Top Story: #MJWeAreOne – Things Michael Jackson Taught Me


If Michael Jackson were alive today he’d be celebrating his 55th birthday. As a child raised by a single mother, Michael was my obsession, boyfriend and father-figure.

Here are some of the things Michael Jackson taught me as I was growing up!

Love Everyone

Through his words and music Michael Jackson taught me that we are all one, we are equal, and it don’t matter if you’re Black or White.

Take Care of the Earth

Songs like Earth Song and Heal the World hit the point home that we have to take care of our planet.

Wait To Have Sex

Well, he didn’t really teach me not to have sex, but because I was so in love with him as a teenager and no boy could hold a candle to him, I kept my legs closed for a long time!

Thanks Michael – I love and miss you!


Dangerous Lee Joins The Walking Dead!

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The Top TV Theme Songs Of All Time


Music is one of those subjects where everyone has a different idea of what is “best”. Some people only like certain genres, such as rap or pop, while others may prefer show tunes or classic country. However, there is one area doesn’t seem to get as much attention as others, and that’s television theme songs.

Television theme songs have to have several things going for them:

  • Catchy, every theme song needs to be memorable.
  • Suggestive of the show it is used for, you don’t want a song about happy things for a show featuring dark subject matter.
  • Easily recognizable, when you hear the song you should immediately think of the show.

The best television theme songs, though, take on a life of their own and become hits in their own right.

The 1970s

There are many television theme songs that have struck a chord with music fans throughout the years, and the 1970’s certainly had their fair share. Shows like “Barney Miller” with its iconic theme song’s bass line are still remembered to this day, in large part because of their theme songs and the musicians who performed them.

“Welcome back Kotter” not only launched John Travolta’s career, but it also had a number one hit with “Welcome Back”. Written and performed by John Sebastian, formerly of The Lovin’ Spoonful, the song even had an impact on the show, which was originally just going to be called “Kotter”, but Sebastian couldn’t find any words that would rhyme with it.

The 1980s

Like the 70’s, the 1980’s had many television shows that could be easily identified by listening to the theme song. “The Fall Guy” featured a pseudo-country theme performed by the star of the show, Lee Majors. And everyone can probably recognize the military inspired theme of “The A-Team”.

However, one of the most iconic TV theme songs from the 80’s is probably the theme from “Miami Vice”. Miami Vice was about police officers who dealt mainly with drug dealers and con men, often going undercover to infiltrate and take down the bad guys. While innumerable pop and rock songs from popular 80’s recording artists were used during the show, its Jan Hammer’s electronic instrumental theme that people remember most about the show. Jan’s theme hit #1 on the charts in America as well as several other countries, and even won several Grammys.

The 1990s

The 90s were very good for television themes. Shows like “Night Court” and “The Golden Girls” had memorable themes, as did shows like “Full House”, “Living Single” and “Sister, Sister”. Perhaps no show from the 1990s was as iconic or popular as “Friends”. From frolicking in large outdoor water fountains during the opening montage to its offbeat sense of humor, “Friends” was destined to be a hit, as was the theme song.

“I’ll Be There for You”, by The Rembrandts, may be the most unique case among all popular theme songs. Originally under a minute long, the song was re-recorded by the band into a 3 minute song more suitable for release on an album or as a single.

The song was then released on The Rembrandt’s third album, but wasn’t released as a single initially because record execs feared the impact the single could have on album sales.

The single, once released, topped various Billboard charts in the mid-nineties, reaching the #1 position and holding it for several weeks, but by the early and mid-2000s had begun making its way onto “worst songs of all time” lists put out by magazines and radio music shows.

Television has had its ups and downs, and some moments of pure genius. However, a memorable, well written theme song can do as much to cement a show’s legacy in pop culture history as the most well written episode of the entire series.

Author Byline: Polly Godwin is the owner of KineticFountains.com, a company specializing in outdoor water features, outdoor water fountains and more.


Am I Weird Because I Think The Guy in This State Farm Commercial is Hot?

I know, I know…I promise this is the last blog about commericals for today, but I am strangely attracted to the man in this commerical. No, not the fake French dude, but the guy having car trouble. I wonder what his name is and if he’s married!



When Did Target Commercials Get So Damn Sexy?

Cycle 6 America’s Next Top Model Winner, Dani Evans, is featured in the first commercial below and I love it because she’s a chocolate sista and lord knows we need more dark women on TV! The soundtrack is funky too; it makes me want to go to Target and break some stuff! Check it out!




The Dangerous Lee News & Entertainment Network is Featured on The TODAY Show!

Just when I thought I was at rock bottom I hear that The Dangerous Lee News & Entertainment Network has been featured on The TODAY Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda on Black Friday during their Kathie Lee & Hoda With The Scoop segment! I didn’t dare believe it until I actually saw and heard it for myself. When I actually saw it, I lost it! What an amazing accomplishment for me and the writer of the featured article, Susannah Perez. I’m so happy! My hard work is finally starting to pay off.

The ladies talked about whether men look sexier with something on or in their birthday suits when coming to bed, with Hoda saying she prefers her men to be “wearing something”. Me too because a lil’ reveal is always nice! I want to thank the producers of The TODAY Show (or whoever is responsible for me being on the air) as well as Hoda and Kathie Lee, even though Hoda left out the “dot” when mentioning DangerousLee.Biz, it appeared on screen for close to 2 minutes!

Read the article titled, “What You Wear To Bed Says About You” to find out what Kathie Lee & Hoda are smiling about. PS: I prefer to sleep in the nude! Purr 😉

Click image to view video!

Note: Thanks for the heads up, Toby Brazwell!

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Dangerous Dame: Meet "Pawn Stars" Associate Producer, Nawara Blue

What is your job on the show?
I am the associate producer for History Channel’s Pawn Stars. The production company I currently work for is Leftfield Pictures.
What makes Pawn Stars different from other shows like it?
In my opinion, Pawn Stars was the first of its kind. Although there are hundreds of reality television series, most of them deal with character’s personal lives. Pawn Stars does focus on a family and the many characters it has, but the real stars are the amazing items that come in to the pawn shop and the stories behind them. It is entertainment at its best! And the great part is you don’t feel objected or less intelligent after watching an episode. You actually feel pretty enlightened.
Any wild moments with the cast?
The cast is great and we always have a good time. It’s almost like an extended family—and family business stays in the family 😉
Any future plans to have a show of your own?
Not as of yet, I am still learning the tricks of the trade and to be honest I just got in this industry. I’m taking one day as it comes.
Do you ever want to be in front of the camera?
Never say never. As long as what I am doing breeds positive content and it is a great representation of me and my family, it’s all good with me.



Flint Stuff Spotlight: D Fro – Delirious Days

This music video, made by D-Fro (a producer/MC out of the Owosso/Flint area) and directed by label mate Tim Evans, promotes you to never give up on yourself, even if the world around us wants us to sometimes. D-Fro is an advocate for self-discovery and awareness of world affairs. Check out more at www.fb.com/dfromusic.

Note: Original video has been removed


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