The Half Series Interviews: Lisa Chase Patterson


What is the ethnic background of your parents?

My father is Black and Sicilian, my mom is Cherokee and Spanish

What type of colorism have you had to face and how did you deal with it?

Since I was very young I remember being called Oreo, mutt, half-breed, etc. Many times I would face opposition from both sides of the fence, Blacks would call me White, while Whites would call me Black. It became difficult for me to know where I fit in, so I would usually retreat into myself with reading and painting. As I got older, it became less of an issue with friends, but more of an issue with men who considered me ‘exotic’ or became stuck on light skin and long hair. Having moved to the south recently has brought up color issues in my life again, I’ve learned to move past all of that and be comfortable with myself. What others think of my nationality is no longer my concern.

What do you think of the terms mixed, biracial, or mulatto?

I think that those terms can be used by some to make themselves feel better about who they are as people. When someone needs to claim Spanish, White or Indian in their lineage because they don’t think being Black is good enough, it’s more of a crutch or status symbol. I think those terms can be used factually, but more often are used to make biracial people feel better or worse about themselves, depending on who’s using them.

What do you have to say to people that think if you look White that you are not Black?

Know yourself and know that you are far more than the color of your skin. Allowing other people to dictate who you are racially or as a human being is detrimental to your spiritual health. YOU make the decision about who you are and what you represent. It’s your life, your heritage and your decision to be true to who you are, all of your life. To be the best you, regardless of what color you represent or how others see you.

Where can we find you online?
FB –
Twitter – @darlingchase
Instagram – darlingchase

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Keyshia Chicago Backstage

Top Story: Dangerous Lee Interviews Keyshia Cole's Stylist – DaRico Jackson

Rico Johawrah,michael,tasha 013-copy

DaRico Jackson

Many Black women go blonde, but don’t think about the health of their hair or which shade is best. What’s your advice?

Blonde is one of those special colors, but it is not for everyone. My advice to anyone that is considering it is to make sure you choose a shade that is opposite your undertones, so that you have a nice contrast to your skin. You don’t want to look monochromatic. If you are not a licensed professional, you should not be doing it at home your self. High lift blonding is a very serious service and you can run the risk of scalp lesions and hair loss.  First, try a strand test  to make sure your hair can handle the chemical process, and make sure you moisturize your hair frequently after the process. It is best use an all-natural oil regime such as INOA, which is ammonia free so that your hair will retain optimum moisture afterwards.

Does Keyshia come to you with style ideas or do you bring the latest looks to her?

Most of the style ideas done on Keyshia are chosen by her. She knows exactly what she wants and I execute. She has a great since of style and great ideas, so the collaborations are always nice. I’d say we have a good thing going on.

 Keyshai Chicago

What are the best products for Black hair?

The best products for black hair are those that have natural oils added and sulfate free. Mizani is the best multicultural product, designed for all curl types of hair, hence: (black hair). Mizani means “perfect balance” in Swahili and all of their products have a balance of protein and moisture, which is exactly what black hair needs to thrive.

Hair is a very important part of Black History, what are some of your favorite styles?

Hair is an important part of black history, In fact it’s because of that history, hairstyles are constantly evolving. The 1920’s is my favorite era, with the hot sexy flair of the flapper. Women were rebelling against their husbands after the war, and the bob evolved. I love a good bob because it’s simple, chic, and there’s one for every woman. It’s my absolute favorite hairstyle to cut!

Images Courtesy of Terry Akins PR.


Beyonce Lip Synched, So What!


Beyonce during a recording session of The Star Bangled Banner.

Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, Twitter, Facebook, THE WHOLE WORLD is going on and on and on about Beyonce singing along to a pre-recorded track of her singing the Star Spangled Banner at the presidential inauguration and all I can think is, so damn what! This news dropped like Beyonce was caught stealing from the White House. She’s not the first or last artist to do this. Whitney Houston also lip synched at the Super Bowl. It’s kinda the standard in the industry for events like this. We know it’s not a Milli Vanilli situation, so why are we acting like it’s not her voice? Why are trivial moments in history such a big deal? I swear, every time Beyonce makes a power move, gets pregnant, or passes gas folks have to condemn her for it. Get off her bra strap and get a life.

Up next: Beyonce performs at The Super Bowl. I shutter to think what she’ll do that influences the headlines the day after…


Popular Inspirational Sayings That Are Dead Wrong


– Dreams don’t have an expiration date.

They don’t? I say they definitely do get rotten, tho. If you don’t work towards your dream, it dies, and so does a little part of you!

– Good things come to those who wait.

Really? I don’t thinks so. No one ever had good things come to them by just sitting on their ass and waiting. If that were true, a bunch of lazy ass people would be experiencing good things right now.

– It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

Is it? As if finding love again after you’ve lost it is an easy task. What’s so good about having found love, then losing it? I’ll wait. No, I won’t…losing love leaves a huge hole in your heart and you go on trying to fill that void, but never find anyone or anything to fill it. I’d rather never have been in love. You can’t miss what you’ve never had!

– You can’t have good without evil.

This one really pisses me off. I think we are more than capable of having most of our days filled with good without  evil ever coming into the equation. What are we, stupid? Of course there can be good without evil. It’s silly ass sayings like this one that has most of us brainwashed that we have to accept the bad things in our life on a daily basis because one of these days good is gonna sneak in on us. How long have you been waiting?

– It’s always darkest before dawn.

Well…duh! Yes, I know this one really means that you have to go through hell to get to the good hings in life; much like the saying before this one, it’s also FOS (full of shit). It’s another saying that wants to make us feel comfy in our own personal hell and encourage us to come out of it. Whatever, spare me! Too bad there are no inspirational says about when dawn arrives.

Though I have just ripped these inspirational sayings apart, I do understand their purpose and in one way or another I have agreed with them at some point in my life to help me put a positive spin on negativity in my life. Can you think of any other inspirational sayings that are dead wrong?

I dont like you

How To Tell Someone You Don’t Like Them


There should actually be no reason why you have to tell someone you do not like them – except sometimes people forget that not everyone wants to receive a text from them, be their friend on Facebook, or be uploaded to their social media pages at a party you both attended.

It is best to avoid anyone you really do not like – human instincts are there for a reason and until you know someone really well (and by this time it can be too late) you never know why it is you may not like them.

However, if it reaches the stage where you have decided you do not like someone – but they persist in contacting you or uploading you to their Facebook wall, it is time to broach the subject.

  • If you have friends in common telling someone you don’t like them may cause a problem, so find out about the relationships the person has with your close friends before you act. You can also speak to any close mutual friends and try and get an idea of what the person is like and why your other friends are happy to hang out with them.
  • If the person you don’t like actually does something which annoys you, this can be a good way to speak to them about the fact you are not keen to pursue a friendship with them. For example, politely ask them to take down any photos online which you appear in.
  • Blaming the other person is also a good way of bringing up the subject – if there is a mistrust between you, ask them what they don’t like about you, as you get he feeling there is an issue between you. Don’t be aggressive about this, but just mention they do not seem at ease around you or they don’t seem to like you. They may counter this and accuse you of not liking them, at which point suggest you both accept you don’t see eye to eye and just avoid each other in the future.
  • If you work with someone you don’t like, it is best not to be the one to cause an issue in case it affects your career. Annoying people often realize they are annoying and have a knack of deflecting their irritation factor onto others, and remain looking like Mr or Miss Popular at work, so just avoid them.
  • If a work colleague accuses you of not liking them, deny it and report it to your supervisor or line manager before they get there first. The bonus is you now have a bona fide reason for not liking them or wanting to work with them ie they are confrontational.

Instead of going straight into divorce, why not speak to a solicitor for legal separation advice. This means you do not have to rush into divorce.

black rain

Flint Positive Spotlight: Author Rajah E. Smart Releases “Black Rain”

Is Black Rain biographical?
No…Black Rain was developed from a real life incident in Detroit between two young professionals: one being a Black male and a White female. The story caught my attention because they were involved in a car collision, and were robbed while waiting almost two hours for the police. Two individuals that would not likely even talk to one another if not for the event, gave me the idea to produce “Black Rain.” They both cited being with one another helped lessen the stress. However, I did utilize some aspects of my life for this book, but not extensively. The story involves two people just trying to learn how to break through cultural bias to be friends.
Is that your wife on the cover?
Good catch…yes, that is my wife. She was waiting while the photographer took pictures of the actual model for the cover. The photographer snapped that photo of my wife and it just caught my attention. I decided to go with the photo.
Will you be doing any signing events in Flint?
I do not have anything currently arranged. However, I need to contact Deanna Ziots for the author forum. I’m sure you know her. She contacted me a month or so ago and I have not had the opportunity to connect with her.

Are YOU Flint Positive?

support local bands 2

Support Your Local Bands

Any band, whether they’re just starting out or selling out giant arenas, can’t do anything without strong fan support. Die-hard fans act as marketers, promoters and viral advertisers for the music and the mantra and help turn the band into a success.

Before we get to the success part, how can fans of a small, local band, help to support their favorite local rockers, hip-hop artists or singer/songwriters? There are tons of ways you can do it, from attending shows to wearing custom embroidered badges to buying merchandise. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Attend the Shows

This one might sound like a given but when a band is just starting out, everybody in the audience counts. Not only does it make the band feel better to play to a fuller audience but the places that host these shows keep a close eye on how many people the band attracts (i.e. how much money can be made by booking them often). By showing up, you’re letting people know that you’ll be there for vocal and monetary support as needed.

Buy Their Merch

Local bands have limited ways of making money to support their music and grow. They can and should make albums and other merchandise. As a local supporter, but what you can. You obviously like the music so we assume you want the CD. A t-shirt can go a long way towards helping the band get out there as well.

Wear Band Gear

You name it, there’s a piece of merchandise that your band can put their name on. Stickers, buttons, badges, t-shirts, hats, boxer shorts, condoms and frisbees are just some of the millions of promo items that can be used. And you should be wearing and using all of it as much as possible. If you’ve got a backpack, put a patch on it. If you’ve got a locker, put a sticker on it. If you’ve got a car, put a bumper sticker on it.

Pass Out the Goods

If the band does a lot of shows, you may start to get burned out. So instead of standing around, do something different. Pass out flyers about upcoming shows. Hand out stickers or badges to eager fans.

Spread The Word Online

Social media was made for things like promoting local bands. Use your Twitter and Facebook accounts to tell everyone how fun the shows are, how great the music is, and how everyone should pick up a copy of the CD. Show off pictures of your merch like the stickers or custom embroidered badges. And even brand your social media pages with photos or logos of the band. Rock on, woooo!

Author Byline: Patrick Whalen is a part of an elite team of writers who have contributed to hundreds of blogs and news sites. Follow him @2patwhalen.



Dangerous Lee Interviews Actress, Surfer, Marathoner, and Philanthropist, Tanna Frederick!

You’re a busy woman, do you have a chance to relax? How?

My relaxation comes from running and surfing.  I get really relaxed when I can just turn on my Ipod and tune out.  Also, I love watching the Bachelorette, my guilty pleasure. 

Do you have interests that you have not tried yet?

Shakespeare.  Terrifies.  Me. That should be a bridge I cross soon, that hopefully doesn’t go down in flames. 

Who or what inspires your drive and ambition?

Perfectionism and a desire to learn.  The ‘Divine Dissatisfaction’ plagues me.  A feeling that what I am doing is never enough, that time is slipping away, that there are surmountable mountains of experiences available to inform my work, and that everything that happens is because of my hand in the pot stirring.  


Have you had to make many sacrifices?

I guess some, yes.  I don’t know if they’re sacrifices yet or just late blooming endeavors, but I haven’t had any babies and haven’t gotten married.  But I never placed those things as priorities.  My work has been my focus. 

Iowa seems to have a special place in your heart, why is that?

Iowa envelops you like a big fat hug.  It’s a remarkable state to come from, embarrassingly talented and supportive place to have been raised for me as an artist.  Iowa is a state of mind. Call me corny, but everyone who I’ve watched immerse themselves into the Iowa Indie Film Festival and Project Cornlight has had the pants charmed off of them by this state. 

Find Tanna on the web:


The Racy Files: The S&M Experience


Sean Hampton & Matt Getic – Creators of ‘The S&M Experience’

Explain what makes you racy: 

Sean:  We write comedy material that deals with race, sexuality, and culture.  Matt and I are equal opportunity offenders so no one is safe from our satire.  Along with that we don’t hold back.  It’s not enough to make a skit talking about a certain celebrity and his alleged sexual encounters at a massage parlor, we have to give the audience the secret hidden audio recordings too.

Why is being racy so much fun? 

Matt:  Because many people are too politically correct.  I love that we can put out a comedy skit that gets emails from one group of people saying it’s genius and emails from another group saying it’s a sign of the apocalypse.  It wouldn’t be as much fun if it wasn’t for the haters.   

Any advice to prudes or sticks in the mud? 

Sean:  I’ll quote a line from a classic John Belushi character:  “My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.”

Matt:  Sex. Eat. Repeat.

Website or social media link:

Erica 1

The Racy Files: Erica Sandberg


Erica Sandberg

Explain what makes you racy:

In my business – personal finance reporting – most people play it straight. They feel it’s the only way to be taken seriously. But that’s just not me. Sure these can be grave topics (we’re talking about unemployment, debt, and a super tough economy here), but delivery matters and I want to be entertaining and enjoyable to watch. I have no problem taking risks. I’ll do skits, put on costumes, tell jokes, even flirt. On camera, I tend not to conform to the standard “look.” I love beauty and wear what appeals, usually with my mad hair down. Maybe because I’m half Italian/Sicilian (the other half is Norwegian) I’m super animated. If I could, I’d physically grab each member of my audience when making a point. Being really passionate about my subject is in itself racy. I want everyone to be as excited, angry, amazed, or motivated about any given topic as I am.

Why is being racy so much fun?

Because it makes me feel alive. There is a uniform that almost all in my industry wear – literally, in terms of clothes, and figuratively in terms of behavior – and it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable to have it on too often. So I don’t unless the situation warrants it. But that’s my choice. To be racy means freedom and stimulation, and I need a ridiculous amount of both.

Any advice to prudes or sticks in the mud?

Sure! Some of my favorite people have trouble letting go. Being racy can be scary because you can get hurt, and I think that’s what makes so many hold back. So to them I say try it – stick your toe in the water by smiling at a random stranger or saying something totally honest and audacious to see how it feels to have your heart beat faster. You may not do it again, or too often, but I bet you’ll always remember it with a huge (if internal) smile. Ultimately, the simple truism “life is for living” is a mantra that everyone who is afraid to be hedonistic or who frowns upon those who are would be wise to adopt.

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