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Autumn: It’s The Perfect Time To Network

Who doesn’t love the Fall? It is the perfect time for BBQs, picnics and seeing the leaves change in the mountains. But did you also know that it is the ideal time for networking? Don’t think the only thing you can do during the Fall is rake leaves – there’s actually a lot you can … Continue reading

What Are The Benefits Of Being Your Own Boss?

Many people reading this will be dreaming of being their own boss and I can assure you, it is something that I recommend highly. There are so many people out there who absolutely hate their boss and the way they are treated by them, being your own boss removes that problem straight away. Another great … Continue reading

Office Stereotypes And How To Deal With Them

Image by: Victor1558 Those of us who work in an office know how spending so much time with your colleagues can really highlight those little ‘quirks’ that they have. Be it an over-eagerness to please or a loose handle on personal hygiene, they can all be placed somewhere on the spectrum of office stereotypes. Here … Continue reading

How To Make An Excellent Crowd Funding Pitch Video

Why you should create a crowd funding video? Videos are an essential part of crowd funding marketing strategies, and for good reason. After all, crowd funding projects with videos have a dramatic 114% increase than those without them on the popular crowd funding site Indiegogo. The primary reason behind this is the fact that there … Continue reading

Reasons Why Your Business Will Not Be Successful

It might be tough to accept but the truth is that there is no real way how your business is guaranteed to be a total success. There are several problems that have to be understood with regards to why your business might not work out as well as it should. These relate to points involving … Continue reading

5 Groundbreaking TED Talks For Business Startups

TED, which is short for Technology, Education, Design, aims to discuss virtually every intelligent idea in the world and put it on the internet. Savvy business owners know to take advice from anywhere, as long as it’s from a reputable source. These five experts may have differing views on business, but they all can teach … Continue reading

A Guide to Success as an Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur and leaving the corporate world behind should be seen as risky, exciting and challenging. While many people would love the chance to be their own boss and make a comfortable salary, there are a number of personal characteristics that set the winners apart from the failures. With some effort on your part, … Continue reading

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Alaia Williams

Name and occupation: Alaia Williams, Business Organizer, Networking Group Founder, and Dot Connector What do you love most about being a woman? Though challenges still remain and improvements in our culture would be welcomed,  I feel like this is the best time to be a woman. I didn’t grow up during a time when I … Continue reading

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Mag Retelewski

Name and occupation: Mag Retelewski, President and Founer of Clarteza What do you love most about being a woman? Emotional intelligence. Have you had to deal with much sexism in your industry? To a certain degree yes but I also experienced bias since I was born in Poland. Do you belong to any organizations catered … Continue reading

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Erika Lyremark

Name and occupation: Erika Lyremark (“Lira-Mark”), Business coach and mastermind behind The Daily Whip, where I teach beautiful babes to be bad-ass business women. What do you love most about being a woman? That it affords me so much choice! (I would have answered differently if you’d asked me this, say, 300 years ago.) I … Continue reading

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Vee Carson

Name and occupation: Vee Carson Owner/Operator Of Las Vegas Shoe Shine Girl Have you had to deal with much sexism in your industry? Surprisingly for the most part I am very respected in my industry, but every once in a while you get one person that thinks you are not worthy of respect as a business owner, … Continue reading

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Cindy Clemens

Name and occupation: My name is Cindy Clemens and I am an Entrepreneur/Co-Owner of a Marketing Education Company. What do you love most about being a woman? I love being a mother, a girlfriend/partner, and all that those things entail. I love that because I am a women, people I meet are usually instantly more … Continue reading

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Sandi Webster

Name and occupation:  Sandi Webster is a principal of Consultants 2 Go, an Inc. 5000 management consulting firm that provides marketing and analytic consultants to Fortune 500 and mid-size companies. What do you love most about being a woman?  I love how creative I can get in a pinch.  I find men do not have … Continue reading

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Apryl D. Roberts

Name and occupation: Apryl D. Roberts, Event Producer and Publicist What do you love most about being a woman?   I love the complexity of being a woman.  We are able to appear soft on the outside while containing a very tough interior that is able to take on many of life’s situations.  We as … Continue reading


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