Hold On To Your Diamonds

In times of recession when you are feeling financially stretched it is tempting to realize the value of your jewelry. Gold prices have remained good and so a few pieces of jewelry could yield significant cash. The one thing you probably should not do, however, is sell your diamonds. Whilst the value of diamonds is […]

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Top 5 Films Made in South Africa

Some of the most famous actors of all times have come out South Africa like Charlize Theron, who was born just outside Johannesburg, Arnold Vosloo famous for his leading role in “The Mummy“ and Kandyse McClure who played in “Carrie” and later came to fame in the Galatica series on television.  Not only have South […]

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Red Is Not Just For Danger

In the majority of western culture, the color red is often directly related to warnings: STOP! KEEP OUT! DANGER! In our minds, this is makes sense because red is the strongest color in the spectrum to the eye. It’s ideal as a warning sign, instantly telling up of imminent danger. However, this isn’t always the […]

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