Birth Control Pills for Men Are Coming Soon! Are You Ready to Swallow?


The world of contraceptive techniques may be slated to get a refresher course if scientists’ optimistic reports are to be believed. Recent research has pointed attempts to create an effective male contraceptive pill in an entirely new direction. While there … Continue reading

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Should You Donate Your Body To Science?


Do you consider yourself to be a giving person? Maybe you donate money to good causes, give away your old belongings or volunteer your time at a local school or nursing home. If you feel charitable and want to give … Continue reading

Sitting Down: It’s Bad For Your Health


Although for the majority of us it is a regular occurrence of our everyday life, sitting for long periods of time has been suggested to increase risks of diabetes, heart disease and death. Scientists from both Loughborough and Leicester Universities … Continue reading

Infographic: Then vs. Now – How Much Have Kids Changed in a Generation?


It is difficult to predict what the trends will be in the future, but an in-depth look at the past can aid in evaluating where we have been and where we may be headed. Interesting statistical data shown in this … Continue reading