the part. Role playing is where you and your partner really need to communicate. Be selective and safe with any new activity. Make sure you and your partner are both into the activity and again, set the boundaries. Give each other feedback.

In the beginning, keep the act simple. She suggests choosing a character you feel comfortable with and have your man dress up too so you’re both “creating an act together.”

Kristen CruzA former back-up dancer for a few notable pop stars, Kristen still keeps up with the latest in gossip and celebrity news. She lives and writes in L.A.

Famous Men Underwear Scenes in Film


Man in underwear


When it comes to men in their underwear, leave it to Hollywood to create some of the most memorable images in popular culture. In Hollywood films, showing a male character in his underwear gives the viewer an opportunity to connect to the primal inner workings of a character without overexposure or gratuitous nudity. It seems to be a pretty popular technique that Hollywood has used for years and it appears that the trend isn’t slowing down. Who doesn’t enjoy a glimpse into the inner workings of a character’s motivation?

Here is a “brief” overview of some of the most famous underwear scenes in film.

  • American Psycho – Christian Bale. Who was really surprised to see that lead character Patrick Bateman was wearing perfect, form fitting, white briefs. Really? Could this guy have been wrapped any tighter? The attention to detail that Patrick Bateman espoused was apparent right down to his underwear. Shocking! Sometimes a character’s underwear really does reveal a lot about them.
  • Risky Business – Tom Cruise. Here Hollywood puts a character in his underwear to show his adorable free spirit. The iconic scene in Risky Business where Joel Goodson dances in his white briefs, white socks, and pink button down are forever associated with a young man enjoying raw freedom before the onset of adulthood. How better to embrace freedom than in your underwear?
  • Back to the Future- Michael J. Fox. Marty McFly is so cute and cool that when his purple Calvins are revealed it comes as no surprise to the viewing audience. Here is a character that isn’t afraid to take a risk and his purple briefs reinforce that notion. How better to define a character who straddles old and new then to put him in classic briefs in a modern color.
  • The Graduate- Dustin Hoffman. Benjamin Braddock is a recent college graduate who ends up being seduced by a serious cougar. In the scene where Benjamin succumbs to the temptress, Mrs. Robinson, he is wearing white, trim cut boxer shorts. The white boxers clearly speak to his role as the innocent in this alliance.
  • The Amityville Horror – James Brolin. In this horror classic, James Brolin is seen taking stock of what kind of crazy is going on in his home while wearing white briefs and a long sleeve t-shirt. The look represents his vulnerability to the unseen forces that are at work within his own home. If Ryan Reynolds had opted for the white briefs in the 2005 remake, Amityville would have been far less horror-ible.
  • Magic Mike – Channing Tatum, Matthew Bomer, and Matthew McConaughey. The boys do a great job of showing the glamour and the grit of the world of male strippers. There is an abundance of theme-oriented g-strings and tear away pants in this touching story. The characters remind the audience that they are sensitive men on the inside and there is more to them than just their external packaging.

This is just a sampling of the fine movies in which Hollywood has paid homage to men in their underwear. The coupling of vulnerability and sexiness is a winning combination. Actors shouldn’t get to have all the fun. Why not recreate one of your favorite movie scenes in underwear?


Written by Kyle, a freelance blogger/writer. Create a memorable scene of your own.

Top Story: Bras That Men Love To Look At

man with bras

While there are more bra styles out there than you can even count, there are certain types of bras that men absolutely love to look at on a woman. To spice up your bedroom and keep your man interested, a new bra can do the trick. It can really be that simple. But the key is knowing what types of bras to look for before heading out on your shopping spree.

When it comes to men, what you thought they liked in bras may not necessarily be true. In fact, the truth about what they look for in a bra may surprise you. The good news is that most men like things plain, simple, and easy. A good looking woman who’s confident while wearing a bra will be sure to attract her man into the bedroom, no matter what type of bra she’s wearing.

Below are the bras that men love seeing on women. Just remember that, even though men seem to love these types of bras, if you don’t like them or they make you feel uncomfortable, you shouldn’t have to feel like you need to force yourself to splurge on them.

Basic Colors, But Not Nude

Men seem to prefer basic colors when it comes to bras. Therefore, choose black or white bras or those with just a little bit of color to them. If you do go with colored bras, though, stick with colors like red or pink.

Men don’t like looking at nude colored bras because they like to see the curves of your body and a nude bra simply won’t do your body justice. In the same way, men seem to be turned off by brightly colored bras or those with a lot of designs. Again, they are too distracting and take away from the natural curves and beauty of your body as it is.

A Bra That’s Easy to Take Off

Men don’t want to waste any time getting your bra off of you, so stick with the basic back closure bras if you think your significant other will have trouble figuring out how to take off your front-closing bra.


Choose Soft Fabrics and Lace

Lace bras are very feminine and delicate, and men love the way that they look on women. But men also prefer any other soft materials that not only provide support for your breasts by lifting and creating cleavage, but also tempt men to get their hands on you.

Wear Bras that Make You Feel Great

Men want nothing more than a woman with confidence in lingerie. So forget about going out and buying whatever is trendy at the moment in the biggest lingerie shops, and don’t worry about having to go out and purchase the most complicated lingerie that you can find either. Men like things simple, and that’s why they’re perfectly fine with a great looking white or black bra and nothing more. The key, though, is that, no matter what you choose to wear, your bra makes you look amazing as well as feel very confident to the point that your confidence shows through.

Jennifer slater is an expert across all aspects of women’s health and fitness. When checking out the latest in work out bras, Jennifer visits totallyphysical.co.uk.

Top Story – 5 Dangerously Exciting Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life


Sometimes it’s easy to get yourself into a sexual rut where you rarely have sex with your partner and even more infrequently talk about your desires. The key to regular and satisfying sex is communication; by sharing with your partner what things give you the most pleasure sexually you’re already well on your way to better orgasms.

Try something new in the bedroom and spice up your love life with these 5 simple tips.

Forget the real world use role play

Role play is a great way to try something out of your comfort zone; pretending that you’re a different person or imagining yourself in a new and sexy situation can help you connect and express what really turns you on. The only limit here is your imagination but a naughty costume is a good place to start as it instantly gives you a character (like a sexy Stewardess) to base your role play on.

Why not invent your own characters? Perhaps a sultry dominatrix wielding a flogger? Or a prisoner escaping from the long arm of the law?

Include food for a mucky night

If role play doesn’t really get your motor running, or you’re still a little shy about introducing something new to the bedroom, then food play could be for you. Dribbling chocolate body paint all over your partner then slowly licking it off is not only delicious for you but feels incredible to them.

Candy love rings are also great for turning an ordinary night in bed into a sweet treat that he’ll find mind-blowing. Plus all that extra sugar will give you both a natural high that will make everything feel even more intense!

Pounce in a public place

Most of us may never act on it, but sex in a public place is a hugely common fantasy. The thrill of getting caught or someone sneakily watching from afar can be a huge turn on, plus the feel of the breeze on naked skin.

Don’t forget that having sex in a public place is illegal but there’s no reason you can’t secretly get a bit frisky before heading home or to a hotel before things get too heated. Or if you insist on getting your rocks off al fresco; make sure you do it in a secluded area where there’s no chance you might be interrupted!

Take it to the next level with a sex toy

A sure-fire way of adding some oomph to your sex sessions are with Sex Toys. Designed in all shapes and sizes for men and women, the term ‘sex toys’ doesn’t just mean rabbit vibrators; male masturbators, butt plugs, fancy lubricants, dildos and bondage gear all count! Some toys are even designed to be used by both partners simultaneously during sex to enhance your natural movements with powerful vibrations.

If you’re new to the world of sex aids then something simple like a bullet vibrator can quickly and easily add a new sensation to foreplay and bring more orgasmic possibilities.

If in doubt sassy lingerie will do the trick

Still stuck for ideas? Sexy lingerie is a simple way to try something new and doesn’t have to be limited to the ladies either. Leather jock straps, tight silky boxers or novelty thongs; sexy underwear isn’t just for women these days as there’s plenty on offer for men to enhance their packages and feel sexier in their own skin.

That said- there’s nothing more tantalizing than a woman in a well fitting corset and knickers accessorized with leg-lengthening stockings and heels! Or if your tastes stretch to something a bit more risqué then leather or PVC costumes and fetish wear are all available from a range of online retailers.

This article has been produced by Bondara. Specialists in adult fun, from lingerie to adult toys were sure to have something to spice things up.


The Top 5 Lingerie Accessories That All Women Should Use


  1. Nipple Covers
    These are an excellent accessory for all women, whether you like to go braless or just find that you have erect nipples a lot of the time. They fit easily over nipples and can be worn inside a bra, which keeps them in place or worn on their own as they can stick to your skin. You can find nipple covers in a range of different materials, such as silicone, cotton or foam, so make sure you try them all out to see which you prefer.

  2. Extenders
    Without a doubt bra extenders are one of the most useful accessories you can have in your lingerie drawer. Not only do they ensure you can keep wearing bras that have become a bit small, by adding on a few inches to the fastening strap but in doing so, they also extend the life of your bra. Extenders should be the go-to solution if you find that a bra is particularly tight around your back, even if it’s apparently the correct size. All you need to do is clip them onto the exiting fastener and you’re good to go.

  3. Shoulder pads
    By shoulder pads, we don’t mean the ones that were popular in the 80s, we mean the ones that sit nicely underneath your bra straps. Many women, especially those with larger breasts suffer greatly from shoulder pain due to their straps digging in constantly. These pads helpfully prevent the straps from digging in. The silicone ones are the best kind to get because they are disguised against your skin.

  4. Tape
    These days hardly an award ceremony goes by without a photo of a celeb caught showing off their use of lingerie tape. Tape has definitely improved how safe women can feel when wearing something rather risqué, such as a dress with a low cut, flowing neckline. The tape is two-sided, which means it sticks to you and also sticks to whatever fabric you’re wearing. You can wear it on a daily basis, whether to repair a hem on your trousers or to ensure that a work shirt doesn’t gape open and expose your breasts in a meeting.

  5. Lingerie Bag
    A more homey item than all the other accessories but still important nonetheless.  This accessory ensures all of your expensive and pretty underwear items are kept separate from other garments in the wash, which may cause damage to them, such as zippers. Washing your underwear in a garment bag also keeps bra straps and wiring from getting loose and tangled amongst your clothes or from breaking the washing machine’s drum.

Gemma Sly writes for Leia Lingerie. When not writing about intimate apparel, she can often be found shopping for the type of clothing that can be worn in public.

What’s Wrong With Sagging?


In case you didn’t know, sagging is the practice of wearing one’s jeans or trousers below the waist to reveal part or all of the underwear beneath. This fashion statement is a common sight everywhere you go but I really can’t imagine why! Where did this strange habit appear from and why do its practitioners think it is a good idea?


I believe that sagging may have its origins in the United States prison service where belts are generally banned in case they are used as a weapon or a means to commit suicide. Due to the absence of belts prisoners’ trousers have a tendency to drop revealing their under garments. The look seems to have been liberally adopted by those seeking to make a statement about personal freedoms and culture and was popularized by hip-hip performers in the 1990’s.

The Look

Whatever the origins of the look, sagging seems to me to be rather unpleasant and antisocial. There is absolutely nothing attractive about a male posterior hanging out of a pair of jeans and the style simply smacks of laziness and lack of personal pride. I am all for new fashions and have rather enjoyed some of the more reactionary looks that history and culture have thrown up but this one I find a complete mystery. I wonder if the saggers realize that their look makes their legs look short and out of proportion and their impeded gait smacks of a penguin shuffling to reach the sea in a rush. God help them if they have to run in an emergency it would make Happy Feet look like Fred Astaire! The potential problem with the concept of sagging was amply illustrated recently by the widely released pictures of an Egyptian rioter vigorously hurling rocks at the police whilst his jeans dropped to his knees.


The truth is that whilst saggers obviously think they are really cool the rest of the world does not. Reactions range from mild dislike to outright offense and now the practice has become the target of legislation in an attempt to encourage young men to pull their trousers as well as their socks up. Some transportation companies, schools and airlines in the United States have banned low flying pants from their properties and vehicles. I think banning sagging is a bit of an overreaction as the only thing that can ever be harmed is an onlooker’s sensibilities but I do wish that the fashion would die out in favor of something a little more attractive.


There is now a diverse and exciting array of jeans and trousers available to buy which flatter the various body shapes and provide comfortable and cool day wear at an affordable price. It is slightly odd that these styles should have been rejected in favor of a fashion which is the very antithesis of flattering, impedes the simple act of walking and which none but the wearer actually admires. I guess there is no accounting for taste.

Sally Stacey is a blogger, content writer and business woman who truly dislikes sagging jeans.

How to Rock Underwear as Outerwear

The underwear-as-outerwear trend has been kicking around for a while – but for most of us, it seems to be far beyond the realms of possibility to pull off. However, while you might think you’ve got to have the perfect lithe figure and self-confidence to work this look, it’s actually a perfect way to build in subtle and sexy elements to your day-to-day wardrobe.

Subtle peeks of lace, structured straps and light-as-air breaths of chiffon add contrast to tougher, harder textures and are a great way to add some femininity to this season’s military and sportswear trends.


Layer it up

Layering is always a firm fashion favorite, no matter what the season. This winter, with extravagantly baroque influences hitting the runway, it’s the perfect time to show off some of your more luxurious lingerie as outwear. Go with opulent materials and rich jewel tones to keep with the baroque look – think rich velvets, satin and silk, trimmed with gold and lustrous black.

Big knickers or frilly bloomers look seductive when teamed with opaque tights, or if that feels too brazen, layer a camisole with soft cashmere knits or a smart shirt to add a playful touch. Sheer fabrics are another great way to layer lingerie – mix up sheer gauzy confections as outer layers over blouses, or add a classic corset to give shape and structure over a loose knit dress for instant impact.

Earn your stripes

With military looks and sportswear having a big influence on cold-weather trends, lingerie can add some much-needed femininity to prevent the look getting too costumey. Sports bra styles look austere and PE-hall-practical, but wearing one over a smart khaki shirt raises the style stakes by a mile.

Fetishistic elements like harnesses and frame bras are definitely too racy for day for most of us, but are perfect to add structure and packed with layering potential. Elastic or even leather straps add contrast and are a great way to add a tougher touch over soft feminine dresses.


Subtle sex-appeal

Underwear as outwear is undeniably a sexy look – work it to its full potential by making sure you’re wearing the right size as there’s nothing less sexy than an ill-fitting bra. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes both to your body and your confidence.

Keep the look subtle and refined. Treat yourself to indulgent fabrics and decadent confections brimming with lace, ribbons and jewels to give a sexy little peek from blouses and knitwear – luxury lingerie is made to be seen, boring lingerie is not! Chemises, layered with vest tops underneath, also look fantastic as tops over skinny jeans.

Do you have any more underwear as outerwear tips to add? I’d love to hear them!

Author Byline: Michelle Star is a fashion blogger with a massive lingerie addiction. She blogs for Esty Lingerie who sell gorgeous lingerie that simply deserves to be seen, not hidden under clothing!

Why Shape Wear Should Stay on the Shelf

Now let me start by saying I’m not against shape wear completely. I’m all for a woman wearing whatever makes her feel her best and if that’s shape wear, then by all means put it on.

If however you’ve never put on a pair of Spanx or squeezed yourself shaping pantyhose, this is why I wouldn’t recommend you start now…


Image Source

It’s Uncomfortable
Some may argue that comfortable shape wear exists but as someone who’s worn various brands, let me tell you this – it’s never as comfortable as the alternative!

High quality lingerie is designed to fit your curves, shape wear is designed to compress them. After all, if there was no squeezing going on it wouldn’t be doing much shaping!

It’s Restrictive
I love corsets, I really do, but I’ve never met a person who could bend down in one the same as she could in a bra and panties. Shape wear is designed to hold things on place, hence restricting how freely you can move.

Who wants to shuffle into a room awkwardly and then spend the next few hours dashing to the loo because your bladder is being squeezed? Surely you’d rather feel free to dance like crazy or eat that slice of cake without worrying if it will actually fit in your rather compressed stomach?


It’s Awkward
Awkward to take off that is! If you’re considering shape wear for the first time then chances are it’s for a special occasion. If that occasion is a special date with your guy, do you really want to be wearying underwear that’s difficult to remove, or that requires a series of unflattering positions and some serious pulling to do so?

In fairness, not all shape wear is this hard to get off. A girdle with a zip or hooks for example can be slipped off sexily; a heavy duty shaping bodysuit on the other hand simply can’t.

It’s Demoralizing
Shape wear ads claim it will make you feel confident and glamorous, but isn’t the mere act of pulling on a pair of ‘shaping’ knickers admitting you don’t think your natural body shape is good enough? Are you really wearing shape wear for yourself, or because you want to look better for others?

We no longer live in a society that believes beauty only has one form, so I say embrace what you’ve got and show it off! If you’re blessed with wide Latino-looking hips, flaunt them! If your stomach’s not washboard flat, well whose is past their teens anyway?

I hope I’ve inspired some of you to ditch the control wear in favor of some lingerie that flatters, not conceals, your curves – and if you must have that beautiful, vintage-inspired girdle, remember you can always buy a size up!


Author Byline: Estelle Puleston is the founder of Esty Lingerie, an online boutique that specializes in independent designer brands from around the world. She’s addicted to Agent Provocateur, but believes it’s the indie brands that will let you find something truly unique and special.

Buying Fashion Gifts for Your Man

This article is designed to advise women on the best fashion gifts they can buy for their man this winter.

Getting the Gifts In

Depending on the way you approach it, fashion gift buying can either be an exceptionally easy or devilishly difficult task. When it comes to buying for your man, there are a number of different avenues you can take on the path to buying excellent gifts.

We looked at some great ideas for buying your man something exceptional this winter.


Okay, so how many times have you been told that buying underwear is lazy and is not really a great gift purchase? That is true if you decide to buy novelty underwear that he will only wear for a laugh. However, if you are buying him designer underwear from a well-known brand such as Calvin Klein or Armani, you could be onto a winner.

Just make sure you know his size and the style of underwear he likes wearing before you make your gift selections. Buying him boxer shorts if he prefers briefs is a huge no-go area!

Winter Jackets

If the aim of your gift is as a Christmas present for your man, then you may be tempted to come away from winter clothing styles in the belief that it will soon be spring. That is true, however at the same time it will still be cold in the spring!

Speaking of spring, you can put one in your man’s step by choosing to buy him a stunning winter coat. While the most desirable coats of the season may well be of the leather variety, stylish blazers, bomber jackets, and retro track tops also have a place within mainstream fashion and will be equally as appreciated as a fashion gift.

Stunning Shirt Sets

Along with underwear, this has also been accused in the past of being a lazy purchase. However, if your man likes looking snappy in his tailoring at work, then you always have the option of buying him a selection of shirt and tie sets.

If he is a flamboyant follower of fashion, buy him just the shirts and then you can hit the sales together – if it is a Christmas present – in order to find some brilliant matching ties. Avoid buying tailoring in case something goes wrong with the cut, fit, and sizing.

Accessorise Your Man

Your man may sometimes feel like he is your accessory, but he needs accessories of his own, too. For a thoughtful gift purchase, as well as an easy one, target sunglasses, a watch, or a new fragrance when buying for him, either as the main gift or as an accompaniment to the several other choices you have made on his behalf.

Article Provided By: Stylepilot, an online start-up designed exclusively for men, shares tips on how to choose and wear knitwear for men.

Why You Should Wear Boy Shorts


Boy shorts are the most comfortable pair of panties to wear on the face of this earth. These things can provide a lot of qualities that most women would want. They come in all different types of designs; some plain and some sexy regardless, of the look, they serve three different purposes. They are a pair of panties that are wedge free, a solution to those awful panty lines, and a great look for the booty. One would probably wonder why boy shorts are so important, well here’s why.

How many countless times have women gone throughout the day pulling their panties out of their…um…you know? Right, too many to count. Boy shorts cover up the whole butt, and conform to your shape, so as long as you have the right size, you wont be getting any wedgies! You also will not continue to squirm around on those first dates, as if you have ants in your pants, trying to get out a wedgie on the sly. It would never work anyway. It is a great thing to have boy shorts, because that is highly unattractive.

Many women do not talk about one of the problems that haunt them daily, and keeps them from wearing their favorite pair of pencil skirts. Well, this issue gets dealt with today, and that issue is panty lines! Panty lines are those awful creases you see that panties can make, especially when the pants you decide to wear are a snug fit. Most boy shorts are seamless, or have a very thin seam line, so all of your panty line problems are therefore cured. It also keeps you from having to wear a thong, the article of clothing with a string that goes between your butt cheeks, as many women are uncomfortable with wearing them.

Boy shorts are a great look for the booty. Most panty shape your booty to a different form because of the panty lines. Boy shorts take on your full coverage, and may even uplift you a little. Some boy shorts are glamorized and made in sexy lingerie. You can even wear swim boy shorts. All boy shorts can give a woman a cute figure.

So boy shorts save women the hassle of many problems they face each and every day, whether it is an embarrassing moment, or a tightly fitting pair of pants, boy shorts are a life saver for women all over the world…and galaxy.

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