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Fashion Tips For Christmas Day

The holiday season is getting closer and it also means a lot of nice festive fashion pieces are hitting the shops. If you are looking for some style ideas for your parties this season or perhaps are thinking about gift ideas for a fashion fanatic here are the biggest fashion tips for Christmas 2013.

Christmas_Partywear_2013 copy

All About The Bling

This season is all about the bling when it comes to accessories. Jewelry is really shiny and full of bling. The hottest pieces for Christmas 2013 include a lot of gold together with some big colorful stones. The rings and earrings are very big and full of a lot of bright stones such as jade and topaz.

You also have a lot more color combinations in jewelry as well. There are plenty of pieces that have bright colored stones in all the colors of the rainbow included. These are especially nice way of adding some color to your party look if you go with a simple black dress, for instance.

Back To The Past

The hairstyle trends for Christmas 2013 are very much a step back in time. There are a lot of influences from the 70s and 80s in the trends. This means that big and a bit messy hairstyles are quite a must this season.

There is still a lot of braiding left in hairstyles as well. These are either in the form of really elaborate and decorative braids or in much more toned down and simple versions. This is something really simple to achieve even if you are in a rush.

You should also definitely add some decorative pieces for your hair. These come in the form of large clippings as well as very soft and feminine hairbands.

Red And Green Are This Season’s Hot Colors

In the dresses it is all about red and green. These are the must have colors for this season whether it is in party dresses or in your more casual work clothes. There are a lot of different shades of green that are trendy at the moment but in reds the brighter the better.

Green works the best on its own but red is really often used together with a black piece of clothing this season. For instance, a red skirt together with a black top. This is a really classic and simple combination that works very well.

Another thing to look out for in your party dress is lace. Lace is a really big hit at the moment and you should definitely add it to your style. This works especially well if you get a dress with a 20s vibe in it. There are more great dress ideas at the Huffington Post’s website.

Metallic Shine In Shoes

When you are selecting shoes for this season it is a good idea to opt for metallic shine. This doesn’t mean that you need to go with either silver or golden shoes. Just make sure that no matter what color the shoes are they have just the right shine. There are a lot of great colorful shoes as well with this metallic bling effect. This is an absolute must have for Christmas 2013.

Adeela is a passionate fashion fanatic who is always on the lookout for fashionable hijabs for working women like herself. She is also a big fan of reading and loves to know more about the history of modern fashion.

Making High Top Shoes Work With Your Style


You are a woman-on-the-go. You pride yourself on your style sense as much as you pride yourself on your business sense. But, man, do your feet ache after being sentenced to a lifetime in high heeled prison. Those high top shoe wearing sporty gals sure have a step up on you. You are used to making a powerful statement when you walk into a room, but today is a new day. Perhaps it is time to make a statement in a new game. Plus, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to show your feet some kindness a couple of days a week. So out with the boring power suits and the killer heels, and in with a look that makes a statement about whom you really are.

When you get right down to the heart of shoe fashion, matching your current style with a fantastic and comfortable high top shoe is not as difficult as you might think. High top shoe fashion is currently on the radar of several popular fashion designers. These designers have taken casual shoe comfort and added it to the style of the high top sneaker to create a new genre of shoes. Today’s high top is no longer only reserved for the super sporty tomboy.

Pulling it Off!

So how can you pull off a look usually reserved for sports enthusiasts? The great thing about today’s high top shoe is that it comes in styles that are a modern reflection of their old school style. All you need is a little shopping savvy to find the perfect shoe to match your look and your personality. But the best thing about the new trend in high top shoes is that you don’t have to buy a new wardrobe to match your taste in footwear. Today’s high top sneakers have been created in several different styles and are ready to match the woman you already are.

Wildly Sophisticated

Don’t be fooled. Today’s high top shoes can be edgy and sophisticated. Gone are the days when high fashion was reserved for a more youthful figure. With some careful thought and an honest evaluation of your own style you can pull off some fashion choices that would have seemed wild and uncouth 20 years ago. Do not let your age limit your choices. Fun fashion can now be accessed by women of all ages without compromising their sophistication.

Go Bold or Go Home

If you are going to step out into the world of high top shoes to give your look a boost, you don’t necessarily have to leave your conservative self at home. There is a shoe style for every fashion personality. Explore your options and find the perfect fit. Perhaps picking a shoe in a bright color is all you need to add some pizzazz to your wardrobe. Or maybe a wedge heel high top shoe is what you need to change the way you see yourself. The truth of the matter is that the sky is the limit when it comes to how bold you want to go. High top shoe fashion allows you to set your own boundaries.

No Need to Sneak Around

The high top shoe has become the recent plaything of several fashion designers. This makes it even easier to find a high top sneaker that fits your style needs. High top shoe styles range from sporty chic to sassy oxford to sexy animal print. With a trendy shoe to fit the needs of any occasion there is no need to sneak around. High top shoes are a fantastic and stylish alternative for a woman on the go. They range in price from completely affordable to fashionably expensive.

Don’t let your fear of change hold you back. Fashion is accessible to everyone, so why not you. Start with your feet, and don’t let your old school ideas about high top shoes limit you. Be bold and adventurous in your style; what do you really have to lose. So kick off those killer high heels and prepare to liberate your feet and your style with comfort. The sense of confidence and comfort you gain as you move through life will be your reward.

This article was written by Arial Plocek, who believes that spicing up one’s outfit with high top shoes or low-tops wouldn’t hurt at all.

The Many Uses Of Duct Tape For Survival Situations


Learning is not compulsory… neither is survival. – W. Edwards Deming

When it comes to survival, those who are more knowledgeable and creative will have the best chance for success. Some would even say, and rightfully so, that success is survival, where failure is death. That said, if you are one to drift toward adventure like the proverbial moth to flame, you had better be prepared for any event where your survival skills and know how are tested. You should be able to capitalize on every possible resource around, leaving no possible tool for aid unused. And oddly one common resource that is often available, and one that is often trusted even to the point of being comically overused, is the handyman’s secret weapon, the universal adapter, and our ever beloved… duct tape!

Now perhaps that little introduction for our tool of construction seems a bit much. But let’s consider exactly how much our trusted friend helps us. There are nearly a limitless number of possibilities for the use of duct tape, and people certainly recognize that. How many times have you seen odd instances where duct tape has been used? Perhaps it was a temporary fix, or perhaps it just appears as such and is actually permanent. The running joke is that all anyone needs to fix anything is duct tape and WD-40.

Is it supposed to move?


Does it move?


Spray some WD-40.


Is it supposed to move?


Does it move?


Wrap it up in duct tape.

However, what we are going to look into is how useful would duct tape be in a survival situation. Obviously, this would depend on the exact situation, but what we are going to discuss is what some of the best uses for duct tape would be when its versatility is most needed. Some of these items may need a lot of duct tape, as well as time to create, but in the end, duct tape along with a few other commonly found items will be able to create all of the objects noted below. So without further ado, let’s get into the various uses for the Swiss Army Knife of tape.


Under any circumstance, you’re probably going to want to protect your feet as they are quite literally your only means of mobility. With a little bit of time and patience, you can craft a prefect pair of functioning and durable sandals or shoes. You’ll need some sticks of the same length to make the structure of the shoe, and straw and/or grass for padding and insulation. You’ll want to simply figure out the width, length, and height of the sandal and/or shoe, weave the sticks together into said shape, and tape it all together firmly. Finally, add the straw/grass if need be and tape over where that is placed as well. The padding will help to keep shoes/sandals warmer and more comfortable. The brilliant thing is, so long as you have duct tape, you’ll always have the potential for shoes, though perhaps not the most fashionable. And in the end, the more you make, the better they will become.


If you can imagine making shoes from duct tape, twigs, and grass. Then you can probably easily imagine how to fabricate other articles of clothing as well. The three most important obviously being hats, shirts, and pants. A hat would be the easiest to design and create, as the most difficult bit would be creating a brim to shade your face and neck from the sun. But with the aid of a few lightweight twigs creating a rigid structure, it is easily possible. Unless you need the top of the hat, in case you were bald headed, a visor would work just as well.

Next on the list working your way down would be a shirt. However, creating a long sleeve, or even short sleeve shirt is probably going to be quite difficult. Which is why, rather than a traditional shirt, you should attempt to create more of a tunic. They are much easier to create, as you don’t have to measure out the sleeves, in essence being a sort of wide shouldered tank top. Again if you need the shirt for warmth rather than cover from the sun, you can easily stuff grass/straw/fur and any other potentially warming material into the tunic design.

Finally, you’re going to want to fabricate some bottoms. Shorts and pants may seem to be what you would want, but those will be terribly difficult to fabricate form duct tape. Not to mention, the mobility factor of duct tape may restrict pant movement. Rather, you are going to have to work with a kilt/skirt style. These can be made to any length depending on wanted protection, and along with shirts and shoes, can be insulated with other material to make it warmer if need be.   

Water Carrier

Any person who knows anything about what it takes to survive will certainly mention that water is toward the top of any list. With that known, in what way can duct tape help? Well, it can’t rightly purify water in itself and you can’t boil water in it. However, with the use of other materials such as clear plastic, sand and charcoal, there are methods where duct tape creates the structure for the use of other materials. But unless you know these processes, the best immediate use of duct tape is to simply create a sort of bladder for holding and carrying fresh water you either find, collect, or can create in some other way. When duct tape is layered properly, it is quite capable of holding water, and able to hold it for a long time.  

String/ Rope

In a survival situation, string and rope can be an invaluable tool. Whether you need it for climbing, hoisting, fishing, creating traps and snares, or any other reason, you will be grateful that duct tape is able to create any size and strength of rope you will most likely need. You can create string small enough to be used for sowing, and even shoelaces. If you need a stronger rope, you can weave multiple strips of duct tape together as a regular rope would be weaved. No doubt, it probably wouldn’t appear to be the prettiest, nor should you trust it as much as other dependable rope types, but in a survival situation, anything is better than nothing. 


When fighting to live, there will come a time when you need to rest, and the better the rest, the more energy you’ll have to do other tasks. This means creating proper bedding, which is something duct tape can help tremendously with. You can make a mat to sleep on to insulate you from the ground, a blanket to protect you from the elements, and it you are especially clever, you can go as far as to make a sleeping bag altogether. The main point would be to use grass/straw/leaves and anything else available just as you would for clothes. The more of you include, the warmer your bed is going to be.

On another note, one of the biggest nuisances that persist in the wild are insects, and beyond being annoying, some of them carry all sorts of diseases, poisons, a lust for blood. One great use for duct tape in helping you sleep or simply relax, is creating a bug trap. You can line around your area with duct with the sticky side facing up. When an insect attempts to make their way toward you, they’ll have to trek through the sticky tape, hopefully becoming stuck. If an insect is strong/big enough to fight its way through the sticky obstacle course, you have a bigger problem on your hand. Fly swatters and mosquito traps can be made in a similar fashion.  

Rain/Wind/Sun Protection

Finally, duct tape is perfect for protecting yourself from wind, sun, and rain. You can easily make something that would resemble a tarp, or even poncho. A tarp can be used for shade, to shield yourself from the wind, or even to protect yourself form rain. Neither sun, air, nor water can penetrate its almost metallic and durable skin. If all other possible uses fail, yet duct tape is useable for only this, it would still be a worthwhile material to have around you. Exposure is the next most dangerous thing to not having water and food, and in the least, duct tape can dramatically help avoid being exposed to the elements.


The author of this article is Damien S. Wilhelmi. If you enjoyed this piece, you can follow me on Twitter @JakabokBotch. When I’m not writing about wilderness survival, I’m usually pondering other adventurous activities such as Arizona rafting trips, skydiving in Moab, and Colorado mountain climbing.


Women Have Big Feet Too! How To Find The Best Shoes


One thing that frustrates me more than anything else is the lack of choice I have when it comes to buying shoes. Fashion stores on the high street seem to have a thing about stocking loads of smaller sizes yet forget that women can have bigger feet too. This is a problem that becomes even more apparent when the sales are on. I go into a shop, see a stunning pair of shoes I love and then leave empty handed because they are only available in a size three.

If you don’t have large feet you won’t really understand my plight. Shops on the high street may always have your size. But imagine how you would feel if you could only ever buy shoes because they fit you rather than because you like the style. Not having options or choice is depressing. I spent years wearing shoes that didn’t really match my outfits unless I was prepared to spend a fortune. Worse still I would have to wear men’s flip flops which never left me feeling particularly feminine.

It’s Not Only Me? Why Don’t Fashion Stores Think About Us?


Well, I know I am not the only person in the world who finds it nigh on impossible to find large size ladies shoes. A couple of my friends have the same issue as I do so I cannot understand why the fashion industry seems to ignore us. They could gain plenty of customers if they were to recognize that not all women have size six feet or smaller.

Finding Gorgeous Shoe Heaven

Now since the rise of the Internet I have discovered the beauty of shopping online. I order my groceries to be delivered to my home, avoid Christmas queues by buying gifts online and I order clothes. I have now discovered that finding shoes is less of a problem too. A couple of years ago I would look online to find shoes but only find ugly styles that were never really appealing, but all that has changed recently.

I am happy to say that there are websites out there that have found a gap in the market. They have discovered that women need to have a much wider choice in fashionable footwear in all sizes.  It did take me a while to find the right website but now that I have shoes no longer cause me a problem.

Buying the Right Shoe that Suits the Occasion

Now there is the option to buy trendy shoes for all occasions women like me no longer have to wear the only style we can find on the high street that fits. The ranges allow us to find suitable shoes for work, such as a cute yet practical kitten heel, shoes for nights out and more casual shoes to wear in the warmer weather.  I have even enjoyed wearing my first ever pair of slippers that was not in a man’s design this past winter!

Not being able to buy the latest fashions as a teen was something that left me feeling down. Something as simple as a pair of shoes may not seem like a big deal to many women. However, those who have bigger feet like I do will completely understand where I’m coming from. If you are like me there is no need to make do any longer. You do have a choice and there are businesses out there that have recognized our desire to have fashionable footwear just like our peers.  Don’t let the high street get you down, use the Internet, buy from websites that have recognized the need for larger shoes for women and indulge your passion for shoes.

Jess Toogood is a home maker and freelance writer. Large size ladies shoes that look great can be found online, if you have big feet like Vera you now have more choice.

To Wedge Or Not To Wedge, That Is The Question

wonderful wedges

Forget what Shakespeare said, the most important thing on my mind right now is whether or not to invest in a brand new pair of wedged heels. Of course, I already own several pairs of these beauties but a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes and as styles regularly come in and out of fashion, it’s essential to keep on top of the latest footwear trends.

With that in mind I’ve decide to draw up a list of pros and cons when it comes to wedge heels. Hopefully this will help me make up my mind …


  • They’re super stylish – wedges are a timeless classic.
  • Wedged heels are really versatile – team them with skinny jeans, a knee length dress or even a sharp skirt for a smart look to the office.
  • They’re easy to walk in – especially if you usually struggle to walk in heels.
  • They’re really comfortable – so much so, that you can dance the night away in a pair and your feet won’t hurt a bit.
  • They make you taller – which is great for me as I’m a short one.
  • They elongate your legs and make them appear slimmer – find me a girl who doesn’t want that?
  • Wedged heels are chunkier which helps to slim larger ankles.


  • They can make your feet look a bit clumsy – especially when teamed with tight fitting clothes.
  • Wooden or cork wedges are low maintenance – but really don’t work with that little black dress.
  • Wedges are not as dressy as other heels – so teaming them with party outfits may be difficult.
New shoes! Ya like?

My favorite wedges.

If I’m being totally honest, it was really difficult to think of any cons, and it’s clear from the two lists that wedge heels come out on top with obvious success, so it’s definitely thumbs up to wedge heels.

Okay, so now I’ve managed to convince myself, and hopefully you too, that wedge heels are a worthwhile investment, it’s time to consider potential outfits to pair them with.

Cork wedges look fantastic on a summer’s day, teamed with a casual floaty sundress and a big pair of sunglasses. They’re also great for garden parties as you won’t find yourself sinking in to the muddy grass because the weight of your foot is more evenly distributed.

However, wedges also look great with both skinny and flared jeans. Choose flared jeans for a 70s vibe and balance out your proportions by pairing your wedge heels with a pair of your skinniest jeans. Brighten up a pair of dark washed jeans with some red wedges for a more glamorous evening look.

When the weather starts to get warmer, team your wedges with a pair of shorts or an A-line skirt for a cool and casual daytime look that errs just on the right side of dressed up without looking too much.

If you haven’t already got a pair of wedge heels, what are you waiting for? Ensure you look right on trend this season with a pair of stylish wedge heels.


Guest blog contributed by Lauren Jones, a shoe-a-holic with an obsession for soyoushoes ladies shoes.

5 Truly Walkable and Comfy High Heels

Nothing is worse than wearing a really cute pair of pumps and feeling pain from the balls of your feet to, well, everywhere else. Sigh. Scientifically, women were just not designed to wear high heels. I know—I can already hear the gasps from women reading this whose favorite accessory is their Louboutin stilettos. But be warned, high heels are proven to cause long-term back, ankle and knee damage. What’s more is that women who wear high heels every day can have shortened calf muscles by up to 13 percent—which kind of diminishes the “mile-long leg” theory, if you ask me.

So, for those of you who cannot part with your high heels, here is a list of the five most walkable and comfortable high heels in stores today. But keep in mind, regardless of heel size or comfort, it’s best to wear them sparingly since there is long-term damage associated with repetitively wearing high heels.

The Ankle Strap

One of the most uncomfortable things about wearing a pair of pumps is having to dig in with your toes in order to keep the shoes on your feet. An ankle strap will ensure that the shoe stays exactly where it’s supposed to be—on your foot! This strap will also allow you to move more freely and enjoy the stability of a nice pair of high heels.

The Thick Heel

It’s a no-brainer that thin heels are much less stable than a chunky one. From substantially thick heels to near-wedges, these shoes will give you that height you desire without making you look like a weeble-wobble (you know, Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down). The thick heel will allow you to walk like a model all day long.

The Bootie

It goes without saying that a bootie uses your entire foot as an anchor, rather than relying solely on your toes and your ankles for support. However, with more stability comes stiffer leather, which can be a bit uncomfortable. Therefore, it’s important to find a bootie that gives your toes room to breathe. Trust me, your feet (and toes) will thank you later!

The Wedge

A solid wedge not only provides stability, but it also gives your arches a little bit of extra support too. And ladies, wedges are back in style. Unlike the traditional stiletto, wedges are comfortable and easy to walk in. Even four-inch tall wedges are no problem for long days on your feet—safer too.

The Hidden Platform

A hidden platform means that the pitch doesn’t have to be as steep. Plus, a little toe boost will give you a wee bit of support. Look for shoes that have a hidden platform already built in. This support, in the front of the shoe, will help you last longer throughout the workday or those late nights out with the girls.


Author Byline: Liz Granger is a freelance writer with a passion for designer shoes. As a fashionistas in the making, Liz enjoys writing about great looking and comfortable shoes. She believes nothing is more flattering on a woman than a nice pair of shoes.


High Heel Problems and How to Prevent Them


High heels are common or even more common than ever, however that doesn’t mean they’ve gotten any more comfortable. Women have all sorts of problems with heels and podiatrists and orthopaedic surgeons often complain about the wearing of them.

If you don’t carefully choose your heeled shoes you may end up with excessive pressure on the plantar surface – in layman’s terms – the soles of the feet. There’s no doubting that this causes problems for the feet and back and even leads to knee pain and an attractive condition known as hammer toes.

However, wearing high heels is a necessity, looks great and can do your confidence a hell of a lot of good. If you are careful to avoid the mistakes they can offer you all of the aforementioned positives and also few or none of the downsides.


If the shoes fits wear it; if the shoes don’t fit don’t wear it. Large shoes  will cause your foot to move around in the sole and lead to pain and discomfort. Also be aware of the width of the shoe as this also will make for pain in the longer term.

People often wear heels for years, even decades, however the shape of your foot changes and what once fitted you may not do so forever. These are natural changes due to hormones and soft tissue and you should be aware of these when putting on old shoes.


High heels are often high – no surprise there. This height puts the ball of the foot under pressure and causes problems for the joints. If you must choose high heels, be sure that there is some sole under the front of the shoe. Chunkier heels also relieve some of the pressure. Also, heels positioned further forward in the shoe create more pressure than those positioned at the back and are harder to remain comfortable in.

Coverage and Strap

If the ankle strap is tiny, then you will bear more weight on the front of the foot. This means there is a lot of motion and the shoe will be unsteady when walking. Over a day or so this leads to tired feet and sore toes. Try and choose high heels that offer you a good fit and also offer adequate support. Heeled boots and shoes with thick straps over the arch and ankle are best.

Pointy Toes

A common fixture on the high heel is a pointy toe. It looks elegant, but it also cramps the space at the front of the shoe and makes it harder to remain stable. It can also cause a problem known as hammer foot. Choose wider, more rounded toes over pointed ones as this can prevent all of the above problems.

Wearing heels is a luxury women can afford, once the shoes are apt for their feet and the occasion at hand.

Author Byline: Cormac Reynolds writes for UK clothing site Lyst, which provides a range of heels to customers the world over.


Why Men Don’t Wear High Heels

As the years have gone by it seems that heels are getting higher and higher, strangling women’s feet into submission. High heels have become a modern form of foot binding, where women’s health and comfort is sacrificed at the alter of ‘looking good’. The worst part is that it isn’t just socially acceptable but actually encouraged. High heels are often on the uniform in workplaces, they’re ubiquitous in clubs and they’re even creeping into daytime wear. Stilettos are a plague, and they’re catching up to everyone.

There are completely reasonable reasons why women wear high heels: they do give extra height and serve to lengthen and slender the leg. But why do we opt for the most painful pair of heels possible when a slight wedge is often all that is needed to get a great effect. Just to illustrate what high heels are doing to us, here are a list of reasons why men DON’T wear high heels – and why there are alternatives to stilettos that are fashionable as well as comfy.

So why don’t men wear high heels?

Because they want to actually have fun at parties

We all know the girl who sits in the corner at a party, looking rather unhappy, because her feet hurt and she doesn’t want to dance. When I see that girl all I can think is ‘sure, you looked pretty when you walked in but now you just look miserable’. Happy girls are the prettiest girls, so I’m sure a girl attracts more attention having fun on the dance floor instead of spending 10 minutes in heels looking fabulous and then the rest of the night complaining. Men don’t know how painful heels are: they don’t know and most of the time they don’t care. 

Because they’ve stopped listening to the fashion world

Most women wear high heels because it’s the done thing. Nobody wants to standout and look less dressed-up. When heels on runways are so tall that even models fall over, then maybe it’s time to stop listening to Anna Wintour. High heels are fine in fashion magazines because those models only have to wear them for a photo-shoot. When you’re actually trying to live in a pair of heels, then the story is completely different.

Because they’ve figure out how to have height increasing shoes that don’t hurt

Men are just as self-conscious about their height as women, if not more so. The difference is that their methods of adding height to themselves don’t involve strapping pointy death-traps to their feet. Throughout time men have used much sneakier methods to add height, almost all of which are completely painless. By wearing cowboy boots, dress shoes with a Cuban heel and even ‘Beatles’ boots that were popular in the Sixties, men have wore height increasing shoes that don’t make you want to amputate your feet.

All in all, I agree that heels look good – but I just think that smiling looks better. I’m not advocating burning all your heels, but just consider the next time you’re getting ready for a night out whether you’ll have more fun with a smaller, more comfortable heel or even flats. If that answer is yes then put those small heels on and consider that for once, maybe men have gotten this one right.

This is a guest post by Lisa Peteres, an occasional guest-blogger and a full-time fashion enthusiastic. Currently she works for Altitude Shoes, a shoe store selling high heels and shoes that make you taller. When not blogging, Lisa likes to travel and read a lot, especially about psychology. 


10 Reasons to Trash Your Favorite Pair of High Heels

A beautiful pair of high heels can be a woman’s best accessory. But that accessory shouldn’t hurt. If your favorite stilettos are uncomfortable, they could be permanently damaging your feet. Before you get back into your next pair of sky-high pumps, read on. It might be time to swap them for a better pair.

Here are the Top 10 reason to trash your favorite pair of high heels:

1.You spend too much time in them. You may love your favorite pair of high heels because they make your legs look super long, but they’re not for everyday wear. Log too many hours in high heels and you can develop chronic foot pain.

2. They’re making your feet ugly. No matter how close you are with your favorite heels, you’ll have to take them off eventually. And when you do you might find bunions, callouses and corns underneath, not to mention a puffy foot. Shoes that aren’t specifically designed for comfort do unsightly damage to feet that makes walking around in your bare feet embarrassing.

3. They hurt. Beauty does not have to equal pain. That stabbing pain in the balls of your feet may seem like a fair trade-off for your favorite pumps, but it could be a sign of permanent, damaging changes taking place in your feet. Plus, there’s no reason to suffer. Quality shoes offer the structure and support as well as beauty to save you from daily pain.

4. Foot problems can be reversed if you catch them early. The longer you suffer with achy, pinched feet, the more you’re changing the structure of your piggies. Switch to a more comfortable pair now and you won’t develop problems that may plague you for the rest of your life.

5. You’re permanently changing the way you walk. When you have a bunion, uncomfortably high heels actually move the bone on your big toe’s base joint. This change in the shape of your foot actually changes the way your foot moves to push you forward. Those changes can make switching to flats uncomfortable later in life.

6. You don’t want to have foot surgery. Teeter tottering on heels all day causes bunions. This irreversible bone damage requires surgery to straighten out. If you manage to avoid bunions you’re still not out of the woods. Hammertoes are another bone deformity caused by high heels. You’ll need surgery to fix them too.

7. You’ll never get those defined calves you’ve been working on. When you walk in flats or sensible heels, you use your calves to push you forward. But high heels push all of your weight forward on your tippy toes. When you’re tipping around up there your calf muscles don’t do any work. You can save hours in the gym by making a little change in your footwear.

8. You’re making permanent changes to your posture. When your heels push your feet forward the rest of your body has to compensate. The lower half of it sits forward to help you keep your balance. Then the top half of you leans back to even you out. Over the years, this pushing forward and leaning back changes the shape of your muscles and puts stress on areas that weren’t meant to be stressed out.

9. You’re getting older. Stilettos are child’s play. Literally. As you age, your feet lose the fatty deposits that make heels tolerable. And the fat that remains gets pushed forward towards the balls of your feet. You’re not just imagining that your favorite pair gets less comfortable year after year.

10. There are better heels out there. It’s not the 1990s anymore. Chunky heels are in. Look for a quality pair of shoes with padding on the insoles. Thick heels will keep you supported without putting too much strain on your feet and posture. If you already suffer from bunions or callouses opt for open-toed shoes. They’ll let your feet relax while you stay stylish.

Your heels may be fabulous but they could be ruining your feet. And no fashion is worth hobbling around in your old age. Especially when there is plenty of fashion out there that supports and nurtures your feet. Buy your favorite styles from a shoe source that you trust. Make the right footwear decisions and you won’t have to trade in fashionable footwear for functioning feet.

Author Byline: Deena Walters is a writer for Uncomfortablefoot.com. If she’s not analyzing retail trends in comfortable heels, she can likely be found driving her 3 teenage boys around to their school activities or practicing yoga with her friends.


Alternative Shoes For Alternative Women

If you’re a woman who really isn’t into high fashion, or the ‘same old, same old’ of the high street, the right shoes can be tough to find. Even a pair of killer heels are tough to track down, as it’s hard not to imagine them hanging off some dumb celeb’s foot trying to escape a taxi cab.


Don’t worry, help is at hand! As we head into Autumn 2012, there are brands that have provided an oasis of originality in a desert of tedium. Here are a some of alternative women’s shoe brands that have brought out some great designs for the new season. Whether you’re a goth, punk, rocker or psychobilly, these brands should have something for you.

Iron Fist Shoes

Iron Fist have been one of the foremost alternative clothing brands in the UK. Winning fans with their punk attitude, if there’s one thing that Iron Fist has, it’s impact. Their alternative women’s shoes have been hugely successful, simply because they know their customers well. Iron Fist shoes are feminine, but hardly girly.

Iron Fist brings together sexiness and humor, with wild designs that don’t pull punches, if you pardon the weak pun. One of the brand’s best sellers has been their vivid zombie and skull designs, which are bursting with tongue-in-cheek gruesomeness.

Macbeth Footwear

Founded in San Diego, California in 2002, Macbeth Footwear was founded by Blink 182 members Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus. With this input, it’s easy to imagine the influences that drives the brand; skateboarding, American punk and street art. This has helped to create a new take on the classic skate shoe, which tough designs for men and women.

The great thing about Macbeth footwear is they’re the perfect ‘go to’ shoes. I love a great pair of trainers to shleb around in, but still look good when I’m out. Macbeths are perfect for that.

TUK Shoes

Hep cats and lounge lizards could do worse that getting a pair of shoes from TUK. From baby doll heel styles to alternative knee high boots, the brand has manage to capture something of American diners and the neon flicker of dimly lit bars in their collections. TUK has the benefit of a mixed heritage, being a Californian brand that started life in the UK.

The result is that all-important sense of humor mixed with an almost faded glamour of long-gone matinee idols. For me, TUK shoes work brilliantly with a figure-hugging dress and short leather jacket or small cardigan. Slip on wide rimmed shades and you’re good to go.

Article Provided By: The Alternative Store are retailers of alternative fashions such as Iron Fist shoes.

How To Match Accessories With Your Outfit

We’ve all seen that dreaded picture in a magazine, when a celebrity has been caught out wearing mismatched shoes or carrying a hideous handbag. Whether you’re planning a wedding, getting ready for a night out on the town or preparing for that nerve-racking first date, the perfect outfit will give you the ultimate confidence boost. If you’re having trouble matching your accessories to your favorite outfit, check out these tips for creating a flawless look.

Choose a Theme

Now this may sound a little cliché at first, but your chosen look should portray a certain theme or style. Whether you are opting for a bohemian look or picturing something a little classier, you’re accessories should always tell a story. If you’re attending a gala or formal event, you can never go wrong with sophisticated color tones of black, white or pewter. In saying this, don’t match your elegant evening dress with a bright yellow, plastic bangle. Keep your accessories to a minimum and choose a small evening clutch bag for your statement.

On the other hand, if you’re kicking your heels up for a girl’s night out, try something fun like ruby red flats or bright cobalt heels. If you’re creating a party style, choose brightly colored or patterned accessories to complement a more subdued outfit.

Match perfectly…Or Don’t Match At All

In previous times, everything needed to match perfectly, right down to the colour and style of your earrings. Nowadays, however, fashion gurus have a little more leeway, having the freedom to create bold and passionate, mismatched designs. If you do choose to mismatch your outfit and accessories, be sure that you’re creating the right look. Mismatched outfits can create a statement, but they can also look like you just threw on the first thing you picked out of your wardrobe. Try matching at least one accessory if you do choose to purposely mismatch, such as a similarly colored bracelet to your shoes or handbag. Subtle touches make all the difference, so always pay attention to detail.

Sometimes Simple is Best

If you don’t see yourself as a fashion guru and are worried about testing the limits with mismatched outfits, stick to what you know. Some of the most elegant looks, throughout history, have been created with sheer simplicity. Something as modest as a neutral colored dress, with matching shoes and handbag, can create a timeless look. While you should never be afraid to try out any new styles you see, sometimes sticking to a simple yet classical look can create a truly amazing fashion ensemble.

Everyone has their own tastes in what’s fashionable and what isn’t, so however you decided to match (or mismatch) your accessories, be confident and proud of your fashion creation – you never know, you might just see it strutting down the catwalk next season!

About The Author: Holly is a Fashion Writer from Sydney, Australia. She says your accessories are very important because they can make or break your look. For shoes, Holly recommends shopping online at shoeswithstyle.com.au to save money on quality designs.


Accessorizing a White Outfit

If you are looking for tips on how to add a little something to that white outfit, look no further! Here are a few ways that you can spice up your otherwise plain outfit.

It is believed that every woman should have a solid white dress. Not only are they easy to dress down to go out to the movies but they are also easy to dress up for a day date. Simply adding jewelry to your dress can create a beautiful look but it also makes for a more stylish look. You can add jewelry like stud earrings, a few bangles for your wrist, hoop earrings, or a strand of pearls.

If you’re having a hard time finding some shoes that would be suiting, adding a strappy sandal usually works. Choose a shoe color that will match the jewelry you have chosen to wear. For instance, if the jewelry you are wearing is a light color, wear silver shoes or another light color. If you are going to be carrying a clutch or purse, remember that that is part of your ensemble. If you need help deciding on a bag or clutch, follow the rules for the shoes.

Dress your white outfit down by making it more informal. This means that you can wear your flip flops with it. You can add wood jewelry for a nice touch that is also reasonably priced. Wood bangles that are light weight can usually be found in your local store.

Another popular outfit to wear right now is the white blouse and white jeans combination. You can create a bunch of different looks with this combination. For example, you can add bright colors like plastic bracelets and necklaces for a more fun look.

Starting with shoes and a belt is always best when you don’t know how to start enhancing the white jeans and shirt combo. Adding zebra striped shoes and a zebra striped belt can start you off. The next step is to add some color. Pair gold bracelets with a chunky gold necklace or if you want a bolder look, wear a bulky red necklace. Don’t forget to find a clutch or purse that will match your entire outfit.

When wearing a white outfit, whether a dress or jeans and a shirt, remember that you need to add some cute animal prints or bright colors. The key is to just have fun!

Author Bio: Alyx Braze is an author who specializes in women’s apparel and has a passion for fashion.

7 Simple Ways to Look Taller

With so many studies pointing to height as the key to success and happiness, it’s no wonder so many people are striving to look just that bit taller. How short you are is relative, – for example a 5ft 7in man would be tall in Cambodia but short in The Netherlands – but it is still an issue some men and women worry about everyday and severely effects their self-esteem.

Yet many people don’t realize that if you’re feeling a tad self-conscious about your height, then there many ways you can get around it by ‘appearing’ to look taller. Sound difficult? Well here are 7 simple tips to help you out.

1. Vertical stripes

 It may be trite, but the truth is that wearing vertical stripes really does make you seem that bit taller. Lines encourage the eyes to follow them up the body, giving the impression of extra length. The trick however, is in the subtlety. Narrow vertical lines have the same effect as bold stripes, but are much less likely to draw attention to the fact you’re wearing stripes to purposely enhance your height. The last thing you want is an outfit that screams

2.  Avoid baggy clothing

 This tip works especially well if you’re both short and thin, as baggy clothing can completely swap your frame – making you look smaller than you really are. Close, sharp fits will not only look much more stylish but also will suit your short frame much better.

3.  Choose your formal wear with care

When it comes to choosing a suit, short men have extra considerations to make. Instead of going (like most men) for a suit that errs on the larger side, you should go for a much closer fit that does not end up sagging. Suspenders are also a great option as they look cool while also ensuring the trousers rest at your waist not your hips, lengthening your legs.

 4.  Dress in one (preferably dark) color

 Wearing contrasting colors divides your body up into blocks, emphasizing the smallness of each part. To avoid this, you should try to wear varying shades of the same color. That way, your entire form is taken in by the eye instead of individual parts. Dark clothing is a help here too: black clothes may emphasize your narrowness but they will also lengthen you out by again presenting your body in a single block.

 5.  Consider lifts or height-adding shoes

 The decision whether to buy lifts for your existing shoes or buy height-adding shoes can be tricky. While lifts might be over-kill for a person who is only slightly short, they may also look too obvious on someone who is undeniably small. As a rule of thumb, purpose-built height shoes are better than lifts; shoe inserts can be uncomfortable and embarrassing if noticed.

Height-adding shoes can be a great addition to your wardrobe as they are often subtle, while actually adding inches. The best key is to go with quality. The image that springs to mind of ugly, heeled shoes is actually far from the stylish height shoes now available from specialist stores online and in many retailers. By picking a pair of solid, stylish height shoes you will be able to add a few inches without looking like you are trying too hard.

 6.  Devise a strategy based on your height

 There are certain tricks that play better depending on how short you are. If you are very short, a combination of height-adding shoes and quality fitted clothes will work quite nicely. If you’re only a few inches short of the average, then it is perhaps better to avoid lifts and focus on subtler tips like stripes and dark clothing.

 7.  It’s all in the attitude

There is nothing that draws attention to your height more than a Napoleon complex. By not constantly pointing out and stressing about your height, you will draw less attention to your short stature. Being comfortable in your own skin is often more important to looking good and exuding confidence than panicked attempts to look taller. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to attempt to appear taller, you should also be comfortable with yourself – just as you are.

This is a contributed article from guest author Charlie Oszvald. Charlie is a fashion enthusiast, and now writes for Altitude Shoe a cutting edge of height increasing footwear, fashion and shoe technology.

The Dangers of High Heels

High heels, like the classic Oxford lace-up for men, have been a constant and perpetual fashion staple for the fairer sex. Embraced for formal and informal events alike and worn by all age ranges, even down to toddlers, the shoes show no waning in their popularity. Unlike Oxford style footwear, however, heels can be incredibly dangerous and can cause incredible damages to the wearer’s foot extending much beyond bunions and blisters.

Although the aesthetic value of heels cannot be debated, and the shoes also make the wearer taller, their legs appear longer and their posture to improve, there are an incredible amount of problems that wearing this design can cause to the feet. Long term wearing of heels can affect the bones in the feet as the distribution of weight is not spread out across the entire foot but rather concentrated on the heel and balls. This weight distribution problem can be made even worse with the new design of shoes favored buy the likes of Lucy Liu which feature a high heel shoe design but with the heel removed; the entirety of the body’s weight is not placed exclusively on the balls of the feet.

One of the most common afflictions of the over use of wearing high heels is called metatarsalgia. This affects the metatarsal region of the feet (the technical term for the balls) – the area which gained a degree of fame due to David Beckham’s injury there. It has also been found that the high angles of the shoe can also increase the risk of arthritis later on in a regular wearer’s life. Some of the most obvious health risks associated with high heels, however, comes from their wearers having accidents in them – reports suggest that up to 40% of heel wearers have suffered in some unfortunate accident due to their choice of shoe.

Heels are particularly troublesome for pregnant women. Whereas ballet pumps, sandals and flats do not provide the support a pregnant woman’s feet and knees need, heels provide their own sets of concern. The optimum footwear to sport during pregnancy would include straps to support the foot’s ligaments, particularly fragile at this point, and soft and wide fitting shoes which can accommodate swollen feet and ankles rather than putting more pressure on them.

Although heels have looked immovable as the fashion item of choice in recent years, a new surge in popularity for wedges has offered a viable alternative in the health stakes. Wedges boast the same benefits as heels, in they make the wearer appear taller, with longer legs and better posture, but also provide better support for the feet and arches.

Heels are undoubtedly stylish and look great on their wearer’s feet; they are versatile and can be worn with a range of styles. They do, however, boast a health risk if worn too often. The key is, as those who bring spare shoes with them wherever they go will testify, to make sure that they aren’t worn at all times. Like all good things in life, moderation is the key.

About the Author: Kieron Casey is a fashion blogger for  who writes Barratts about the latest footwear trends. He recommends that, whilst high heels are a fantastically versatile footwear they should be worn in moderation. You can view Barratts latest high heels here: barratts.co.uk/en/womens/heels/



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