Simple Ways Smiling Can Improve Your Relationship

Affectionate Couple in Bed

Relationships can be difficult. You not only have to worry and try to understand your own feelings and emotions, but you have to do that for your partner as well. Instead of giving in to  defeat or becoming overwhelmed by … Continue reading

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The Surprising Psychology Behind Human Smiles

Dangerous Smile

We really should smile more – psychological researchers constantly find that the seemingly-simple act of smiling actually has powerful side effects. Sure, common sense is enough to tell you that smiling is good for you: your smile can bring smiles … Continue reading

3 Easy Ways To Drive Men Crazy


In this day and age we’re all affected heavily by the media standard for what is attractive. They set what body shape we should all seek after, they tell us what kind of personality everyone should have; the media rules … Continue reading

The Golden Rule: How To Apply It To Every Person In Your Life


You do your best to be nice to everyone you encounter, but sometimes you find it hard to do. When you’re struggling to be nice to someone, it’s very important that you remember the golden rule. The golden rule is … Continue reading

Are You Single And Ready To Mingle?


Your hair’s done. Your nails, tan and body butter applied, so you smell every bit as lovely as you look. You walk into the bar, buy yourself a drink and where do you start? Who do you talk to and … Continue reading

Smiling is Not Only Pretty; It’s Healthy Too!


It’s obvious that a smile can change someone’s whole appearance or outlook on life. When people smile, they go from cold and unapproachable to lovely and warm. Grinning signifies happiness and contentedness, and makes us more attractive. Certain kinds of … Continue reading