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Top Story: 7 Stylists Share Their 2015 Fashion Tips

sos by bernard buieBernard Buie: Designer & Humanitarian – sosbybernardbuie.com

Trends for next season will be The Nautical Theme, Buie Blue as the main color. Buie shirt, pants and LifeSaver Condom Boxers are the next big thing for the S/S season.

Dress for Success 100% of the time.

BriBri Thomas: Freelance Journalist – glitterandlife.com

As a fashion blogger and marketing manager in Austin, Texas, my top fashion tip for 2015…Do you! Sure, winter whites, chunky knits and fabulous capes are “in,” but you won’t be able to pull off any of those looks without inner confidence and your own personal touches.

As you’ll see in my blog, I mix affordable outfits with luxurious pieces – then top it all off with a signature piece or two.

Trends come and go, but your style is original and should be seen in all that you do, especially your great #OOTY (Outfits of the Year ;)!



layer7Gina Curko: Stylist – seesawboutique.com

It is all about the layers baby!

Take your point of destination into consideration when you’re dressing. The outfit has to be right for the occasion. So when walking in the city layers adds to your overall look. It gives you depth and flow. In winter we can get extremely cold but this does not mean to get sloppy when we are choosing to stay warm.

Fashion needs to be applied in layers so that your over look is well thought out and well put together. Every item has to be coordinated. The jacket, bag sunglasses, shoes, and of course the hair! It all has to tell a story.

Look at this picture. Now you are in the know.



 hoo-kongAlexis Davis: Designer & Founder of Hoo-Kong – Hoo-Kong.com

A simple yet significant style is always the way to go. Hoo-Kong jewelry adds that significant touch to your ensemble. I love an all black outfit with a signature piece of Hoo-Kong jewelry.

1. Keep it simple (Don’t over-think your outfit)
2. An all black look is ALWAYS in style.
3. Compliment your outfit with a bold statement piece.
4. Most importantly wear what makes YOU feel and look good…simple.

MeghanMeghan Celeste: Creative Director – ThriftingwithStyle.com

2015 The Year of Being Fearless!

Forget about Orange being the New Black!!! In 2015, Cobalt Blue is the New Black. From winter to summer cobalt blue will work in every season. Because of its brighter shades of cool hues this color will work with all ethnicities light to brown shades.

Dare to be different this year!!!! Make it your business to set a trend this year, not just following the ones given to you.



Catenya McHenry: TV Host/Re-Stylist/Style Editor – catenya.com

You may have cheated on your new year’s resolutions by now but one resolution you should definitely keep is whipping your closet into shape.

Get Organized – Sort through your tops, bottoms, and accessories. Group them together. You could even color code and sort pieces by type; meaning all short-sleeved tops together, denim together and so on. If that’s much too OCD for you, start gradually and at least sort like-minded pieces together. That’s a sensible way to see what you have and it makes getting dressed in the morning simpler and less stressful.

Hang it Up- Purge and toss the wire dry cleaner hangers and upgrade to sturdier ones that match in style and color. Hang your heavier pieces like cardigans, blazers and sweaters on strong hangers like wood or velvet. Hang your trousers on grip clip ones so they hang without the risk of the permanent crease.

Since I’m a Maxxinista, I tend to shop T.J. Maxx for quick organization ideas and reasonably priced bundled hangers. Other shops like The Container Store, Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond have wonderful organization and storage solutions too!



LuxeColore.com founder, Tanya SotilloTanya Sotillo: Founder – luxecolore.com

Being stylish is just not about fabulous clothes. Jewelry, shoes, handbags, scarves, belts, the list of awesome accessories that can take your look from boring to chic goes on and on.

There are accessory dos and dont’s when it comes to stepping out in style and we’ve got you covered.

Here are just a few accessory tips for any season:

•Remember, when it comes to jewelry, a statement should complement your outfit not overpower it.

•Something as simple as changing your jewelry and slipping on stilettos can transition a daytime outfit to a date night ensemble.

•No matter the season, a stylish scarf or belt and help complete a look.

Celebrity Stylist, Corey Roche’s DIY Fashion Emergency Remedies

This article was created just for the Dangerous Lee Network. Thanks, Corey!


Corey Roché – Celebrity Stylist: The Real

No matter your finances everyone should base their wardrobe off of staple/statement pieces. Using this method will expand your wardrobe providing you with multiple options and looks. In short, creating the illusion of a larger wardrobe.
Staple/statement pieces are (but not limited to):

  • Women; bags, shoes, jacket/blazer and accessories.
  • Men; shoes, jacket/blazer, belts and hats.
  • You can take your normal everyday jean and tank or t-shirt to the next level by adding a blazer and an after 5 shoe and go to dinner, meeting or even a date!

And if you’re accident prone don’t worry I have some remedies that will assist you along the way to keep your staple/statement pieces in tact to maintain that pristine condition:

I’m a vegan, and I incorporate that into my work [by trying] to use natural, effective remedies

corey stylist the real

Corey styling Tamera Mowry-Housley on set of The Real.


    If you place these two simple agents into a spray bottle, you have an at-home dry cleaning service. It deodorizes the garments.
    These two agents assist me with the removal of a wide range of stains on most fabrics.
    Great for food grease and can be used on leather, silk or other delicate fabrics.
    Works well on organic stains such as wine, chocolate, grass, blood or—what I use it most for—armpit sweat.

Treatment is just as important because you do not want to push the stain further into the fabric. [For] food stains, use the edge of a dull butter knife to gently remove residual food without rubbing the stain. [For] liquid stains, be careful not to rub the stain; simply blot it with a dry cloth, then attempt stain removal.

Top 100 Fashion Blogs of 2014: The Dangerous Lee Network is #9!

Up three spots from last year :) Check out the Beauty & Fashion section of the Dangerous Lee Network.

Top 100 Fashion blogs

An infographic by the team at Rebates zone.

Dangerous Hottie of The Day – Erasmo Viana


Help Your Man Dress Classy This Summer With These Items


So you love your man, but he dresses like a slob? Not to worry! Stock his closet with these five classy summer essentials, and he’ll have everything he needs for a first-class summer.

The Polo

A short-sleeved, high-quality polo shirt has been the stylish man’s version of a t-shirt for over 50 years. Put your honey in any color you like, although he’ll earn extra points in the class department if he sports pastels or white. Choose a polo made with all cotton, like the Voi Jeans Redford Polo at reemclothing.com, and it can look fantastic for years to come.

The Oxford Shirt

Made with fabric that features a handsome, sturdy basket weave pattern, the button-up Oxford shirt makes it easy to achieve a comfortable upscale look every day. Have your man pair his with khakis, khaki shorts, or colored chinos, and fasten all but the top two buttons. Tuck the shirt in, add a grosgrain ribbon belt, and voila– instant summer class.

Cotton Chinos

The word “chinos” refers to pants made from twill, and most guys are familiar with them in the form of khakis. These tan-colored chinos are a classic, easy-to-wear summer staple that your man should be proud to be seen in, but to help your guy achieve an even higher-class look, try a pair in white or bright summer colors. These exude an all-American, JFK-style classiness that’s timeless and fun.

Boat Shoes

Now that your man has a couple of shirts and a few pairs of pants, it’s time to talk footwear. The upper crust of society equates summers with lake houses, sailboats, and yachts, and they consequently wear boat shoes as often as possible. These durable leather shoes look similar to moccasins, but they feature adjustable leather lacing around the top and a non-slip sole. If your man balks at the old-school styling, just get him to try a pair on “for fun.” Boat shoes are so comfortable; he might just be hooked despite himself.

Classic Sunglasses

Nothing polishes off a classy man’s look like a great pair of shades that complements his face shape. The right sunglasses suggest a carefree life of leisure, a breezy Devil-May-Care attitude, and frequent opportunities to be out and enjoying the weather. Choose a classic style, like Aviators or round lenses, and opt for traditional tortoiseshell over plain black. Feel like Old Money yet?

How do you class up your man? Share your stories below!

Dangerous Hottie of The Day – John Hoover


John Hoover

Dangerous Hottie of The Day – Carlos Freire

 carlos freire

Dangerous Hottie of The Day – Jarrod Pierce

Jarrod Pierce

Top Story: Video – Paris Jackson Gives Makeup Tips!


Recently, I asked Paris on Twitter what kind of eyeliner she uses and then a You Tube video pops up of her doing make up. Coincidence? I think not!


paris2paris1Thanks, Paris!

Top Story – Going Beyond Your Sexual Comfort Zone


The popular book “50 Shades of Grey” may have you interested in pushing the limits of your sexual boundaries, but adding a new level of kink into your sex life doesn’t require whips, chains and a complete fall to the freak side of sex. There are many easy and comfortable changes that can create a big impact on a special evening with your partner.

You can have an arousing sex life with your partner, no matter how long the relationship has been around. As long as you communicate well, you can add some fire to the bedroom. It’s never too late to start and there’s no end to the new things you can try. You just need to learn to think a little kinky.

What is Kinky?

Everyone has their own definition of “kinky.” This is where good communication with your lover is needed. In this context, kinky means trying something that steps beyond your comfort zone, just enough so that it feels different, not embarrassing. Kinky can go to extremes so talk with your partner about the limits. Set the boundaries beyond which you will not go, and have fun getting right up to that line.

You First

Speaking of communication, Men’s Health online reminds us that the man may not make the first kinky suggestion. He may need to hear that you are thinking of it first. Then he’ll be an eager participant. Don’t be afraid to take the first step.

Wear Lingerie

Silky lingerie is always included as a way to spice up things. If you feel uncomfortable making a purchase at a store, you can buy it online. Everything from bras to sexy panties from YumDrop. Have fun and don’t feel obligated to “set the mood” with candlelight or music, the lingerie and visual stimulation might be enough.

Put on a New Look

Declare your date night a theme night. Have a Hawaiian night at a local tiki-themed restaurant with Hawaiian music and drinks served out of pineapple or coconut halves. Head to a local western-inspired event decked out in cowboy boots and short shorts. Or, have a formal night, dress up in your most elegant outfit and see a play or the symphony. Keep the theme alive when the two of you get home with a sexy festive outfit.

Bring out Your Inner Actress

If you are comfortable looking the part, the next step is acting the part. Role playing is where you and your partner really need to communicate. Be selective and safe with any new activity. Make sure you and your partner are both into the activity and again, set the boundaries. Give each other feedback.

In the beginning, keep the act simple. She suggests choosing a character you feel comfortable with and have your man dress up too so you’re both “creating an act together.”

Kristen CruzA former back-up dancer for a few notable pop stars, Kristen still keeps up with the latest in gossip and celebrity news. She lives and writes in L.A.

National Photography Month Photo of The Day – Day 29


A few years back; rockin’ a wig…lookin’ like I’m packin’ a penis! Photoshop, please!!!

National Photography Month Photo of The Day – Day 24


Dangerous Hottie of The Day – Jesus Luz

Jesus Luz

National Photography Month Photo of The Day – Day 21


The Frohawk!


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