How Your Clothing Might Be Hurting Mother Nature

EDUN eco-friendly clothing

Did you know that what you wear is a pollutant? In fact each year a whopping 21 billion pounds of clothing is dumped into landfills. The Environmental Cost of Clothing A single pair of jeans requires almost 1,600 gallons of … Continue reading

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Environmentally Friendly Careers


Environmental protection is arguably the most serious challenge we face in contemporary times.   Globalization, energy consumption, population explosion, and the rapid densification of urban spaces are issues that exert enormous influence over everything from politics to business to health.  Recognizing … Continue reading

Top 5 Eco Fashion Shows From Around The World


The green movement is slowly gaining speed with many industries embracing a more environmental approach. The fashion industry however, is not known as an environmentally friendly one, but a green movement has also started to develop with eco fashion becoming … Continue reading