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Flint Positive Spotlight: Tunde Olaniran Premieres New Music Video – The Second Transgression

This is the second time in one week that Tunde Olaniran has been in the Flint Positive Spotlight! Tunde is not only a great artist, but he is my friend and movie buddy. I am so proud of him and I agree with @_KVAK, he should be huge! Are YOU Flint Positive? Related articles Flint … Continue reading

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Flint Positive Spotlight: Tunde Olaniran is a Brown Boy

Are YOU Flint Positive? Related articles Flint Positive Spotlight: Flint Liquor Store Sells $10,000 Powerball Winner (dangerouslee.biz) Flint Positive Music Spotlight: Alisha LaShawn – Reflections (dangerouslee.biz) Flint Positive Spotlight: Author Rajah E. Smart Releases “Black Rain” (dangerouslee.biz) Tunde Olaniran: Is He Gay? Why Do You Care? (dangerouslee.biz) Dangerous Lee Appears on MTV.com (dangerouslee.biz)

Flint Stuff Spotlight: Live Filming of BareBones – An Acoustic Performance Web-Series

Submit your Flint Stuff to DangerousLee.Biz

Being Dangerous Lee – Episode 11 “Halloween at The Loft” Part 2

Being Dangerous Lee – Episode 10 “Halloween at the Loft” Part 1

Dangerous Lee Appears on MTV.com

The First Transgression – Part 1

How does this make you feel? What does it make you think about? Related articles Tunde Olaniran: Is He Gay? Why Do You Care? (dangerouslee.biz)

Top Story – Tunde Olaniran: Is He Gay? Why Do You Care?

“Weird, soulful, old school, catchy, uplifting. All of these words have been used by listeners to describe Tunde‚Äôs style. One moment, a chorus of vocals soar over a sitar raga, the next, he sings quietly over a spare Casio keyboard, 808, and gulping tablas. Armed with a strange, wonderful new sound, solid vocals, and commanding … Continue reading

Flint Positive Spotlight: Tunde Olaniran’s Cobra Music Video Premiere

Can you spot Dangerous Lee?

Dangerous Lee Films Cameo in Music Video

Dangerous Lee is decked out in a head wrap, ear cuffs, face jewels, feather eye lashes, a mini dress, leather jacket, and knee high boots waiting to shoot her next scene for Tunde Olaniran’s music video for his single, Cobra.


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