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How Your Sexual Discovery Doesn’t Have to End When Your Relationship Does

Keep on exploring your sexual desires with or without a partner Just because you have gained ‘single’ status doesn’t necessarily mean your sex life is down the pan. There are plenty of ways you can keep you passion ignited without a partner! So you’ve recently come out of a relationship and you feel like your … Continue reading

Romantic Gestures You Can Make Online

The internet is often accused of ruining relationships or of making us less sociable. While it helps to connect us with more people, many believe that it has replaced quality relationships with a quantity of more shallow acquaintances. If you’re the kind of person who now sits up in bed next to their partner tapping … Continue reading

You Should Probably Shut Up At These 10 Critical Times

1. When you don’t know who is around you. No matter who or what you’re talking about, always be careful of who else is around. You may want to complain about a recent project, or simply talk about a family issue, but if you don’t know who is listening, you could say something offensive or … Continue reading

How To Recognize If a Man is Single with One Look

When I first started dating I did not know what to expect. All the men seemed like they were really into me; sharing their stories, trying to act like big/strong men when I was around – the usual stuff. And I thought that those men were really enjoying me as a person, but as it … Continue reading

Relationships: Do Some People Have Sex To Experience Love?

By Oliver J R Cooper When it comes to being a human being, there are certain needs that each one of us has. And while there can be certain differences between people, these are ones that apply to more or less everyone. But while needs are something that each one of us have, it doesn’t … Continue reading

Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart: Why tell the truth?

“It’s not worth it to tell the truth,” is something I hear people say quite often. Well, that depends whether you are really measuring what you’re losing by lying, and whether you really care about what you’re losing. You may not notice the gradual deterioration of your once-intimate relationship into a casual daily exchange of … Continue reading

Top Story: 5 Under-The-Radar Flags That You Should Dump Him…Now!

Let’s face it ladies—sometimes we are not the best at recognizing when we should make our way to the exit. Maybe it’s because we are so enamored with the idea of love. Maybe it’s because we have convinced ourselves that he will change over time. Or maybe we have even allowed ourselves to, in some … Continue reading

Men In Their Thirties And The Dating Game

Many men who find themselves newly single in their thirties can struggle a bit in terms of their self-confidence. Although this does not affect all men, there are plenty of guys out there who are surprised to find that they are not as confident as they were when they were single in their twenties. The … Continue reading

5 Ways To Save Your Relationship

When the honeymoon period is over and a relationship has become a solid commitment, many couples easily slip into a stagnant relationship rut, which, if not handled correctly, can lead to the unfortunate untimely demise of a coupledom that shouldn’t have ended. Just because your relationship is starting to feel dull and boring, or you’re … Continue reading

Top Story: Traditional Dating vs Online Dating – Pros And Cons

The Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate, entertain and date. Today anyone can get in touch with numerous matches in a tiny amount of time, and quickly weed out unlikely candidates right from the comfort of their homes or even on the go. Because men and women alike tend to concentrate on their careers … Continue reading

Jealousy In A Relationship – Is It Good Or Bad?

There are many cool things about being in a relationship. Some of these things are love, commitment, understanding, closeness, affection, passion – all of which are positive, good emotions that make us better as a whole. Being emotionally stable is one of the main virtues you get from a stable relationship. You can deal with … Continue reading

Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart: Dealing with Anger

I apologize for the long delay in posting – life has just been incredibly full and busy! OK, following on from my last post, I’m still on the subject of communication and anger. Although it’s true that someone who is very afraid will never be able to communicate clearly, and that some people have no … Continue reading

Niche Dating Sites For Single Parents

No one can understand life as a single parent like another single parent. It does mean that when it comes to dating, the tried and true dating rules suddenly don’t apply. That’s because single parents are torn between two identities. One identity as a healthy individual with interests, needs, and passions, and the parent who … Continue reading

Top Story: 4 Things Men Do Not Like About Women

There are some things that can push any man away. And we’re no talking only about outward appearance (we are aware of their stereotypes of beauty which in most of the cases excludes the half of the women population on Earth, but, whatever… ). We talk about some of our weaknesses as women, which are … Continue reading


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