#ArtsyTuesday: Vitaly Didenko

Painter, Sculptor, Photographer & Designer Multi-talented artist Vitaly Didenko has been using the #feedart hashtag on Twitter with a vengeance and that’ s how he caught my attention. His work kept my attention! He has so many amazing pieces! He uses several mediums in his work and has a very extensive online portfolio at VitalyDidenko.org. […]

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Senior Citizens Dig Us!

I got this amazing tweet today! I am gagging. My 62 yo old boss brought me an article from your website @DangerousLee about stalking. — L.Sugatits Hoecake (@BasedMoonie) January 7, 2015   I assume she is referring to How To Spot A Stalker Before It’s Too Late but she could be referring to 4 People […]

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