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Movie Theater Plays Sex Scene Instead Of Disney’s Frozen!


“They put in the filler, it looked like Steamboat Willie, the old Mickey Mouse cartoon, and then all of a sudden it goes into this other scene. It seemed like forever when you’re trying to, you know, cover a little guy’s eyes. I didn’t have enough hands to cover his ears too and he got the sound down real good. You’re talking, what, a PG-rated movie to all of a sudden have an R-rated scene up there for little children? My concern is that there should be safeguards in place so that this doesn’t happen again.”

Read full story via Movie Theater Plays Sex Scene Instead Of Disney’s Frozen! | PerezHilton.com.

5 Great Christmas Vacation Destinations

santa claus indiana

Spend the Christmas festive season in a new way this year by visiting a place that you have never been to before. Traveling to a new destination will automatically transform your experience this Christmas. You will get to learn and take part in Christmas celebrations in a new way. Avoid spending Christmas at home, this will make it boring and you will also be missing a lot. Locating that perfect place to visit is however not an easy task; however the following guide will brainstorm you with ideas on best destinations to visit this festive season. The following are 5 great hang out places for this Christmas.

San Juan Bautista, Puerto Rico

Enjoy a six week long festive season in San Juan full of colorful celebrations and different traditions. The peak of the festivities is January 6 during the Three Kings festivals. One will also get to enjoy different Christmas decorations and mouthwatering meals.

In addition to the meals and celebrations, San Juan has the best beautiful features to explore. The tourist destination capital of Puerto Rico will leave you with an unforgettable Christmas experience.

Bondi Beach in Australia

Summer holidays in Australia begin early in December; visiting Bondi beach during this festive season will ensure that you get to enjoy a weather friendly festivities.

Enjoy sun bathing and surfing on the beach in a new way. On December 25th, the whole beach transforms into a colorful festive grounds.

Many people gather on the beach to take part on the exclusive Christmas party on the beach.

New Orleans

One will fall in love with the festive season celebrations in New Orleans. The festive season begins late in November and the spirit continues through December.

During this season the whole city turns to a colorful city with different decorations and celebrations.

Places to visit include Oaks and Themed Christmas Park; the cultural celebrations will leave you with a lasting memory.

New York City

The world’s top city will make your festive season experience different, there are different places to tour in the city that will make your Christmas joyful.

Among the top places that one can visit include the Rockefeller or Radio City Christmas centers to get an experience of how different cultures in the world celebrate festive season.

Santa Claus, Indiana

The city is considered to be a Christmas home town, the different traditions and celebrations will cheer up your festive celebrations.

Many people come from different parts of the world to experience Christmas in Santa Claus. Apart from a different way to celebrate, there are also different destinations where one can travel to enjoy the festive.

Among the top places to visit on the city include; Santa Castle, Holiday World, Christmas Lake, Santa Stables and Santa Claus Museum.

Hanging out at any of the above mentioned Christmas destinations will indeed transform your festive season. There are a lot of fun activities to engage and enjoy for you and all your beloved ones. Start planning for a lifetime tour to one of the top 5 Christmas destination by applying for a traveling visa through the Electronic System of Travel Authorization, ESTA. This will help translate your Christmas dreams to a reality.

Beauty And Brains: A Knockout Combination



The Disney version of Beauty and the Beast was unique in that the beauty wasn’t just a good looker, she was smart and read a lot. Don’t underestimate the effect intelligence has on how men perceive you. Of course, some women are blessed with the right genes and can stop a man dead in his tracks just by looking at him. Sadly, that’s all these women can do. While they were blessed with the good looks gene, their IQ leaves a lot to be desired.

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

Beauty is the most superficial level of attraction there is in a male-female relationship. For the relationship to last and become anything substantial, the ability to think and hold logical conversations becomes crucial. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who is both beautiful and intelligent. The next time you’re in biology class and your class is using the student microscopes, pay attention to the girl who knows what she’s doing.

Increasing your Intelligence

Mental acuity is an important factor in attracting intelligent and dependable men. While most people can’t do much to increase their beauty without the use of expensive plastic surgery, they can increase their mental acuity in several ways for free. Scientific experimentation and observation using tools like microscopes and the scientific method can increase your observational skills and help you to become more intelligent, especially over time.

It doesn’t cost much to look better intellectually. If you’ve already got the good looks, why not spend time studying, observing, and making scientific discoveries using microscopes. This in turn will also increase the attraction that a high caliber man will have for you. And, of course it works both ways. Women find handsome and intelligent men sexy too.

After all, attraction and love all start in the brain, so it makes sense that the more brainpower you have, the more attractive you will appear to be to the opposite sex. There is nothing worse than going out on a date with a beautiful woman or a handsome guy and realizing they have nothing important or intelligent to say. People with both looks and brains, can keep you coming back for more every time. Remember, while the packaging might be what attracts a guy in the first place, it’s definitely what’s going on between the ears that keeps him interested for the long haul. Intelligence is sexy.

Badass Haircut! Miley Cyrus

Any woman that can rock the hell out of a short haircut is OK with me. She’s so much for free and edgy now. Hannah Montana has grown up!


And, Maxim chose her as the No. 1 piece of ass!


Breaking News: Mermaids Are No Longer Mythical Creatures!

Real mermaids are not as “beautiful” as they are depicted in movies and television, but they are real nonetheless.

This is an amazing discovery! In my opinion, something of this magnitude should not only have been covered by Animal Planet, but it should have made international news. There are so many things going on in the world around us that we are unaware of. I am in awe.

What Do You Think?

This original video I posted was removed, but this is a snippet of what was shown in the Animal Planet special.

Did You Know Madison Pettis is Black?

I thought she was of Hispanic descent because she portrayed the daughter of a Hispanic President on the Disney series, Cory in the House, but apparently she is of African-American, Irish, French, and Italian heritage. My daughter, Senia, says that she knew she was black because, and I quote, “I saw some black in her and she has hair like mine.” Well, excuse me! Lesson learned, once again!

Madison just turned 13! Does she look older?


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