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Top Story: Here’s What Tattoos Look Like on Aging Skin

With more and more of the general population getting tattooed, there’s always the thought of how body art will look as people age. This question is answered through photographs of senior citizens who’ve partially stripped down and show us how their tattoos are faring in their twilight years. Some of the ink quality is better … Continue reading

High End Temporary Tattoos: Amazing Body Art Without The Pain Or Permanence

  Whether you realize it or not, you probably thrive off change. Renewing your identity by switching up your look can work wonders to energize your life and help you pull yourself out of a depressive slump. Change your hairstyle, buy some new clothes and consider exploring the world of temporary body art. 1. Style, … Continue reading

Top Story – 9 Tattoos That Might As Well Say “Criminal”

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes, 4 seconds. Contains 816 words People choose to get inked up for variety of reasons. They’re not always good reasons, but hey, some folks just aren’t good at making rational choices when it comes to permanent body ink. Aside from some unfortunate alcohol-induced decisions, most tattoos are chosen based on … Continue reading

How To Dress Well With Tattoos

Know how to dress whether you want to show off your tats or make sure no one sees them. Dressing with style and flair can be a challenge when you are not quite sure how to dress for your tattoos. Whether you want to show them off or keep them covered, these fashion tips for … Continue reading

An Artists Success Story: Don Ed Hardy

Most people know of Don Ed Hardy solely for his clothing designs. Many, because of this, despise the name Ed Hardy as numerous celebrities such as the cast of the Jersey Shore both enjoy and promote his clothing. It’s thought to be a bit presumptuous and audacious, being worn by “Guido’s”, UFC fanatics, and muscle … Continue reading

Tattoo Advice That Goes A Little Deeper

When you are thinking of getting a tattoo you are likely to encounter the same advice time and time again. People will always tell you that you need to think carefully about what you are going to get because it will be with you for the rest of your life. However, it is important to … Continue reading

Justin Bieber Looks a Hot Mess From Behind!

Click Justin’s Jesus tattoo on his leg for the story behind the art!

Think Your Tattoo is Shitty? Check This Out!

Find Your Inner Swirl

Inner Swirl is the inspiration within all of us. My goal is through my artwork to release that inspiration. -Kao Lee I love that Kao Lee can take an image of a person and turn it into a beautiful work of art. Her work inspired me enough to inquire if she could design a tattoo … Continue reading


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