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5 Food Items That Can Cause Cancer


You probably do not think about food being carcinogenic. And you are right, because food that is natural does not cause cancer. But unfortunately, man has succeeded in manipulating natural food to make it inexpensive and hassle free to produce. Food is processed using chemicals to preserve, add taste and color. These additives have transformed food into carcinogenic agents.

Here are 5 foods items that can cause cancer if consumed on a regular basis:


Soda is a normal item in most households and the number one reason for obese children in the US. It is loaded with sugar and useless artificial ingredients. Soda has no benefit whatsoever and it causes more harm than good. A single can of soda contains 10 packs of sugar. Apart from other health concerns, soda increases the risk of cancer. According to a study carried out by the University of Minnesota, people who drank at least two soft drinks per week were at an increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Dark colored soda contain 4-metthylimidazole which is a chemical process byproduct used for creating artificial dye to give color to sodas. This chemical has been linked with cancer. Recently Pepsi as well as Coca Cola announced modification of the chemical in question.

Processed Meat

Meats which have undergone processes such as smoking or salting, or which contains chemical preservatives have a high risk of causing colon cancer. Most processed meats contain a carcinogen called sodium nitrate. A study carried out in 2005 by the University of Hawaii revealed that the risk of pancreatic cancer was increased by 67% upon consumption of processed meat. Hot dogs particularly are made of those parts of the animal which are otherwise discarded. After an extensive research involving clinical studies about the relationship cancer and diet, the World Cancer Research Fund came to the conclusion that consumers should stop eating processed meats. These include sausages, pepperoni, hot dogs, salami etc.

Potato Chips

Apart from the fact that potato chips contain high amounts of trans fat, sodium and glycemic carbohydrates, they also contain a carcinogenic substance called acrylamide formed due to high temperatures. According to professor Dale Hattis of Clark University, acrylamide causes a number of cancers in people consuming potato chips.


Before you rush to any conclusions, apple as a fruit is very healthy; however it is the pesticides that make them unfit for human consumption. According to a survey carried out by the Environmental Working Group, among all the fruits, apples are highly contaminated by pesticides. When more than 700 samples were tested, nearly 98% contained pesticides. Other fruits with high amounts (90%) of pesticides include grapes, oranges, cilantro and strawberries. Not only are the pesticides toxic, they are also linked with certain kinds of cancers. So it is time to put a stop to this by buying organic foods.

Farmed Salmon

According to David Carpenter, M.D, Director of the Institute for Health and Environment at the University of Albany, farmed salmon not only has low vitamin D but is also high in contaminants and carcinogens along with pesticides such as DDT. Carpenter states that such salmon can be consumed only once in every 5 months without the risk of getting cancer.

These are just a few of the food items we consume that pose the risk of cancer. We should become more aware of what goes inside us. Supporting local farmers who grow food organically and buying their produce can help us keep cancer at bay.

Author bio: Ralph Coleman is a medical writer who writes well-researched, in-depth cancer articles which provide relevant information to help patients combat the deadly disease. Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) prides in providing the best cancer treatment solutions to patients who have endured to various cancer types.

How To Donate To A Sperm Bank And Use One


From The Donor’s Perspective

Sperm banks are very popular with those who are finding it difficult to conceive. Conceiving using a sperm bank has two sides to it. One is that of the sperm donor and the other is that of the recipient of the sperm. Read on to discover how you can donate sperm and receive a donation and what to expect from this process.

If you want to be a sperm donor, your ethnicity or nationality doesn’t matter as men from all origins can donate. However Caucasians are most sought after as donors as it is Caucasian couples who generally look for sperm donors. Donors have to go through a donor evaluation. This consists of an in-depth screening process which happens after application, interview and test samples.

The required age group of men making the donation is 18-40 years of age. They should be able to make one donation every six months to a year. There should be an absence of chronic problems in the donor and a family history for two to three generations should be available. There are some banks that have additional requirements like a minimum of education and a minimum height.

Once you meet the standards that are set, you need to provide a sample of your semen. Some banks ask donors to refrain from ejaculation for 48 hours before donations for good quality samples.  If the samples are good the candidate is interviewed and screened for possible genetic diseases. He is given a medical exam and tested for STD’s.

Recipients can view donor profiles including photo’s of childhood, adulthood and voice clips as well as family and medical history. A donor can choose anonymity for himself or choose the ID Consent or ID Release status that can allow offspring to know the donors identity.  When the offspring reaches legal age they can know the donors identity under the ID Consent donor program.

If donors want to know their legal rights and obligations they should consult with a qualified attorney to better understand these issues.

From The Donation Receivers Perspective

Donation recipients can get sperm from a sperm bank.  They do not need to interact with the sperm donor directly. The sperm bank ensures proper screening of donors so that people need only directly interact with the sperm bank. There is a difference between a sperm donor and a co-parent. Sperm donors do not share parenting responsibilities but co-parents do. Some sperm donors like to see the child once in a while.

When receiving sperm through a donor clarify how much interaction the sperm donor has with the growing child. You can locate a good sperm bank like California Cryobank. Usually you will be required to pay a fee and fill out certain forms. You can get specialized reports on donors. Do you want a brainy and musical father or someone of the athletic type? Such specialized reports are available on request and often for an additional fee. This way you can choose the father based on his traits.

Schedule insemination correctly. You will likely need between two and three vials per ovulation cycle. After your insemination you will generally know in two weeks if you have had a successful pregnancy.


  1. If you are going in for IVF then you will need to prepare your eggs through fertility treatment for harvesting.
  2. Today sperm can be delivered countrywide, so do not look at just one sperm bank. Look for one which you find trustworthy and which you are comfortable with
  3. It sometimes takes more than a single ovulation cycle to conceive. This depends on your age, health and fertility.

This is a guest-post by Blake H. Blake is a part-time guest blogger and a health specialist, currently writing on behalf of a full-service sperm bank, California Cryobank.

Scientists May Have Finally Unlocked Puzzle of Why People Are Gay


Scientists may have finally solved the puzzle of what makes a person gay, and how it is passed from parents to their children.

A group of scientists suggested Tuesday that homosexuals get that trait from their opposite-sex parents: A lesbian will almost always get the trait from her father, while a gay man will get the trait from her father, while a gay man will get the trait from his mother.

Read more at -  US News and World Report.

World AIDS Day: 10 New Things We’ve Learned About HIV/AIDS This Year


Today marks World AIDS Day, a time for the global community to recognize the widespread impact of HIV/AIDS.

Right now, 1.2 million people in the U.S. and 33.4 million people around the world live with HIV/AIDS, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

AIDS, or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, is caused by HIV, or the human immunodeficiency virus, and is considered the last step of the infection. AIDS has killed 25 million people around the world since 1981, the Department of Health reported.

Read More - World AIDS Day: 10 New Things We’ve Learned About HIV/AIDS This Year.

December 1st is World AIDS Day!


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The Differences Between Knowledge and Wisdom

Often we are unable to understand the differences between knowledge and wisdom. Though these two things are related to each other closely, still knowledge is different from wisdom. Knowledge is just knowing something which we get from education, whereas wisdom is the ability to make decisions that are correct. Wisdom comes from the experience of life. When we say we have knowledge of a particular thing, that means we are confident enough about that subject. Knowledge is helpful in improving ourselves, but wisdom is timeless, and it gives us class. In other words, wisdom is more permanent than knowledge. Knowledge comes from different sources such as books, education, and logical thoughts, whereas wisdom comes only from practical, life experiences.

Knowledge: Knowledge is awareness about certain facts or subjects.  Knowledge is also known as  the state of knowing. Often knowledge is also referred to as mental apprehension in certain areas.
Wisdom: Wisdom is referred to as the mental state of being wise. Wisdom is more permanent. So if a person is wise, he remains wise for the rest of his life.

Relationship Between Knowledge and Wisdom
As wisdom is more permanent and goes through one’s whole life, it can be enhanced by acquiring knowledge. The wise application of the knowledge you possess is also called wisdom. Some of the philosophers believed that knowledge could be gained through outside sources whereas wisdom comes from inside of a person. Knowledge and wisdom are closely related and depend on each other. The intelligent application of knowledge is called wisdom.

How to Apply Knowledge and Wisdom
Knowledge is having an awareness about certain facts and figures and using these facts in everyday life. It is not necessary that you are using this information correctly or exactly. Whenever we use our knowledge, it is called the application of knowledge. Wisdom is more related to common sense and making right judgments. Wisdom is a more positive thing. So if it is not applied correctly, that means it is not considered as wisdom or a wise decision.

Knowledge is the degree of knowing, but wisdom tells you what you need to know. Knowledge gives you the information, but wisdom tells you how to use that information. Wisdom is the capacity to actually judge the knowledge. You can gain the knowledge by acquiring information through different sources, but wisdom cannot be gained. Instead, wisdom is developed, and developing wisdom is a longer-term process. Knowledge can be changed according to recent developments, but wisdom remains permanent. Through wisdom we can enhance our knowledge. Wisdom tells us what is right and true, whereas knowledge only gives us information. Both knowledge and wisdom are directly related to each other. If you have a lack of knowledge, that means you lack of wisdom also. If you are wise, you must obtain some knowledge. It is very important for us to understand the relationship between knowledge and wisdom.

Written By Javed H. Visit qWhatis.com

Ways to Give Back Without Spending Any Money

Just about everyone wants to give a little something to those in need.  Whether it is donating to a good cause that serves the poor, wildlife, shelters, or medical research, or donating goods and services to others who are needy, giving back is good for the soul and can make you feel wonderful, knowing that your actions and contributions have helped make someone else’s life better.

Not everyone can afford to make donations on a regular basis, however.  As it becomes increasingly difficult to afford housing and necessities in today’s economy, more people are scaling back on their expenses and their donations.  Whereas in years past they may have been able to make small or large donations to worthy causes, nowadays, it may not be possible at all.  This is evident in the non-profit sector’s annual reports, where it is clear that the donations they have been receiving have dwindled, keeping them from fulfilling their own goals.

Nevertheless, there are still ways you can give back, even in times when your wallet may be too tight to donate money.

Give Away Your Old Stuff

From used clothes to books, computers, and electronics, there are many organizations out there that collect these valuable items as donations and then give them out to those in need.  Even if your used equipment is damaged or old, it can be refurbished and then given away or recycled to keep the toxic elements found in electronics out of the environment.  And if you have old clothes that do not fit you anymore, or the style just does not appeal to you anymore, dropping it off at any one of the many non-profits that collect clothing for people in need at home and abroad is a great way to keep the clothes out of the trash and in hands that can make good use of them.  Shoes, too, can be given away, but they usually should be in decent condition in order to be worn properly.

Charity Credit Cards

There are several credit cards available that will donate a portion of the sales you charge.  In this way, every time you make a purchase, you are also making a donation to a worthy cause of your choice.  If there is a particular organization that you would love to contribute to, check out their website for ways to donate and to see if they offer a special credit card that will donate a percentage of sales to the charity.  You do not need to pay anything at all, but rather simply use your credit card anywhere you shop, whether in stores or online, and you have the peace of mind of knowing that your money is also working towards a great cause.


Many non-profits do not need money as much as they need manpower.  Volunteering for an organization whose work you admire will not only enable you to experience new things and meet great new people, but it will also allow the organization to continue its important mission, thanks to people like you who are willing to help out.

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Article Provided By: You do not need to feel helpless if you cannot afford to donate to your favourite charity.  Instead, donate supplies, volunteer your time, or sign up for charity credit cards to help out.

Why Everyone Should Recycle

The need for each person to do their bit for the environment has been emphasised for a very long time and it is among the most continuous requirements that there could ever be. A lot of facts and figures are stated on a frequent basis in an attempt to get those who are disaffected by the importance of looking after the world in which we live to take notice. A consequence of the nature of appealing in this way over such a long period of years and decades is that people can become desensitised and can learn to disregard the message behind it. Nevertheless, the need to help the environment is stronger than it has ever been and recycling is an extremely prominent part of this.

Why is the need for recycling so relevant?

The fact of the matter is that a very sizeable percentage of litter that is not recycled could have been. The more waste that has to be dealt with the more damage it does to the environment, not to mention the increase in cost that occurs as a result. Emissions given off from the process of waste incineration cause a degree of pollution and often it is wholly avoidable. Recycling is not an issue that takes millions of people before the effects can be measured, the need starts with one person because even a small action such as recycling a can or bottle can save a large amount of energy.

How can you recycle?

There are so many ways for you to make a big impact in the vital process of recycling and some may be surprised to know that it goes a lot further than taking empty bottles to the nearest container. The step towards changing your habits for the better can start by simply using less plastic shopping bags when you can fit them into one, or purchasing items that come in multi-packs rather than individual items that use a greater amount of packaging. Recycling paper is very important because the amount of trees that are cut down unnecessarily has a lot of ramifications.

Look for the symbol!

The universal indicator for products that use recycled material or can be recycled is recognizable to people all over the world and it comprises of three arrows pointing to each other in a continuous cycle. Keep an eye out for this symbol on products that you buy.

Article written by Luke Farley on behalf of the provider of environmental maintenance facilities, from bundled storage to recycling bins – yellowshield.co.uk/site-maintenance/wheelie-bins.html.


5 Best Home Pregnancy Tests on the Market

For some, it takes years to get pregnant, while others get an unexpected surprise without even trying. Whatever the case, finding out that you are pregnant for the first time can make your world spin. Your first step to finding out what the hell is going on with your body is to find a credible home pregnancy test that you can trust.

Given the array of pregnancy kits sold on the market today, it has become increasingly confusing to choose between brands. To help you out, we have summed up five of the most effective early pregnancy tests for your benefit.

1. First Response Test

Consumer Reports has consistently given First Response high ratings as the most effective and accurate pregnancy test currently available.

Like all other home pregnancy tests (HPTs), First Response bases its results on human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, a hormone that is only produced when a woman is with child. Unlike some other brands, First Response has a 95% accuracy rating when it comes to early detection. You can have an answer before you’ve even missed your first period.

First Response is available as a digital reader, where the results are clearly stated with a yes or no, or the manual type, where two lines means positive.

2. Clear Blue Easy Test

Clear Blue Easy easily tops the leaderboard for the digital tests category. According to consumer research, this digital kit guarantees 99% accuracy and is powerful enough to detect hCG hormones five days before a missed period.

3. Detect5 Progressive Test

Generally, HPTs are created to perform a single job: to detect the levels of hCG in a urine sample to conclude if it is a positive or a negative.  But what sets Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy test apart is that is utilizes a 5-level detection of hCG, which means a much more thorough and accurate identification.

Each Detect5 Progressive stick is regulated with 5 varying hCG sensitivity levels that promises a 99% accuracy.

4. EPT Test

Fourth on the list is the EPT home pregnancy kit which has received some of the highest accuracy marks from medical professionals.

What makes EPT stand out is the ease of use they offer to their customers. Created with separate test and control windows, EPT is very easy to interpret and can be used on the first day of a missed period.  Available in Manual and Digital forms, EPT is widely sold in major stores and pharmacies.

5. Error Proof Test

As the name suggests, this brand of pregnancy kit is virtually error-free, whether you opt for it’s digital or manual test forms. The Error Proof test can detect hCG levels 5 days before missing your menstrual period.

The importance of early pregnancy detection cannot be understated. The sooner you find out that you are expecting, the sooner you can start the prenatal care and lifestyle changes needed to ensure your baby’s proper development.

Author Byline: Brenda is a writer for duedatecalculator.org, which offers an Ovulation Calendar and Due Date Estimator, as well as an ancient Chinese calculator for gender prediction by due date.

Why Bass Is So Important in Music

Image by: Alvimann

We all know someone who loves there to be a lot of bass frequencies in their music. There is something about that particular range of vibration frequencies that make these people’s feet move and their spines tingle.

In fact, there is a whole portion of modern dance music that is more about the bass and the rhythm of the song then about anything else, but must songs that we hear these days have bass as an active ingredient in the mix.

So what is the appeal of bass frequencies for humans and why do they make some of us go crazy? Well, perhaps unsurprisingly there is no agreed answer but there are a number of interesting theories:

Bass as a link to our common past I: Tribes

Back before we had modern speakers, instruments and the concept of going to a rave, scientists think it most likely that our ancient ancestors lived in small tribal groups.

These same scientists also think that a large part of the tribe’s entertainment, rituals, superstitions and long range communication revolved around the use of big, bass heavy drums. When you take into account that the whole of modern human evolution encompasses only around  400,000 to 250,000 years (as opposed to the whopping 400 million years that sharks have been around), it is perhaps not surprising that loud bass seems to make some people so excited.

Bass as a link to our common past II: Being in the womb

Another theory as to why bass has certain effects on all humans is linked to the common experience we share as we grow inside our mothers’ wombs.

During this period of our existence, the only sense that is really constant is that of feeling, and most of the stimulations that we experience are in the form of vibrations. From the constant rhythmic pulse of our mothers’ heartbeat to the noisy hustle and bustle of the world outside, these vibrations are felt through our whole developing bodies.

So the theory goes, when you hear and feel a loud and low down bass frequency that seems to make your insides shudder in some form of rhythm, our subconscious is reminded of a calming time before rational thought that it actually can’t really remember. Deep.

Bass as a multi-sensory experience

This is the theory that makes most sense to me, but I would hope that the true answer to our question is a little bit of all three of these theories.

The theory is relatively straight forward: we experience bass not just through our ears but also through the vibrations it causes in our bodies and the myriad of different physical effects that result from those vibrations. This in turn has the effect of forming a much deeper connection to the music (if we like it) than we would if it was just our eardrums that had vibrated. Simple.

It is perhaps surprising that there has not been more research done in this area, or perhaps there has, I don’t know. If you have any can your point it in my direction please?

So the next time you are walking down the road and someone drives past blaring music from their car subwoofers, don’t get annoyed and consider them to be inconsiderate. Instead appreciate the sounds you hear for the multi-sensory experience that human beings have been enjoying that they are.

Author Byline: James Duval is a technology geek who has loved loud music for as long as he can remember. When not working or writing blogs for partners such as the Car Audio Centre, James likes to don some leather and rock out. 


‘The Announcement’ – The Untold Story of Earvin “Magic” Johnson

Untold story of Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson and his triumphant journey living with HIV is unveiled in this gripping ESPN Films documentary, directed by Nelson George.
                  ‘The Announcement’ then airs publicly on ESPN Sunday March 11th, 9pm ET/6pm pacific

On November 7, 1991, Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson first announced to the world he was HIV-positive, and from that day on, he has been tirelessly fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic and advocating for those living with HIV/AIDS.  ESPN documented Mr. Johnson’s personal journey, how the world has been affected since November 7, 1991, and the current state of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

“Magic Johnson is a hero and icon in the fight against AIDS. We applaud the courage and leadership he continues to show in this battle over the years and thank ESPN for both pointing a lens at his remarkable life “For over ten years, Magic and AHF have forged a partnership that now includes six free AHF ‘Magic’ Johnson treatment clinics and several nationwide HIV testing initiatives. On World AIDS Day this past December, we announced plans for three new AHF ‘Magic’ Johnson clinics set to open this year: Brooklyn, NY; Ft. Worth, TX and Atlanta, GA. As a public figure—and through his own personal experience living successfully with HIV—Magic serves as a beacon, letting others who may also be infected know that seeking medical care and lifesaving antiretroviral treatment is the right thing to do.”

Johnson, whose business interests include a wide portfolio of successful ventures operating under the umbrella of his Magic Johnson Enterprises, is also is Chairman and Founder of the respected non-profit Magic Johnson Foundation, which raises funds for community-based organizations focused on HIV/AIDS education and prevention. The Foundation also works to develop programs and provide services that address the broader educational, health and social needs of ethnically diverse, urban communities throughout the nation.

To learn more about AIDS Healthcare Foundation visit www.aidshealth.org  and to learn more about the Magic Johnson Foundation visit www.magicjohnson.org.

ABOUT AHF: AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the largest global AIDS organization, currently provides medical care and services to more than 124,000 individuals in 26 countries worldwide in the US, Africa, Latin America/Caribbean the Asia/Pacific region and Eastern Europe. www.aidshealth.org

ABOUT MJF: Since 1991, the Magic Johnson Foundation (MJF) has served and enriched urban communities nationwide. MJF has evolved from an HIV grant-making organization to one that advocates for community-based organizations and supports educational empowerment through HIV/AIDS education/testing/awareness work, minority college access and digital literacy.


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Ladies: Your Makeup Is Making You Look Like a Liar

According to a scientific study too much makeup can make a woman look like a liar. Does this prove that we tend to trust less attractive people more? I am dying to test out this theory. Click one of the faces to read the full story!


Question I Asked As A Child – Does Space Have a Floor?


As a kid I wanted to know if outer space had a floor. At the time I had no concept of infancy and I thought there was a beginning and an end to all that “space” out there. When I learned that outer space was infinite I became amazed, astonished, and bewildered.

I’ve wondered as an adult what would happen if we shot all of the garbage that plagues our planet into outer space. If space is infinite it cannot become cluttered or polluted, right? My more mature self of today knows that is something that will never happen.

As a child, I also wanted to be an astronaut until the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded in January of 1986 killing everyone on board. I was only 10 years old at the time. Just thinking about that event evokes very sad emotions and haunts me to this day. I had not seen any footage of the explosion since I was a child, so as I watched the video below I became a scared 10 year old all over again.



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