5 Unhealthy Drinks That You Wouldn’t Suspect


We all have a favorite beverage.  That one drink that we look forward to for refreshment.  Although we may find these drinks to be a guilty pleasure, often times we are aware of the need to stray away from regular … Continue reading

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‘Mountain Dew Mouth’ Wrecking Appalachia


We all know soda negatively affects many facets of our health, but certain regions of the country are more severely harmed than others. Due to a combination of factors, America’s Appalachian region is taking a hit directly to the mouth; … Continue reading

Brushing With Sugar? Say What!


Though it sounds ludicrous, there is a way to stop, or prevent, the cause of tooth decay and gum disease by brushing with sugar–actually, a certain kind of natural sugar substitute!  An alternative to brushing with this sugar, is eating … Continue reading