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Infographic: Wearing Pop Culture On Your Chest

You may not stop to think too much about it, but almost every T-shirt design that has been popular over the past few decades is either born from popular culture or inspires a generation to take up a cause. For example the yellow smiley face design may seem ingrained into our subconscious, but did you know that it was designed in about 10 minutes in the early 1960’s by Harvey Ball for the State Mutual Life Assurance company of Worcester, Massachusetts? Although originally meant to cheer up employees, years later the face was slapped on products everywhere and turned into a fad that made $50 million in sales in a year and a half. Nowadays, we see versions of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” slogan on T-shirts as people adjust the words to fit a certain message. However, by using the same design, layout and fonts these shirts instantly remind us of the original. You can learn more about T-shirt trends of the past few decades by reading through the following infographic.

Created by Coastal Printworks, provider of provides Museum Quality T-Shirt Screen-Printing, Digital T-Shirt Printing and embroidery.


Help Your Man Dress Classy This Summer With These Items


So you love your man, but he dresses like a slob? Not to worry! Stock his closet with these five classy summer essentials, and he’ll have everything he needs for a first-class summer.

The Polo

A short-sleeved, high-quality polo shirt has been the stylish man’s version of a t-shirt for over 50 years. Put your honey in any color you like, although he’ll earn extra points in the class department if he sports pastels or white. Choose a polo made with all cotton, like the Voi Jeans Redford Polo at reemclothing.com, and it can look fantastic for years to come.

The Oxford Shirt

Made with fabric that features a handsome, sturdy basket weave pattern, the button-up Oxford shirt makes it easy to achieve a comfortable upscale look every day. Have your man pair his with khakis, khaki shorts, or colored chinos, and fasten all but the top two buttons. Tuck the shirt in, add a grosgrain ribbon belt, and voila– instant summer class.

Cotton Chinos

The word “chinos” refers to pants made from twill, and most guys are familiar with them in the form of khakis. These tan-colored chinos are a classic, easy-to-wear summer staple that your man should be proud to be seen in, but to help your guy achieve an even higher-class look, try a pair in white or bright summer colors. These exude an all-American, JFK-style classiness that’s timeless and fun.

Boat Shoes

Now that your man has a couple of shirts and a few pairs of pants, it’s time to talk footwear. The upper crust of society equates summers with lake houses, sailboats, and yachts, and they consequently wear boat shoes as often as possible. These durable leather shoes look similar to moccasins, but they feature adjustable leather lacing around the top and a non-slip sole. If your man balks at the old-school styling, just get him to try a pair on “for fun.” Boat shoes are so comfortable; he might just be hooked despite himself.

Classic Sunglasses

Nothing polishes off a classy man’s look like a great pair of shades that complements his face shape. The right sunglasses suggest a carefree life of leisure, a breezy Devil-May-Care attitude, and frequent opportunities to be out and enjoying the weather. Choose a classic style, like Aviators or round lenses, and opt for traditional tortoiseshell over plain black. Feel like Old Money yet?

How do you class up your man? Share your stories below!

5 Ways To Wear Plaid

Plaid has been a constant companion to the modern fashion wardrobe ever since it went big in the 1960s. Adopted around the world in everything from shirts and skirts to scarves and boots, plaid is a big hit no matter what the season but this year it’s making a big re-appearance on the runways. What works on the catwalks will soon be in the high street windows, so prepare for a plaid bonanza and keep your eye out for sale items and discounts to snap them up early. Many people find it difficult to bring plaid into their outfits, so here are our 5 Ways to Wear Plaid in 2013.

Plaid Polo Shirt

Plaid polo shirts have graduated from the golf course and into modern fashion in recent years. Certain famous high street brands have helped them make the transition, by introducing them as a university style wear for the smart sophisticated look. A tartan or plaid polo blends perfectly with sand colored chinos for the stylish answer to smart casual when you want to err on the side of caution. As is true with all plaid numbers; don’t mix patterns too closely; if at all. Block colors should provide barriers between patterns so try not to wear jackets or trousers with any similar details if you’re going for the plaid polo.

Plaid Long Sleeve Check Shirt

Another graduation in modern fashion is the evolution of plaid from casual weekend wear to become a more versatile clothing choice. Not only is a fine and detailed twill check long sleeved shirt excellent with up turned jeans for effortless cool, but plaid and checks are making their way into more formal settings such as restaurants more and more. To make plaid long sleeve check shirts work in a more formal setting, bring them onto pressed trousers and shoes and introduce a matching waistcoat coat over the top. This afford you the flexibility to either have the top button hanging open for a more casual look, or bring the buttons up and the tie in for a full formal dinner outfit with a bit of personality. High street British fashion brand Lyle & Scott’s checked shirts are an excellent choice for introducing on-trend plaid into your wardrobe.


Plaid for Cooler Climes

When we inevitably experience a wilt in the British summer, plaid offers us a fantastic way to quickly put together a stylish yet breeze-beating outfit. Pairing a heavier fabric plaid shirt with a gilet gives you an excellent rugged outdoor look that’s both comfortable and protective on blustery British days. To help you deal with any unforeseen dinners, bring a black knitted tie with you which can transform the outfit into acceptable evening attire without overdoing it. Dark denim with brown or tan boots are perfect when it’s cold out, whilst you can swap the boots for brogues when you step inside for a drink.

Plaid Ties and Bows

The vibrant pattern of plaid makes it an excellent statement accessory piece to liven up a tired or formal outfit. Whilst plaid shirts look great with a bold block colored tie, the opposite is true too. Use a plaid or check tie on a plain shirt to inject a bit of your personal taste into your formal attire. Whilst you might be better off sticking to the tried and tested methods for events like job interviews and meetings, the plaid tie affords you some flexibility to express your fashion sense at smart casual affairs where you can let your hair down a little. Plaid dickie-bows are the ultimate chic accessory to a suit, transforming the entire ensemble into a light hearted gig.

Plaid Tailored Suits

Most people utilize statement pieces to tone down a suit with accessories, but plaid is making its way onto the tailored catwalks with full striped or checked suits available from the hangers this season. Plaid suits offer you a more toned down version of your formal suit and work great for restaurant dates and casual workplaces, bringing a little levity into your outfit when the grey or black suit is proving a little tired. Plaid suits with t-shirts are going to be huge this summer, giving you the ability to shed the blazer and relax in a cool but sophisticated get-up.

Plaid is moving leaps and bounds this season, set to experience a renaissance across all fashion levels. From the small statement accessories that can transform an outfit, to the full-blown plaid ensembles; checks are going to be returning in style and offering men up and down the country to express their personal style in more situations every day.


This article was written by fashion blogger James. He writes about current trends, his plaid item of the season is the Lyle and Scott plaid skirt.

5 Ways To Customize Your Clothes


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get stylish and fashionable outfits.  If you’re handy with a needle and thread, you can easily create interesting personalised clothing out of beautiful basics, ensuring that you’ll never again bump into someone wearing a little black dress identical to yours at a party.

1. Glitter Heels

Dress up a plain pair of heels by covering them in a glittery fabric.  Trace a template of the shoe’s heel using plastic or cling-film and cut that template out.  Use that template as a pattern, and cut the fabric to the right size, then glue it to your shoes using a leather-friendly adhesive.  To ensure that the fabric sticks completely to the heel, tie several loops of string tightly around the heel and leave it overnight to give the glue plenty of time to dry.

2. Pretty Patchworks

Instead of throwing out an old floral or patterned dress, cut out some patches in various shapes; for example hearts, triangles, stars, or your initials.  Sew these patches onto the arms of your denim jacket, or an old pair of “distressed” jeans.  Use a thick thread in a contrasting colour, and large, jagged stitches for a fashionable, shabby chic look.

3. Hand-made Belts

A hand-made rope belt makes a great earthy accessory.  Measure the amount of rope you need by looping the rope around your waist.  Add an extra few inches to allow for a knot in the middle of the belt.  Cut several pieces of rope to the length that you have calculated (four is a good choice, but you may use more or less depending on how chunky you want the belt to be).  Use two hooks or key-rings to make the clasp for the belt.  Feed the lengths of rope through the loops of the clasp, and tie them with a sailor’s knot.

4. Beautiful Bows

Bows can be used to accessorize almost anything.  Take a bright cut of fabric, or something with a strong pattern, such as Tartan, and use it to make several bows.  Small bows are perfect for spicing up the straps of plain summer dresses, while bigger bows can turn a boring woollen jumper into something quirky and interesting.

5. Easy Embellishments

Turn a plain-white T-shirt into something smart and luxurious looking with this simple embellishment.  Start by placing your t-shirt on a mannequin (or laying it out flat, if you don’t have anything to hang the t-shirt on).  Loosely drape your chosen chains and other accessories over the t-shirt, and tuck or gather the t-shirt in a flattering pattern.  Once you have found the perfect look, sew your accessories in place using a thin thread that is the same color as your t-shirt.

When many people think of personalized clothing, they immediately have visions of children wearing jumpers and sweaters with their names on them.  As you can see, this doesn’t have to be the case.  With some creativity and patience you can make some great looking garments.


Amy writes about how to customize your clothes for personalized clothing retailer, Logos4Polos. Amy loves fashion but loves altering clothes and making them completely unique even more.

Funky Ways To Recycle T Shirts


T shirts are quite popular amongst both men and women of all ages. They too can get old and outdated like other garments but there are always some tricks and tips to make them new and used again. Here are a few of them.

Cutting the Sleeves Off

Sleeves can be cut off from shoulders length or from the middle of the sleeves to make them new again, furthermore, in case summers have arrived, this cutting of sleeves can make them suitable summer wear.

Turning Shirts Inside Out

Another bright idea to recycle T shirts is to turn them inside out and then cutting the stitched areas and collars and cuffs with scissors. While doing so, it has to be kept in mind that maximum part of a T shirt has to remain intact. Otherwise the whole shirt will tear apart.


There are always some cool designs to be found that can be copied in order to make identical designs on T shirts. Colored sprays are not much expensive to find in the market, sprays that are specifically oriented to color T shirts are also available in the market. These sprays can be used to first make a desirable design and then to fill it with a desirable color.

Dyeing the T Shirts

Dyeing is another very good option when it comes to customizing or recycling T shirts for reuse. If one is bored wearing a same shirt over and over again and wished to try something new; but the fabric still holds its place, then there is an option to let the shirt have its color changed to something else. This way it gets recycled to become all new with very little expense.

Adding Accessories

Almost every house has old earnings and such accessories that are there but not being used. It will not be a good idea to make a better use of them than letting them rot in the corner of a shelf. Such earnings and other simpler jewelry items can be added to the T shirt by hanging them or stitching them on it. This gives them a whole new look and they barely look like the shirt they were before.

Cutting the Shoulders Off

Women can practice this thing with their older shirts by cutting their shoulders off. This makes them fit if the shoulders would have grown tighter and also adds a style to the existing short piece. By improvising a little and cutting the shirt from one shoulder all the way to the other horizontally, a long neck shirt can be made that is yet again a fashion. Similar designs are being made to sell some very cheap custom t-shirts to people who do not know how to do this themselves.

Jordan help people in customization their own garment and he likes to sell t shirts on The T Shirt Man Shop.

Timeless Fashion That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Jersey Dress

Jersey Dress

By their very nature fashions come and go with time. One minute skirts are knee high and the next they’re ankle skimming. It’s sometimes hard to keep up. Some pieces though are evergreens and, however trends come and go, these timeless classics can always be relied upon to create an elegant and chic look time after time and season after season.

Classic White Shirt

A classic white shirt is a wardrobe essential and incredibly versatile. A smart option for your working day, dress it up for a night on the tiles or dress down with jeans for a casual weekend. It never fails to fit the bill. When choosing your white shirt consider one with a slight stretch to the fabric as this will keep it looking good throughout the day. This year pencil skirts are high on the fashion agenda and they look great for work paired with a smart white shirt. Or, for down time, pair your white shirt with a pair of dark denim boot-legs for a flattering and classic look. Your white shirt or blouse also works well as part of a layered look, worn open or slightly open with a pretty cami underneath and a casual cardigan on top.

Jersey Dress

There’s nothing like a dress to create an instantly feminine outfit. There are a number of classic shapes out there from the smart shift to empire line and shirt-style but one of the most versatile and flattering is the jersey dress, particularly in a wrap style.

Like many classic pieces, a jersey dress can help you through all occasions, whether smart or casual, in style. Both comfortable and flattering, the jersey fabric is easy maintenance and crease resistant. With a jersey dress as your basic outfit, you are free to have fun with accessories and tap in to the season’s trends without breaking the bank.


Cardigans are an absolute favorite in any wardrobe. An easy, comfortable extra layer and the amazing variety of styles out there today has us like a child in a sweetshop. A classic button through cardigan provides the perfect cover-up whatever the season and can have you feeling cosy and comforted or sophisticated and style depending on how you choose to accessorize this woolen wonder.

Fitted Jacket

We’re really talking blazer style here and they are having somewhat of a renaissance of late. They’re no longer realm of more mature women. Even the teens are getting in on the act.

Not only does a fitted jacket look great for the office but, paired with jeans and the classic white blouse above, it will look utterly sophisticated for the weekend too. Single breasted is the one to go for if you’re slightly curvy and always go for something with a slightly nipped in waist to give you a fabulous shape.


Jeans have been around for decades and there’s a good reason for that. They’re comfortable, practical and wash like a dream. At one time lots of women avoided them like the plague, unable to find some to flatter. Thankfully though, these days fashion companies has answered the call of womankind and created every kind of jean imaginable to ensure that every woman can find a pair of flattering jeans if she wants to. From low rise to high rise and boyfriend to skinnies, for every body shape there is a pair of jeans for you and, once you’ve found the perfect pair, you’ll wonder how you ever coped without them. A good pair of jeans can look great dressed up or down and they do look great on older women too. As a rule of thumb darker denim is the one to go for when over fifty and a bootleg is a safe bet to flatter most body types. By day a loose blouse and boots or plimsolls look great and by night, a pair of heels and a fitted top will do the trick.

This article has been written by Bonmarche one of the UK’s leading retailers of stylish ladies clothing at affordable prices.  Bonmarche’s stylish women’s clothing includes dresses, tops, maxi dresses, trousers and coats & jackets, available in sizes 12 – 32.

5 Ways To Wear A Blazer


The blazer is probably the most versatile of all the items of clothing you will ever purchase and is a wonderful staple piece of clothing to have in your wardrobe. Of course, of all blazers the navy, two button kind is the most on-trend at the moment.

We would suggest trying on a number of blazers first as not all fits are the same, even if the size suggests otherwise. This is often even the case for designers and jackets can differ within a range.

The great thing about the blazer is that it can carry you through a whole host of occasions and just has to be teamed up with an item beneath to do so. So, let’s take a look at the ways you can wear a blazer.

V-Neck Cardigans

A crew neck t-shirt and a deep V-neck cardigan and you’re away. Add a blazer on top of this outfit and you’re looking classic and stylish. It’s also quite warm and also affordable and so there’s no excuse not to add it to your wardrobe.

Plaid Shirts

The plaid shirt has been round for season after season now and gives the blazer a modern look and a contemporary fit. Adding a little colour underneath is also good and looks great against the strong navy blazer. Of course, you can also use a white button down short for more formal occasions.

Thick Knits

The thick knit is such a practical and useful piece of clothing and also looks attractive. Retro shawl collars and cable knits are big at the moment and can really work well with the blazer. Use an interesting pattern to really make things more interesting, but not too out there. It’s ideal for colder climates or offices.

Printed T-Shirts

The classic mix and match, teaming a blazer with a printed t-shirt is quite a cool style trick that manages to wonderfully combine the formal with the casual. You can even manage to perform your own t-shirt printing quite easily.  It adds a sense of the cool and is also a practical accompaniment for when things get a little cooler at night. Team it up with some denim and you’re set for a night out.

V-Neck Jumper

A fine merino knit V-neck jumper works well with the blazer and an accompanying button down shirt. It’s ideal for the office and can also take you into those Friday evening drinks too, allowing you to take a chameleon like approach.

The blazer is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe, so invest in one and you’ve bought yourself half of a new wardrobe.

Author Byline: Colin O’Donnell writes for a UK site called 1clickprint.com that provides personalized t-shirts in the UK. He has a long history of writing about fashion dos and don’ts.

T-Shirt Sayings That Shouldn’t Exist

There comes a moment, everyday, for every person, where you have to decide exactly how you are going to be viewed when you walk out into public. It was the famous Ralph Waldo Emerson who stated, “Common sense is genius dressed in its working clothes.” Sadly, many of the clothes worn today by an alarming number of people lack any sense what so ever.

Some believe they are being witty and funny, while others are trying to make a statement or express themselves. These things in themselves are not bad. However, just as anything else, this can be used improperly.

It was William Shakespeare who mentioned, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” If you’d take a gander at the picture, her statement is certainly brief, so she nailed that bit. But the soul of her statement should scream disgrace, yet she appears to be quite happy. I suppose there is wit to the statement, but is it really worth being heard? A better question should be is it worth saying? 

A Short List of Absurd T-Shirt Sayings

-       I am the person your mom should have warned you about.

-       I’m not sure what it is that makes you dumb, but it’s working.

-       Smile, it is the second greatest thing your lips can do.

-       Never kick a man unless he is down.

-       I am not as dumb as you look.

-       I’m with stupid.

-       Your boyfriend thinks I’m hot.

-       Life’s too short to be with ugly women.

-       I don’t need Edukashun

Why… Just Why

Why are these saying necessary? They only accomplish but a few goals, none of which are in the favor of the wearer. They scream for attention, insult random people, and generally do nothing but exhibit a person’s ignorance, indolence, and boastful nature. How is that a good idea in a persons mind when getting dressed? The first thought on my mind in the morning is precisely how I am going to upset the greatest amount of people. Otherwise my day simply wouldn’t be complete. 

I would argue that most people wear such shirts because they have things in themselves of which to not be proud of. Calling random people stupid only proves how obtuse you truly are. Making fun of others outward appearance only shows how ugly you are inside. Boasting how beautiful you are only proves how unattractive you believe yourself to be.

These sayings do not accomplish the wanted result in my mind. They lack humor, wit, and intelligence while casting upon the user nothing more than an image of simply being a terrible person. Though, this thought must be lost upon the users as these types of shirts are frequently worn. These shirts are almost a brand in itself. People who wear them must be a part of a certain club, and it was one I was happily not invited to.


In the end, I would call those that wear such shirts half-wits, but that would be half a compliment. It would also being playing into their game of indiscriminate slander and insult. Which, based on this piece, I obviously do not endorse.

The whole point here is that if you are going to make a statement, make it a worthwhile one. Your dress dictates how people view you, if you dress like a fool, well then you’ll be treated as such. When you travel around in your hometown, your reputation is based on their knowledge of you. But when in a foreign area, first impressions are the lasting ones. A person’s attire is the only indicator strangers have to go by, and considering most people we encounter have never been met before, you are going to be judged on how you look.

Now there will those that say they don’t care what other people think. My question then is why would they care what you think? Are they forcing their idiotic thoughts onto you such as you are to them? Why is it even worth telling someone something if their opinions didn’t matter. A good motto to go by is to dress as smart as you are. Not dress as dumb as you believe others to be.

The author of this article is Damien S. Wilhelmi, an SEO super agent and white hat content creating tactician. If you enjoyed this article, you can follow me on twitter @JakabokBotch #YouDontKnowJak. I am writing on behalf of Star Candy Boutique who offers the very best in cute panties.

How To Wear Flare Jeans

Night Fever

The very word “flares” makes us think of 70’s disco nights and loud, over the top suits. Flare fit trousers are one of those unique items which come and go from fashion sporadically, being either massively in or massively out with usually very little in between. Unlike other cuts and styles of men’s jeans, such as more common ones like skinny and boot fit, it can often be difficult to find the right clothes to put together with your flare men’s jeans.

There is no doubt that every man looking to wear this superb style has to have a certain level of confidence and panache in order to pull it off effectively, so which ways can you go when wearing flares?

Let’s Rock Out

Flares are often associated with a rock and roll look, with the opposite extreme of skinnies being the other men’s jeans typically associated with rockers. With that being said there are still many outfit ideas to be explored. Let us get the jean out of the way first, however. The key with flares is undoubtedly the waist, or the hips, as that is where you probably where them, unless your name is Simon Cowell. Really understanding your waist/hip size correctly will ensure you have the perfect fitting pair of men’s jeans. You get enough room from the knee down with flares, so a snug fit around the waist is crucial. This will also ensure you are not lost in the denim and look to be much bigger than you actually are!

Flares allow any type of shoe to be worn with them, although formals are best avoided with loafers and plimsolls being the most sensible option. Bear in mind a lot of the shoe will be covered up, so as long as you have the colour you want you do not always have to be overly picky with the design.

Where’s his ass?

Sporty Chic

One great way to counteract the severity of a flare mens jean is so wear a snug fitting t-shirt or track top with them. Having closely fitted clothes, such as slim fitting garments, on your upper half will put an accent on your shape and figure, meaning those looking at you can focus on the look of the jeans as an effective addition to your style.

Other options to make flares look great include leather jackets or long, but closely fitted t-shirts such as those designed by Chuck Taylor.

Stylepilot is a start-up website designed exclusively for men to navigate fashion online. Search products from all the leading UK retailers in one place including men’s jeans, t-shirts, coats, and underwear.

Dangerous Lee’s Final Thought: This article is about mens flare jeans, but I love flare and wide leg jeans. They give the illusion of being taller and slimmer, right up my alley!

Wear Your Taste in Music on Your Sleeve: Rock Shirts and Concert Shirts


Author: Jack Bandy

“You can’t arrest me – I’m a rock star.” “Punk is not dead.” These are just some of the witty statements depicted in rock shirts that you can buy online. Aside from the bold statements, you can also choose ones which are printed with the image of your favorite band. Such music or concert shirts are usually sold as souvenir items during musical events. If you are planning to attend a musical act or if you simply want to show support for your favorite band, why not wear these shirts and literally wear your taste in music on your sleeve?

Tips for Buying Rock Shirts & Concert Shirts

When updating your wardrobe, one of the most fun things to do is shop for your casual clothes. Unlike formal clothes which have a few rules otherwise you won’t fit into a particular event that you are attending, shopping for casual clothes is an anything-goes experience. Basically, you can wear anything that you want which reflects your personality.

If you work as the assistant to a chef in the kitchen and you’re wearing that all-white uniform eight hours a day – you might want to take a break from it by wearing rock shirts of concert shirts. These clothes will give people an idea about what your taste in music and what your personality is, so it’s really a fun experience that you should not miss out on.

Now, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind when buying rock shirts, concert shirts and other statement shirts:

Go online or visit shops which specialize in selling music-themed shirts.
When you attend a musical act, there would usually be a booth where you can buy concert shirts and rock shirts. These can serve as a souvenir item for the event, and can be worn during any casual outings. On the other hand, if there’s a particular musical genre which you cannot find shirts for, go online. There are many Internet shops which specialize in selling rocks shirts and concert shirts. Here, you can easily find the hard-to-look for shirts for bands who may not be globally known but still have a huge influence in your life. If you’re into punk rock, for instance, you can find band shirts for Bad Religion, The Boys, Sex Pistols, the Misfits, the Clash, Blondie, Ramones, Fugazi, Green Day, Bad Brains, etc.

• Check on the print and the material that the shirt is made of.
Aside from the image of the shirt, you should also check on the material that it is made of. Check whether the print can be ironed or not. Make sure that the material can withstand numerous washings so that you can wear the shirt repeatedly.

• Pair the shirts with the right accessories.
Finally, pair those rocks shirts and concert shirts with the right accessories. Wear them with attitude and you can have a blast telling people about your taste in music with just one glance at your fashion statement!

When going to a rock concert, there’s no better souvenir to bring home than rock shirts or concert shirts. You can wear these when going for a day about town, while showing your support for the band and the kind of music that you like as well.

Is Your Daughter Too Pretty To Do Homework?

If you said “Yes”, too late and shame on you! JC Penney pulled this shirt from their inventory because of consumer complaints that it was inappropriate and sexist. I definitely think it sends the wrong message to young girls. Lord knows too many of them already think their $h!t don’t stink, so the message this shirt send is definitely negative. Furthermore, when a young girl or woman is “pretty” she needs to be twice as smart to be taken seriously. Click the shirt for more details and national news coverage.


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