5 Ways To Stop Enabling


Loved ones and family members of addicts face a number of challenges. Watching someone you care about struggle with addiction is a very stressful and trying situation. Most loved ones of addicts face feelings of anger, guilt, and, of course, … Continue reading

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Kelly Osbourne Comes Clean On Drug Addiction, Eating Issues And Depression


“I knew if I didn’t get help, I would die,” Kelly Osbourne told People Magazine in March of 2009 when she got sober. Kelly had six unsuccessful stints in rehab before she got the root of her difficulties with drug … Continue reading

Do We Need To Revamp Rehab After Corey Monteith’s Overdose?


The recent death of popular Glee actor Corey Monteith has many people wondering why he was not able to win the battle against his drug addiction. For someone who was very public about his struggles with drugs and his desire … Continue reading

What Could Have Been Done To Save Cory Monteith?


Actor Cory Monteith’s death shocked fans across the country. The young star was beloved by many for his outstanding work on Glee, and he was commonly known as one of the most talented actors, singers, and dancers on television. It … Continue reading

Stigmas Still Affecting Drug Addiction Recovery


Unlike any other disease, addiction is kept quiet because of shame and embarrassment. If you, your spouse, your child, or your sibling was actively using heroin to the point of addiction, would you seek help right away? When your loved … Continue reading

Are You A Social Pot User Or A Marijuana Addict?


“Am I a social pot user or a marijuana addict?” Sound familiar? You are definitely not alone. Weed seems to be the least defined drug, if it is even categorized that way. One aspect of a substance being dangerous to … Continue reading

Addictive Personality Disorder and Celebrities: Does the Biz Create Addicts or Attract Those at Risk?


Addiction is a topic that is on our collective psyche these days. It’s in the newspapers, on television, and when gossip sites are having a slow news day they publish lists of celebrities who are or have battled addiction. This … Continue reading