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The Working Woman – Overcoming Stress To Achieve Success

As a working woman, your ability and drive to accomplish things allows you to handle complex challenges, run business and manage your family successfully. However, this can also put you at risk to chronic negative stress. This is because your aim for excellence is to focuses, independent and even aggressive, that you fail to care … Continue reading

Dangerous Lee Responds To: R. Kelly – Shut Up!

▶ R. Kelly – Shut Up! [NEW] – YouTube. No, You Shut Up! Be thankful that you have fans and stop playing the victim. Stop focusing on people who don’t like or respect you because of your illegal and sick ass sexual behavior that you weren’t properly punished for. You’re one Black man that got … Continue reading

Female Farm Workers Are Facing Sexual Abuse

In recent years, a terrible situation has come to light: farm workers across the nation are falling prey to instances of sexual harassment and abuse, and are often subject to these terrible instances with what they believe is little chance of recourse. Fear Of Deportation Many of the workers who labor on farms, harvesting crops … Continue reading

7 Bizarre Weight Loss Methods To Avoid

Society puts a tremendous amount of pressure on people to fit into a certain beauty standard. At the same time all efforts to reach this standard are counteracted by the average diet and lifestyle. People are choosing to eat unhealthy for the sake of convenience and cost while exercise is being left in the shadows … Continue reading

Top Story – Lose Weight Have Better Sex!

Everyone who has ever been in a relationship has, at some point, gone looking for ways to boost their sex drive or enhance the overall experience. One popular technique for improving a sexual relationship is weight loss.  But, does it really work? Pounds vs. Pleasure Weight loss and exercise do play a role in sexual … Continue reading

How To Avoid Rape Accusations: 4 Tips For Men

The increasing number of rape cases continuously floods the news. Although it is good to know that victims of rape are speaking out about their experiences, it is simply not enough. It is also crucial to educate men about their behaviors that can potentially lead to sexual assault. Women have always been taught to be … Continue reading

5 “Healthy” Foods That Make You Gain Fat

It seems that most people in the world are looking for ways to lose weight. There are many types of foods that are recommended if one wants to lose weight. These are the so called “healthy foods”. However with so much information going around it may become hard for one to determine what exactly “healthy … Continue reading

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Judy Byington – Author of “Twenty-Two Faces”

Name and Occupation: Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, retired; CEO, Trauma Research Center, former Supervisor, Alberta Mental Health, Director, Provo Family Counseling Center and Author, “Twenty-Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities” What do you love about being a woman? How women are able to share their true feelings … Continue reading

You Can Lose Weight Without Exercise!

This is a question that has come into the minds of many of us trying to lose weight in a healthy way – especially in periods when our efforts seem to go unrewarded and the figures displayed by the accurate scales at the gym stay the same for weeks or months on end. Wouldn’t it … Continue reading

How To Know When You Need To Go To The Doctor

If you’re one of those people that puts off going to the doctor until the very last minute, you’re putting yourself at risk. Although you have your reasons for not going to the doctor, your health is too important for any of those reasons to matter. Doctors are there to not only treat diseases or … Continue reading

Humorous Breast Cancer Reads

If laughter truly is the best medicine then these hilarious books are not to be missed. Cancer can be a difficult topic to discuss, and as a friend it may be hard to think of an appropriate get well present for a breast cancer patient. The books listed below use humor to tackle one of … Continue reading

Can Crying Help You Lose Weight?

Theoretically speaking, it may be possible for a human to lose weight by crying. However, the loss is likely to be infinitesimal that it would hardly matter. You would literally have to cry buckets of tears before your crying bout can have even a slightly noticeable effect on your weight. Lose Weight by Making Your … Continue reading

Top Story – Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart: Give Thanks!

Since it’s Thanksgiving, it seems appropriate to suggest that we all give thanks to our bodies. That’s actually something I recommend on a daily basis. Most of us take our bodies for granted, frequently forcing them to do all kinds of things that they really don’t want to do, running around all day long instead … Continue reading

Why Do Women and Mothers Allow This to Happen?

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Clint. Was life in prison to harsh for Mr. Jackson? Should the mother spend time in jail? Does she need to seek or be offered help? Is the judge incorrect by saying that the mother is not a victim? Protect your children from sexual abuse, visit http://www.d2l.org


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