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Money Or Temptation What Make’s You Truly Happy?

The Happy Start Mags and Derek met when they were in their early twenties and married soon afterwards. Mags had 2 young daughters from a relationship she had in her teens, but the father of the girls left her as he couldn’t deal with the responsibility at such a young age and she never saw … Continue reading

#KeepitDangerous! Marathon: Why Public Wifi Users Need Protection

You’re at your favorite local coffee shop and everybody else around you is on their laptop or Internet-connected device. Have you thought about protecting your personal information before you order that mocha latte? While there are advantages accessing a free wireless connection, there are inherent dangers that come with the ability to browse and make … Continue reading

10 Simple Security Tips For Apartment Living

Living in an apartment provides little to no options when it comes to safety and security. Utilize what you have and plan well in the event of a break in with these helpful solutions.   1. Front Room Lighting- When going to sleep close your bedroom door, but leave a light on in the front … Continue reading

10 Things NOT To Post On Social Media

When it comes to sharing personal things on social media, there are many things that shouldn’t be posted to attract negative attention. However, there are also things that shouldn’t be shared for legitimate safety concerns. How can a status update on Facebook put anyone’s safety in jeopardy? Whenever “checking in” somewhere or counting down to … Continue reading

The Rise of the Female Bodyguard

The image of a tough, black-suited agent with shades on usually comes to mind when people think about bodyguards. However, the security industry is constantly striving to change this stereotype, and the reality of what bodyguards look like may surprise you in many cases. Bodyguards, although traditionally large and intimidating, are now people of all … Continue reading

Think High-Income Neighborhoods Are Crime Free? Think Again!

I’ve lived in many high-income neighborhoods. The median income is usually over $100,000. Home prices range from $400,000 to well over $1 million. These are neighborhoods where many feel comfortable leaving their doors unlocked. Garages are open and unattended for hours. Neighbors walk their dogs daily. Kids run around freely. The schools are highly-rated, and … Continue reading


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