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10 Reasons Why Summer Can’t Get Here Fast Enough

Autumn and winter are a beautiful time of the year. From the beautiful snow to the festive cold weather holidays, it’s hard not to love the cooler months. However, it doesn’t take long for the average person to get sick of the cold and long for the hot summer months. To help you daydream, here … Continue reading

What I Am Most Thankful For in 2013

What’s left of my sanity Senia My Mom My Father You Government Assistance Electricity Cable/High Speed Internet Mary Jane My Car My Sense of Humor My Computer Michael Jackson My iPod Common Sense My Conscience Sertraline My Cat Chris Ringler of Galesburg David Michael Dallivitta Thompson Lamont Wright Samuel Tedford WordPress WordAds

Did You Know? Thanksgiving Trivia!

By Sean Carter What comes to your mind when you think of Thanksgiving? The big fat golden-brown turkey? Grandma’s pumpkin pie? Or the oh-so-nice cranberries and corn-on-the-cob? Well well, all these ARE a major part of the Thanksgiving holiday. But there’s even more to this wonderful occasion of Thanksgiving! The holiday of Thanksgiving is a … Continue reading

Top Story: 25 Thanksgiving Quotations

By Danielle Hollister “It is therefore recommended … to set apart Thursday the eighteenth day of December next, for solemn thanksgiving and praise, that with one heart and one voice the good people may express the grateful feelings of their hearts and consecrate themselves to the service of their divine benefactor …” — Samuel Adams, … Continue reading

Sean Carter Presents: Thanksgiving History and Origin

By Sean Carter One of the biggest and warmest holidays of the United States, Thanksgiving has its history and origin way back in centuries. There are various instances of thanksgiving observances in history, all of which bear resemblance to the modern celebrations of Thanksgiving; but the generally accepted and circulated view is that the modern … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving From Dangerous Lee

I want to take the time to sincerely thank those of you who visit my website on a weekly basis and share articles that you enjoy with others in your social media circles. You help to put money in my bank account, which helps me to take care of my child, and you also help … Continue reading

Screw The Turkey and Make These Seafood Thanksgiving Dishes

One of the great things about being in your own home for the holidays is the freedom to host your own Thanksgiving meal, instead of graciously adhering to someone else’s schedule and choices. You’re able to start a tradition that will stay with your family for years to come. Let’s say you have a new … Continue reading

Top Story: 10 Gifts for the Female Fitness Nut in Your Life

Maybe it’s your sister, best friend, coworker, or daughter, but chances are, you have a female fitness nut in your life. So what do you get for the girl who has everything (even those 6-pack abs)? Here are 10 ideas to get your mind running after the perfect gift for the girl that always seems … Continue reading

5 Reasons Not To Wait Until Black Friday To Start Your Christmas Shopping

It happens every year. You’ve been walking past Christmas decorations in stores since August and even late July. But then before you realize it, November sneaks up on you. You are unprepared for Christmas, and now you get to join the throngs of people trying desperately to cram three months of shopping into one. This … Continue reading

How to Shop for the Holidays on a Budget

The holidays are fast approaching and with each day, budgets and wallets begin their yearly shriek of dismay. Shopping for so many people can quickly add up and though it may seem easy to stick everything on “plastic,” the repercussions come January and February can be brutal. But fret not because there are some great … Continue reading

4 Things To Do With Leftover Turkey

Image by: Andrea Goh There’s no doubt about it, at every family celebration we always overestimate the amount of food we need. Whether it’s after Thanksgiving or Christmas, there are plates of potatoes, various vegetables, pies, puddings, and of course, half the turkey left over. All families seems to have a tradition on how to … Continue reading

Winter Blunderland

SOLO PARENTING The Ghost of Christmases Past   “Remember last Christmas, when Daddy…?” When Daddy was still here. When Daddy was still alive or when Daddy was still living with you, whichever the case may be. When Daddy took the kids sledding, or when Daddy reached up to place the tree-topper without needing a stepladder, … Continue reading

We Gather Together

SOLO PARENTING This week, as Thanksgiving approaches here in the States, many of you will be facing your first holiday as a solo parent. What I have to say applies most particularly to those of you who are newly on your own, though many of the rest of you, who’ve been divorced or widowed for … Continue reading

A Time to Say “Thank You”

SOLO PARENTING This Thanksgiving, have you thought about thanking not just God but people? (To my Canadian readers, my apologies: I know you celebrated your Thanksgiving last month. And to my readers in other countries, bear with me. The thought is worth considering, even if it’s not your holiday.) Now, I also recognize that you … Continue reading


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