Bad Ideas I Had in 2013 and Other Things That Haven’t Panned Out…Yet!

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I wrote an optimistic blog on December 31, 2012 titled, Dangerous Lee’s Top Life Events of 2012 & Resolutions for 2013, in an attempt to write great things into existence and in the blog I go on and on about some … Continue reading

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Women’s History Month Spotlight: Lunden De’Leon

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Name and occupation: Lunden De’Leon President/CEO Dirrty Records, Palmetto Film Studios and L&S Communications  What do you love most about being a woman? High heels. Have you had to deal with much sexism in your industry? Absolutely. In the beginning, … Continue reading

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A Touch of Sookie

I never, in a million years, ever would have thought I would be reading books about VAMPIRES, WEREWOLVES and the like.  Not counting Harry Potter, this kind of paranormal fiction just isn’t my cup of tea.  So imagine my surprise when I picked up “A Touch of Dead” by Charlaine Harris and ACTUALLY LIKED IT.

“A Touch of Dead” are subtitled “The Complete Sookie Stackhouse Stories”.  Once I saw this I was hooked.  I was always curious about the series “True Blood” and if it was as gory as other vampire films and television shows.  If I were t0 base my opinion on the stories I’ve just finished, I may just tune in.

I don’t watch anything on television involving vampires, werewolves or other monsters.  I hate stuff like that because I normally have nightmares (yes I’m a loser but I’m comfortable enough to admit it…moving on).  But these stories basically just touched on the scariness, leaving most of it to the imagination.  Thank you Ms. Harris, it’s much appreciated.

In each story you get a glimpse of each character.  Just enough to whet your appetite.  And each was like a serving of a very tasty pie.  I may just grab some of Charlaine Harris’ other books the next time I’m at the library.

I thoroughly enjoyed this.  I give it 3.5 bookmarks out of 5.