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5 Ways To Stop Enabling

Loved ones and family members of addicts face a number of challenges. Watching someone you care about struggle with addiction is a very stressful and trying situation. Most loved ones of addicts face feelings of anger, guilt, and, of course, concern for the addict. Many people close to an addict knows that enabling is only … Continue reading

Dual Diagnosis Prevalent In The Gay Community

Although our world is becoming more tolerant of differences among people, prejudice and discrimination are still far too common. The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, or LGBT, community has endured years of unfair inequality that lends itself to a whole host of negative effects and life consequences. Health care professionals have continued to see more … Continue reading

5 Ways To Spot A Drug Addict

Dealing with a drug addiction in any case can be devastating and overwhelming for family, friends and loves ones of anyone who has ever faced a severe dependency on drugs, alcohol or any substance. If you believe that a loved one of yours is struggling with drug addiction, there are a few ways to spot … Continue reading

Are You A Social Pot User Or A Marijuana Addict?

“Am I a social pot user or a marijuana addict?” Sound familiar? You are definitely not alone. Weed seems to be the least defined drug, if it is even categorized that way. One aspect of a substance being dangerous to even experiment with and use recreational is that it can be habit forming. The definition … Continue reading

Drug Abuse Negativity Affects Sexual Performance

For men and women everywhere, the news that drug abuse negatively affects sexual performance long-term, even after an extended amount of abstinence from the drug or drugs, is attention-catching. Although previously thought to recover after a length of not using drugs and alcohol, it is now being proven that sexual performance can be impacted for … Continue reading


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