Does Prayer Really Heal?


Praying is the most basic act of devotion. People pray to God as a form of worship and communication. It has also been associated as a form of healing by many devout people. The effectiveness of prayer as a healing … Continue reading

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Top Story: Declining Religious Adherence and Morality

Evangelical Rock Group Delirious Strives to ''Save Souls''

It’s the age old complaint. The young people are rotting the fabric of society by being lazy, apathetic, and turning away from the contemporary sky dictator. We can see the complaints in the writings of ancient Roman historians, like Tacitus, … Continue reading

What Makes A Good Friend?


Friends are different and unique in their own way.  Although they each have different personality traits and characteristics, there are certain things that a person must possess to be a good friend.  Trust is one of the most important, as … Continue reading

Top Story: Infographic – Feng Shui Bedroom Tips


The principles of Feng Shui are intended to help us live a stress and clutter free life. Few of us have the time, resources or lifestyle to put together an entire house that complies with Feng Shui principles, but if … Continue reading

Breaking News: Nicholas Maze’s New Book “Deleting God” Examines How Christian Culture Is Changing


Deleting God: Distractions, Misunderstandings, & Misinterpretations, by author Nicholas Maze, was released on May 21st, 2013.   In Deleting God, Nicholas critiques the state of the modern church and brings attention to the many overlooked issues that exist. He discusses … Continue reading

Top Story – Is Religion Relevant In Modern Times?


It seems that many people are losing their faith these days. With more scientific discoveries there are people that feel they need proof that God exists. The number of people going to church is dropping. There are also people who … Continue reading

I’ll Be Glad When Being Gay Isn’t “Groundbreaking”!


Good for him and it’s also good for the Black community, a community that continues to shun and discourage those who are part of the LGBTQ community. However, I’ll be glad when the day comes that someone being gay or … Continue reading

Ask Dangerous Lee: What’s your say on matters of religious delusion?


Name: Theodore Shwantz Email: Question: Belief in any personal god is mind-numbingly stupid. This all sane people know. What’s your say on matters of religious delusion? Location: Costco I am not a religious woman, so I do not like … Continue reading