#FridayReads: Intercourse by Carl Mathis



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Do You Really Know the Person Sleeping In Your Bed?

Times have changed, spurring a sexual revolution, where the giving of one’s body to another is expected, rather than a gift. Such attitudes have led to problems for both men and women: unwanted pregnancies are rampant, sexually transmitted diseases are common place, and intimacy no longer brings commitment and lasting relationships.

Should there be more to intercourse than sexual attraction, the need for release, and a sense of being needed? Writer Carl Mathis examines intimate relationships through the eyes of someone who knows and understands God and his desire to nurture our souls. Giving oneself to a higher power – mentally, spiritually and physically – is akin to intercourse. Being totally invested in a relationship, whether with a lover or God, builds trust, love, and perpetuates happiness.

In this timely guide, Carl is asking us to consider our relationships. Who do you give yourself to freely…and why? Are you selling yourself short? Your body and soul are precious gifts, and as such, should be shared with only those who are deserving, caring, and able to return your love.

Remember, beauty is far more than sinewy muscle, tight curves, and sexual appeal. It is strength of character derived from sincere concern and care for another human being. It is deeper than any orgasm and more far-reaching than any promise made in the heat of the moment. Download this book and take some time to examine your relationships and determine to live true to yourself, your principles, and a commitment to God.

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#WriterWednesday: Food, Sex, Wine And Cigars – A Memoir


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At age twenty-four, I was pretty, thin, and working as a line cook among Hollywood’s elite. I was about to get married, but it all came to a screeching halt in 1980, when I severed three of my fingers in an industrial Cuisinart in the kitchen where I worked.

I describe my journey through the most difficult time of my life: suffering from anorexia and living with a disability. How could my life continue after losing three of my precious fingers, and on my right hand, no less?

Miraculously, I pulled myself out of anorexia by finally seeing my body as it really was. I began to slowly heal, though it took almost thirty-one more years. I read self-help books, recited affirmations, and began to seriously search for the missing piece of my heart.

This is my account of being a woman in a male-dominated industry, complete with a complicated relationship with food and a man, resulting in a long self-destructive streak. I have been cooking for thirty-eight years professionally, including an apprenticeship in 1980 with Wolfgang Puck, ultimately becoming his head chef at Spago, Sunset.

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making love

Why Making Love and Having Sex Are Not The Same Thing

Is Love Making and Having Sex the Same Thing?

making love

I love how Dr. Jeff Davis made the woman the one who wants to just have sex and the man is looking to make love. How cute :/ Not that that’s not often the case, but it tickles me how stories are told based on who’s telling them. So, what do you want? To have sex or make love? Me? I want to make love. I’ve learned that casual sex does absolutely nothing for me which is why I rarely have sex these days. Sucks to be me and anyone else looking for love. However, to make love…love has to come first and that takes time.

By Dr. Jeff Davis

A man is sitting at home and deciding that he is tired of being lonely. So he gets dressed and goes to the local club where he hears music, has a few drinks and sees a lot of pretty women. He thinks to himself “tonight I am going to take one of these women home and we are going to make love”.

A woman comes home from work frustrated and tired. She wants to unwind so she calls up a few friends, changes clothes and the girls go out to a club. She walks through the door dancing to the music and thinks ” I am going to find me a man to have sex with tonight so that I can feel his arms around me and feel intimacy”.

This man and woman lock eyes, start the small talk and it would appear they are going to leave together. Yes, they are going to make love. Or are they going to have sex?

We use these terms interchangeably to describe having sex. But I think they are not the same thing. One is a physical act while the other involves the heart.

For the woman who wants to have sex to ease the frustration of the day, her feelings are understandable. She just wants to feel loved (even though she knows the man she is with enjoying casual sex does not love her, just her body). However it is easy to settle for a night of passion as opposed to a night alone.

For the man he uses the term “making love” but in reality he knows he is not in love with any woman he meets tonight. Can it grow into love over time? Possibly. But for tonight it is only sex.

When you want to just “hit it” and satisfy the feelings that come from missing human companionship on a physical level, then you want sex. When you are looking for someone who you can not only have sex with but enjoy intimacy on an emotional level, you are looking for someone to make love to. However, in order to “make love” you must be in love, feel love and know that you are loved. Otherwise, it is sex.

Is sex wrong? No. Is making love wrong? No. Just know that the person you are about to get naked with and share your more intimate physical parts is looking for something from you. Is it love, or sex?

Find out and be prepared!

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Top Story: Why I’ve Slept With White Men And Will Do It Again


Photo by Davio Curo – No, I didn’t sleep with this White guy, but I have thought about it.

I bet you think I’m about to get deep, but you’re wrong. Why does anyone decide to have sex with a person? They’re attracted to them. It’s as simple as that. I don’t discriminate. I like men. Their color, race, or heritage is not important. Does that surprise you?

It has nothing to do with self hatred, but I will admit that it was a curiosity. I’ve learned that men are men Black, White or otherwise. I used to believe that Black people who dated outside their race were indeed self haters, but that’s a blanket statement that is simply not true.


365 Days of Dangermas: Sex, Love & Laughter – I Shot The Pilot!


I filmed the pilot episode of Sex, Love & Laughter today and I am very glad it’s over! I am very critical of myself, so being on camera is a challenge. I also hate learning dialogue and the fact that I’ve been running sentences in my mind over and over and over all week in an attempt to memorize them and deliver them with my own spin took its toll on me. However, I rarely had to do more than three takes during filming and the entire crew, including those who I interviewed, were very sweet and accommodating.

I’ve faced another fear/challenge and I came out on the winning end. If the series gets picked up I will be hosting very often, so I guess I better keep on Keeping it Dangerous 😉 Wish us luck!


The Sex, Love & Laughter stage!

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Good Men Are Not Like Busses


Piggybacking off the above image; when those three or four come along they aren’t worth the ride. I haven’t been in a serious relationship in over ten years and I have yet to meet a man that would make me want to be in a relationship in those ten years. When I have met a man that I thought was worth my time he made lying and game playing a priority. At this stage of my life I don’t feel that I need a man to be validated or happy, however I would like to have a male companion that I can spend some quality time with as well as have great sex; something else that I have not had in ages. I really hope this changes in 2013.

Update: Nothing changed in 2013 :/


Karolyn Kato Huddleston Loves "Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down"

Great job! There should be a warning that says, “Don’t read this book unless you got someone near to sex to death” 🙂 I loved it! The first story (The Safe Sex Kit) was my personal favorite because I know the situation personally.

I was shocked at the content. The book is small but large in impact and the stories were so hot and freaky, but the points were educational. Wow!


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