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High Heels, Clothes And Accessories That Make You Look Thinner

If you’re not a natural born model the world of fashion might seem distant and not for you, with all these clothes designed for women with perfect figure. But fashion isn’t your enemy and clothes are not your foes, as long as you know how to make the best use of them. Every shape and … Continue reading

Top Story: 7 Deadly Lingerie Sins

The Lingerie Addict has a sermon for you today and we’re talking about the 7 Deadly Sins of Lingerie.  Don’t worry about it if you see yourself in one or two of these; I’ve done all of them at one time or another. But if you feel the need to make a confession (or just … Continue reading

Victoria’s Actual Secret: 3 Mistakes Women Make With Their Bras

There are some universal items people think all women need to own.  A little black dress, a comfortable pair of heels, and a shade of lipstick you can put on without a mirror all come to mind, but there’s one thing that every woman truly can’t do without: a good fitting and dependable bra.  It … Continue reading

Infographic – From 18-80: The Perfect Bra For Every Stage Of Life

Bras come in all shapes and sizes, finding the right one for you may be easier than you think. Tricatol’s Bra Guide will talk you through the different styles that will help you with whatever suits you best at that moment in time. At the very beginning an introduction to the training bra is important. … Continue reading

Top Story – Going Beyond Your Sexual Comfort Zone

The popular book “50 Shades of Grey” may have you interested in pushing the limits of your sexual boundaries, but adding a new level of kink into your sex life doesn’t require whips, chains and a complete fall to the freak side of sex. There are many easy and comfortable changes that can create a big impact on … Continue reading

Famous Men Underwear Scenes in Film

    When it comes to men in their underwear, leave it to Hollywood to create some of the most memorable images in popular culture. In Hollywood films, showing a male character in his underwear gives the viewer an opportunity to connect to the primal inner workings of a character without overexposure or gratuitous nudity. … Continue reading

Top Story: Bras That Men Love To Look At

While there are more bra styles out there than you can even count, there are certain types of bras that men absolutely love to look at on a woman. To spice up your bedroom and keep your man interested, a new bra can do the trick. It can really be that simple. But the key … Continue reading

Top Story – 5 Dangerously Exciting Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life

Sometimes it’s easy to get yourself into a sexual rut where you rarely have sex with your partner and even more infrequently talk about your desires. The key to regular and satisfying sex is communication; by sharing with your partner what things give you the most pleasure sexually you’re already well on your way to … Continue reading

The Top 5 Lingerie Accessories That All Women Should Use

Nipple Covers These are an excellent accessory for all women, whether you like to go braless or just find that you have erect nipples a lot of the time. They fit easily over nipples and can be worn inside a bra, which keeps them in place or worn on their own as they can stick … Continue reading

What’s Wrong With Sagging?

In case you didn’t know, sagging is the practice of wearing one’s jeans or trousers below the waist to reveal part or all of the underwear beneath. This fashion statement is a common sight everywhere you go but I really can’t imagine why! Where did this strange habit appear from and why do its practitioners … Continue reading

How to Rock Underwear as Outerwear

The underwear-as-outerwear trend has been kicking around for a while – but for most of us, it seems to be far beyond the realms of possibility to pull off. However, while you might think you’ve got to have the perfect lithe figure and self-confidence to work this look, it’s actually a perfect way to build … Continue reading

Why Shape Wear Should Stay on the Shelf

Now let me start by saying I’m not against shape wear completely. I’m all for a woman wearing whatever makes her feel her best and if that’s shape wear, then by all means put it on. If however you’ve never put on a pair of Spanx or squeezed yourself shaping pantyhose, this is why I … Continue reading

Buying Fashion Gifts for Your Man

This article is designed to advise women on the best fashion gifts they can buy for their man this winter. Getting the Gifts In Depending on the way you approach it, fashion gift buying can either be an exceptionally easy or devilishly difficult task. When it comes to buying for your man, there are a … Continue reading

Why You Should Wear Boy Shorts

              Boy shorts are the most comfortable pair of panties to wear on the face of this earth. These things can provide a lot of qualities that most women would want. They come in all different types of designs; some plain and some sexy regardless, of the look, they serve three different purposes. They are … Continue reading


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