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How To Successfully Connect With Other Businesses


In the business world, maintaining the business you already have seems to be the ideal problem to have; finding new business can be a whole other story.  Finding new clients takes a lot of hard work and plenty of man-hours in order to connect with the other company that you’re trying to cultivate a relationship with.  Attending trade shows, cold calling or hiring a b2b telemarketing service, hiring a leads service, and networking via social networking sites are just a few ways that businesses are going about connecting with other businesses.

Attending Trade Shows

Trade shows cannot only be a lot of fun, but it can be an enormous resource in cultivating business-to-business relationships.  Just think: an entire convention hall filled with like-minded people, each looking to exchange business cards and to advance their own brand.  It’s the perfect combination of socializing and networking and can help you find great contacts on a much more national (and sometimes global) scale.  Rather than dealing with the local market, these trade shows often attract companies from all over and this diversified contact pool can really grow your business.

Cold Calling

The tried and true fashion of manning the phones and putting out feelers to other businesses is probably the standard operating procedure for you and your business.  If you can get the customer on the phone, you never know what can happen; you may find the long business relationship you’ve been looking for.  Think of calling the businesses as the modern traveling salesmen: rather than going from business to business trying to get your foot in the door, all you need is your voice in the door.  This kind of networking does require a lot of man-hours; so if you cannot afford to have yourself or a salesperson on the phone cold calling, consider hiring a b2b telemarketing service. They can take over the heavy lifting and make the calls themselves, freeing you and your salespeople up for maintaining current business relationships.

Hiring a Leads Service

When the market starts to run a little dry, it’s important to not wait around looking for things to turn around.  Being proactive and finding the right leads can keep you afloat until things start to heat back up.  There’s a reason why leads became an integral part of the film Glengary Glenross.  In business, it can separate you from being a top seller to being unemployed.  Luckily, there are companies that will provide you with leads just in case you need a little extra help trying to find that next great client.

Networking via Social Networks

Social Networks are not just for college kids these days.  A phenomenon that grew out of connecting across campuses, social networking has grown into one of the most useful and efficient way to connect with other businesses on a global level.  It can be done in a variety of ways, as well.  LinkedIn has now become the #1 social network site specializing in connecting people in business relationships.  It can be a great way to connect with someone on a personal level and grow that into a working relationship.  Of course, Facebook and Twitter can also be utilized by your company as a whole entity and can be used to connect with prospective customers under your company name.  The choice is up to you.  Smaller businesses may benefit from the more personal touch of the one-on-one that LinkedIn can provide.

Staying afloat in the business world means having a steady stream of old and new clients to serve.  Each takes a certain amount of effort, but without that hard work, you won’t be in business for very long.

Author Bio:

James Cash is a business professional and part time writer.


The Denial of Loneliness

“I’m not lonely. If I wanted to be with someone, I would be with someone. Besides, I have plenty of “friends with benefits”. Not to mention the number of folks trying to talk game to me on a day-to-day basis.  I love my life. I do me and I don’t have to answer to nobody. I love being single.”


It’s hard for someone to admit to loneliness. It can make you feel weak, unwanted, out of the loop, undesired, embarrassed or even ashamed. Just putting that two word sentence together is heartbreaking and so hard to say. It makes you feel so bad, so low. “I’m lonely”. Those are some tough words.

Isn’t it just easier to say, “I’m too busy right now” or “I’m just focusing on me and mine and trying to make this paper.”

That all sounds good, but do you find yourself secretly rolling your eyes at the happy couple walking down the street kissing and giggling? Do you wish you had someone sending you sweet text messages and words of encouragement throughout the day? Are you envious of the people around you who have someone anticipating their arrival when they get home?

We don’t like to envy the lives of others around us. It can make us feel inferior. But there are times when we just can’t help it. We could be out to dinner with a group of friends having a wonderful time laughing and sharing stories, then out of the corner of our eye, we catch a glimpse of a couple sitting on the same side of the booth, so close that even the menu couldn’t slide between them. They’re doing the same thing we are – laughing and sharing stories, but it’s more intimate,  more fulfilling. That image stays with us and in some way secretly changes our mood for the rest of the night. We hate to admit it, but we want that.

For some people, the loneliness becomes significant after a break-up. It can take a long time to move between lovers. You can love someone for months, even years, after the relationship has fizzled and you may not be able to move into the next affair until you’ve completely addressed and dealt with those emotions, but in that time, an overwhelming sense of loneliness tends to kick in. You can’t have the one that you want because that person won’t return the love. Their agenda was much different from yours. Perhaps you were just a physical attraction to them, a play thing, another notch on the belt, but to you, it was so much more. Trying to move past that love is almost a forced action. But the longer you dwell on it, the lonelier you’ll be and you’ll be lonelier, longer.  Other people have just never opened themselves up to finding real love out of fear of being hurt. Or they have, but refuse to open themselves up AGAIN for the same reason.

Relationships always start off so positive with so much potential. People appear to be who you want them to be and they pull you in, sometimes very quickly. But how quickly things change. They almost become a stranger to you. You gradually begin to see not only who they are, but what you are to them. The sincerity, the romance, the laughter, even the intimacy, was all fake. It was their usual Oscar winning performance. You just didn’t know they were in the running. They speak to you in ways you never thought they would. They disrespect you. They break your heart.  And because it’s so hard to find love, it’s such a heartbreaking disappointment when you find out that you still haven’t really found it.  It can make you close your heart for a very long time.

Sexual confusion or the denial of one’s real sexual orientation is another common cause of loneliness. We still live in a world where people are sometimes forced to be ashamed of who they are. I wish I could snap my fingers and everyone could wake up tomorrow comfortable in the skin they’re in without judgment or fear. It’s hard enough for straight people to meet and mingle. Straight folks don’t have to worry about the kind of rejection and possible violence that comes along with making a pass at someone.  After all, straight people are generally openly straight. If you’re gay and you attempt to come on to someone that you THOUGHT was gay, and they’re not, just think about the ramifications of that for a second……exactly!

Whatever our reasons for being lonely, we have to understand that it’s quite common. You’re not the only one. Now, I don’t expect everyone reading this to run out on the street and scream out, “I’m lonely and I’m proud!” Believe me, the last thing you want is your friends and family feeling sorry for you and trying to fix you up!!  You don’t want their sympathy, but it is okay to feel lonely sometimes. It’s a natural human emotion. It happens to the best of us. There are people in marriages that are lonely. Imagine what that loneliness must feel like. To have found the love of your life, fall head over heels, marry them, and still feel the emptiness and void that so many of us single people feel. But it happens. It’s real. People get lonely. We have to address our emotions and find positive ways of dealing with them. We have to take a step forward in order to create new relationships. But if you are truly content with not having a significant other, but still feel very lonely, you’ll have to find other ways to fill the void. No one can make suggestions to you on how to do that. You’ll have to come upon it on your own and find what makes YOU happy.  For me, it’s writing.

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