Top Story – 5 Reasons I Hate Summer


Summer is here at last. Great right? Wrong. Need convincing? OK, well here’s 5 reasons why I hate the Summer and why you should too. 1. It Brings All The Idiots Out Of Hiding Here in Glasgow (Scotland, UK, The … Continue reading

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How Can You Be Sure of Your Online Friend?


Online conversations are a great way to start a relationship with someone you wouldn’t normally meet and often have a successful and happy outcome for both parties. However, as is often depicted in the media, online relationships can have a … Continue reading

5 Advertising Tricks You Have Fallen For


Sneaky Advertising That Works Advertising has been a part of any businesses sales strategy since a caveman decided to sell his spare mammoth fur. Since then advertising has had to evolve as fast as the products they sell and along … Continue reading

Perfect Places for Women to Propose to Their Man


With 2012 being a leap year it means women up and down the country could get ready to turn tradition on its head and propose to the man in their life. February 29 is the one day when women are … Continue reading