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It’s a Shore Thing!

Vacations are tough when you’re trying to lose weight.
Here are some helpful hints:

Be a kid again and order the kiddie size!

Dab excess oil with a paper napkin before you indulge in that slice of pizza.

Share dessert, one taste is all your taste buds need.

Try to avoid adult mixed drinks. Instead go for wine, martini’s and low carb beers.

Enjoy seasonal veggies, fruit and fresh fish.

Summer activities are fun: walk the beach, waddle in the pool, kayak and ride your bike.

And if you should have a bad day….just start fresh tomorrow!

Muffin Tops: Easy Cure

Low calories and fat intake will never hurt being cut from your life, but more important to be lost is anything with a low-rise cut. A mid and high-rise cut will hide that bulge while showing off your eye-catching curves.


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