5 Food Items That Can Cause Cancer


You probably do not think about food being carcinogenic. And you are right, because food that is natural does not cause cancer. But unfortunately, man has succeeded in manipulating natural food to make it inexpensive and hassle free to produce. … Continue reading

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Brushing With Sugar? Say What!


Though it sounds ludicrous, there is a way to stop, or prevent, the cause of tooth decay and gum disease by brushing with sugar–actually, a certain kind of natural sugar substitute!  An alternative to brushing with this sugar, is eating … Continue reading

Americans Come Together in Times of Crisis


On October 29, 2012, the United States faced the deadliest natural disaster since 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Sandy combined forces with a cold front blowing down from the Arctic across the Midwest. This front electrified the hurricane into a deadly … Continue reading

The Differences Between Knowledge and Wisdom


Often we are unable to understand the differences between knowledge and wisdom. Though these two things are related to each other closely, still knowledge is different from wisdom. Knowledge is just knowing something which we get from education, whereas wisdom … Continue reading

How Your Clothing Might Be Hurting Mother Nature

EDUN eco-friendly clothing

Did you know that what you wear is a pollutant? In fact each year a whopping 21 billion pounds of clothing is dumped into landfills. The Environmental Cost of Clothing A single pair of jeans requires almost 1,600 gallons of … Continue reading

5 Energy Saving Gadgets for Your Home

Energy Efficient Home Improvements

In the environment we live today there is more than one reason why home owners need to save as much energy as possible. With many energy providers raising their prices again this winter it has become more important than ever … Continue reading

Environmentally Friendly Careers


Environmental protection is arguably the most serious challenge we face in contemporary times.   Globalization, energy consumption, population explosion, and the rapid densification of urban spaces are issues that exert enormous influence over everything from politics to business to health.  Recognizing … Continue reading

Attempts to Save the Environment (That Failed, Badly)


Saving the Earth is widely considered a good thing to do if you aren’t Galactacus, the Daleks or the “evil” business people in Captain Planet. However, like anything worth doing, saving the Earth is really hard. This means a lot … Continue reading