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10 Things I Like That Begin With “S”

I have been given the letter S and have to name 10 things I like that begin with S. Stars – I love stars shapes. I also collect them! Sugar – Sweets! Gotta have ‘em! Senia – My daughter and favorite person in the world. Three is my favorite number, so that’s why she’s listed … Continue reading

5 Unhealthy Drinks That You Wouldn’t Suspect

We all have a favorite beverage.  That one drink that we look forward to for refreshment.  Although we may find these drinks to be a guilty pleasure, often times we are aware of the need to stray away from regular indulging.  Most of us have common ones that are known to be bad in large … Continue reading

Top Story – 5 Steps To Making Wine Popsicles

If you try this, you won’t ever look back. Have you ever been outside on a warm day and watched your friends sipping on their ice cold beer? What are you going to do as a wine drinker? This year try out wine popsicles. It’s the best mix for a summer time drink with a … Continue reading

Top Story: 9 Weird Things People Add To Their Coffee

Gone are the days when you brewed yourself a wonderful coffee, added cream or milk and sugar to taste and started drinking. Nowadays, the high street barista has introduced a range of wonderful flavors for your coffee delight and this has led to many people wondering what else they can add to their coffee to … Continue reading

Using Sugar to Promote Self-Renewal of Skin

Sugar may be banned for people who want to lose weight because of the excess calories it contains, but a recent study actually promotes the use of sugar for the improvement of the skin. Natural skin-care companies have started to include sugar in their products because of the proven role of sugar in maintaining healthy … Continue reading

5 Ice-Cold Summer Time Drinks You Can Make at Home

As the summertime sizzle arrives and the thermometer is about to burst, everyone is ready to cool down. There are a host of refreshing drinks that you can make by yourself to beat the heat. Enjoy them alone or invite friends to a party, sit back and chill. 1. Sun Tea is one of the … Continue reading

How to Lose 3 Pounds a Week Without Working Out

Losing three pounds a week can be difficult for most people due to their busy schedules. Many people desperately trying to lose weight find it challenging because they simply do not have the time to go to the gym or work out at home. However, there are various ways you can lose at least three … Continue reading

Lemons Aren’t Just for Lemonade!

Lemon’s are great for cooking – they bring out the flavor in chicken, pork, fish and grilled veggies. So feel free to squeeze this delightful fruit onto your meals. If you would like a tart lemon dessert, try this: 1 Box of Lemon Pie Filling & Pudding Follow directions on box but substitute stevia for … Continue reading


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