Get Your Copy of “How To Deal With White People” at The Dangerous Lee Mall!!!

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At last! An honest, straightforward and unapologetic guide to help reduce culture shock between the races. Using the methods and tips within, you can ease the confusion of interacting with white people, establishing a more direct approach, ensuring your own … Continue reading

Should You Believe Everything That Little Bird Told You?


It’s hard to be sure that anything online is true – people’s profiles can be deceptive, there’s sales patter everywhere, adverts make astounding claims and gossip and unsubstantiated rumor abound. So when it comes to uber-hyped share launches, like Facebook … Continue reading

Men: Stop Letting Your “Good” Shirts Broadcast How Boring You Are


Way too cold Ever wonder what your button up shirt with the stripes says about you when you hit the clubs for a well-deserved night of debauchery? You probably think it says you’re normal, stable, a “good guy” with traditional … Continue reading

Top Story: The Ridiculous Problem Inherent With Survival Reality TV Shows


Most TV shows don’t reward you for paying for attention. –Matt Groening When it comes to television programming, Groening’s above quote is aptly put. Often times when watching TV, most people turn their brains off because the programs being watched … Continue reading

Dangerous Black Woman: Shawntel Asemota White

SOA headshot 2013

“I’m black, but you’re just jealous because you’re not a pretty black girl like me, inside and out.” My classmate left me distraught as she told me boldly and confidently that I was “an ugly black girl.” I ran home … Continue reading