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Top 5 Traits of Happy People

By Suzie Patterson Happy People are no accident. They are happy because they have developed certain skills that make happiness part of their lives. Here are 5 skills that will reduce stress, build confidence and self-esteem, help reduce negative thinking and improve your relationships. 1. Savor the Moment Frequently this is called “Being Present” or … Continue reading

The Surprising Psychology Behind Human Smiles

We really should smile more – psychological researchers constantly find that the seemingly-simple act of smiling actually has powerful side effects. Sure, common sense is enough to tell you that smiling is good for you: your smile can bring smiles to others’ lips, your smile can make you look more attractive to others, and your … Continue reading

10 Great Conversation Starters

Have you ever wondered how people are able to start up conversations with almost everyone?  Truly, there are people who were born to talk.  They were born to socialize and they were born to associate with people.  However, not everyone had been able to be good conversationalists by pure talent.  They fought the fear and … Continue reading

The Golden Rule: How To Apply It To Every Person In Your Life

You do your best to be nice to everyone you encounter, but sometimes you find it hard to do. When you’re struggling to be nice to someone, it’s very important that you remember the golden rule. The golden rule is the mantra in which many people live their lives—treat others as you wish to be … Continue reading


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