Top 10 Unusual Fetishes for 2014

Humans have always enjoyed a weird fetish or two, but these days many of the taboos surrounding them have been lifted and people are more open-minded than ever. Whilst everyone is aware of the most common fetishes, like a love of feet or an underwear obsession, there are numerous other fetishes around that go beyond […]

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Women Want Intimacy Too

By Dr. Jeff Davis Intimacy (into-me-see) is the right way to look at how women view this topic. Many women long for people in their lives that can see what is really going on with them. What does it mean to be intimate? It means to be close. To look at someone and see the […]

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What Men Want From Intimacy

By Dr. Jeff Davis Have you ever wondered what a man looks for when it comes to intimacy? Contrary to popular belief, intimacy to a man is much more than sex. One way to view the word intimacy is to look at it as “into-me-see”. This is where someone gets so close to you that […]

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Top Story: 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Erotic Lifestyle Vacation

Have you ever considered taking a lifestyle vacation? Lifestyle vacations are unique vacations that provide the fun, excitement, relaxation, and new experiences that any typical vacation would with one main difference: they can be highly erotic. These trips are made for the couples who are bolder, more daring and less conservative. They can be the […]

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