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Quick Fall Fashion: Tights And Leg Warmers Are Cute!


Even though summer is such a great season for fashion, I really love the return of fall. There’s that special autumn nip in the air that gets everyone smiling, pumpkin-flavored everything, and best of all? Yep, fall fashion! Summer may have its share of cute swimsuits, brightly-colored shorts, fun tank tops, and adorable sun hats… but the return of cooler temperatures means I get to break out my collection of leg warmers, tights, leggings, and awesome socks without worrying I’ll sweat to death looking cute.

Chilly means chic with fashionable leg wear, for the girl who knows how to accessorize.

A cute skirt paired with tights is such a fashionable, flattering look for early fall! For example, a pair of combed cotton tights is always super sassy addition to anyone’s wardrobe, especially when worn under a shorter skirt, dress, or a pair of shorts that show off the exciting color combinations like peacock and slate, or black and pink. Combed cotton tights are lightweight, smooth, and strong. Even better, they’re extremely comfy! So not only do you look amazing, you also feel amazing—that’s even better!

Cashmere tights are perfect for colder days.

But no need to fear you’ll have to abandon that look when the mercury drops even lower. Nope, with a pair of Merino wool tights you can keep looking sharp, funky, and still professional even into late fall and early winter. Merino wool is perfect for colder days, because even though it’s super-light, it’s a high-quality wool that wicks moisture away as it regulates your temperature. That’s not to say a girl couldn’t also invest in a pair of Cashmere tights, too. They’re amazing! Sometimes you just have to splurge on some luxury, am I right? Especially before you have to start saving for all those Christmas presents… which, come to think of it, tights, leggings, and socks are always great gifts and stocking stuffers. Can’t hurt to get the jump on the giving season while shopping for a fresh fall look!


Leg warmers keep you from shivering on the morning commute.

Anyways, thing I love best about having a collection of different types and patterns of tights means I can accessorize even more with a few additions. While a skirt or pair of shorts with tights keeps your thighs warm, what about your poor calves? Sometimes even that perfect pair of boots fails to keep your lower legs warm enough all by themselves. For that, pulling on a pair of knee socks or leg warmers over tights is just the boost you need to keep from shivering on your morning commute or getting from your favorite night spot back to your car. Thankfully there are lots of options for leg warmers now that they’re back in style. Foottraffic.com has a ton of cute options, from calf-length pairs with fuzzy stripes to super-long legwarmers that you can scrunch down for extra warmth or pull all the way up for sleek, retro-inspired style. They also have cable-knit leg warmers in just about every color imaginable. Buy a few neutral-colored pairs that match most of your wardrobe, and then get a few funky ones for a punchy weekend look!

The experience Laurie gained while working with FootTraffic.com, inspires her to write about various fashion topics.

Fashion Rules: Which To Follow And Which To Break


Whenever you read fashion magazines, websites and blogs, you will often encounter fashion ‘rules’. These are the faux pas and ‘no-nos’ that women should avoid when choosing clothing and putting outfits together.

However, some of these so-called rules are very out of date and are rarely followed anymore. It can sometimes be the case that breaking the rules can result in a far more exciting, creative and unique look.

So, which fashion rules should you be following and which you should you forget about? Here are a few ideas.

Rule #1: You should only ever show off legs or cleavage, never both.

If you want a classy, elegant look, this rule should probably be followed. Showing off too much skin can turn the most fashion-forward outfit into a trashy disaster, so let your sense of style and taste do the talking instead.

There are occasions when you can bend this rule, however. You can get away with showing off both legs and cleavage provided both neckline and hemline are relatively modest.

Rule #2: You should never wear tights with open toe shoes

Whether you follow this rule or not all depends on what type of tights you are planning on wearing. You can get away with it if you choose seamless tights or a nude colored pair (they must match your skin tone exactly) without toes.  If your tights are tatty, do not wear with open toed shoes.

Rule #3: Certain colors should not be worn together

There are loads of rules about which colors shouldn’t be worn together. For example, you may have heard the rhymes ‘red and green should never be seen’, or ‘blue and green should never be seen without something in between’.

With this rule, it all comes down to judgement. Be experimental and don’t let the rules about matching and clashing colors put you off creating a unique and bold outfit. If you need a second opinion, seek the advice of a close friend with good fashion sense. He or she will let you know if the colors don’t work together.

Rule #4: When wearing leggings, always wear something that covers your bottom.

This is a relatively new rule, one which came about when leggings came back into fashion again after years in exile (since the 1980s). Most women own a pair of leggings now, but some fail to realise that they are nearly, but not quite, trousers.  They can also be quite see-through in the daylight. This is why it is a good idea to wear a smock, top or dress which at least skims your bottom when wearing leggings. You can get away with it in jeggings, which are thicker and offer more support, but it should be avoided when wearing leggings.

Christine Felton is a writer at Fashion Union provider of on trend women’s clothing in the UK.

Urban Winter Fashions – Dos And Donts


The fact that the weather is cold and gloomy is in no way indicative of acceptable boring outfit selections. Winter is a time to be fashionable and creative. Are you a trendy person living in a busy urban area? Here are some of the biggest dos and dont’s for fashionable cold months.


Brighten Outfits with Splashes of Color

Many people believe that dark colors are the only ones appropriate for the winter. When walking around, you will see a lot of black, brown, grey and beige. There is nothing wrong with being colorful during the winter. A splash of bright color will change the appearance and the “mood” of your outfit. To make the neutral colors more interesting, wear a read coat or a pair of really colorful gloves.

Figure-Flattering Sweaters

Sweaters can be shapeless and horrendous. To be fashionable this winter, choose figure-flattering sweaters. Long sweaters can emphasize your curves, if you put a belt on the narrowest part of your torso. Tight sweaters will look great, as long as you feel confident in such pieces.

Accessorize a Boring Outfit

Accessories are the key to an intriguing winter outfit. During the cold months, you will cover a lot of skin. People will typically see a coat and your trousers or skirt. A large portion of the outfit will remain concealed, while you are walking outside. Use accessories to make the clothes more visually pleasing. Your belt, hat, sunglasses, bag, scarf and gloves should be the statement pieces. It is a great idea to wear your accessories creatively, as well. Learn how to tie a scarf in different ways to make a fashion statement.

Wear a Leather Jacket

The rock and roll appeal of leather jackets will never grow old. If you are interested in that slightly rugged appearance, a leather jacket is the way to go. Make sure that the leather is properly maintained and in good condition. The environmental influences will work against this piece of clothing and you should provide it with the attention that it deserves.


Put On Neon/Bright Colored Tights

Color is great but it has to be incorporated intelligently in the outfit. Neon or bright colored tights will look exceptionally juvenile. There is nothing figure-flattering about such pieces and they will divert attention away from other, more intriguing parts of your outfit.

Wearing Long Coats and Flats

A long coat will create the visual illusion of you being short. The effect will be even stronger if you decide to wear flat boots or shoes. To make a long coat more elegant and flattering, you need to wear it with high-heeled boots or booties.

Tights and Open Toe Shoes – A Big No-No!

Tights are an important part of the winter wardrobe. They will keep you warm and possibly increase the visual appeal of your clothes. Many ladies have started wearing tights and open toe shoes. It may seem like a fashionable idea but this is a major no-no. The peeping part of the tights looks ridiculous and anything but stylish.

Furry Boots

Furry boots look like you have placed a dead animal on your feet. Living in an urban area and having to go to work on a daily basis means that you will soon be wearing a dirty, dead animal. Furry boots will never work. They may seem like a cute and warm idea but they look chubby and improperly maintained.

Sarah Roberts is a PR executive and sports fashion enthusiast at Sealskinz. Sarah likes to divide her time between blogging, shopping and jogging in her thermal running socks. Sarah regularly blogs and can be found tweeting here.

How to Wear Patterned Tights

Patterned tights have held their popularity for several years now. Let’s take a look at what’s coming for the rest of summer into fall. Equally important, let’s talk about how to use this trend if you don’t want to pay $110 a pair for the most fragile element of your wardrobe.

Tights have been a blessing as hemlines have crept upward. We’ve all learned to coordinate patterned tights with solid skirts. To mix patterns, it’s the usual rule: big pattern in the skirt with smaller pattern of similar geometry in the tights.

Patterned Tights with Shorts

This is one of the hottest “summer dress” looks. Pick your shorts in a beautiful fabric, matching them to a beautiful top, heels, and your wonderful tights. Once you see the outfit, decide how much jewelry it can carry.

When you wear tights with patterns, you’re adding some serious “oomph” to your outfit. Be sure to balance your look by pulling back somewhere else.

Wearing Tights for Day

The daytime options are diverse and colorful. Flowers are on trend. You’ll still see animal prints and stripes, but look for flowers in tone-on-tone and full color. Ethnic looks are appearing in tights, too, from paisleys to “henna” tattoos in every color of the rainbow.

You can choose from one of almost every color available, including lilac, dark brown, and every color in between.  You can also take a more subdued route and, for instance, select a small windowpane net to match a dress that has a larger black and white windowpane plaid.

Patterned Tights for evening

This fall, look for 1960s style long-sleeved mini dresses to return, which will look absolutely fabulous in solid colors with patterned tights and just a statement bracelet or earrings.

Vintage and retro-influenced evening wear continues to hold our hearts. Evening styles shaped by 1940s glamour are particularly well matched to lacy net patterns. As part of the retro-glam trend, some designers are weaving an elegant pattern around the upper thigh to imitate a garter. Also on-trend: false seams, which may appear at the back or elsewhere on the stocking.

Where Can You Find Them?

As popular as they are, locating these trendy items can take some digging. Here’s a bit of a road map:

Bricks and mortar stores. This can include department stores, outlet malls, specialty boutiques, and super stores. Keep in mind that some of these locations have a wider selection than others.

Online. Searching online for tights may result in a larger, more unique selection, but you’ll need to make sure you’re purchasing the correct size for your figure. Keep in mind whether an online retailer has a return policy. While some provide customers with a flexible return policy, others won’t take them back. Read customer reviews before purchasing your tights online, as this will prevent you from making an ill-advised purchase.

Great Tights Make Great Outfits

The least expensive patterned tights still cost about twice as much as comparable plain tights. Happily, the cost has continued to drop, bringing this fun accessory within reach. So pick your pattern and enjoy!

About The Author: Bettie Vega is a designer and blogger who sells her line of patterned leggings on Etsy.


10 Ways to Dress Up a Little Black Dress

A little black dress is supposed to be the signature piece in every woman’s wardrobe because it is so chic and versatile. There is a reason why it is a staple piece for Audrey Hepburn and Elvira alike – anyone can benefit from having one. The tips below show 10 ways to dress up a little black dress so you can ensure that the one in your closet is as versatile as can be.

1 – Big Belt

A big belt around the waste can add color and texture to an outfit, while defining a waste line at the same time. The chunkier the belt, the bigger the statement it can make.

2 – Blazer

A simple blazer from work can make a black dress feel powerful and professional. You can take this out later on if you want to go out on the town.

3 – Chunky Necklace

A little necklace may not do much for a sheet of black, but a big necklace can completely transform the way it looks. You could wear something long, something bulky, something layered – whatever you wanted really.

4 – Chandelier Earrings

Long, dangly earrings can offset an otherwise long, solid color. Just avoid pairing these with big necklaces because that can make an outfit look a little overwhelming.

5 – Bright or Metallic Shoes

A pop of color or shine at the feet can create a great foundation for an outfit. The shoes don’t even have to match anything else. They just have to “go.”

6 – Cardigan Sweater

A cardigan can make your dress look soft and sophisticated, perfect for a quiet evening out. Again, you could use this to create an easy transition from day to evening.

7 – Scarf

A scarf can add pattern and color to an outfit, and it can bring about a whole new kind of visual interest. If you don’t like big necklaces, this might be a good alternative for you.

8 – Hat

A sleek little hat can make a dress seen chicly masculine. It takes a special set of accessories to pull this look off, but you can play around with some ideas to make it happen.

9 – Handbag

A handbag can literally take a dress from frumpy to fabulous in a matter of seconds. Get a cute little clutch that makes a bold statement, and your ensemble will look much more complete.

10 – Tights

Colored tights aren’t exactly in style anymore, but they can be in moderation. You could wear some sexy black tights to ground the outfit, or you could pick something a little crazy. It just depends on the style of your dress.

Mix and match the options above, and you’ll be able to get decades’ worth of use out of a single black dress.


About the Author: Renae Lawrence is a freelance fashion photographer that is currently going back to school for a fashion design degree. She is currently living off a few scholarships for women until she completes her degree next fall.



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